A Better Use

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I’m not a great writer, but I sometimes have these fantasies throughout the day and am desperate to share them with others.


The thought came to me while I was arguing over the phone with an overseas agent.

My day hasn’t been too busy – mostly emails and sitting on hold. I began the morning moaning into the early morning air while plunging my favorite dildo into my tight pussy, wishing my entire day could continue in the same fashion. Unfortunately, work was calling and emails weren’t going to answer themselves. But I walked across the hall to my office naked and spent the morning thrilled by the fact I was nude – the morning team meeting was much more exciting with my fingers playing with my clit and all of my windows open.

Despite the cheap thrills of daytime nudity and masturbating on mute, I wanted something more. And it was while I was repeating the same details for the 10th time to the 10th agent that I realized I wanted my mouth put to a better use. I wanted – no, needed – a nice big dick to suck. I don’t want anything too big – no monster cocks and coke can sized beasts – but a nice thick cock and the demanding man attached to it.

I want to be naked and cuffed – arms behind my back and ankles together – and placed under a desk. I don’t want the days events to begin immediately. I want to wake early in the morning and forced out of bed. I want him to cuff me and send me shuffling to the office with a sharp slap to my ass. I want to be made to get under the desk by myself and to be forced to wait there, eagerly waiting for your cock to use me. I know that I would be dripping by the time you wandered in to start the day.

You wouldn’t even look at or acknowledge me as you sit down – merely settling into the chair and pulling my face into your crotch. It would be up to me to nuzzle your hardening cock out of your boxers while you began your work, my cuffs clinking as I unconsciously tried to use them to help. I would eventually get you out – stiff and glorious and exactly the thing I’ve been desperately craving.

I wouldn’t waste any time, kissing the head and licking down the shaft until I reach your balls. Your balls are on of my favorite parts of you – I love lapping at them like a kitten and rubbing my face against them, feeling them twitch against my cheeks. I love cleaning them and sucking them. I love licking at that area between your balls and the base of your cock, and I love licking that bahis şirketleri area below them – sometimes daring to dart my tongue over your asshole. I love sucking your balls into my mouth. One at a time and then two – I love stretching my mouth to get both in at the same time. I could spend hours on your balls alone if you wanted.

But that’s not on today’s menu. And after some enthusiastic time at your balls, I slowly kiss my way back up your shaft until I reach the head again. I take my time here too. I’d run my tongue lightly around the head and just under it, around the rim of your head. I’d suck and lick and kiss this area, rubbing my cheeks on your leaking head just to rub your pre-cum into my flesh – you know how hot I get covered in your cum and whatever other fluids you deign to bathe me in. I continue circling around your head until finally I’m at the very tip.

First a kiss, then a few licks to the hole at the top, and then more soft, open mouthed kisses. With each kiss I open my mouth a little more until I start barely taking you in. The kisses turn into barely there sucking, to gently swirling my tongue around you, softly moaning as you start taking up more and more of my mouth.

It isn’t long until your head is completely in my mouth and I begin a constant, though gentle sucking. We both know that, despite my adoration and worship of cock, I still haven’t had enough practice to be particularly good at this. Only your head is in and I’m already drooling around you. I slowly bob just on the head for a bit, still moaning like a wanton whore and my cuffs still occasionally clinking as I try to get my hands up to help me.

As my pussy continues to drip – I realize in the back of my mind that my hips are rocking back and forth, desperate for some stimulation – I begin taking even more of you into my mouth. It’s after only a few inches that you brush against my gag reflex and I choke a little. I back off just a little and bob at this comfortable depth, sucking happily and moaning in delight.

it’s while I’ve settled at this pace and few inches that you finally begin to pay attention to me – I have no idea how long I’ve been kneeling and worshiping your dick. You thread you big hand through my still sleep mussed hair, gripping the strands tightly and pushing my head a bit further down. I gag and pull back, which you allow, before pulling me back to gag again. You aren’t pulling me down too far – I’m not even crying. bahis firmaları We do this for a few moments before you take your hand out of my hair, knowing that I’ll continue to make myself lightly gag for you.

