500 Miles and 6 Floors Ch. 04

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14: Everyone Likes Binge Watching

They held hands up the street and across an alley to reach a series of boutiques and small shops. Colorful awnings dotted the streets, and some of the signs had seen better days, but it had a charm to it. An authentic city district. Even before noon, the place buzzed with traffic, pedestrians energetically walking while reading the cell phones, kind of bumping up against each other. There was an energy outside of the hotel they both took in.

“Beautiful day. I am so glad we got out. Fuck the conference.” She was laughing and engaging in some weird suburban gang sign movements. “Yeah! Fuck the conference. Get all gangsta on it.”

He just started laughing at her antics.

“Sorry, I am not even sure what that means. I am just happy to be out.” She paused. “Look, I am . . . kind of a goof. Actually, quite a goof. I know this might be a weird thing to say, but I just want to be casual with you. I mean, natural. I am having a really nice time, and I usually don’t sleep with the guy first and then go out with them after.”

She leaned up and kissed him, snaking her hand across his ass in a blatant display of public affection. “I usually make . . . them . . . wait. Like 3 or 4 dates wait. Until they are like begging for it.” She bit his lower lip. “Nah, I am just fucking with you. I am kinda slutty.”

“I like slutty.” He put his arms around her. “Ok, tell me about some of these dates you made wait until they could . . . I am not sure how to finish that sentence.” He was smiling ear to ear. “Give me a few date examples.”

“Ok, let’s see. Before I would let them get some of this, I had a few great dating choices.” They started walking again, past the antique shop and the local drug store. “I had a great one. Guy started crying in the middle of dinner.”

“No, come one. Like actual crying.”

“Yep. Actually tears and choking up. It was like his first or second date after his wife left him. He was a friend of a co-worker who I did as a favor. ”

“What did you do? How . . . I mean, how did you handle it?”

“I was nice. Ya know, consoling. Comforting. ‘Oh poor baby. You are gonna be fine.’ That kinda thing. Then I quickly got home in time to watch my Game of Thrones.”

“Gawd, I love that show. Are you caught up? Should I not say how the dragons kill the king?”

“Ha ha, Mr. funny man. I am caught up and the dragons don’t kill the king. Dragons, please.” She poked a rib and hip checked him.

He walked over the nearest trash can and tossed his coffee. “You done?” As she handed it to him, he asked her “Ok, I love that show. It is a great binge watch. What else do you watch? Do you do a lot of binge watching? Are you a Breaking Bad fan?”

“I don’t have a ton of time to binge watch, but I do love Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad was amazing television. I always find some half hour sitcom to DVR just to fill some time, but for the life of me, can’t think of any titles right now. How about you? Do you watch a lot of golf? Fishing shows? Maybe a historical documentary on World War Two tanks?”

“Yup, History Channel all day and night.” He stopped in front of a little lingerie boutique with the name “Sophie’s” stenciled on the window. “Here, follow me.” He grabbed her hand and led her in.

15: The World’s Best Bra

The store was exquisite. Displays of luxury and designer bras, underwear, chemises, silk, lace, beautiful colors. Two mature, well-dressed women were behind the counter. They both looked up, but one said, “Hello. Welcome to Sophie’s. Let me know if we can help you with anything in particular.” She went back to her paperwork.

“Hi. My girlfriend is here to try on some undergarments. Can you give us a hand?” He grabbed Lauren’s hand and interlaced their fingers. He gave her the “just go with it” look.

“Uh, no. I mean, yes. But not sure . . . ” She was staring straight at him.

“Sorry, she is still a little . . . unsure about letting me pay.” Turning his back to the assistants, he kissed her full on the lips and whispered, “let me take you shopping a little. It will be fun for me. Let’s make it fun for you.” He could see she was unsure about this, and he guessed right that it was about the money. “Tell you what, you can buy me dinner or something.”

“Deal.” Big shining smile. “Yes, Hi. I am looking for a bra and some underwear. What do you think honey, thong or boy shorts?” It was like a light had gone off. She was turning the tables and trying to embarrass him. “Anything else I should look at? I know you like leather, baby.”

The shopkeeper and her assistant both looked at each other with a ‘oh great, another one of these couples’ look. “Great. I am Sophie. This is Jane. Jane will help you look around.” To Lauren, “What is your name? I will help you get measured and fitted.”

