A Desperate Mom Takes Charge Ch. 01

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the sixth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

This is the first chapter involving Mark and his mother Sandy. Afraid Mark will follow in the path of his uncle, his mother Sandy steps in. Sandy is desperate to do whatever it takes to save Mark from the same fate.


It seems surreal as I stand here, I never cared much for funerals but when it’s someone close it makes more sense. What doesn’t make sense is why we are here. Another senseless murder over drugs, and not really hard drugs, just pot. Why don’t they just legalize it? So many lives affected, innocent lives. Just look at my mother. I bet she has never even taken one puff of a joint. Now she is burying her brother over a measly five grand. That and a punk with an itchy finger looking to make a name for himself. Well we’ll see how much of a name he has left in prison.

My name is Mark, the guy they are burying is my uncle Jerry. He was also my source. Jerry was my mother’s younger brother. I wouldn’t call him a con artist but he was definitely a player, a hustler, oh and a ladies’ man. I will turn eighteen in a couple of weeks. I moved some weed at the local college but never at the high school I attended. Too much risk there. Jerry would keep me supplied. I had my stash and then sold the rest. What I didn’t smoke left me with some pocket change.

Jerry was the big money man, cars, jewelry, and bitches. He took care of me and I helped him keep a presence on campus. His suppliers were getting pressure from some new cartel. They thought Jerry was moving on. I knew for sure he wasn’t. When he was a few grand short he asked for a couple of days to catch up on some collections. He only owed them five grand, I was holding two for him. Everyone knew he was good for it. Everyone but some punk.

My mother was devastated. She knew he was a scoundrel, but as her only sibling Jerry was a big part of her world. Now he’s gone. I am surprised she was able to be here without falling apart at the service. Hank is trying to console her but I think even he knows she loved Jerry more than him.

My younger sister and brother are clueless. Sure they knew him but I was his favorite. He always said I was just like him, only smarter. Even after Hank banished him from the house mom and I always found time to see him. Of course I saw him almost weekly. Standing there in her black dress she looked defeated. I need a joint.

Back at the house I rolled one, the gathering downstairs is mostly relatives. I was upstairs facing the window. I looked over the large lot we had, the fan dispersing the smoke outside. I finished just before I heard someone on the stairs. I could tell from her gait it was my mother. I quickly grabbed some mouthwash and with nowhere to spit swallowed it. Tastes like shit. I moved the fan just as she knocked on the door.

“Our guests are leaving please come down and say your goodbyes.” She asked. Normally I would protest but I could see the toll the last few days has taken.

“Sure!” I offered.

If Sandy knew I lit one up she made no issue of it. We had a deal no smoking dope on our property. She always said it was because of my brother and sister but I think she hoped I would quit. Fat chance! Still, I did feel a bit guilty for doing it today of all days.

Sandy my mom and I seemed to have a special kind of bond. It wasn’t like she loved me more than the twins, she wouldn’t allow that. No, it was a different kind of look she gave me, it was the same look she gave Jerry.

Years ago I wondered why she even let me be around Jerry. I’m still not 100% positive but now that he’s gone I have little doubt. Sandy was at the door asking me to come down. I didn’t see that look I used to get. I missed it. Jerry was gone and so was the bond mom and I shared. Somehow I need to get that back.

Hank ordered pizza for dinner I wanted another joint.

The next couple weeks were a shit for me. It was clear I wouldn’t be graduating. The cops were still investigating the shooting. Someone still wanted their money and I was turning eighteen. The last is significant because if I get caught with the stash I have right now it’s a felony and I am now an adult. The good news is my mom held a birthday party for me. Oh joy!

I cut school one more time. It was too dangerous to be pushing at the campus and since Jerry is gone all of his friends and bitches have scattered. Too bad. I got use to the perks of being with Jerry, unlimited sex.

I noticed Hank’s truck in the drive with mom’s car beside it. I pulled my car into the illegal bahis neighbors drive behind the house so it couldn’t be seen. Hank usually always worked until three thirty and then mom leaves for her job. Since it was only two, something must be up.

I decided to head around back and hole up near the garage. I could see her standing there in her house clothes. God the woman could use some fashion help. Sweat pants and an old button down plaid shirt with the arms cut off at the shoulders. She has never been a beauty queen but even if she was you wouldn’t know it.

