A Changed Wife, a Changed Life Ch. 03

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Deborah was due back sometime this afternoon, she was in for a big change. All her things have been moved to the spare bedroom and Gail and Jessica have moved in.

I expect a big argument but I don’t really care, Deb and Curtis changed the rules and I’m enjoying the change.

I have a beautiful new woman and a happy new daughter to raise, it brings back pleasant memories of Deborah and I while Angela was younger and we were a happy family.

Maybe it wasn’t the fantasy or lack of bedroom activity I missed, maybe if Deborah and I had another child or two we wouldn’t be where we are but who knows. I know I am happy to have Gail and Jessica in my life, I feel young again and I feel loved.

Yesterday was Angela’s 18th birthday and we are holding her party for tonight, Deborah and Curtis were due in shortly, Anthony will be here also.

Today was the party for Angela’s birthday. A lot was going on with Deborah and Curtis due in any moment, Anthony was on his way to airport to pick up his dad and Deborah and they should be here any minute.

Angela and Donna are in my daughter’s bedroom getting bikini’s on getting ready for their swim, Gail and Jessica are making snacks and me I’m just hanging out waiting on the big battle I know is coming today.

As I was walking down the staircase, Gail speaks. “Ray, Deborah and Curtis just pulled into the drive so get ready for the war to begin.”

“I am ready Gail, thank you for the warning.”

Deborah opens the door and strolls in with Curtis in tow carrying their luggage.

“Oh Ray we had such a good time, but their is something we need to discuss, can we go in the study and be alone.”

“Yes Deb, we have a few things here we need to clear up as well.”

She gave me that puzzled look as we walked into the study. I looked over at Gail and she blew me a kiss and then seen a nervous look on the face of Curtis, hmmm this was going to be interesting I think.

Deborah starts to speak but I held my hand up in front of her face and told her I needed to say what I have first, she just stood silent with her mouth open.

“Deb, a few things have changed around here, for starters, Gail and Jessica live here now. “

“Oh Ray that’s nice, I’m happy about that.”

“The other thing is Deborah, all your belongings have been moved to the spare bedroom next to the master bedroom, that’s the largest bedroom besides mine, I have moved everything of yours because that is now mine and Gail’s bedroom.”

“Ray, you moved her in our bedroom, so I guess she’s taking my place.”

“Yes Deb, she is.”

“Ray, that is changing our rules a little isn’t it?”

“Deborah, you and Curtis have changed the rules at every moment it fit him, you are wearing his ring and you have been away with him for awhile now, so this is my rule change.”

Deborah was red faced and angry at first, then she got a smile across her face and asked. “If that’s canlı bahis my bedroom now can I have someone stay over at night.”

“Deborah, I don’ care, if that’s what you want, just no more disrespect in this house.”

“Ok Ray, but what I have to say might be a little hard to take, so please listen and don’t blow a gasket.”

“Just tell say you want to say Deborah.”

“Ray, I’m pregnant, and I’m not sure if it’s you or Curtis that did it, hell it could even be Anthony that did it.”

I was stunned, I knew she has been taking her birth control pills, but that tight pussy being filled with so much cum from those big black cocks, I guess they were not strong enough.

“Ray I think this is best, your plan will work out fine. Angela can even help me with the baby, I am so happy.”

I must admit I haven’t seen her this happy in along time. Deborah walks out of the study and kisses Curtis. “Everything I going to be ok Curtis, Ray is good with it.”

We had a lot of things to do to get ready for Angela’s party. Deborah and Gail were preparing food in the kitchen as I walked past them, I overheard them talking and giggling, seems they were ok with each other and what has changed. Deborah was telling Gail how exciting it was getting fucked by two big black cocks.

I heard Gail say “I could never let that happen.”

“Oh my dear Gail, you need to try a black cock at least once.”

I walked out of the kitchen just as I heard Gail say there was no way she would cheat on me, I just smiled and walked into the pool dressing room.

I had been cleaning up one dressing room when I heard a noise on other side, I looked through the slightly opened door between the two rooms and was shocked at the beautiful sight of my 18 year old Angela laying across a bench as the gorgeous 19 year old Donna was between her spread out legs licking her fresh young pussy.

I was standing there feeling my cock getting hard and Angela was moaning loudly and Donna was making slurping sounds licking her deep.

Stroking my cock, I saw movement coming from the other door of the room they were in.

It was Anthony, he slips in without the girls noticing and running his fingers through my daughter’s hair as he pulls his trunks down exposing his huge black cock he asks my daughter if he gets to fuck the birthday girl.

“No Anthony, I am saving that for a special man.”

Anthony was not going to be left out so he grabs Angela by her long blonde hair and guides his black cock into her mouth. Angela accepts it and takes nearly half of it in her mouth gagging but runs her lips up and down the shaft just exposing the head.

I was rock hard watching my daughter suck a big black cock nearly as well as her mother does. I was so excited I had to stop stroking my cock before I blew my load, I sat and watched Angela receive pleasure at one end and give it with her mouth to Anthony.

