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5:15 a.m.

I heard the alarm going off for the second time. I rolled over in bed hitting the snooze alarm turning it off. It was 5:15 a.m. I could hear the shower running and smiled as I did so, my hand already reaching down to say good morning to my dick, which was all nice and hard just like it usually was when I woke up.

I wondered briefly as I fondled myself if this was one of those days when Susan was in a hurry to get to work. If she was, then fucking her in the shower was out of the question. Perhaps a hand or blowjob at least if she wasn’t too rushed, though there was always Diane.

As I rolled out of bed, I heard the shower turn off. “There’d be no fucking this morning,” I thought, she was in a hurry. By the time I stepped into the bathroom needing to pee, Susan was already leaning over towel drying her hair. Her sweet pink split winking at me as I came in, placing my prick at the opening I slipped the head in. One thing about Susan, she was always wet, but then…she was constantly masturbating too. No doubt, she already had while in the shower as evidenced by how easy it was to slip inside her.

“Damn it Jack! You know I have an early shoot this morning!” She complained, though she remained hunched over now holding onto the toilet bowl. I speared her a couple of more times, then slipped out allowing her to stand.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself,” I said grinning at her. She grinned back however staring at my hard cock.

“Wish I could stay,” she said honestly. “But I can’t show up to work with an already fucked cunt, I’m working with Guy this morning, and you know how he is!”

Guy was indeed a Premadonna with a ten inch dick, and he had a homophobia about other men, which is why he only worked alone, though usually with a bevy of beauties servicing him. Susan was one of them for the schedule shoot. “He’ll never know,” I told her as I stood to pee lifting the lid, hearing the stream of piss pleasurably splashing as I spoke.

“Yes he would,” she said as she glanced over brushing her hair. “He can smell another man’s cum from a mile away. I’d end up getting sent home for a violation of agreement, and I’d miss out on a good-sized paycheck for just a couple of hour’s worth of work.”

“You don’t need the money,” I told her for about the umpteenth time.

“I know, you take good care of me, but I’m saving it for the future too you know, maybe one day you’ll get bored with me and toss me off to the side. So then what? I still have to look out for myself you know, even if you are damn fucking good to me!”

She did have a point.

Susan finished brushing her long blonde hair before drying it, walked over and stepped around behind me as I stood shaking my dick off. She took over for me at that point. I felt the press of her large full breasts against my back, her hard little nipples suddenly growing as she began stroking me as we stood there.

“I’ve got maybe five extra minutes, long enough?” She asked.

I was horny, so it would be, though in hindsight I probably should have saved it for Diane. She’d be disappointed, though I certainly wouldn’t be. But at the moment, it was all about Susan’s hand as she stood stroking my cock, moments later watching my spunk as it shot down into the toilet bowl.

“Nice cum!” she said washing her hands at the sink, making me wonder if Guy really did have a nose for another man’s cream after all. She then began blow-drying her hair as I turned heading back into the bedroom to dress. Once again I glanced at the beside clock, it was time to dress and head off to work myself, though I now planned for another stop along the way.

I walked over to the refrigerator, reached inside and grabbed a small covered container, pocketing it, and then walked out the door.

5:45 a.m.

I pulled into the local nearby Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee. Diane took my order. I pulled out and drove over to my spot parking the car. A few minutes later I saw Diane coming out with my coffee, she came around to the passenger side opened the door and slipped in. There was no problem with her doing this. I knew the owner of the franchise. Occasionally Bob would come by the studio if we were shooting something indoors. I’d allow him to sit in and watch, sometimes get one of the girls to give him a blowjob. It was a small price to pay for free coffee anytime I wanted it. That, and not having anyone give me, or Diane any guff when she came out to bring it to me either.

She sat my Mocha Late’ Grande in the cup holder and turned to face me with her back against the door after first spreading out the folded towel I had placed there for her on the seat. With dark tinted windows in my Mercedes, no one could see anything going on as she unzipped the upper half of the uniform she was wearing. I liked this particular outfit for several reasons, it was quick and easy. Once she’d opened the top, showing me as usual that she wasn’t wearing a bra, she then pulled the lower half of the outfit up, bunching it around her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties güvenilir bahis either.

