A Country Walk

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It had been a while since I’d seen him but we’d been keeping in touch by text message. The anticipation I felt had been growing day by day with the messages promising an afternoon of naughtiness.

On the morning of the meeting I woke with butterflies in my stomach, not from nerves…not at all, but from the fantastic memory of last time and knowing how wonderful his touch was going to make me feel. I check outside, It’s a beautiful summers day. I take my time getting ready. I shower enjoying the feeling of my own hands on my body, I blush slightly in recognition of how sensitive my body is today. I wrap myself up in a towel and go and sit on the bed…I pick up my phone and send a text message saying how much I am looking forward to seeing him later that day.

I moisturise from head to toe, I want to make sure my body feels perfect to the touch. I already know I’m going to wear my flowery skirt, I pick a nice cotton top to go with it. Looking in my undies drawer I decide that the lovely new white satin & lace bra and panties are the right choice for the day. I dry my hair, clipping it up to expose my tanned neck, after applying just a little make-up, I find my favourite perfume and spray… Getting dressed I wonder if he’ll like what I’m wearing… Oh and wonder if I’ll be lucky enough for any of it to be removed Winking face

I notice the time, it about time to leave… I check the instructions again… “You will find me parked in a small lay-by, just in front on the wooded area. I check the map again before setting off.

The butterflies are really fluttering now and so I find some calming music to listen to as I drive…(Jakatta -Vision). It takes me around 30 minutes to get to the turning from the A road and another 10 minutes until I see the Black Audi parked on the right as promised. As I pull over I see his car door open, my heart feels like it’s going to escape from my chest, I feel a small throb between my legs and realise I’m already a little wet.

He looks stunning, his face lights up with his fabulous smile and he looks great in a casual white shirt and trousers. I compose myself and get out of the car. Walking over he greets me with a kiss and I can already feel the electricity running through my body… “Come on” he says, “we’re going for a little walk” … He points towards the wooden stye that bursa escort takes us over from the lay by into the woodland area. I climb first and I can feel his eyes watching my arse as I lift my legs up and over… Did he catch a glimpse of my white panties I wonder?

Following me over quickly, he catches me up. His arm wraps around me and he gently lifts my top and I feel his fingers slip into the waistband of my skirt. He pulls me into his body as we start to walk. There is a lovely breeze around us, this place is beautiful and so peaceful. We chat casual, enjoying each other’s company.

I then feel his arm guide me off the main pathway, I can see footsteps in the long grass in front of me, but it’s clear we are going off the beaten track… We round a corner and I front of me I see a picnic blanket and a small ice bag. His arm grips me a little more and we stop, he turns to me and gives me another gentle kiss… “Let’s go and get comfortable” he says.

He sits down on the blanket and I kneel alongside him. I give him a long lingering kiss. I feel his hand travel up my skirt this time and he starts to caress my arse. It feels fabulous…

We stop kissing and he leans over to the ice bag… Nestled in some ice cubes are two glasses and 2 small bottles of sparking wine… He retrieves them… Opening the first bottle he pours it and passes me the glass… He opens and pours the second bottle… The glasses chink… “To Us!”.

He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close…he smells fantastic and I can feel myself getting moister as I get more turned on…we carry on drinking, enjoying the quiet and each other’s company. Finally when we have finished the drinks he takes the glass from my hand, moves them to the side. He removes my top revealing my white satin lacy bra. He leans forward and slowly kisses my neck. I gasp. How can something so simple make me feel so so good?

I slowly start to in button his shirt. I need to see his body, to feel his chest hair… I pull myself up on my knees and pulling the shirt open I slowly start to kiss him gently along his collar bone. I stretch up and gently nibble his earlobe and then run my tongue around the edge of his ear… I find his mouth again and we kiss passionately again.

I feel my bra being removed and feel his hands gently caressing my breasts, he leans bursa escort bayan down and with the most gentle of touches he licks and kisses my nipples. I thrown my head back and gasp. I can feel the wetness between my legs, my pussy is throbbing for attention.

