A Family Christmas Party

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Evelyn, or Eve to her friends, was looking forward to going back home for Christmas. She missed her parents. Most of all she was looking forward to the Connell Family Christmas party, where she would see her cousin Marcus. She’d been gone from home for about a year now after getting accepted to a College on the east coast, some 1,500 miles away from home.

During the year away from home she’d had a few boyfriends here and there, but they all ended up breaking up with her because she didn’t have enough time for them with school and all. Even though she had promised herself that they wouldn’t have sex again, she kind of hoped that some how during the Christmas break she would be able to make love to her cousin Marcus again. He was the only man that she’d met that knew how to really make her feel satisfied; perhaps it was because they were so close.

Eve and Marcus had been born only a month apart, Marcus being the older. They had grown up together and had been like brother and sister for all of their young lives. Really, it was less like siblings and more like close best friends. Of course, in those days they saw each other more often than once a year because the Connell family was a close one, Momma and Pappa Connell having had ten children total. As a result of this close family unit, the Connell Children were always visiting their parents, so Eve and Marcus hardly went a week without seeing each other. Plus, their relationship was helped by the fact that they were both only children.

Eve and Marcus had remained close during their childhood, into their pre-teen and teenage years. Eve felt as if she could truly be herself around Marcus. There was no falseness between them; all mind games put away and all masks taken off. They were true and honest with each other.

As they grew older their closeness became somewhat of an attraction, which they tried to hide from each other. Their relationship was God’s cruel joke, because they would have made the perfect couple since they had no secrets and the other always knew if one was hiding something. God must have a sense of humor, since he brought them into this world as blood relations, unable to be together as they truly wanted. Once, Eve had thought about asking Marcus to take her virginity because she was ready to lose it and she knew that Marcus would be the only boy capable of being gentle with her. Unfortunately she’d never worked up the courage to ask him and Teddy Webber had the pleasure of taking her virginity after the winter dance her junior year. Teddy definitely hadn’t been gentle; he’d pushed in hard and fast. At the exact moment her hymen had actually popped, she’d let out a little scream. Teddy just laughed and just thrusted in faster, not ever pausing to allow her to get used to him. It was a moment best left forgotten.

When the cousins were kids Marcus was tall and skinny, best described as awkwardly geeky. Eve was something of the same because she had always been very skinny and as a child she had something of a boyish figure. Once puberty took over the cousins’ bodies, it was a kind of transformation which would rival the ugly duckling story. Marcus began to fill out and as a result of him joining the basketball team he began to build muscles. He had jet-black hair and brown eyes, traits that didn’t come from the Connell side of his family but rather from his Cuban mother. His transformation made him look something like a Greek god, or at least a Cuban one. Eve lost her boyish figure and began to form curves and her breasts began to fill the empty space on her chest. Along with her red hair and green eyes, her newfound figure made her look like a true Irish beauty/vixen. The progression in their features just increased their attraction for each other.

After Eve told her secret about losing her virginity, Marcus began to heavily flirt and tease with her. He would do things like sneak a hand up the leg of her shorts and try to get a finger into her panties before she slapped her legs closed. When he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra he’d walk up and grab both of her breasts and shake them, screaming “milk shake.” The times she was wearing a bra he’d grab a hold of it from behind as if to pop her strap only to let go and have the fastener in back undone. Most of Marcus’ flirts usually got him slapped and Eve didn’t ever return the flirts. There was one time when Marcus went a bit too far. He actually got a finger into her panties and into her moistness. Eve was stunned and she told him to remove his finger but he wouldn’t, so she put her hand between his legs and grabbed the hardening bulge there and began to squeeze, but this action caused Marcus more pleasure than the pain she was trying to inflict. So the two stayed there in a stand off, and Eve nearly had a heart attack when Marcus began to move his finger on her sweet spot. Luckily another relative had knocked at the door and both were afraid to be caught in this little game so each relented the stand off. During the rest of the time they were there, Marcus güvenilir bahis had to sit with a pillow in his lap.

Eve remembered last year during the holidays, just before she’d gone off to college. This was when the two cousins had finally given into their forbidden passions and secret desires.