Diane’s kink, or fetish, whatever you wanted to call it, was having people watch her masturbate, men or women, didn’t really matter. She had even hit me up for a job a few months ago, which is how we met. I was basically waiting for her to turn twenty-one before I did. Though eighteen was legal age, I had made it a personal policy that I didn’t hire, or work with anyone who wasn’t twenty-one. There had been too many problems, and a lot of hassles with girls claiming to be eighteen who really weren’t, and I was tired of dealing with it. I could have gotten her another job with another studio, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to come work for me. So until she did turn twenty-one in a few months she worked here instead as she put herself through school.

At the moment however, I was content to sit there drinking my coffee, watching as her hand began working her bare pink split. She had incredible labia; they were so stretchy that she could literally fold them around a man’s cock. She’d done that several times to mine, jerking me off with them as she did so. I already had a few ideas in mind for that when she did come to work for me, but for now…

“How much time do we have this morning?” she asked.

6:10 a.m.

“Not as long as I’d like unfortunately,” I said glancing at my watch. We’ve got a shoot scheduled at 8:00, and I have a few things to go over at the site before we do that.”

“Hot cum or cold cum?” she then asked.

For once I was glad I was pressed for time. Easier to use that as an excuse, rather than admit I had wasted a nice load of cum, spilling it in the toilet bowl at home instead. I reached into my pocket retrieving the container with last night’s cum in it and handed it to her.

She looked disappointed, as I knew she would be, but took it from me, popping the lid. That was the second part about Diane’s fetish. She would only masturbate while doing so with someone’s cum, though there were always plenty of volunteers about to help her with that whenever she performed for someone. I watched, sipping my Mocha as she poured the contents of my semen onto her cunt and began working it into her lips, teasing her clit with the slick sticky mess.

Yeah I know…it was pretty weird, but I liked it, as did a lot of people. And once again, it would set her apart from many of the other girls on set when she actually began working for me. She’d even chosen a name for herself, “Lady Labia”. It was catchy, I’ll give her that, but we’d have to work on that one a little and see if we could come up with something for her to really go by. At the moment however, the last thing I had on my mind was her name. I was too busy enjoying watching her work her cunt, using last night’s spunk on herself while doing so.

I felt my cock stiffen, sitting the coffee back in its holder. I unzipped my fly, seeing the surprised expression on Diane’s face. “I can be a little late,” I told her. “I am the boss…after all.”

She enjoyed watching me too, which is what we usually did especially as cramped as the car actually was. It was rare that we ever did anything more than that, unless we had the time to do so, which we usually didn’t. I didn’t mind it however, nor did she. Like I said, she preferred simply masturbating as long as she could do so with a fresh supply of slippery sperm to do it with.

“You already cum this morning?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did,” I freely admitted. I wasn’t about to lie to her either, no point in it. And besides, I never failed to at least give her a saved up jar of it if I had just in case I didn’t have time for it, or had already done so like this morning. I sat jerking my cock as she watched, as I watched her.

“Enough for my tits?” she then asked.

She enjoyed the feel of that too, provided of course she had more than enough for her cunt, which she did.

“Dunno, maybe,” I said not really thinking I would even by now. “You tell me when then,” she offered. Even if I couldn’t hit her from where I sat, even leaning forward a little when I did, I knew she’d be there to catch it, and apply it to herself if she had to.

She was already starting to hum, which was another peculiar little signal of hers that she was almost there. Not sure how that would go over in a movie, but we could work around that if we had to. At least she didn’t keep humming when she came. She mostly screamed after that when she did. As she began doing now, just as I felt my second sweet spurt of the morning begin racing up the length of my shaft. I leaned forward, her eyes glued to my dick, her hands coming out to catch whatever shot out, especially if it wasn’t forceful enough to actually make it to her breasts. It wasn’t. I mean it felt good, but it looked more like the bubbly stuff that floated around inside one of those lava lamps as it spilled out, oozing down the side of my dick rather than shooting anywhere. She didn’t seem to mind though, quickly cupping her hands around my prick, swiping türkçe bahis upwards as she did so, gathering as much of it as she could before applying it to her tits.

