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April Oneil

                                                  A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Thirteenth.


Carlos went not Naked to Sir Henry”s Chamber, but in a robe of Silk only, that he may Play the Part he had Devised, that he be an Innocent Boy of Birth, Lured by the Knight to his Chamber, there to be Unknowingly Seduced. It was a Game, he thought, Sir Henry may Enjoy for its Lewdness, and should the Sport then be Lewd enough it may Help some in the Confession he Knew that he Must Make.

“I am Conscious, Sir,” Carlos began his Game, his face a Picture of Angelic Innocence and also his Voice, “That you have some Desire to set Eyes upon my Proper Form, though I know not why that may be. I am, Sir, but a Boy like any Other, and no thing is there Special about me. But you have shown me Great Kindness, Sir, and to deny your Unspoke of Wish I cannot Countenance Myself to do.”

With those Words Carlos did Permit the Silk to slip from his Slender Shoulders and Revealed at Last his Entire Form to the Lustful Eyes of Sir Henry.

That Knight could but only Make sharp Indraw of Breath at the Sight he now Beheld. That the unclothed Form of Carlos was no other than Beautiful was beyond the possibility of Denial.

Slender he was from Head to Toe and of a light Copper Skin that shone in the Candles that Lit the Chamber. From his Centre, and hanging but a little between his slender thighs, was a Cock of Pure Beauty, of no Great Length in its Softness and of Width almost, it seemed, None at all, yet it were a Cock that no Man could turn Eyes from.

Of hair upon the Boy there was none save for those few wisps that grew at the base of the Beautiful Cock, and Sir Henry rose to Hardness at the Sight alone.

“Many Boys have I seen unclothed,” Sir Henry said, his voice thick with Desire, “But None with a Beauty to Equal yours.”

“Think you so?” Carlos asked, his Tone as Coquettish as any woman”s, indeed more so, for no Woman is there who may Rival a Boy in that, “My Cock is but Small, Sir, it Cannot be that it is Worth the Looks you Bestow on it.”

“It is a thing of Wonder and of Beauty,” and though he Knew it was some manner of Game being Played, those words he Meant, be it Game or no. “Were I to find it in my Hand or between my Lips, gladly would I Die in the Instant.”

“I would not have you Die, Sir,” Carlos said most Demurely, “But should your Heart be able to Sustain, in your Hand and between your Lips I Believe it may well go.”

“Lo, Sir,” Carlos maintained pretence, “I Believe you have Made Seduction of me. Deny it not, Sir, you have Wish for me in your Bed.”

“I Deny it not,” Sir Henry Declared, and Straight did Carlos then join him in his Bed, though for one Moment more he kept Pretence.

“I am a Poor Innocent Boy of Birth, Sir, I know nothing of what a Boy must do when he has been Seduced. I pray you, Sir, Instruct me now.”

This did Sir Henry Make some Attempt to do, though when the Mouth of Carlos did open at the first Brush of the Knight”s lips and the Tongue of that Adorable Boy did Entertain that of Sir Henry in most Combative Duel, a Duel in which the only Victor could be Cock, it were at Once Apparent that Lascivious Carlos were in Need of no Instruction.

Most Eagerly and Skilfully did the Knight use his Mouth around the Cock of Carlos, though great Care he took he Brought not the Panting Boy to Seeding, ataköy escort for this now were a Sport to be played for as many Hours as may Prove possible; and Most Willingly did Carlos take the Cock of Sir Henry in his soft, boy”s mouth also, and were it not that the Knight were Perforce Obliged to Remove that Cock from the Warm Wet Cave it did Inhabit lest it Should be Brought to Seed too soon, there would it have Remained till Carlos had Milked it to Emptiness.

Then did a Thought Occur to Carlos that he may Venture on a Play he had Sudden Urge to Attempt, and in that Play he Hoped he may Turn the Confession he must Make to some Lewd Advantage, he now so Heated with Lust, that Lasciviousness and Depravity were his only Desire.

“Sir,” he said when a moment came that Mouths were Filled not with Cock, “I must make Confession to you that I have Duped you in a most Unmannerly Manner. My Body you Admire, Sir, for that it is Smooth and Free of Hair, and this, Sir is for that I am but Half a Boy of Birth. My Mother, Sir was from a Distant Land and Wife to my Father she never was, but of a People who Hair does never Grow upon, even to their Faces. I am a Bastard, Sir, and being so you may no Longer have Wish for me to be your Mistress. Also, Sir, I find I must Confess I have Made much Sport with the Boys of your Estate but Kept my Cock from you in Hope that your Desire for it would Grow and some Profit in my Station I may Gain from it.”