“Uh, Hi. I am Lauren. Fitted?”

“Yes, we custom fit all of our garments here. We take some measurements and I guarantee these will fit you better than balçova escort bayan anything you have ever put on before. Come, come. I will take you back. Jane can help your boyfriend look around and find something you might like, but let’s get you started.”

She led her into a large fitting room in the back. Lauren stripped down to her underwear and bra and was measured along 6 different places across her breasts, her waist, and hips. At one point felt like she was being held hostage by a tape measure. When she was finished, Sophie jotted down the measurements onto a form. Lauren went back to put her clothes on.

“No dear, here just put on this robe and we can go back out and I can show you a few garments. We have some really pretty things for you to try on.”

She put on a plush chocolate colored robe and a pair of slippers and followed Sophie back out.

Christopher had been browsing a few sections with Jane, engaged in some idle chit chat. All four of them walked the floor, with Sophie handing frilly undergarments to Jane like she was a lingerie sherpa. Jane padded back to the dressing room with 5 or 6 bras, 2 thongs, 3 see-through pair of underwear that Christopher picked out, and a beautiful lavender baby doll that had him grinning from ear to ear.

After Jane reappeared, Lauren and Sophie went back, leaving Christopher occupied with Jane again. Sophie came back out about 10 min later. “I think she found a few things, but she wants your opinion. Right back here.”

Christopher walked back by himself and pulled back the curtain to enter the dressing room. She was still in her robe, but had a sheepish grin. “Hi, close the curtain will ya?” He did.

“So, you have to tell me what you think . . . ” as she opened her robe.

The air was suddenly a little thin for him as he felt his breath literally being taken away and felt his stomach tighten. He could feel his heart in his chest. She was standing in front of him with the robe wide open in a grey and white sheer bra and a matching thong that hugged her curvy hips. He was drawn to the beauty of the little details of her, from seeing her pubic hair through the sheer fabric, to the way the bra lifted and supported her fantastic breasts. She let the robe drop and started to turn.

“What about the back side? Does my ass look good in these?” She was grinning and almost giggly. “These feel so great. My gawd, I am never buying off the rack again. Do you like?”

He took the two steps to reach her in one movement and had his hands on her, spinning her around. His lips met hers and he pulled her close. She reciprocated.

His left hand pulled back the fabric from her breast as he bent down and took her nipple in his mouth. Sucking and biting, he pulled her closer to him from the small of her back. She arched her back and held on to his shoulder. “Oh, uh . . . I guess you like them. Shall I get these . . . or do you want to see the others?”

He pulled off her for a quick “Yes,” but not much more. There was a rap at the wall outside.

“Hi. Lauren. How we doin’ in there?” It was Sophie.

Christopher licked her nipple as she replied, “Uh, great. He likes these. I was about ready to try on the babydoll, but am not sure how much we want to get today.”

“We are good with all three,” he replied quickly. “If she likes it . . I mean.”

“Ok, sure thing. Lauren, honey, can I help you with anything or do you just want another minute?” questioned Sophie, still outside the curtain.

A devious grin crept over Lauren’s face, “Give me just a minute to try this on.” She reached around and unclasped the bra. Then slid out of her underwear, standing naked in front of Christopher. She placed one finger to her lips to keep Christopher quiet. She handed the bra and underwear to Sophie through the curtain. “We are gonna take these for sure. Let me try this on. We will be out in a minute.”

She kissed him full on the lips and whispered “Take it out. Right now.”

Perplexed, Christopher was not moving.

“I am standing here naked in front of you. I am going to put on this amazing babydoll which will hopefully make you harder than you are right now. It should have you thinking about tearing it off of me. We only have a minute. I said, take your cock out . . . right now.”

Christopher unzipped his jeans and pulled them apart. He reached down and pulled out his very erect, very hard cock. He absentmindedly stroked it as he watched her put on the baby doll.

When she had it on with a tug here, a tug there, she stood before him and watched him play with himself. “We only have a second, but you got me all turned on,” as she dropped to her knees and put him in her mouth.

His head tilted back as he inhaled – like it was his last breath.

There was another knock at the wall. “How is that working out for your sweetheart? Does it fit OK?”

Lauren turned a bit red and stood up, and wiped her lip. She mouthed “sorry” to Christopher while balçova escort she said. “We like it. A lot. What do you think baby? She we get this one too?”