Three kids and ten years of waiting tables must take its toll. Still if she lost about twenty pounds, styled her hair, wore some makeup it would make a big difference. Being on her feet five to six days a week has kept her legs toned her ass firm. I have never seen her tits but they must be a large B or small C cup. I know they droop. Probably from having three kids suck the life from them but properly displayed they fill out a sweater. That I have seen, unfortunately not in a long time.

“Sandy I just know what I heard at the courthouse.” Hank said animated. “If they come here with a warrant and ask to search this house there isn’t a thing you or I can do! Sandy they have been casing this thing for years. Getting names, contacts, planting undercover agents. They don’t care about a small player like Mark! They want the big players!” Hank explained.

“They know by waiting for just the right time they can nab the pawns and turn them into snitches. Do you know what happens to snitches? Even if they let him go the suppliers may take action just to make sure he doesn’t talk in the future!” Hank was almost yelling now.

“I know how much your brother meant to you and how Mark is, but I will not jeopardize the well-being of Matt and Kit for that worthless pot head.” Hank dissed me. “The kid is so fucking smart, too smart for his own good. Won’t go to school, won’t come back to work, and quit all of his sports teams. For what? To get high? Great, I get it, he wants to be another Jerry, but if you don’t change him I swear to god I will kick his sorry ass out of this house too!”

“Hank please…” Mom tried to cut in.

“We have worked way too long and too hard to lose it over his, his… I fucking don’t know what to call it? The mid eighteen year old crisis? I know he’s your favorite and I know you just lost Jerry, which isn’t fair, I get it, but what have the other kids done to deserve this? They should have a fair shot at a good life. Look all I know is the cops are putting in a lot of overtime, they have something going on. Do you understand?”

“Hank I hear you. I know you’re right, but this is our son! I just can’t kick him out!” Mom pleaded.

“If I don’t see progress soon it’s him or me! And if it’s him you can expect a big fight over Kit and Matt. I have already talked to Mr. Wilson, he is giving me his backing. I have a great unit I can move into. We both know you will lose this place on your salary.” He walked to the sliding door, I moved back further into the garage. I could hear mom crying. “Fuck, he still has not even cut the grass! Sandy, I need your help!”

I sat down and waited until I heard him drive off. Leaving the way I came I called some friends and headed over to see them. I needed a joint. I needed to think!

I drove home. I was still a little buzzed but when I saw mom’s car was in the drive and Hank’s was gone I sobered up quick. Friday night is the best night for mom, there is no way she would have stayed home. I walked in the house it was eerily quiet. I could find no one so I went up the stairs into my room. Everything looked normal, clothes strewn everywhere. Empty bottles, school books, Play Station, all just as I left it in a mess. Then I almost passed out. There on my bed was my stash! Along with it my back up stash, my money and worst of all a pair of my mother’s panties and some adult magazines. The drugs and money was one problem. I could lie and say that I was holding them for Jerry. The panties and smut, well there is no easy way to blame that on someone else. I saw movement in the corner of the mirror. Turning she was standing there.

SMACK! Jesus Christ she just slapped me across the face.

“Tonight!” Sandy hissed. Her eyes pierced me like hot irons.

“But…” I tried to explain. SMACK! Fuck she did it again.

“Tonight!” repeated. Mom turned and looked at the luggage setting in the hall, then back at the bed. “You decide.”

Mom turned and walked into her bedroom and locked the door.

I wasn’t sure if she was kicking me out and wanted the stuff gone or just the stuff gone. I guessed the later, time will tell. I grabbed all of the shit except the panties and magazines and headed outside. I hopped in my car and drove slowly trying to think of a plan.

Dialing my phone it was dead. No service was across the screen. Fuck! Hank turned my phone off. The only place I could think of was one friend of Jerry’s I had fucked a few times. It was still early enough Suzanne might be home. Luckily she was. Using her phone I made illegal bahis siteleri a few calls.

“Do we have time for some fun?” She whispered. I looked at the clock.

” I think we have time, they want to get their shit together.” I replied.

“I go first!” She teased back.

