A Bath For Two

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The oversized tub feels like it was designed for two, with a nice sloped back that is perfect for me to lie back on. She is sitting in front of me, my legs spread, and is lying back against my chest.

Eyes closed in the steamy bathroom, and we are settling into the relaxed quiet. The only sounds are slow breathing and the gentle lapping of the water in the tub.

I open my eyes.

Her head lies back on my shoulder facing the ceiling, and her eyes are closed. My cheek is pressed against hers, and I enjoy the sight of her body lying on me in the water.

My gaze travels up her legs, relaxed and lying open, and up to her pussy that is partially concealed by her hands as they lie across the lower part of her stomach. Her beautiful breasts are above the waterline and just looking at them makes me want to kiss them.

Her nipples are soft right now and I think about how it feels when they harden under my tongue when I kiss them. As I think about this I can feel my soft cock move slightly as it is pressed against the small of her back.

The air is almost chilly compared to the hot bath, so I take the cup that is sitting on the ledge and fill it with water from the tub. I lift it and pour it slowly over her shoulder letting the hot water chase away the chill as it runs down her arm and the front of her chest.

“mmmm…” she moans, “that feels wonderful.”

Filling the cup again, I pour it over her other shoulder. I feel her sigh and she tilts karşıyaka escort bayan her head even further back over my shoulder. I watch the water droplets run away down her chest and see that the water has circled around he breasts. The next cup of water I pour across the top of her chest, starting from the left and moving to the right, and watch fascinated as a hot sheet of water runs across her breasts.

Her nipples constrict slightly, not getting hard, but not quiet soft either. I wonder how the water feels on them. I know she likes it when I kiss them and run little circles around her breasts with my tongue, slowly getting closer to her nipples. The anticipation that builds getting there always drives her crazy.

The next cup I lift high and let a slow stream fall on her upper chest. Slowly I move the stream downward toward her right breast. The stream of water breaks into small droplets just before it hits her skin, and I circle widely around her breast.

She takes a breath, and her body presses against me a little harder.

As I run the water in smaller and smaller circles, I am fascinated. I love how it makes her skin yield slightly with each tiny impact from the stream of water droplets. Her nipple starts to tighten slowly, darkening and starting to get hard.

Refilling the cup when it runs out just as I am at the outer edge of her areola, I repeat the same on her left breast. Her breathing is faster now, karşıyaka escort and below the waterline I see her hands first rub her stomach and then dip down between her legs as she spreads them further.

The next cup I return to her right breast, and the hot water is now just falling, circling, the edge of her areola. Her nipples are hard now, dark and contracted. I lift the cup even higher so the droplets are impacting harder now, and move them around to circle her erect nipple.

Her hands are moving between her legs now, and I see that one is holding her lips open, while the other one is slowly stroking her pussy and circling around her clit. Her mouth open, breath coming hot in undisguised pleasure.

I move to the other breast and let the water fall hard on her nipple there, and am rewarded by a deep,low moan. My cock has been slowly getting hard watching her arousal build, and I shift slightly so that it is now pressed hard between my stomach and her lower back.

She turns her face to me, eyes still closed, and we kiss long and deeply. I put the cup down and my hand finds the bar of soap sitting there. Running the soap over in my hands while our tongues meet, I soon have a good lather, and start to run them up and down her chest until it is slick with soap and feels like oil.

Both hands return to her breasts, circling and then running the flat of my palm over them. The kisses become more intense now between heavy escort karşıyaka breathing, her tongue is hard, seeking mine, and I can feel the motion of her hands in the water becoming more intent.

Fingertips on her breasts circle her puckered areolas, and she starts to rock her hips as she fucks herself with her hands. She pulls away from the kiss, throwing her head back against me and gasps.

“Oh God, don’t stop…”

I pinch her rock hard nipples, and she bucks, arching her back. My cock is straining now, telling me that it needs some attention, and I want to fuck her badly, but this moment is all hers.

I knead her breasts hard now, knowing she’s almost there. Suddenly she arches up, digging in with her heels and lifts her hips up out of the water, and I pinch her nipples hard, rolling them slightly between the knuckles of my fingers as my hands cup each breast.

Her orgasm is hard and electric, and she cries out with the sloshing water in the quiet of the bathroom, two fingers deep in her cunt and the other hand furiously rubbing her clit hard enough that it looks almost painful. Her hips thrust, fucking air, seeking more pressure, bucking hard with each wave of hot pleasure that wracks her body.

After a long, shuddering orgasm she drops back into the water, exhausted.

She turns to kiss me again, and they are long and slow and tender as my hands rub her chest from stomach to shoulder lightly, feeling her relaxing once again.

I watch, fascinated, as her nipples slowly relax and soften. She pulls away from the kiss, sighs deeply, and lies her head back on my shoulder again, eyes closed, breath slowing.

I close my eyes too, and feel our bodies relaxing together, listening to the faint dripping of the water in the now-quiet bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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