“Yes, Yup. OK.” As he took another breath. He whispered “come on” as he looked down his member was being lightly massaged by her hand. “I will be out in a second to pay.”

Sophie had been down this path since she opened the shop, so she stood just outside the curtain and said politely “Great. I will be right here and you can hand me the last item so we can go back and ring it up. Is there anything else we can help you with? Some stocking, perhaps? We have some really sexy accessories . . . ” as her voice trailed off.

Lauren took the baby doll off and handed it through the curtain. “I, uh, think we are all set.” She zipped him up and gave him a quiet kiss. “More of that later. Promise,” she said into his ear.

Louder for them all to hear, “Ok, baby. I will be right out. Meet you at the register.”

The absolute lust in his eyes told her, without words, that he was going to hold her to that.

16: Satisfy Appetites

They emerged with two small, but stylish white bags letting everyone know they had both taste and just purchased lingerie.

“So, lunch, or do you want to just take me behind a parked car over there,” she smiled at him.

“Can you be lunch? Oh, strike that . . . that was cheesey. Lunch, but someplace nice so I can drag you into the bathroom after we order.” He grabbed her hand. “Where to? What do you like?”

“KFC of course. No, no, no. How about something spicy? Asian. Maybe Thai or Chinese something?”

They settled on a window table of a little Thai place after walking for 2-3 minutes. After ordering, they sat holding hands across the table.

A slightly serious look came over her face. “I really love that you bought me lingerie, but . . . I feel a little uncomfortable about it. I just met you yesterday and, don’t get me wrong, I am having a fantastic time with you. But, I . . . I don’t want to spoil our time, but I don’t want to feel . . . awkward. I leave tomorrow afternoon. Look, I should just probably shut up and enjoy this. . . .” as she seemed to drift off and look out the window.

He grabbed her hands a little tighter and said to her -rather sweetly, “Hey there. Hey. I totally get it. We keep coming up against these . . . I don’t know . . . deadlines. Like spending the night last night. I get it. Look, the lingerie was super fun and I never get to do that. Ever. I was wicked turned on by your outfit choices and my god you are stunning.”

She reacted to that and faced him. “Feeling is mutual. I loved it and it was so thoughtful that you wanted to do that for me.”

“See, we both feel the same way. Look before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s eat but I want to get to know you more. Know more about you. So, let me ask a bunch of things I want to know. Sound like a plan?”

“OK, shoot. Same here. I toss a few questions right back at you. Fire away.” She was smiling again and seemed more at ease.

“Let’s see, where to start? Do you want to get married again? How about kids – do you want more kids?”

“Wow. OK, we are going for the big ones first. I thought this might be ‘my favorite movie’ or something.” She was thoughtful when she responded “Married. yes, I would like to get married again. My first try was not great, but it did give me a great, adorable little girl. She is amazing and so much more . . advanced than I remember being at her age. She is an old soul, intelligent, and kind. She is everything to me. Her father is . . . well, he tries. Sort of. It is not . . . great. Sorry, sidetracked. Yes, I think I can do a better job of picking a quality guy this go around. I am not one of those ‘abandon marriage’ folks. I have a few girlfriends like that. It seems . . . bitter, empty. I don’t know.”

“I don’t think I want to try for another child. I know I could, but I think I have . . . that ship has sailed, ya know. I don’t know. Never say never, but at this moment, not really thinking it, ya know? What about you? You can’t ask that and not expect to reciprocate.”

The waitress picked that moment to come back with a large platter of Pad Thai and two plates and some more water. He served her some and then turned his attention on his plate. “Marriage, yes. Easily. I like the idea of it and even though it wasn’t what I expected, I could do better and select who I marry better this time around. So yes, absolutely. I am a bit of hopeless romantic. Which is why a few of those early dates – the ones we talked about last night – never really took.”

“Kids. I think I am pretty close to you on this. I have this amazing son who just rocks. He is such a great kid. I know most parents say this about their kids, but he really is . . . just amazing. But look, I will just say this. . . hypothetically, we are a good looking pair. We would have some cute kids.”

She stopped eating, and just stared at escort balçova him, not sure how to take that particular statement. He had this ‘I’m just saying’ look which let her relax a bit. “Yes, we would have some cute kids. Your legs, my brains. Unstoppable.”

“Yes, and if they got your mad gangsta’ moves, they would totally conquer the criminal underworld. Yup,” he teased.

