A Cam Models Fantasy

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You sigh lightly as you stare at your reflection in the mirror. It was a long day and you are looking forward to some fun and relaxation. You tussle your hair. It’s perfect, as always. Your mind can’t help but wonder what the night will bring. You step back to take one last look at yourself. You adjust your white body stocking, taking just a second to tease your excited nipples, lightly pinching each one. You can hardly wait.

You look amazing, but something is missing. Ah, yes, the lip gloss. How could you forget! You know I’d be disappointed if you had forgotten it. You pull it from your makeup bag, lean closer for a better look in the mirror and apply a subtle amount. Just enough to give your lips a hint shine. You smile knowing I would definitely approve. As you look at yourself in the mirror, you notice movement in the reflection. You shift your gaze. Your heart races and you whirl around. You are surprised to see me. You have no idea how long I’ve been there, nor do you care. All that matters is I’m there!

You tire escort playfully bite your lip and turn your eyes shyly to the floor as you tuck your hair behind your ear and nervously giggle. You can tell from the bulge in my pants that I approve of your choice of outfit for the day. I move towards you. I brush your hair back from your face and stare into your beautiful eyes. They close as I pull you to me and kiss you. I moan as your slick lips touch mine. That feeling drives me absolutely insane.

I break our embrace and start to kiss my way down your body leaving a trail of the lip gloss that has transferred from your lips to mine as I do. I kiss your cheek…then a quick nibble on your ear…your neck. Your head goes back in pleasure and goose bumps form on your skin. Your shoulder. I stop as I carefully slide your body stocking down off your shoulder, just enough to expose your erect nipple. Your hands move to my head, you run your fingers through my hair and you guide my warm mouth escort tire to your exposed breast. I kiss it gently, my tongue flicks across your aching nipple. My hand slides down the front of you. To my pleasure, it is a crotchless body stocking. You are totally open and exposed. My hand touches your pussy. You gasp at my touch and your knees go weak. You shift backwards and lean against the counter for support as my fingers gently massage your perfect pussy lips. Oh so perfect…just the perfect amount peeking out, begging to be kissed and sucked. So many nights those lips have flooded my dreams.

Your hips begin to move slightly, in sync with my massaging fingers. Your one hand pulls my head tightly against your breast as I continue to suckle on it, gently, like a newborn baby. Your other hand joins mine, guiding it along, encouraging it to explore deeper. Your breathing becomes heavy, you are almost panting with excitement. You can’t take it, your hand forcefully pushes mine tight against your tire escort bayan pussy. My finger slips easily between those heavenly lips. We both gasps as they do.

You guide me from your breast back to your sensual lips and kiss me deeply as my fingers explore inside you. You playfully bite my lip. You use your hands to guide me to where you want kissed next. Your lips…behind your ear…your neck. Each kiss sends a wave of pleasure through you.

Suddenly, you cry out. Your legs clamp tightly against my hand. Your pussy begins to spasm as you cum. You kiss me deeply trying to muffle your moans. You hold on to me until your orgasm subsides. Your hand reaches for my throbbing cock. You give it a firm squeeze through my pants. You need it. You must have it. You reach for my belt, but I stop you.

“Not now,” I whisper as I kiss you. “You’ll be late. Don’t forget the lip gloss.”

You close your eyes savoring the moment. When you open them, I am gone. You sigh. Your overactive imagination has gotten the best of you again. It all felt so real. You straighten your body stocking, check your makeup making sure your lip gloss is just right before heading off for your evening cam show. Your pussy is dripping and your heart is pounding with anticipation hoping to see my name in the users list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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