“I Care not if you be Bastard,” Sir Henry said, he too Aroused with Lust that no other Thoughts he had but those of the Pleasure to be had from the Delightful Carlos, “And for your Station, the King has Welcomed you as Carlos la Palma, and as Such then you Must be, and if it be that hair Grows not on you, then I do Owe Thanks to your Mother that you be most Wonderfully Smooth, for being so the more Years may there be for me to Sport with you and have you as my Mistress.”

“Yet, Sir,” Carlos did Persist, “It cannot be Denied that I did Deceive you, and for that I must be Punished. It would be Proper, Sir, for you to take me Across your Knee and make Assault upon my Arse with Hand or Slipper or any Object that may Cause me Pain, for such Must be my Just Deserts, and when that Arse is most Red and full of Hurt, and Tears Flow from my Eyes, then may you Use your Tongue there should you have Wish to Comfort me some. This may you do to me, Sir while I am still a Boy, but Once I be your Mistress I will not Abide for you to Punish me.”

Sir Henry never did have Wish to Lay Punishment upon a Boy, though here he did Conceive the Rightness of the Cunning Boy”s words and did Consent to Lay the Boy Across his Knee so he may Make Assault upon his Arse.

It may be that it were the Sight of that Perfect Arse Arranged so, or may be some Deep and Hidden Desire that Rose in him, but whatever were the Cause, Sir Henry found himself with some Great Urge to lay Blows upon that Arse and make some Revenge upon the Boy for his Cozening and for the Withholding of his Cock for so Great a Time.

He Reached then for the Wooden Object that was Used to Beat dust from his Clothes and used that to Lay a Stroke on the Beautiful Arse before him. The Sound such made when it Landed with some small Force upon the Skin of that Arse, Sir Henry found to be Surprising Pleasant, but more Pleasing yet was the Small Sound of Pained Surprise made by the Scheming Boy, though Both were as Nothing to the Delight of Seeing how the Flesh of that Arse Clenched and Quivered from the Blow.

Another and Another did Sir Henry Administer, Admiring merter escort the Clenching and Quivering of the Perfect Mounds of Flesh and Finding he became also Most Aroused by his Occupation.

“Sir,” the Beaten Carlos opined, “I Beg you Strike me Harder, this Punishment be Scarce enough for my Sins.”

This the Knight Found himself Surprising Willing to do, and with Greater Force he Laid Blows upon that Arse so the Gasps of the Punished Boy became Squeaks and Squeals and then Cries that were most Clear Cries of Pain and the light Copper of the Arse were now more like to the Colour of Melted Metal, and Tears flowed most Freely from the Wounded Boy”s Eyes.

Lust for the Taste of that Burning Arse now Grew so Large in Sir Henry that the Knight Discovered Restraint to be beyond his Compass, and his Instrument of Torture he Discarded, and with the Sobbing Boy in a Different and Convenient Position, Sir Henry Prised apart the Fiery Cheeks and Plunged with his Mouth to the Furrow and Lapped most Lasciviously with his tongue around that Furrow and made Attempt to use that Tongue in the Manner of a Plough and Gained some Small Distance of Entry there.

The Sobs of Carlos Ceased, and in their Place he made Moan and Squeak and Squeal that were not now Noises of Pain but those of Lustful Delight, as Guardian and Ward Descended together to Unrestrained Depravity.


Carlos now were Master of his own House, though he Derived some Secret Enjoyment from Intending also to be Mistress there, he having Intent to Prove to Sir Henry that a Boy is a Far Better Mistress for a Man that any Woman may ever be.

Carlos Entertained no Doubts now as to his Lewd, Lascivious and Depraved Nature, and Knowing he was but a Ploughing away from becoming Mistress proper to Sir Henry Excited him much. That Sir Henry Entertained some Great Affection for Boys was no Secret, but that Noble Knight had most Evidently made but Little Exploration of the Delights of Depravity, Contenting himself with Nothing but the Hands and Mouths and Cocks of Boys and some use of their Furrows for Ploughing.

That there were Greater Use to be Made and Delight to be had from the Bodies of Boys were a Thing he was in Evident Need of Instruction in, and Carlos made Determination that, as the Mistress of the Knight, he would Countenance nothing but the most Licentious of Behaviour.

