A Casual Approach

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When I was a kid, I remember Mom used to get angry a lot.

She was never abusive or anything like that, but she’d throw…tantrums, I guess you’d call them. She’d just have little fits of rage – not regularly, just every now and again. It must have been hard, raising two kids by herself, and sometimes it would just become too much for her – she’d stomp and storm around for about an hour before calming herself down again.

One day, I did something – I think I stole my sister’s shoes or something ridiculous like that – and she just went off. Her temper hit, and I could see her sort of swelling up, almost like she was going red and about to explode.

I just stood there, staring at her in panic, thinking “Calm down, calm down, calm down…”

…and she did.

She took a deep breath, relaxed, threw a smile at me, and returned my sister’s shoes to her. I had absolutely no idea why, but I didn’t question it – appreciate the breaks when you get them, hey?

It was a few weeks later before she began to go off again – like I said, it didn’t happen all that often. I didn’t even think about it, just stared her down, mentally willed for her to calm down, and she did.

You know how when you’re a kid, you don’t really question stuff that’s a part of your life? Like if you’re colorblind, you don’t know you’re colorblind – that’s just how the world looks. Yeah, well I never even thought twice about what had happened, it was just another part of life. If Mom was starting to get mad, all I needed to do was will for her to calm down…and she would.

It wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized that I possessed a rare and unique power. I was sitting in Mrs Battingham’s class, watching her go to town on this kid, Chris, who was in my grade. She was yelling and ranting and just going off at him – I sat there wondering why he didn’t just calm her down, when it hit me.

No one else could do what I could do. I’d used it a number of times over the years – if someone was angry, or even nervous, I’d just mentally project a feeling of calm, and they’d relax. The words worked fine, but if I imagined them being calm, their heart-rate would immediately drop, their breathing would level out.

I was the best guy to partner with for mixed dances – I’d immediately make the girls feel at ease, and they always had a good time learning to waltz when they were with me.

Staring at poor Chris, it suddenly struck me that I was the only one who could do what I could do. I cut him a break, calmed Mrs Battingham down immediately, and spent the rest of the class with my mind whirring.

How could I take advantage of this power?

I should talk about my older sister, Mary. She’s two years older than me – I’m eighteen, she’s twenty. She’d just finished high school last year, and she’s going to be heading off to college in a few months. (She decided to take a gap year.)

Don’t ask me exactly when, but at some point, she got hot. For most of my life, she was just my annoying teenage sister, but when I turned eighteen the hormones hit and I suddenly noticed that she was practically bursting out of her bathing suit…

Maybe I’m a pervert, or maybe I’m just a normal, hot-blooded male, but I’ve jerked off more to images of my sister than anything else. She wears these skimpy little outfits around the house…short skirts, halter tops, her ex-boyfriend’s T-shirts…and of course, just before she goes to bed, she doesn’t bother with a bra.

Blame the AC that Mom insists on keeping turned up at all times, but it’s rare for me to go a full day without seeing my sister’s perky nipples poking through her shirt.

Mary spent the first few months of the year working, but when her scholarship came through, she decided to take some time off, and now she spends most of her days just lounging around the house, accidentally teasing me. We’ve got a pool, and I often watch her doing laps in a bikini so skimpy I’m surprised it stays on. (And often pray that it won’t.)

So when I realized that my ability to calm people was a gift that only I had, my first thought was obvious: how could I use it to get laid?

It didn’t take long for me to formulate a plan…


Mary stretched herself out in front of the pool. A part of her wondered if she should be spending her time off bahis firmaları doing something more productive, but she told herself the same thing she did every morning – time off isn’t time off if it’s not used to relax.

Her little brother came out, and she rolled her eyes. He didn’t think that she’d noticed the way he checked her out, but Mary wasn’t blind – a man noticing her assets was going to draw her attention immediately, even if it was her perv of a sibling.

She hadn’t said anything, and neither had he, but the occasional tent in his pants had made it obvious that he was viewing her in a distinctly unbrotherly manner. If he’d ever tried to make a move of some kind, she’d have put an end to it immediately, but as long as he looked and didn’t touch, she figured she could continue to turn a blind eye.

“Sunbathing?” he asked, and she simply nodded in response. “Trying to get a tan before hitting up Colorado?”

With a sigh, she turned to face him. She forgot what she was going to say, the second she noticed him staring straight at her tits. He wasn’t even trying to mask it, this time – the brat was openly checking her out.

She drew breath. It made her so…so…

Well, nothing, actually. A confused look passed across Mary’s face as she exhaled. It really wasn’t worth getting worked up about – so her brother was checking out her tits. So what? She was wearing a bikini, after all – it would practically have been weird if he wasn’t.

Surprisingly calm, Mary lay on her back. She put her brother’s lecherous stare out of her mind, and tuned back in to what he was saying.