They had been at the Connell family Christmas party. They had a good old time singing and dancing with the Karaoke machine, with all their older and younger cousins, and along with a few Aunts and Uncles joining the chaos. Santa arrived after the Karaoke machine was turned to Christmas songs, and right on cue Santa erupted through the door just as the kids began to sing “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”. The younger kids all got gifts from Santa, even Eve and Marcus got something too. ‘Santa’ (which was actually their Uncle Mitchell) said it was a college present; the present was calling cards for each of them with 1000 minutes. Everyone knew how close the two were, though not exactly how close, and the calling cards were mostly so they could talk to each other and also to call home, though Marcus’ call wouldn’t require a calling card, since it would a local call from the local University.

After Santa had left the older grandkids got to play a dirty Santa game, and this year it was particularly dirty since someone had snuck in a vibrator and pocket pussy into the pile of gifts. Those ended up being the most stolen gifts off all. Eve had her suspicions that it was Marcus, which had snuck the dirty gifts in the pile, but she couldn’t prove her theory.

Next the Connell family children and spouses exchanged gifts from their secret person, names that had been drawn out of hat on Thanksgiving. Then, as the night turned later, some of the alcohol consumed began to affect some of the family members and the party started to wind down.

The family members with young children started to get ready to go so they would have time to set up for Santa Clauses leavings for Christmas morning. Even though Marcus and Eve’s parents didn’t need to set up for Santa anymore, they too got ready to go. Marcus and Eve weren’t ready to leave each other, since they knew it would be the last time they’d see each other before Eve left for college. The Connell family New Years party had stopped years ago after Uncle Barry missed the stairs and took a drunken fall off Mamma and Pappa Connell’s front porch and broke his arm. The two cousins decided that the holiday celebrations weren’t over for tonight.

Marcus turned to Eve.

“Hey, a couple of friends of mine are throwing a party tonight. I was thinking about going, you wanna go with?” asked Marcus.

“I suppose. Why not, I have nothing better to do, than just stare at mom and dad all night or attempt to begin packing for school, which is something I’m putting off to the last possible minute.” said Eve.

“Well, then let’s go!” Exclaimed Marcus.

Eve told her parents of her plans and knowing that Marcus would look after his cousin they gave their blessing. The two decided to take Marcus’ car and come back for Eve’s later.

Before heading off on their little trip Eve had stopped to get something out of her car, which was a bag of extra clothing. Marcus had wanted to know what she needed.

“Well, I can’t very well go to a party looking like Miss Mary prim and proper. So I decided to get out my slut clothes, kept in my car for just a reason like this one.” said Eve.

“On yeah, so where are you going to change? At the party?” asked Marcus.

“Nope, I think your backseat would do the trick,” said Eve.

She hopped in the backseat and as Marcus drove he had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road, because he really wanted to watch the rearview mirror and the action in the backseat. Eve had decided to put on a halter-top along with a mini shirt, both colored passion purple. She had to strip out of her nice blouse and slacks. As she took off her blouse Marcus could hardly watch the road and especially when she took off her bra.

“Damn, I’ve never gotten to see your tits before.” Exclaimed Marcus.

“Well, we did play that game of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours when we were kids.” said Eve.

“Yeah, but that was when we were eight and we showed off our crotches, and you didn’t have knockers like those back then, otherwise I would have asked to see those babies.”

“What? You wanna play with them?” said Eve, holding them up pointed toward the rear view mirror.

“Hell yeah, just let me pull over.”

“Oh fuck off, you are my cousin. That’s a no, no zone.”

“Oh what is so no, no about it? Okay granted we ain’t supposed to have sex cause we could get pregnant and the baby would come out with two heads and three arms. So we use protection, so the all harm is avoided. No harm no foul.”

“It’s just wrong, that’s all.”

“Oh come on, your gonna hide behind that. Please, we ain’t getting married, just do it once for the fun of it. You know, the two of us together türkçe bahis would be something of memories. Come on, it would be like a farewell present before you go off to college.”