I run my hands down his body… Caressing his fabulous arse, I then move my hands around his body and find his cock throbbing in his trousers. I so want to hold him, lick him, feel him… “Not quite yet young lady”, he says moving my hands back to his arse.

He leans away from me slightly and I wonder why, then I notice the ice cube he’s retrieved from the ice bag… It doesn’t take long before I realise what he’s going to do. He slowly runs it around the edge of my nipple… Already turned on they spring even more to attention… “I thought you might like that” he says with a smile… “Why don’t you lie down” and I do. He slowly melts the ice cube, running it around my nipples and then leaving the last bit to melt in my belly button.

He lies down next to me and I feel his ice cold fingers sliding up my thigh, I blush knowing that soon my wet panties will no longer be a secret. He touches them and smile, he bends down gives me a kiss and then whispers in my ear “You are such a naughty girl”. I feel an instant throb.

He pushes my panties aside and I feel his cold fingers touch my clit. I raise my hips in enjoyment. He is so gentle, the touches are amazing and I can feel a warmth in me. Just at the moment I am silently begging to be fingered I feel him push the first one into me. I nearly cum right then but somehow I manage to hold back… He gently works my pussy and before I know it a second finger is inside me. I can’t explain how good it felt, but then I didn’t need to I was getting wetter by the second. He leans over and kisses me. “Your pussy is so hot, I love it” he says and then without any notice his thumb gently, like a feather, touches my clit… That’s it I groan and I explode… Absolutely explode, skirting and cumming all over his hand… “You naughty little lady” he says with the biggest of smiles.

He gives me time to recover and then I see him slide down his trousers exposing his very hard cock. I look him in the eye, lean over and give him a long lingering kiss… I then start to kiss him all of the way down his body… I nuzzle escort bursa his neck and then slowly move down his chest, kissing as I go. I reach his nipples and very gently kiss, caress and nibble… I work my way down his torso. I try not to rush, this is about what he wants and not me. I reach his cock, it looks divine… The head is glistening… Is that for me? I lick, slowly and gently. I take his cock into my mouth, God that feels good… I wind my tongue around, moving slowly up and down… I move my position and very gently start to suck a little, I hear a groan… I loosen my mouth and start to lick gently… And just when I see his body relax a little I suck again but a little harder this time. I continue the same, slowly caressing his arse and balls with my hand until my final suck makes him explode in my mouth. I suck him dry and take my time to lovingly lick him clean. I smile and sit back.

I lie back to enjoy the warmth of the sun, after a while I see him stir… He moves towards me and pulls off my skirt and panties… I see him reach for the cool bag again and he pulls out another ice cube.

I nearly scream when the ice cube touches my clit… I really wasn’t expecting that… But OMG it feels fantastic… As does the hand underneath me caressing my arse. Just as I wonder what is going to happen next the ice cube is replaced by a fabulous warm tongue. It very slowly circles my clit, warming it up slightly… I feel a finger slip into my pussy at the same time. The finger is removed but I am so aroused and the tongue is taking me to heaven. I can feel thoughts slipping away and a huge orgasm growing in me. I start to whimper, if he carries on like this I’m going to cum all over him… I lift my hips and push forward, I bury myself in him and that’s when it happens… I scream, I cum… I can’t stop, it’s driving me crazy.

I feel myself collapse on to the blanket… He kneels up and leans over me, kissing me on the forehead. He lays down next to me, wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. We stay there for a while, not a care in the world.

Then we look at our watches… We know it’s over for this time. We slowly get dressed. Straighten our clothes and fold up the rug.

We wander back to our cars slowly, not wanting the afternoon to finish… Climbing over the stye I feel a hand caress my arse… I look back and smile. There is time for one last cuddle and kiss … He whispers “Until next time”.

With that he climbs into his car and I watch him pull off… Until next time… it can’t come quickly enough!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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