“I mean, if you want an all-over tan, you’ll have to take the bikini off.”

Mary sat up, but again her words got caught in her throat. She had been instinctively going to throw a sharp retort back at him, but now that she thought about it, there really wasn’t anything worth getting worked up about…he was right, after all. If she didn’t want tan-lines, the bikini would have to go.

Something about being naked in front of her brother didn’t seem right, objectively, but he’d suggested it so casually, and try though she might, Mary couldn’t think of any reason to get worked up about it. It was a lovely sunny day, and there was no reason to kick up a fuss about getting naked in front of her brother.

Without a word, Mary reached behind her back and undid her bikini top. She was too relaxed to notice her brother’s eyes widen, or the tent in his pant grow slightly. As she slid her bikini bottoms off, even the slightly-too-loud breathing of her brother went unnoticed, and she lay back down to soak in the sun’s rays.

I don’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed, she mused, and when her younger sibling excused himself after a few minutes of staring at her tits, she didn’t even stir.


The next day, Mary was once more joined by her brother near the pool. She readily agreed when he once more suggested sunbathing in the nude, and didn’t even blink an eye when he stripped off his trunks as well.

“Nice boner,” she said with a snort, rolling onto her side, not failing to notice the attention that the movement of her breasts drew. Normally this would bother me, she thought, being naked with my brother’s erection pointing at my face…but I just can’t bring myself to care.

The pair sat for a while, Mary casually glancing over at the stiffie on display, while her brother blatantly stared at her tits. Finally, he broke the silence:

“Do you mind if I jerk it?” he asked, and Mary was once more surprised at her own lack of reaction.

“Nah,” she said dismissively, and gave him some privacy by rolling back onto her back and staring up at the blue, cloudless sky. If it was a less perfect day, or she was in any other mood, she felt like the question would have offended her in some way, but at that moment, she didn’t feel like anything could disturb her calm. She found the perfect weather so relaxing…

There was a few minutes of grunting, the familiar sound of skin-on-skin, but before Mary heard an orgasm, another question was directed her way.

“Do you want to watch?”

Her brow furrowed for a second, before her face relaxed once more, and she just smiled in response.

“Nah,” she said again. “Thanks, though.”

Her brother almost sounded kaçak iddaa disappointed by her answer, but it was less than a minute before the sound started up again.

He’s probably thinking about me, she thought, an idea that she knew would most people would have a problem with. He’s thinking about me, looking at my body as he gets off…

The urge to cover herself up hit, briefly, but there was nothing immediately accessible, and Mary couldn’t be bothered getting up. As she looked around, the sight of her brother’s hand pumping up and down his thick member caught her eye, and she found herself watching for quite a few minutes before she remembered to look away again.

The sight was just…somehow even more relaxing.

“You’re free to play with yourself as well,” her brother kindly offered, and she almost laughed at the idea.

As the slapping sound of hand-on-skin continued, however, the idea became less and less ridiculous. The knowledge that she was the object of her brother’s desire, that he was looking at her body and wanting her, picturing her in all sorts of compromising positions, getting off while imagining taking her body however he pleased…well, combined with the sight that she’d just seen, Mary would have been lying if she didn’t admit that she was at least a little turned on.

Surely, she thought, surely it’s wrong, though. To masturbate in front of your brother. I’m…I’m certain that there’s something not quite right about that.

The more she thought about it, however, the more she was totally okay with the idea. Before long she reached between her legs and just a few minutes later, joined her brother in orgasm.


“Do I want to suck your cock?” Mary repeated, dumbfounded. It was…well, it wasn’t the stupidest thing she’d ever heard, but it was close.

It had just started as a normal day – she’d gone out onto the deck, waited for her brother to join her, they’d stripped off, and quickly started playing with themselves.

A short time later, just as they were both getting close, he’d leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She should have objected, she knew that intellectually, but instead she’d just melted into the kiss, and it hadn’t been long before her brother’s hands were running all over her body.

Then, completely out of the blue, he’d propositioned her. She was…she felt…

Well, completely fine with it, in fact.

“Sure!” she replied, after a few seconds of thought, and it wasn’t long before her lips were wrapped around his erection, her hands alternately playing with his balls and pumping up and down whatever of his shaft wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

Normally Mary hated it when a guy came in her mouth, but when her brother unloaded without warning a few seconds later, she wasn’t bothered at all. She just swallowed it down without an objection, and then playfully joked that he should return the favour.

“No thanks,” he said, but even his dismissive nature didn’t faze her. She reached down and finished the job herself, cumming less than a minute later. She’d always loved giving head, and a part of her even wondered why her and her brother hadn’t done this before now.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she said with a smile, and raised one eyebrow when she was met with an emphatic nod. The two siblings laughed, and lay down next to each other, enjoying the sun on their skin, and the contact between their naked bodies.