We have had a few encounters before but only when Jerry was around. This time it just seemed to fall in place. I started removing her top, Suzanne squealed as I latched onto her fat nipple. With time to spare I took my time alternating between the two. She let me feast on her tits as she leaned her head back and presented them proudly. She slipped from my lap and let me watch her do a strip tease for me.

I stood and removed my clothes, she moved in and stroked my cock. I handed her a condom, my rule for engagement. She opened it and rolled it over my straining cock.

“Well what are you waiting for?” She laughed.

Suzanne straddled my lap guiding it in her tight pussy. Slowly she just kept working it deeper a little at a time.

“I love when you do that!” She hissed. “God you’re so big!”

“Or you’re too tight!” I countered.

“Jerry didn’t think so!” Suzanne leaned back offering her tits again. I sucked one in and she cooed. “I love it when you suck them, maybe I should be on top?”

“Lie back and let me see?” I teased.

She moved off me so I could change positions then guided my cock back in her cunt. Suzanne rode me for a good amount of time her pussy now sloshing with her excitement. I watched her massive tits defy gravity and bounce on her chest. She worked her hand over her clit while she drove down hard on my cock. She looked at me through half closed eyes as the first tremors started to build.

“Fuck me Mark!” She begged. I pushed up as she slammed down, her pussy spread as her fingers rubbed her clit. Suzanne was cumming on my cock. She thrust forward laying on top of me, she clamped her legs over mine trapping my cock. Her breathing became more normal as she laid there, my cock still hard inside. “Did you want to cum?” She teased.

Suzanne moved forward my cock slipping from her pussy.

“I think I could get use to this!” She giggled. “My pussy sure loves it.”

Suzanne moved back on top and guided my cock back in her cunt. She moved slowly massaging her tits and reaching behind to play with my balls. She never picked up the pace until I moaned my approval. Then just slightly she leaned forward. Bracing her upper body on straight arms she lifted her ass. My hard cock just inside the opening of her sex.

“Fuck my greedy pussy Mark! Let me watch you fill me up.” She hissed.

We both watched as I fucked her from below. I was just on the edge, Suzanne sensed my need to cum. She pulled off and ripped the condom from my cock. Stroking me I started to cum.

“AAAAHHHHGGGHH!” I shouted wishing I was back in her pussy.

She pointed me to her chest as I coated her massive tits with my cum. She sat up and rubbed it in her tits making them glisten. Happy with herself she shot me a happy smile.

“Follow me big guy.” Suzanne led me to the bathroom so we could get cleaned up.

I left Suzanne at her place and started out to face Jerry’s suppliers. I had a smile when I left but that would soon fade. I met with a contact I knew through my uncle. He agreed to put me in contact with the right people.

A meeting was set up, everyone is on edge, even paranoid. They made me drive around two different blocks looking for a tail. The coast was clear. I am dealing with lower rungs of the ladder. I know I need to see at least a middle of the ladder guy, otherwise they could rip me off and say I never came through. Luckily I recognized one guy Jerry had dealt with.

They made me strip to my briefs looking for a wire. Like I said paranoid. The cash I handed over and the weed I returned wasn’t enough. They wanted another grand. I tried to explain my situation without involving my parents but these people make their own rules.

Then they kicked the shit out of me just to make their point. I have played contact sports and have been roughed up, but this was a good old ass whoopin. They had lost a big time distributor in my uncle and now they were losing me. These people don’t take kindly to bad news

When I got home I fell on my bed and passed out.

“Get up!” It was my mother she was at my bedside in her robe.

I looked at the clock it was five am. Now I point this out for two reasons. My mother works to eleven or twelve o’clock most nights and then every morning she gets up at five to make Hank breakfast. When he leaves she goes back to bed. Every morning for almost twenty years. The second is I don’t.

‘But it…” SMACK! Christ that hurts, especially after last night’s beating.

“Get up!” Sandy repeated.

Without a word I slowly pealed my lanky frame from the bed. She could see clearly the bruises I suffered. If she cared she didn’t show it. Turning she led the way to the bathroom. Mom handed me a clear plastic cup.

“Pee in it!” She commanded.

SERIOUSLY? canlı bahis siteleri Did she just tell me to pee in a cup? I looked to her but knew better than to say a word by now. Her stance confirmed the command. Turning to hide my morning wood I wasn’t sure if I could even hit the cup.