By this point in the conversation, Eve had finished getting dressed, all to the wide eyes of Marcus in the rear view mirror. He especially liked the view when she turned around to take off her slacks and then pulled up her skirt. She had a shapely ass with a thong caught in between two butt cheeks. After getting dressed, she made her way to the front seat.

“Oh Marcus, quit fooling around.” said Eve.

“I’m being completely serious. I want you Eve, I’ve wanted you forever,” said Marcus, as he placed a hand on her thigh.

Eve let the hand stay there for a moment as she caught his eye seeing that he was telling the truth. Then Marcus began to push his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. She immediately pushed his hand away. They road in silence the rest of the way to the party.

Once they arrived at the party, Eve broke the silence by commenting on the enormity of the friend’s house; it was big enough to be considered a small mansion. Soon they were talking and goofing around as usual, the last conversation put away and attempted at being forgotten, at least by one.

They got out of the car and walked up to the house. The door was left open so there was no need to knock. There was music pouring out of the house, but it was all dance tunes, as if Christmas had been forgotten at this party.

The scene looked typical of any teenage party. The living room was alive with a bunch of writhing dancing bodies doing their best to fuck with clothes on and to the beat of the music. All along the hallway and up the staircase were couples locked in a romantic embrace that was just steps away from stripping down and having at it right there and then.

Eve and Marcus made their way through all the people until they reached the back room, in which Marcus’ friends had set up shop so to speak. Marcus’ friends were all chillin’ in the back room, talking to whoever came by. Eve had a thought that they might be dealing drugs from back there, and from the look from all the couples she figured it might be ecstasy, but it was all hidden from the casual viewer.

When Eve and Marcus walked into that backroom, the friends too took one look at Eve and their eyes got wide, then Marcus took her faux fur coat off to put it in the master bedroom and their mouths fell open. Eve couldn’t help but stand straighter when she saw the reaction of the friends; it always felt good to make a guy speechless by just walking into a room.

Marcus began to introduce his friends, all equally geeky looking. The first, a gangly redhead with freckles to match, was named Brett. The next was this muscle bound guy that was only about five feet five inches tall, with a blonde pompadour hair-do and big bright blue eyes that always looked as if they were undressing you, and he went by the name of Greger, though called Greg by his friends. The third friend was obviously Native American, with straight long dark brown hair and matching eyes. He had scars on his face as if he’d had a bad battle with pimples and lost the battle. His name was Ahanu. The last friend had dark curly brown hair and green eyes, with a pair of thick coke bottle glasses, who talked very nasal as if he had a constant runny nose; his name was Vinny, short for Vincent. Of course, it was Marcus who made this oddball group complete and probably the only reason that the rest of them ever got laid.

Once Eve had talked to each of the friends it became clear that each played a certain role with in the group. Brett was the brains of the group, probably the one that came up with idea of this party with the sole purpose of getting laid before new years. Greg was the horndog who would be the one to go to if you needed someone to fuck the ‘ugly friend’. Also, he was obviously the muscle. If he couldn’t get you out of a jam with his fists, he’d probably get you into more trouble with his mouth. Then there was Ahanu, the funny man within the group, guaranteed to make you laugh or die trying. Then there was Vinny. He was the worrywart, the one that developed an ulcer any time the group was up to something no good. Last but not least was Marcus. He was the group’s voice of logic and reason, unbelievable, as it might seem.

Apparently the house belonged to Vinny’s parents, who were away for the holidays up in the Hamptons and had neglected to take their son along. Vinny was understandably a mess with worry about the party and the afterward clean up.

Eve, feeling a bit bewildered by her cousin’s friends, made an excuse of finding something to drink to get away for a moment. As she left, the friends gathered around Marcus, causing Eve to wonder what he was going to tell them. She hoped that he wouldn’t tell them that she was his cousin, because upon finding out that she was fresh meat the friends would all over her in a second, regardless of the fact she güvenilir bahis siteleri was their friend’s cousin.

“So who is that, Marcus?” asked Brett. “You should have told us you knew a fine girl like that.”

“Wait a minute. Her name is Eve, isn’t that the same name of the cousin you keep talking about?” asked Vinny.

