A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 05

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((Authors Note —

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This is the final part of this mini-series about office politics, a cold, distant manager, a bitter and twisted employee and an unfortunate young analyst who just happens to be in the way and gets caught up in all sorts of deviant revenge.

It makes most sense if read after the earlier parts, but I’ve tried to make this part of the developing, and somewhat forced relationship between David and his boss, Astrid, read stand-alone as well, so I hope that it works for you!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy…

Duke ))


Part 21- Monday Morning, Early


Have you ever been in that position where you think that you’re dreaming, but at the back of your mind, you’re worried that you might actually be awake? And you don’t really want to be!!

It’s probably a subconscious thing. Probably the subject of lots of medical studies. Probably something that everyone goes through at some time or other? Maybe!

In my case it was probably worrying. No, definitely worrying!

But dreaming that you’re dreaming? Wow…definitely weird!!

I suppose, afterwards, that I must have known that it was a dream. Timelines were all over the place, people that I knew flitted in and out like actors on some sort of mysterious stage.

Except one.


My beautiful boss.

I wrestled hard to get a grip on reality. Was I waking now? No, I was going through a serious of surreal events where I somehow fixated on her. She was a tall, blond woman with a slim, sensual figure that would have attracted any red blooded male, and definitely this red blooded male! I think of Scandinavian descent and probably a good ten years older than me, maybe in her mid-thirties. Older maybe but, even though she maintained a cool detachment towards her staff, there was always something incredibly sexy about her. To me anyway. That was probably why I dreamt about her so much. I was a bit short of a girlfriend at the moment so having hot dreams about her was logical. Wasn’t it?

But did that explain the current images that were flashing through my startled brain. Where I had her tied to a kitchen table as I cut off her clothes. Where I inflicted a long sexual torture on her with an electric vibrator. Where she was bound naked over a leather sofa, unprotected rear end and pussy subjected to a series of assaults with a variety of toys, and then… Whoa! Was that really me smacking her bare, upturned behind with a riding crop?! If I hadn’t been dreaming then surely my eyes would have shot open with surprise at the recollection?

They weren’t shooting open though. At least, not in my dream!

Did that mean anything? I hoped to God that it didn’t mean that I’d somehow become a sexually perverted woman abductor!!

But then I had moved on, into Astrid’s bed and we were making what seemed like mad, passionate love together. My birds-eye view of our naked intertwined bodies proved that she was as willing a part of our love-making as I. Maybe even more so!

None of this made sense!

Then I was somehow quickly transported on a trip round town. Faces and places merged together bizarrely. There was a strange image of a scholarly looking small man, wearing glasses but with hypnotic eyes piercing straight through me. Then one of our work team leaders, the much loathed Georgia, was staring down at me with her usual thinly disguised disdain, only to suddenly have all her clothes ripped off, her bare, podgy body tied over yet another sofa. Then, inexplicably, her work team appeared lined up behind her, gigantic erections standing out from between their bare legs, ready to embark on a gross gang bang! I think I was sweating now because I was pretty sure that I’d had something to do with setting up that particular deviant image!!

Those fantastic images weren’t finished yet either. I had a shock when I saw a lithe young woman, dressed in tight black clothing staring at me. She looked like a beautiful, mysterious agent straight out of a James Bond movie. But it was Astrid again…and she was holding a gun! What?!!

I cringed as I waited for the bang, the brief flash of pain and the bullet to end it all. It set me wondering. Do you hear the sound of a gun going off if the bullet kills you? Idiot!! Get back to the dream.

But, by the time that the thought had flitted in and out of my brain though my terrified form was transported back into bed. A nice, soft bed. I breathed a long sigh of relief as I lay back, in the calm warmth. This was more like normal I thought dreamily. Waking up on my own, naked and with a big erection!

But was I on my own? I sighed happily as I felt a delicate contact on my straining cock, the backs of fingers sliding sensuously up and down my shaft. I enjoyed the sensation for a few moments before a sudden shocking realisation flashed through bursa escort my body. The fingers were real, and they weren’t mine!

And there was a voice… my eyes finally snapped open in shock!

“Come on David, wake up. I’ve got things to do.”