Anthony was wanting bahis siteleri some tight pussy and my daughter had said no, so pulling his cock out of Angela’s mouth, he lines up behind Donna who was unaware being so preoccupied with the tasty pussy she was eating she had no idea of what was going to happen.

Donna’s cries were muffled by my daughters wet pussy as Anthony shoved about 4 inches into her. I continued stroking my cock at the sight of Angela’s fingers holding Donna’s mouth tight to her as Anthony was pumping his black cock in and out of her.

Anthony has about 7 inches inside of her when he grabs her by the hips and slams into her burying all of his big cock inside her young pussy. Donna screams into my daughters pussy as Anthony picks up the pace giving Donna the fuck of her life, this young man was a beast, he knew how to use his big cock.

With perfect timing Angela cums on her friends tongue as Donna cums all over Anthony’s cock. I see Anthony holding her tighter and his pace picks up and he moans as he unloads a load deep inside Donna’s tight pussy.

I couldn’t hold back with what I saw next as Anthony pulls out he places his cock at Donna’s face and she cleans all their love juices off his cock and My dear daughter slips between Donna’s legs and cleans her freshly fucked pussy, I blew my load all over the door.

Everyone had a great time at the party and Angela had some great gifts, we all went o sleep that night and the next morning Gail had taken Jessica to her grandmothers for a week or so.

I was sleeping in but it was hard to sleep with the sounds of Curtis pounding Deborah’s pussy and hearing her moans for more of his cock. My door opens and I look at my daughter stroll in wearing a sexy baby doll nightie.

“What is up Angie.”

“Daddy, I know you were watching us yesterday, I saw you in the doorway.”

“I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have watched.”

“It’s ok daddy, I wanted you to watch.”

“Baby, why didn’t you let Anthony fuck you.”

“Like I told him daddy, I’m saving that for a special man, daddy will you give me a special birthday present.”

As she said that she pulled her nightie off and got onto the bed. “Daddy, please fuck me.”

I kissed my daughter and felt those wonderful hard nipples pressing into my chest. Laying her back onto the bed I started kissing her working my way down her beautiful body.

“Angela, you are so beautiful.”

“Thank you daddy, I want you to be the only one to have me, please be gentle.”

Laying there she looked so much like her mom when she was younger only much sexier, her long blonde hair fanned out on the bed, her breast not as large as Deborah’s but so firm and the nipples pointed straight out and hard.

I have to admit seeing her like that was the cause of the hardest my cock has ever been.

I spent several minutes on those globes of delight and hard nipples and found bahis şirketleri out how sensitive they were. slipping my way down her tummy and licking around her belly button I could smell the sweet smell of her excited pussy, it smelled so heavenly.

I look up and see her watching me closely as my tongue slips into her virgin pussy, she closes her eyes and moans loudly as we lock fingers in each others. Now I know what Donna was tasting when I watched them, my daughter must have the sweetest pussy on earth.

Climbing up between her legs, I can feel the head of my cock at the entrance to her virgin pussy I asked my daughter if she really wanted this.

“Yes daddy, please fuck me, make me a woman, I want to be your woman, I love you daddy.”

I pressed into her and there was great resistance but finally the head of my cock broke into her and I could feel her tense up with the pain. I held myself inside her with only 3 or 4 inches inside. I held my position with her legs spread wide and was kissing her passionately when I felt her wrap her legs around me and push on my ass.

I started at a slow pace stroking in and out of her with only about 4 inches then after a few minutes I sank a few more inches into her, she made a loud gasp but pulled tighter with her legs around me.

Looking at her on the bed she was a dream come true, beautiful and sexy, her blonde hair sprawled across the bed I could see the love in her eyes as I shoved all 8 inches of my cock deep inside her.

I fucked her hard for about 5 minutes and watched her cum twice, then slowed the pace down and made love to her, kissing and touching her everywhere. I could feel my cum boiling up and was going to pull out when she grabbed my face in her hands and said, “no daddy cum in me, make me yours.”

I came harder than I ever have before, when I rolled off her I was amazed at her tight young pussy with just a small patch of hair and a big glob of cum seeping out of her swollen lips, now I was concerned, Is she on birth control.

She rolls over laying her head on my shoulder, “Thank you daddy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby.” I hear a noise and look towards the door and see the red angry face of my wife Deborah and the smile on the face of Curtis as he gives me a thumbs up sign he pulls Deborah away and back to their room.

We both drift off asleep and sleep a few hours before I’m dreaming about getting a great blow job, I open my eyes to the vision of my Daughter at the bottom of the bed between my legs giving me a very inexperienced blow job, but it was fantastic because of who was giving it to her man.

I warned Angela I was about to cum but she just sucked harder and took more of my cock into her mouth as I blasted cum down her throat, she swallowed every drop.

This has been a good week, things are going to be good around here, Deborah and Curtis are ok, Donna and Anthony have been fucking all night, I hope Gail doesn’t have a problem with what has happened here tonight, Gail will be out of town for a week.

Guess that gives me more time to teach my daughter how to please her man.

But that’s another story.

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