That Evening he would Entertain Sir Henry, and Following a Dinner and then a Ploughing, he would become Mistress to the Knight, but before that time he must Make Inspection of the Boys his Steward, James, once Bedboy for Sir Henry, had Discovered for him.

That there Were a Number Greater than he had Given Instruction for was explained by James to be because some Half of those Assembled Boys were of and Age of Ten or Less, and thus Three would be Required to Perform the same Labour as Two who were Older. It may be also, Carlos Considered, that James had made Discovery of some Greater Liking for Boys who could not yet Seed, and he found Need to Caution his Steward that he Should not Lead any such to Depravity unless it were by their Choice.

The Ragged Bunch, Assembled from the very Bottom of the Middens they had been in, Gazed with Amazement at their new Master, for when Carlos did Appear to them, he did so with an Arm draped carelessly around the Narrow Shoulder of his Ploughboy, Jarge, and both Uncovered Complete.

“None will I have Here who Fear to make Display of their Cocks,” he Told them, “I have an Uncommon Great Liking for Boys, and even those Amongst you with Cocks not yet Grown and Balls bahçeşehir escort Empty still of Seed still may Possess a Form that may Give an Eye some Delight. None will I Oblige to be Unclothed and None will I Demand make Free with their Cocks, but you Must Know that by your Cocks you may Hope to Rise far from the Midden you have come from. James, my Steward now, did Climb from that Midden to the Shovelling of Horse Shit, to the Trusted Bedboy of Sir Henry and now to my Steward by Virtue of his Cock. Jarge also from that same Midden to my Ploughboy and my Footman has risen by his Cock, and will Rise further yet, he Having a Cock that is most Eager also to Rise.
Ploughing of your Furrows will None Demand, it be your Choice if you be Ploughed or no, and also of your Cocks and Mouths.
I do be having no boy here who do not be knowing he do be a boy, and none that do be being no Puritan either, and if youm do be discovering that youm do be liking the games boys do play then youm do be free to sport as youm will, for I do be wanting no boy who do not be happy boy, and I do be knowing that boys do be being best happy when they do play much and sport,” Carlos then said in Wiltshire that he be Understood most Fully.

The Boys did then Whisper amongst themselves, and many, even to the Youngest, looked most often at the Uncovered Forms of Carlos and his Ploughboy, and one, at the last, made Question.

“Do “ee do be having wish, Sir, that us”n be uncovered?”

“I do be wishing only that you do be all happy boys,” Carlos answered as he had been spoken to, in Wiltshire, “And that none do be afeared of theym”s cock, and if “ee do be wanting to be unclothed while the weather do be being warm enough for that, then “ee should be unclothed, but I do be making no demand of it of youm.”

“Then if `ee do be having some want to view my cock, view it youm may,” the boy grinned in a most country fashion, “T”as been viewed afore, and baint been harmed none by that.”

That boy then did remove all the rags he wore and presented his uncovered form for viewing, and truly, Carlos were of the opinion that he was worth the viewing.

“Do be a girt pretty form `ee has,” Carlos called, “And do be girt better uncovered than it do be concealed. Tis a form youm should be proud of.”

“Thank “ee, Sir,” the boy called back, “Though I do swear I”s cock be not as pretty as thic one of youm”s.”

Laughter there was at the boy”s remark and laughter more when Carlos gave reply.

“It do be pretty enough for any to be wishing to be sucking it.”

“Aye,” the boy grinned again, “And some I do be hoping to be ploughed by it.”

“And can you yet be seeding?” Carlos enquired.

“No, sir, I do still be having balls that do be empty, but thic cock do plough if there do be a furrow that do be being in need of such.”

“And youm”s furrow?” Jarge chirped, for his mind was as lewd as any there, save perhaps that of his master.

“Tas been put to the plough,” the boy said cheerfully, “And I do be thinking there do be no need to be waiting for winter till it do be ploughed again.”

The boys now were smiling and laughing all, and some began now to shed their rags. All had been informed by James when he did make selection of them, that their master were a boy who had great liking for boys and in particular the cocks of boys, and now they perceived that such was true, and that use of their cocks and furrows would not be demanded of them, nor used without even their consent as would have been had they been taken for a Workhouse, they felt a happiness and freedom such as they had never before felt.

“Use they cocks of thine, and furrows also if that do be your wish,” Carlos told them, “And do be having all the play and sport a boy may be having, but only with they that do have a wish so to play with thee.”









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