“Oh yeah, the feisty cousin. Come on, is it her, cause if you can’t get with her, I’ll be glad to do the honors and tell ya about it afterwards!” Exclaimed Greg.

“Damn, Marcus you’re a cousin fucker! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Hell if I had a cousin that looked like that I’d fuck her too. So, have you stooped her yet? Play hide and seek with the salami? Played the old incest recess?” asked Ahanu.

Marcus felt as if he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. His friends could be a tad compulsive at times and it could really drag on a person’s nerves.

“Look, there can be two people with the same name. You know.” said Marcus without really answering whether or not she was his cousin.

“Yeah, but two fine looking women with the same name. Sounds a bit doubtful,” said Brett.

“Huh, yeah Marcus, where are you getting these gals, the fine looking Eve factory? And can I get the address, I want to order me up an Eve too.” said Ahanu.

“Oh, fuck off all of you guys, you all just can’t stand the fact that I’m with a damn fine chick for once and you all are dateless wonders as usual.” said Marcus loudly.

“Go fuck yourself”

“Bite my big wanker buddy”

“Not dateless, just wanting too keep myself open for all the pussy I’m getting tonight.”

“Oh, we all know you just brainwashed her, that’s the only reason she’d be with the fucked up likes of you!”

“Why am I spending any time with you dorks. I have a hot date that I’m neglecting,” said Marcus to their barrage of replies. With that last statement Marcus walked in the direction Eve had gone.

“Hey, if you do fuck her tonight, you better record the action. We could make some good money off a tape like that. I heard the redheads are fiery in the sack, so if you can’t complete the job you know who to call” Yelled Greg from the backroom, loud enough that some of the partygoers turned to look.

Marcus was embarrassed to find Eve close enough that she’d probably heard Greg’s battle cry.

“What was that about?” asked Eve.

“A bunch of dorks drooling over a gorgeous woman.” said Marcus, causing Eve to blush. “Come on, I’m in the mood to get wasted and dance like a moron. Will, you accompany me in this endeavor?” said Marcus.

“Wasted and dancing like morons, humm sounds like my kind of fun.” Giggled Eve.

After fully meeting the group of friends, Eve had to correct her first impression of them. There was no way they could be selling drugs back there, because all four of them put together wouldn’t have the courage for such an endeavor. Besides, the minute they’d open business probably Vinny would have called the cops to turn them in, friends or no friends.

Marcus and Eve picked themselves out a drink and then made their way through the mass of writhing bodies in the living room. They were able to find a seat on the couch that was void of people, that is until a couple sat down and pushed Marcus and Eve nearly on top of each other.

They quickly got off the couch before the action between the couple became too intense. The cousins stood in a far corner of the living room, just standing very still. A drunken woman came up to them, and, judging by the way she was swaying, she could have been trying to disconcert if there was two or four people standing there.

“Hey, man! Whatcha yous guys doing standing there. You’re at a party, yous gotta dance or yous gotta get jiggy wit it. Yous looks like a couple of dorks standing all still.”

After that the drunken woman suddenly turned pale and rushed off into the crowd, probably looking for a toilet to deposit the contents of her alcohol-poisoned stomach.

“Yeah, who looks stupid now, you freaking lush.” yelled Marcus.

With that Eve put down her drink and took Marcus by the hand and led him into the crowd of people.

“Where are you taking me?” asked Marcus yelling over the music and crowd.

“When in Rome dear cousin.” said Eve.

They made their way to the middle of the dance floor/living room and somehow Eve was able to push people aside so they could dance without being bumped into. Suddenly Eve began this interesting gyration to the beat of the music and Marcus just stood there watching her body move. In all these years that they had grown up together Marcus had never known that Eve could dance, much less dance as provocatively as she was doing at the moment. Of course, there really hadn’t been much need for her to dance during their childhood and at most occasions such as weddings they would only do a slight box step, which even someone as uncoordinated as Marcus could handle without stepping on toes.

Marcus’ lust for his cousin increased as he watched her move, with her eyes closed and ass wiggling to the music. Her dance was almost like a strip tease, but without the removal of the clothes, though Marcus’ imagination quickly added that last step.

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