A Deal’s a Deal

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“A deal is a deal, and I lost”, she said, turning around.

He looked at her from the back. She looked fantastic.

She had small, rounded ass cheeks, with a narrow waist and widened ribcage, just right for a thinly-set hourglass shape. Shortish, neck-length blonde hair completed the ensemble, and he found himself getting hard thinking about what was coming. He touched her shoulder and she flinched. “Let’s do this”, she said, and reached for the waistband of her workout pants.

Usually he didn’t like the look, but a simple T-shirt and sweatpants was something she was able to pull off with a certain amount of style, and even in relatively sloppy clothes she had an elegance of bearing; which made what he was about to do to her even more shocking. And, he had to admit, arousing. She slipped out of her pants, pulled down a pair of indifferent boy-cut shorts, and knelt in front of him, facing away, lowering her head and grasping the bedstead. He dropped to his knees and opened his trousers, immediately stroking his cock to a very firm state, rubbing the head and using the other set of fingers on the base, unselfconsciously güvenilir bahis getting himself as hard as possible.

He regarded the scene: upturned ass, pretty, trimmed, and blonde pubic hair nestled in the juncture of thighs, with tonight’s prize between firm, high-set ass cheeks. He reached for the tube of lubricant on the side table, and quickly squirted a generous amount on his right hand, using the other palm to get his hand warmer. After a bit, and another helping, he placed his thick middle finger on the small, pulsing ass-hole in front of him and firmly pressed inward.

She gasped, then moaned as he paused, swirled the finger around her ass-hole, then slowly inserted the finger up to the first knuckle. Swapping the tube to his left hand he dripped some more of the viscous liquid on the spot, catching it with his finger and swiftly working it into and around the tight, oh-so-tight doorway. When she was well coated, and shivering, he gently but firmly slipped the index finger alongside the middle, rotating to get things larger and ready. She whimpered.

“NNNgh… I- I don’t know, come on, come türkçe bahis on, this is…”

He bent over her head and said, “You need to be a little bigger, just a little bit. Hold still”, and she did it. He had to admit the passivity of her turned him on, and he used the lubricated and almost slimy fingers of his left hand to stroke his cock. He worked a third finger next to the other two, and she shoved back and grunted, pushing until the tip of that finger was also inside, soaking and slick. He positioned his cock to take their place.

When she rocked forward slightly, he quickly placed the sensitive head just below his fingers, and in as smooth a motion as he could manage slipped the fingers out and pushed with his cock-head. Her ass-hole was extremely slick and easy, and while she was tight, and beautiful, he managed to get in her with a minimum of forcing. Despite that she moaned loudly and wriggled in some discomfort, then followed it with an outcry; but there was no order to stop. He watched, fascinated, as half his cock was swallowed up in the tight, exquisite valley between her perfect, luscious ass cheeks. güvenilir bahis siteleri The sensation told him he’d last no time at all; but that was okay.

He got only slightly more in and she gasped out, “No more, no more”, and he desperately worked up every last tiny bit of self-control to not ram into her completely; she spasmed around him and the effect was absolutely stunning. He pulled out slightly, which made her clench again, and he could not believe the feeling. He pushed in again, heard her suck in a huge lungful of air, and retreated until almost all of him was out. When he heard her exhale he shoved in, got dizzy from the noise she made, and came, hard.

His come invaded her body, roaring and spattering in an orgasm like nothing he’d ever had before. He almost fell forward, caught himself, and put an end to it, pulling out, leaving, to his shocked surprise, a trilling spider-trail of semen from her ass-hole to the tip of his cock. Her ass closed up instantly, and she folded up, breathing hard; then she said, oddly, “Excuse me”, and ran to the bathroom.

When she got back, she simply put her bottoms back on, with no real ceremony, and got ready to leave. He felt dazed, but, sitting back on his heels, asked her, “Are you okay?”

She responded, with a sideways and sardonic smile, “A deal’s a deal”, and walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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