My eyes were quick to focus on what at first I took to be an angel bending over me, and for a fleeting second I wondered if I really had been shot by that snub nosed revolver! Then I saw the face peering down at me, warm eyes radiating happiness, even if the voice was starting to sound a tad impatient.

It was definitely Astrid, and she was wearing a thin, ivory coloured silk wrap that was pulled tightly across her chest, accentuating her lovely bosom and the twin peaks that hinted at erect nipples underneath!

Her fingers were still lightly tracing their way around my erection and I swallowed hard as I tried to muster up a greeting. For a second my eyes flashed round the room, confirming that I wasn’t in my bed. This was Astrid’s bedroom and as my memories of yesterday, and particularly last night, came flooding back, I swallowed again. Wow!

“David!” said my angel again, this time the note of impatience unmistakable.

“Oh errrr, morning Miss Johnson,” I finally, and somewhat lamely managed.

She smiled, leant further down and kissed me. It was a tentative sort of contact but felt absolutely marvellous.

“I think we can stick with ‘Astrid’ while we’re not at work David, don’t you?” she said as she pulled away.

“Now, we’ve got a lot to do before we get to the office,” she continued giving me a wide grin as her fingers tightened suggestively around my throbbing shaft , “…and I need to be in early to prepare for that bitch Georgia’s arrival as well!” The change in tone to one of unadulterated hatred was surprisingly quick when she more or less spat out the team leader’s name.

It reminded me that my dreams had been based to a large degree on reality. The ‘bitch’ in question really had arranged to have us hypnotised into performing a wide range of videoed sex acts that she’d intended to blackmail Astrid with. Unfortunately for her my boss had turned the tables and exacted her own revenge. The memories of that little episode reminded me that it wasn’t a good idea to cross her. And she did have a hand around a very key part of my anatomy!

“David!!” her sharp words dragged me back to reality and I realised that I’d missed something that she’d said, “So…do you trust me then?”

In my current position, it was the sort of question that I could only answer one way.

“Errr well, of course… I think so… I mean… why?”

“Good,” she said, totally ignoring the vaguer elements of my response. Her hand finally released my cock and came round to undo the thin silk belt holding her wrap in place, pulling it clear of the garment.

“I…Jesus!” I responded as her wrap proceeded to gape open and I was rewarded with a view of one of her gorgeous, bare breasts. The sensuous curves were almost within touching distance and my hand, as if on autopilot, lifted up to reach for it.

“Hey!” I cried out as she grabbed it en-route, lifted my other hand smoothly up so that my wrists were together and began winding the belt around them.

“It’s okay David, but it’s one of my fantasies to make love to a man tied to the bed!” I swallowed deeply but for some reason didn’t resist, after all she’d mentioned ‘making love’ hadn’t she! Then she continued, “… and seeing as we’ve indulged so many of yours recently it only seems fair for me to get a go don’t you think?”

I nodded dumbly as I suffered further breast distraction as her wrap gaped completely open in front of me. It was clear that she was only wearing a pair of lacy white panties underneath.

By now she’d finished tying my wrists together, and was starting to reach over me as she drew my hands above my head. Two things struck me immediately. One was that the fastening was fairly loose and I was pretty sure that I could wriggle out of the bindings if things got dodgy, hence my initial panic subsided quickly. I guessed that that was intentional. Astrid was good at thinking things through.

The second was that Astrid had made a tactical mistake in leaning over me because it brought one of her taut breasts in range of my mouth and I reached up and fastened onto it without delay, enjoying the feel of her smooth warm flesh in my mouth, and the instant response of her nipple to my tongue!

“Ohhhhhhhh… you little devil!” she complained throatily as she tied my bindings around the metal bed-head. It wasn’t much of a protest though and it was soon obvious that she was in no rush to move back as she let me suckle on each breast in turn, letting out a series of little whimpers as I nibbled at her perky pink nipples! Maybe it hadn’t been a tactical mistake after all!!

Finally she pulled away though and shrugged off the wrap completely, kneeling on the bed next to me.

“God, but you’re beautiful!” I breathed bursa escort bayan without thinking. She was, she looked like a Norse goddess!