“So I can watch!” Sandy said firmly.

What the fuck is she talking about? She wants to watch? I turned and dropped my briefs on the floor. Naked my cock is clearly on display. I thought I heard a slight gasp. I tried to bend the fat sucker down but with her watching and first thing in the morning this was going to be a challenge.

Sandy stood firm. I closed my eyes and willed it soft it took some time but eventually I filled the cup half full. Setting it on the counter I aimed into the toilet bowl and finished empting my bladder.

Mom had bent down to pick up my briefs. As I turned to face her again my cock now limp. She stood up her face mere inches from my penis. Mom flinched. Looking at my briefs I could see the dried cum from last night’s fuck, I think she did too. Throwing the briefs in the hamper she turned to me her nipples clearly hard beneath the robe.

“Take a shower you stink!” Sandy commanded, then she walked out.

My mother didn’t even inquire about the bruises covering my body. I was tired and very sore but hard again. On the bed were the panties and the magazines I had not disposed of. There was also a note.

1.Clean room.

2.Do laundry.

3.Cut grass.

She was waiting in the kitchen with my breakfast.

Not a word was spoken. Getting the hint I cleared my own dishes.

I worked in my room but fucked off most of it. I will wear her down I thought. I went down to lunch and she was nowhere to be found. I raided the fridge and headed back to my room. I straighten up a few things but the game consul was calling my name. About two she came into my room. The look wasn’t a happy one.

“Strip now!” Sandy yelled.

She was pissed for sure. I was just about to complain but my face still hurt from before.

“Go in the bathroom close the door and wait for me. On the counter was a test for drugs left from this morning. I clearly failed the test with only one line on the strip. Through the door I could hear her move around then after about twenty minutes she knocked. I opened the door walking to my room was a new list setting on the panties and magazines. This time cutting grass was on top. Then cleaning the room, the washing was crossed off.

I was looking for something to wear.

“Where are …” SMACK! The fucking bitch did it again.

“I suggest you get the grass cut before dark or you will be sleeping on it.” Sandy was still pissed.

Looking at her panties I had hidden away she nodded to them. “You can wear them. The other clothes belong to your father. I bought these I will loan them to you for now. I suggest you get cracking.” She explained.

Too stunned to say a word if I dared, I looked at the silk panties. They were pink.

Thank god the neighbors on one side of the house were gone for the day. The other was an old man whose family room was on the far side. The back part of the yard is secluded but the front was another story. Yes I cut the grass in my mother’s pink panties.

Not delicate ones, full sized but still too small. When I stopped to fill the mower with gas I found my father’s coveralls. They were too short but I was desperate. Heading to the front I noticed my car was gone. Holy Shit! What is going on here? Then it hit me. He told her to fix it or he would. If she wanted my attention she has it now.

I contemplated my options but they were few. Well at least the grass was cut. There was a wet spot where my stiff cock seeped precum. I put the mower in the garage and hung up his coveralls. Entering the house mother was waiting for me. Sandy seemed amused by the stiff cock I was still sporting and the spot clearly getting larger. I turned red but she didn’t say a word.

In front of her was a pair of briefs, shorts, and a shirt all dirty. With her finger she pointed to the basement. Grabbing the clothes I followed. On the washer I found instructions. I placed the items in the washer but she didn’t move. Looking at the silk panties I was wearing she nodded. I took them off tossing them in the washer. Getting an eyeful again she calmly turned and walked up the stairs.

When my clothes were washed and dried I slipped them on and folded the panties carrying them up with me. She was in the kitchen waiting. Sandy slipped a piece of paper across the table.

‘Bring your computer and game consul to the dining room set it up on the desk’ it read. I looked at her, she smiled but said nothing. This was cruel and unusual punishment! If I was in the dining room everyone could see what was on the screen.

Still I did as she demanded. She turned it on and opened the history. There were all of the porno sights I had looked at. One by one she opened them while I sat beside her. More than once I could hear her take a deep gulp of air. The one with mature women seemed to surprise her the most. What can I say I like them young but a little of experience never hurts. Mom deleted the history and then placed an eraser disc in the drive. The computer was going to be sterile. What a shame.

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