A Dull Night to Remember

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Big Dicks

“Hello again!” she said with a wave. “It’s been a while, huh?”

Being a bartender, I’m usually terrible with names but good with faces, and I can match the face to a drink, but I was drawing a blank. It happened sometimes, so you have to play the game. “Yeah, it has been. Hi. What can I get you tonight?”

“A Jack and Coke,” she said, climbing on a stool, and I mean climbing. She was barely 5 foot, with a full figure, not fat but well-endowed.

“Coming right up,” I replied as I went about serving her.

“Thanks,” she said, sipping her drink. “Diane says hello.”

Diane? That girl I dated briefly last year? It must be. “Oh, thanks, how is she?”

“Oh she’s good,” she answered, idly playing with the stirrer. “She’s still working the same place as me. I asked if she wanted to come tonight, but she’s busy.”

That’s right, I picked her up from work one night. Diane wanted to showcase her new boyfriend. I was introduced to a dozen women in five minutes, and this girl must have been one of them.

Things didn’t last between us. The only thing we had in common was sex, and that was amazing. But she was into getting stoned, and it didn’t matter how. I wasn’t into anything beyond a joint or two, so I ended it. She’d come around once in a while, stoned, but I kept my distance.

“I’m sorry,” I said honestly, “I met so many people that day, and I forgot your name.”

She smiled brightly. “That’s okay, I understand, I’m Debi. How’ve you been Harry?”

“Good, thanks. Still working here,” I answered, motioning around the small, almost empty bar. “It pays the bills.

“That’s what’s most important. I bet you meet a lot of women in this job,” she said with a wink. She was cute in a chubby way, puffy cheeks, overly made-up eyes, bright red hair, but definitely playful. And the button-down blue blouse was open enough to show ample cleavage.

I laughed. “Not tonight, I won’t”

“Well, you met me, does that tuzla escort count?”

“Of course, it’s about quality, not quantity.”

Her eyes sparkled and she said, “Well, I’m definitely good quality if you’re curious. Diane bragged about you all the time. I was so jealous!”

“About me?” I asked, “Why?”

“Oh, Harry, come on, don’t play humble. She said you were the best she ever had.”

“That’s very flattering but I’m sure she was exaggerating.” (Diane probably just wanted to make the other girls jealous, and it worked on Debi anyway.)

I tried to steer away from the topic of Diane, but Debi was my only customer at the bar with a few couples at the tables, and it was late so not much chance of many more people tonight.

“I wanna play some music, can I?” she asked, when it was down to just the two of us.

I said sure and she put money in the big, old juke box. “Come help me, Harry.”

I stood beside her scanning the songs on my side while she did the same on her side. After a moment, she reached across to my side, pointing to a song. “How about that one?” Her boob was pressed against my arm and she gave me a wicked smile. “Do you like that, Harry?”

“Yeah, sure.”

She leaned further, reading the number to press while she pressed harder on me. I didn’t move. I was enjoying playing innocent, and she made sure to move up and down my arm as if unaware of her actions.

She grabbed my hips and switched sides with me, now doing the same thing in reverse, reaching across in front of me. I still stood innocently.

We played pinball with me easily beating her. “Rematch,” she demanded and when I was on the flippers, she tried to distract me, poking me and tickling me while laughing.

She finally made me tilt.

“Two can play that game,” I said, and tickled her while she played, standing behind her with my crotch against her raised butt and reaching around to hit her fingers on the flippers. The tuzla escort bayan ball fell through.

“Unfair,” she yelled, spinning around so we were belly to belly. “If you’re going to do that, Harry, I’ll just a have to…” She didn’t say anything, but grabbed my crotch, smiling. “We’ll see how you like that!”

I liked it just fine and didn’t move. “That’s cheating,” I grunted.

“Yeah? You don’t like that?” I didn’t answer but my cock did. As it grew, her smile did, too. “Hmm, you do like it, huh?”

Without a word I grabbed her tits roughly and she giggled. “You’re a bad big, Harry. Diane was right.”

I was so horny now. I kissed her firmly, our tongues dancing. “I have to lock the door,” I groaned, moving away from her. I quickly locked it and switched off the outside lights.

When I looked back she was right there, grabbing my crotch again, cooing and stroking. I pushed her towards the back, into the kitchen where there were no windows and went for the buttons of her blouse as she laughed evilly. The bra opened easily and I pawed her tits, tweaking the nips as she squealed and laughed wickedly.

She had my cock out while I yanked down her pants and panties. Her bush was hairy and her scent maddening.

I lifted her onto the stainless steel table and spread her legs. She laughed about how cold her ass was, but her pussy was red hot. I wasn’t in the mood for foreplay so I pulled her to the edge and held my cockhead to her bush, dipping into her wetness, not that she needed more lubrication.

She squealed again as I thrust into her, my balls feeling the cold table. I slowly slid out to the tip, then in again. She was grunting like a dog in heat, and I was, too. Harder and faster we went, with her urging me on. “Fuck me, fuck me, baby.”

In what seemed an instant, I was ready. No subtleties here, just hard fucking. “Gonna cummmm!” I called and she pawed at me, screaming , “Yes, yes, yes!”

She escort tuzla slid off the table and to her knees where she proceeded to clean my cock, swallowing any cum that remained, then she slowly crept up my body, rubbing up against me.

“Ooh, Harry, that was good, huh? Did you like it, Baby? Yeah? You gonna give me more, Baby? Mommy wants more.”

We held each other, with her hands expertly stroking my meat and before long, I was semi-hard. She knelt again and her tongue had me fully erect in minutes. She squealed with delight as she spun around and held it to her bush, urging me into doggie-style.

I held her by the hips and slowly entered her, giving her a chance to adjust to the new position but she was impatient, forcing her butt back into me. “Come on, Harry, give it to me. I want it now!”

That was okay with me. This wasn’t love-making, it was straight out fucking.

I obeyed, putting my energy into slamming into her as she held onto the table for support.

“Yes, harder, faster,” she urged me, and I did just that, but since I’d just come, it took a while to get close. She didn’t mind, as long as it was fast and hard.

I didn’t tell her when I was ready this time, I just grunted and held myself as far in as I could reach, spurting my cum into her still-sloppy hole.

We paused, panting, until we caught our breath, and then she was another person, calm and controlled. “Hmmm, Diane was right, baby. You’re hot!”

I tried to kiss her, just out of habit, but she was through with me. She rapidly dressed, not bothering to wipe the cum from her hole or legs.

She shook her head, fluffing her hair, already ready to leave. “Sorry baby, I gotta go. Sorry to fuck and run but my old man will kill me if I ain’t home.”

Old Man? Father, husband or boyfriend? She never said. I dressed and led her to the door. She gave me a hot, passionate kiss. “Can I come back some time, Harry? I can’t promise, but I’ll try…” She was gone into the night. I’ll have to thank Diane, if I ever see her again.

So? She used me and I should feel badly, right? So what? I got off twice on a dull night. If that’s being used, then use me up!

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