She sounded pleased though, “Well, thank you kind sir…you look pretty hunky yourself!” She added to the compliment by reaching down and stroking my stiff member, making it rise up even harder, “…and especially down here!”

We both smiled at each other a little self consciously perhaps before a mischievous grin spread over her narrow face and she lifted a leg to straddle my waist, easing herself backwards until she felt my stiff rod pushing up against her bum cheeks. She wriggled up against it a few times so that we both felt the magical contact and then lifted herself up and over it so that her white pantie clad crotch was now pushing up against it from the front.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she whispered dreamily as she shut her eyes to enjoy the feelings as her pussy rubbed up and down against my rock hard erection. The material of her pants was tight over her mound and I could see the shape of her slit working against me, and getting a little darker as her juices began to flow!

It was so frustrating to feel her moving like that and being unable to respond. Just as I was contemplating pulling my hands free, ripping off those annoying white pants and thrusting my throbbing cock deep into her, she pulled back and, somewhat reluctantly I thought climbed off me.

“Ohhh” I said in obvious disappointment.

“Not so quickly,” she teased, “…first things first…”

What the hell was that supposed to mean I wondered as she climbed over me to reach into a bedside drawer.

“Turn over!” she instructed like some sort of sexy schoolmistress. I was well brought up so found myself obliging before I’d really thought this through. When I’d finally twisted my head to look back at her she was climbing back onto me again, but on my lower legs. I was shocked rigid at the sight.

“Hey! No!… I never agreed…”

“You said that you trusted me David, don’t you remember?” she replied reasonably as she waved the evil looking brown leather riding crop about in the air in front of her.

“But that’s not the point…and I never…anyway where did you get that from?!” My rational brain was trying to make sense of the crop’s appearance when I’d last seen it being used on Georgia’s upturned bum by her ‘gang bangers’ at the start of her long night’s fucking. I struggled half heartedly for a few minutes but her weight kept me pinned down and I was uncomfortably aware how vulnerable I was with my bum stuck up in the air to relieve the pressure on my stiff member underneath.

“There were two in the bag David. You probably didn’t noticed in all the excitement yesterday so I brought one back with me. I thought that you’d want to know what it felt like after you’d given me such a thrashing on Friday night! But… I promise not to hit hard though… well, not too hard anyway!” To prove the point, she leaned forward and let the tip of the leather crop trace a random path lightly over my bare cheeks sending goose bumps and an electric shock wave up my spine before eventually sliding mischievously between my bum cheeks and down between my legs!

As the intruder crept remorselessly nearer to my defenceless crown jewels, my panic levels rose alarmingly! I was about to struggle really violently and I was pretty sure that I was strong enough to pitch her off me when she laughed and I felt the pressure on my lower legs ease as she climbed off me and slid up my side, her head nuzzling up against mine.

“My, you really do trust me don’t you David?” she whispered into my ear, “I’m impressed… and maybe a little humbled…” I almost felt bad about my plans to turf her abruptly off the bed as she proceeded to kiss me all over my neck and face. Maybe I really did trust her that much?

Unfortunately I really was about to find out.

She pulled back a little, her head still just a few inched from mine and giving me a confidence inspiring look.

“Okay, so I’ll just give you six of the best, but toned down because I’m only a weak woman. How does that sound?”

“Are you kidding?! I saw how hard you thrashed Georgia last night. You are definitely not a ‘weak’ woman!!”

I was partly aghast that she still intended to go through with this. I was also still tied up in this ‘trust’ issue. I liked it that she felt ‘humbled’ by me and wanted that to go on, so, much to my surprise I didn’t just totally reject the idea of receiving six strokes across my bum out of hand. In fact, there was a part of my brain niggling at me to let her get on with it?!

“Maybe if you just do one really lightly and I’ll let you know…” I mumbled.

She seemed to pause to consider.

“But then you won’t really know how it felt for me when you were putting red tramlines across my bare bum on Friday might would you? Still… I suppose…well, if I do them fairly lightly you’ll get the general idea.”