“You know it! Punk!” Big smile from her. “Pad Thai is pretty good. Hey, thanks for . . . well today. I mean. . . and last night for sure, but for today, in particular. I am having fun with you. I really like . . .spending . . . I really like you,” she blushed. “Gawd, that was hard to say.”

His smile brightened his eyes as he replied “me too.”

They both went back to their Pad Thai, letting a comfortable silence pass between them while they ate.

17: This Top Ten List Was Never On Late-Night TV

They were both more hungry than they thought as they vigorously ate their meal. At separate points, they each got up to use the bathroom, with mumbles about “too much coffee,” or “better use it now.” But there was no overture for them to both go back there at the same time.

“Here, let me get this,” as she tossed out her card. “I owe this and dinner tonight for the lingerie. That was really sweet by the way. I am still kinda . . . surprised. . . in a good way. Thank you.”

“No really, this was fun. And I get to see that outfit again tonight. Total win-win for me.”

“Hmm . . . yeah, about that. I am not sure. I’m shy,” she said in a teasing voice. She placed a stirring straw in her mouth and twisted it between her lips. “I am not sure what I should wear. Any suggestions?”

He shifted in his seat a little bit. “I, uh . . . I . . . what do you want? I . . . ,” clearly a little red and a little choked up. He grabbed a glass of water and let the cool ice liquid calm this throat a bit.

“So many combination. Naked with heels, or just my panties (saying this last word with breathy emphasis). Maybe just flashing you with the robe. Maybe I will blindfold you with the robe belt and ask you to feel what I am wearing.”

He was squirming now and needed to adjust himself under table, which he did. She noticed.

“I see this is getting you kinda hot. Me too. I like the anticipation, don’t you?”

He nodded. “yes, I . . . I like the just panties look, I think.”

“Why is that Christopher?” She was leaning a little closer to him across the table. “Do you like to see my breasts?”

A weak “yes. uh huh,” crossed his lips. He was staring at her, lust filling his eyes.

Moving her hand to her mouth so that the waitress couldn’t see them, she said “or do want to see my tits? Doesn’t that sound better, Christopher. Tell me you want to see my tits.”

“I so badly want to see your tits, Lauren.”

“Oh, baby. I love hearing you say that. Look before we get out of here, I like having you here and captive and I am guessing a little uncomfortable. Let’s do this . . . you tell me 5 things you would like to do to me/with me. Then I will tell you 5. These should be fun and a little naughty. Then, tell me 5 really dirty, fantasy filled things in that devious little head of yours and I will tell you my 5. So 5 sexy, then 5 really sexy or elaborate, or . . . goes to 11 fantasies. Deal?”

He steadied his hands under the table. “OK, let’s see . . . 5 sexy. I am gonna be descriptive on a few of these.”

“Oh, as much as you need, baby. I will too, so be ready.”

“Start with one . . . I want you on top of me, reverse cowgirl. It stuck in my head before and the idea of seeing your fabulous ass like that is so hot.”

“Oh, you got it. I am not going to interrupt you every time, but yes, we will so do that. Keep going.”

“Let’s see, In front of the window, with the city before us. Not really trying to get caught, but it is . . . decadent. Thrilling?

She was smiling and in rapt attention, but didn’t say anything.

“Uh, three, I want to take my time and go down on you, tease you, taunt you, make you all squirmy and get you to the point where you are almost mad at me to finish you off. Play with you – all of you down there. That is what I want to do,” he finished with declaration. He might well have crossed his arms and made a genie move with his head. I wish it. So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

Now she was getting a little wiggly and some color had come to her cheeks. Her response was distant and far off, like she was someplace else, “Yes, I . . . I would like that.”

“OK, let’s make that a priority.” He was feeling confident and on a role here, so he went to “Four. Number four would be . . . . an on your knees with me standing or on the edge of the bed blowjob.”

“And number five. Well, this may be hard to articulate, but good old fashioned missionary position, but doing it the right way, slow, with pressure, kissing you and nibbling your ears, letting my hips grinding into you, maybe holding your hands down above your head, letting me do most of the work . . . .that was would be . . . hot.”

“Damn,” she was drinking some cool water. “Ok, those are good. I . .. .I may have a repeat or two of those because . . . damn, those were good. OK, my turn, ” as she focused and sat up straight.

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