A Delightful Evening

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I had been on edge all day. Earlier I had learned that the kids were both going to be out overnight. I was thrilled that I was going to be having some alone time with hubby.

I packed the kids off as soon as I could. Breathing a sigh of relief as the door closed behind them.

Wanting to look my best for the night. I showered and washed my hair. Applied minimal makeup and blow dried my hair. I slipped on one of my sundresses. It was a long dress that clung nicely to my breasts and showed them to their advantage even without a bra.

I pottered around the house and when I heard hubby arrive home I greeted him at the door with a big smile on my face. I explained how we had the night to ourselves.

After a quick peck on the cheek he went to take a shower.

I made a call and ordered us some food from the local Thai restaurant. When hubby was showered and dressed he went to pick it up.

After he left I quickly amped up the makeup and put on my sexy blue dress. A belt and some heels completed the outfit.

I busied myself setting the table in our backyard. It was a lovely starry night. Warm but with a whisper of a breeze.

As I finished I heard our car parking out front and went to meet hubby as he returned. He was putting the food in the kitchen as I walked in. His eyes roamed my body, beginning at my cleavage and slowly travelling down to my short hemline.

I grabbed the food and started heading out to the table. Hubby followed, bursa escort his hand reaching to grab my ass as I walked. I paused for a moment so he could get a good feel and notice my lack of panties.

Hubby sat back and sipped his drink as I served the food. We chatted and ate as our desire built. Our hands casually touching each other for emphasis during conversation.

After dinner we moved to our outdoor sofa.

He leaned in to kiss me, his hand on my breast. His fingers hooked into my dress and he slid it down off my shoulders as his kisses trailed down my neck and chest. I gasped as his mouth touched my already hardened nipple.

His tongue was teasing and his mouth warm. He was sucking gently, then finally holding my nipple firmly between his teeth.

I reached into his lap and rubbed his crotch. His hard cock strained at the fabric and he took a deep breath as he enjoyed the sensation of my fingers touching him.

His hungry mouth moved to my other nipple beginning to lick and suck with abandon as he thoroughly enjoyed the taste in his mouth. At the same time his fingers pinched at my other nipple, firmly asserting delicious pressure that had me moaning and pulling him closer.

He took turns on each breast as his hand slid up my thigh towards my bare pussy. His fingers gently running the length of my smooth wet lips. Then gliding easily through my dampness. My legs parted involuntarily and he slipped to the floor.

His bursa escort bayan head moved to between my thighs and I froze in anticipation as l awaited the feel of his soft lips. He inhaled my aroma and I felt his hot breath against the neatly trimmed hair at the junction of my thighs. I shivered at the warmth.

I gasped as his tongue touched my wet silky skin. His licks became stronger more insistent. Lapping enthusiastically at my juices. My hands held tightly to the back of his head as I lifted my hips towards him.

He started to work his fingers firmly in and out of my hot wet pussy as he licked . I was moaning and squirming. I spread my legs wider and moved my hips to take advantage of his thrusting fingers. My body jerked as the pleasure became too much and I squealed out in orgasm.

Hubby got to his feet and stood before me. I could see his pants bulging. A wet patch that was growing larger as my eyes watched him lustily.

I reached to unfasten his pants and dragged them down his legs. His hard cock bobbed in front of me, precum oozed in a stream from its tip. I reached out with a finger and caught some and brought it to my lips to taste. It was delicious and I told him so as I leaned forward to lick at the head of his cock.


He moaned and leant closer. My lips enclosed his oozing head and I slid them lower engulfing his shaft as he gently thrust into my mouth. I sucked as he slid in and out of my mouth. Moaning escort bursa gently as I tasted more delicious precum. My hands were on his ass as he lifted his shirt over his head and asked me if I wanted a ride.

Hubby pulled his cock out of my mouth, it glistened enticingly in the moonlight. I got to my feet and he lay back on the sofa. I stood before him and removed my belt. Pushing down my dress until pooled at my feet.

I was left standing naked except for my heels in the starlit night. He reached for me and I moved to mount him. Straddling his body I felt his hot thick cock pushing up into my waiting pussy.

Slowly I began to move on him. Feeling the delightful fullness that I know so well. Selfishly, thinking only of my own pleasure I began to move. Slowly at first feeling my rhythm building.

Speaking softly as I rode. Quiet words letting hubby know how good his hard cock felt in my pussy. How his hands grabbing roughly at my breasts turned me on. How him lifting his hips as I moved on him was hitting just the right spot.

His hands left my breasts letting them bounce freely as he gripped my hips to move me faster and gave my ass a sharp tap. I squealed and he reached for my nipple pinching hard.

I started riding him harder and faster. The gentle breeze caressing our bodies. His breathing telling me he was getting close.

I felt him start to throb as his cum shot deeply inside me. He moaned loudly and I kept riding, the heat and the feel of his cum inside my already soaking pussy bringing my body to orgasm.

I screamed loudly and hubby pulled my mouth towards him to silence my screams. We kissed deeply and I collapsed onto him while we caught our breath.

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