Her words had reminded me that her escort bursa bum was still criss-crossed with red lines and I’d been responsible. Even though I was hypnotised at the time, I did feel bad about it. Maybe I really did need to undergo this to exercise the guilt, and for some ridiculous reason, the thought of being bound to the bed and then lightly thrashed by a bare Norse goddess did feel rather exciting.

“Well…okay…but only six!” I exclaimed finally through gritted teeth.

“Oh my, you really, really do trust me don’t you!” she laughed as she moved down the bed again, making me wonder instantly if I’d made the right decision. My trepidation only increased when I twisted my head round to see her kneeling next my waist. Not because of the sight of her gorgeous body, perky breasts in profile, nor the way that she lifted the crop above her head. It was her words that made my whole body tense.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stop if you scream too loudly!”

I’d only just processed the words when the first blow landed across my bare butt.

“Ouch!” I gasped involuntarily as I felt the sharp sting radiate outwards from the striking point.

Strangely, the pain wasn’t really that great. It was the shock effect that was worst. Then I felt her hand slowly caressing my bare bum and suddenly everything felt good again, until she spoke.

“Ooooh look,” she said, almost to herself, “I hardly touched you and there’s already a big red mark!”


“Next one!” she announced, ignoring me and I just had time to cringe and tense my bottom before another sharp, stinging strike landed.

“Ah, tramlines!” she announced proudly.

“Hey, I thought we said lightly!” I protested after the third one before suddenly realising how subjective that word was. Astrid was later to use that to good effect in discussions with me about my contract negotiating skills!

“Nearly there!” she announced as I heard the fifth one whistle through the air and send stinging shock waves rippling around my body. I was sure that that one had been harder than the rest and was about to protest when I realised that the sixth one was coming down straight away and this time it made a real swish through the air before landing! This time it was like a nuclear bomb going off across my poor bum.


“Ooops… sorry…” she responded with a chuckle, “I think that I may have let that one go a little bit!”

“LITTLE??” I gasped as I felt the electric response surge around my tense body.

“…Jesus…” I added slowly as the waves of pain finally started to subside.

I was about to roll on my side when her hands were on my hips holding me in place and my further planned protests, vehement as I was planning them to be, never got out of my mouth as she bent down and used her lips and tongue to caress the red lines that she’d just inflicted on me!

“Ohhhhh…mmmmmmmm” was the only real response that I managed as I let her soothe me for long minutes.

“Now, how’s things down there?” she asked as her hands slipped round my waist and encountered my erection. Remarkably, ‘things down there’ were still going well. I was loathe to admit it later to her, but the whole episode had been incredibly arousing and my ultra stiff erection was soon in her playful hands!

“Oh good,” she responded huskily, “I wonder what I can do with this now?”

I knew exactly what I wanted her to do with it and rolled onto my back to give her a hint, my erection standing up proudly between us. Her eyes sparkled as she met mine.

“Oh my! You want me to…”

I nodded with a big grin spreading across my face.

“But I’m only your poor boss David, and I’m not sure if a thing that size will fit…” she was playing the reluctant schoolgirl.

I thrust up my hips to make it look bigger.

“Oh well,” she added throatily,” I suppose I ought to give it a go shouldn’t I? Particularly now that you trust me so much!!”

I nodded harder and was rewarded with a laugh as she turned and rolled backwards on the bed so that she could pull down and off her white panties, feet in the air. In the process she’d given me a beautiful view of her peachy slit. It looked deliciously engorged, juicy and ready for action!

So was I!

I watched open-mouthed as she straddled and kneeled over me again, positioning that same juicy slit close to the tip of my throbbing cock. I pushed up instinctively and she jumped back a little in surprise as she felt her outer labia lips parted.

“Hey, just a mo!” she gasped as her fingers dropped down and grasped my rigid weapon.

“Mmmm, that’s better…” she murmured happily as she stroked the throbbing tip backwards and forwards along her hot crevice for a while.

“Now then…” she added as her breathing deepened and she guided me right up against her hot, pink hole.

And then we both gasped in satisfaction as she let herself sink down on me a little, feeling her open and close around me as she let me penetrate an inch or so into her hot lair. There we stopped for a few seconds as we got over the delight of the initial contact. That’s when I realised that, off-duty from the office, she was actually quite a tease!

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