We continue this way for a long while. I occasionally take breaks to move down to your balls to suck and nuzzle at them, whining with lust up at you like a bitch in heat. You never seem to care when I do that, and before long I’m back to gagging on your dick.

The next phase begins with your hand again in my hair, pushing my head down. You push until I just start gagging, then just a bit more. You hold me here as I continuously gag and try to pull back. Unlike last time, though, you refuse to let me up. I’m gagging around you, drool pouring out of my mouth, struggling against your hand holding me down. I’m twisting and pulling at my cuffs as I begin crying – scared and desperately aroused. You hold me just a moment longer before letting me pull back. You rub your dick against my face while I cough and cry, dragging breath back into me. Mercilessly, you only give me a moment before you pull me back on you. You pull me even further this time and my gagging is rougher. I’m not good at trying to breath through my nose and I can’t pull breath in.

You seem to hold me here for an eternity, chocking and gagging and struggling around your cock. The tears are streaming from my eyes and I know you love the feeling of my tears as they drip onto you. When you pull me off you this time, I can hear you chuckling as you let me pull breath into my burning lungs before doing it again.

Time seems to stop as you continue choking me with your dick, merciless and demanding in the way you pull my mouth onto you and force me to gag and cry. There’s nothing I can do, cuffed and trapped beneath your desk the way I am. It’s humiliating the way you use me as if I’m a toy, humiliating how your goal seems to be making me cry and choke around you, rather than to get yourself off. It’s even more humiliating knowing that my legs, all the way to my knees, are absolutely soaked.

Eventually though, you have to get back to work. And after a particularly mean bout of chocking me on your dick, you let go and pull your hand back to your computer. I continue crying for a while, back to gently sucking you again, while I calm down. You leave me be as I get back into the swing of worshiping you, occasionally forcing myself down a bit too much to gag myself.

A kaçak bahis siteleri bit later, I can feel you harden just slightly more and you throb in my mouth. I can feel your balls tightening when I release your cock to suck on them. Knowing you’re about to cum, I mentally prepare myself for what I know what is about to happen.

Your hand tugs my hair sharply this time when you reach down. You are rougher now as you get ready to cum. Your pulling my head down with both hands, nearly far enough for my nose to press into your pubic hair. Your fucking your cock up into me despite my gagging and choking. I retch a bit around you, but your dick plugs up my mouth and I have no choice but to try swallowing it back down while you fuck my mouth. You can feel me trying to scream around you – terrified and oh so aroused – and it makes you pound rougher and faster. I’m desperately struggling around you as you near your climax, trying to pull away.

Just before you start cumming, you let me back just enough to where you head is just to the entrance of my throat. I’m gagging but I can pull in shallow breathes through my nose. I almost feel relief for a moment before, cruelly, one of your hands untangle from my hair and reach around to plug my nose. You start cumming as my body involuntarily begins bucking as I try to draw in breath. I choke more as i’m flooded with your cum. It backs up into my mouth and drools around you. I can do nothing but try to swallow as you spurt against the back of my throat.

You keep me on there for a moment before pulling me back off you. I’m crying still, but you ignore me as you shift down in your chair and pull my cum covered mouth to your ass. Shoving me harshly against you until I begin to lick at your ass, you finally untangle your hands from my hair as you focus again on your work.

I have no idea how long it’s been until this point, but I know my day isn’t finished. I know you’ll likely cum at least one more time before the day is over. My cunt is soaking and dripping onto the floor – I know I’ll be forced to lick my juices and any other fluids from the days activities off the floor later before I can go to bed. Your soft, still leaking cock is resting on the top of my hear, cum drying my hair. My face is a mess of tears, drool, and cum. My tongue is already tired as I lick and dip into your asshole, my nose pressed just below your balls. I’m forced to breathe in and smell only you. My wrists and knees are sore and my throat burns. Even worse, I know you likely won’t let me cum today – instead, you’ll likely keep me naked, cuffed, and horny.

Yes, it would be a much better use for my mouth.

Tell me what you think. Thanks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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