The next morning, Mary woke up to an impatient brother standing in front of her.

“You slept in,” he said, annoyed. Mary just smiled at him – she’d had a full night of lovely, slow, relaxing, sexy dreams…of floating on a lagoon, and getting fucked from all sides at once. She was far too peaceful to feel guilty about sleeping in – it was her time off, after all.

“Sorry bro,” she replied sleepily. “What’s up?”

“I want to fuck you.”

Even that didn’t properly wake her up – it was official, she decided. Nothing could bother her now. She just felt too good.

“Sorry,” she said with a yawn. “I don’t want to do that.”

“Well,” he replied, “can I have another blow-job?”

“Naaah,” Mary lazily drawled. “I’m not really in the mood.”

He left her alone, after that, joining her again when she went outside to sunbathe.

This is the life, she kaçak bahis thought, as she stretched out luxuriously. I could get used to this…I’ve never felt so relaxed in all my life.

At her brother’s suggestion, she took her clothes off, but when he started playing with himself, she just ignored him, shutting her eyes and trying to remember a dream that she’d had earlier that night. Someone had been tying her up, and slowly coating her in honey…

“I’m super horny,” he said, interrupting her reverie. “Are you sure you don’t want to…you know, fool around?”

“Not right now,” Mary said with a laugh. Even at his whiniest, it wasn’t enough to annoy him. “Besides, I’m your sister. We probably shouldn’t be doing that at all…”

As she was going to bed that night, he tried one last time. You’ve got to admire his persistance, she told herself as he stormed in, looking tired and annoyed. She’d let him coat her body in cum when he jerked off earlier, jumping in the pool to clean it off immediately after.

“I want to fuck you,” he said. “Now.”

“I’m about to go to bed, kiddo,” Mary replied, turning around.

“No,” he said, his voice getting slightly louder. “I need to cum. Inside of you.”

Turning around, Mary stared her brother in the eye. In contrast to her completely relaxed persona – if she’d been the type to believe in auras, she knew that hers would have been a deep, soothing blue – he looked like he was on edge.

“You need to learn to relax,” she said, and taking pity on his anxious state, agreed.

He was already hard, but since she wasn’t particularly turned on, he needed to stroke the cock of his penis up and down her cunt a few times before she was wet enough for him to enter her easily.

I should probably be using protection, Mary thought off-handedly, before jumping slightly as her brother’s cock fully entered her.

Even though he was obviously a virgin, Mary had to admit that her brother’s technique was pretty good. In what was clearly two parts enthusiasm and one part blind luck, he was actually managing to rub up against most of her most sensitive areas with each stroke, and it wasn’t long at all before Mary felt herself getting into it.

“Oh yes,” she panted, as she felt his erection pull all the way out, and thrust all the way back into her. “Oh yes…fuck me!”

As if the fog of the last few days was lifting, Mary was suddenly more aware of her body than she could ever remember being. With each thrust, her tits jiggled, and her sensitive nipples rubbed against the fabric of the night-gown that her brother had caught her wearing to bed. She could feel his hairy legs pushed up against hers, his hands gripping her waist, and his balls slapping against her thighs as he fucked her.

Fuck. Fuck. She was getting fucked by her brother. This was…this was wrong.

But then why does it feel so right? Mary asked herself, as she shut her eyes and felt an orgasm overcome her.

“Oh, fuck me!” she cried, as her toes curled and her scalp tingled. She always came from intercourse, and it seemed that even being fucked by her brother wasn’t enough to cause an exception. “Oh, god, bro…fuck me!”

The clenching of her pussy around his cock was enough to cause her brother’s orgasm as well, and with one final thrust, he began pumping his seed into her unprotected pussy. The two siblings shuddered and gasped in tandem, as their incestuous cumming overtook their entire bodies.

After a few seconds of silence, Mary was the first to speak.

“Um…” she started, but then stopped. She knew that something was bothering her, but just as quickly as the feeling of wrongness had appeared, it was gone.

“Um?” her brother asked with a laugh, and she smiled vacantly in response.

“Nothing,” she said, standing up and watching as her brother’s cock fell out of her pussy. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need.”

“Oh, I will,” he said with a grin. “I will.”


Needless to say, Mary wasn’t the only person I used my powers on. But for the longest time, she was definitely my favourite – she didn’t object in the slightest when I asked if I could take her ass, or spank her, or…well, anything, really. Let’s just say she was very obliging.

The girls at school could never compete – sure, it was nice, fucking the head cheerleader, or the nerd girl who’d never so much as kissed a boy before. But Mary’s spot as my number one was only threatened when, one day, we were fucking in the kitchen and Mom came home early…

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