Diane really did have great tits. She had dark, almost chocolate looking nipples that were also large, part of her exotic Spanish heritage I suppose, that and her long dark hair. She didn’t have overly large tits either, though certainly moldable enough for some good old fashioned titty-fucking, which she also enjoyed. Provided of course you had plenty of spunk to cream on them, otherwise, she wouldn’t let you.

Luckily, there was just enough to give them both a reasonably good coating as she rubbed it in.

“Tomorrow?” she then asked, already reaching for the moist towelett’s I kept in the service tray.

“Imagine so,” I said zipping up. “But I gotta run now.”

Diane finished cleaning off her hands, even giving her face a quick brief wipe though nothing else as she then straightened and zipped up her uniform. She stepped out of the car, blowing me a kiss before heading back inside. I pulled out of the lot, heading for work and for several morning appointments. It was…


I parked the car in my reserved spot and entered the building. We were currently in the process of shooting a few, what we called dream or memory scenes. A collage of quick brief images of several girls we’d be using for “Pussy Passion”, the movie we were currently working on.

Andrea, my production assistant was waiting for me with a stack of folders as I came in. “How many?” I asked taking them from her. I really liked Andrea, she was something special, as was the way she looked and managed herself. She had short, bright white hair that she could quickly style in any number of ways. Depending upon her mood, she could look wickedly evil, or extremely sensual, even naïve if she had to, which wasn’t very often. Only when it gave her an edge did she ever appear to look that way.

“Twenty three,” she answered walking with me down the short hallway to my office. “Twenty four including myself, thought it would at least be fun to have my own cunt in the movie, even if no one else knows that it is,” she added smiling.

I smiled at that, Andrea really did have a sweet tasting cunt. “You sure you don’t want a speaking part? Even a small one?” I asked.

“No thanks, I’m no actor,” she told me for about the hundredth time. “But I don’t mind being used as a stand in, or an extra from time to time, unless the perfect part should come, then maybe I’ll consider it.” I had one in mind actually, but now was not the time to discuss it. “Anyway, they’re all here, waiting in the green room.”

Don’t know why we actually called it that, the room wasn’t green. The walls were painted a dark deep red, we’d actually learned that that particular color helped to settle any jitters or nerves any one might have while waiting there.

“Ok, have them all get naked, I’m only needing around ten or twelve, besides yourself,” I quickly added. “I’m going to be looking for specifics, something that sort of stands out, so tell them that. I’ll be in to have a look at them in about ten, so make sure they’re ready and waiting for me, don’t have any time to waste this morning on shy insecure women.”

Ten minutes later I walked into the green room, glad to see everyone was indeed naked.

“Ok girls, listen up, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so we don’t have a lot of time to be wasting here. So, what I need you all to do is form a circle around me, bend over and grab your ankles, so let’s hope you can all do that.” They could, and did.

Andrea stood next to the door holding a clipboard. I slowly turned on the ball of my feet taking a close look at the enticing splits that greeted my eyes. I was tempted to be sure, might have even been fun and interesting, for a future party perhaps. But for now…it was all about work.

“You…you, and you.” I said tapping their asses as I walked by, taking a quick second look before having made my decision. “You three are my bendovers,” I informed them. “Give your names to Andrea as you leave. She’ll also give you a release form to fill out along with a set of directions as to where you need to be and when you need to be there. My advice is…be early.”

As the three left, each one with smiles on their faces, I turned to the rest. “Ok, now…we’re going to need at least four sitting down wide-spreads. So…let’s take two of you at a time and have you sit down on the couch over there.” Andrea and I both stood together examining the cunts of the women as they sat down on the couch.

“Ok, let’s see you really spread em’ “I said. “That’s it…legs wide apart, let’s see some hot looking pussy, even better if you can moisten them up a little,” I told them, though that wasn’t really necessary. Even Andrea hid a smile behind her hand as the girls all began fingering themselves. She knew I was just getting off on watching them do that.

We picked four more, adding a fifth just in case, though she’d still be paid even if we güvenilir bahis siteleri didn’t use her. After giving them each the same instructions as we’d given the first three, they too were excused.

“OK, now I need five really hard clit close up girls. And I mean hard clits ladies. And I need them to be somewhat larger than normal. So if you’ve got a teeny-weenie one, don’t even bother showing me. I wasn’t surprised when none of them refrained from doing so, even if they did.

We had soon chosen the five, which were easy to do just for that very reason. “Ok, and now last but not least. I need one of you, and only one mind you, who doesn’t mind having her cunt licked by another woman. And that woman in fact being Andrea here. So…I’m going to let her be the one to pick the last girl, since that’s whose pussy she’s going to be licking in the movie. So if any of you aren’t into that, you might as well leave now.

Once again, no one did.

“Ok, Andrea? I’ll leave the final selection up to you then, since you’ll obviously be the one actually licking her cunt, which you might want to do now as part of the selection process.” Once again Andrea was smiling, but this part of it was actually work, and not my own pleasured idea.

Nervously the girls once again rearranged themselves on the couch as well as the chairs. Not so much for actually having their cunts licked while everyone else watched, hell…they’d better get used to that anyway. But more so because this was the last pick of the day and the last opportunity most of them might have or be given for a while.

Andrea began circulating, I watched as she knelt between each woman’s legs, giving the girl’s cunt a quick brief lick as though savoring her taste and flavor, licking again before moving on. Though it was interesting to see her as she took a swallow from bottled water, swishing her mouth, and then spitting that out into a pitcher that she carried along with her as she moved from girl to girl.

“I dunno Jack, I think it’s between these two,” she told me. “Tell me what you think.”

This time, it was for fun…for me personally, which I knew Andrea had set up and was doing. She’d already made her choice, but it would be interesting to see if I could pick out the same girl she had.

I licked them both, though I pretended to struggle with the choice, finally picking the one that I thought Andrea had. She was indeed sweet tasting, though perhaps not quite as sweet as Andrea was, or even Susan for that matter. But I was fairly certain she was the one. I received a very brief nod of Andrea’s head as I stood up. I was right.

“This one,” I exclaimed.

“Yes, I agree,” Andrea confirmed, quickly writing down the woman’s name.

“Michelle,” she said giving it to her.

“Michelle?” I now addressed her directly having heard it.


“Let me make a suggestion. You’re sweet, but…you could even be sweeter. Quit wearing panties.”


“Yes, really.” It was pure bullshit, once again garnering a brief smirk from Andrea as she turned and dismissed everyone else. But at least there might be one more woman running around town without any panties on, so I felt I’d at least accomplished that much anyway.

It was now…

7:15 a.m.

“I need to leave here by seven-thirty,” I told Andrea as she finished up. “In order to be at the outdoor set where we’re shooting today by eight, so come see me when you’re done getting the information and the forms from the girls. I need you to do something.”

Andrea gave me a knowing smile. She knew what it was that I needed her to do, and she would come into my office prepared for it.

The phone on my desk began to ring just as Andrea came in. She quickly walked over to my desk picking it up as she situated herself on the edge of it facing towards me.

“Jack Anderson Productions, Andrea speaking, may I help you?” she asked.

She had already bunched up her short skirt, her bare pussy smiling at me as she did so. I leaned forward in my chair, running my tongue up that sweet split of hers as she spoke.

“No…I’m sorry, Jack’s busy at the moment, can I take a message?”

I sucked in her clit, feeling her stiffen a little as she gasped slightly.

“I’m sorry…what was that again? Oh yes…no, he won’t be, he’s on his way out to the site now. After that he has a lunch meeting he needs to be to, so he won’t be able to return your call until sometime after that. Yes…yes, I’ll be sure to get him the message. Thank you.”

“Who was it?” I asked still licking her split.

“Not that important,” she informed me. “Make me cum first, and then I’ll tell you.”

I licked her a bit more until I could tell she was more than ready. One nice thing about Andrea, she could cum almost as fast as any man could, not that that was a virtue or anything, but sometimes it was handy too.

“Sorry…wish we had more time,” I said standing up. “But we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”

I fished out my rock hard prick placing it at the soft wet entry of her cunt and slid in. As I did, Andrea removed her top along with the bra she was actually wearing. She knew how much I enjoyed looking at, and fondling her tits as we fucked, which I now began doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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