A Family’s Descent

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Stephanie Adams was shaking. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed or that neither of them noticed her. For that, she was grateful. There was no way she could have dealt with that kind of confrontation.

Coming home from visiting her mother for the weekend, Stephanie was particularly horny. As she pulled into the driveway a couple of hours earlier than planned, she was struck with the idea of enhancing the surprise by sneaking into the house and jumping her husband.

She did everything quietly. She left her bags in the car and tip-toed to the front door. She removed her shoes at the door and controlled her keys so even they didn’t jingle. Everything was done with care and stealth. There didn’t seem to be any activity on the main floor so she softly crept up the stairs and stopped dead.

She wondered at the moaning she heard. Doubling down on her stealth, she fully expected to find Derek watching porn in their bedroom. In anticipation of catching him and taking advantage of the situation, she dropped her skirt and opened her blouse. Creeping around the corner into the door, the first thing she noticed was that the TV wasn’t on. Her mind subconsciously raced to ideas like laptop computer on the bed as she continued to make the turn around the door frame. She was prepared to be as quiet as possible but what she saw tested that resolve.

Her husband’s figure was unmistakable, even from behind. He was naked at the edge of the bed, thrusting madly while grasping the slim ankles of some cheap fucking slut!

“The bastard! In our own bed!” she fumed, while maintaining what little she could of the composure she had mustered. Wasn’t Cassie home? How could he do this with their daughter in the house? Then, the how was revealed.

“Ooooohhh, that’s so good, daddy!” came the cry from the barely seen slut.

That was no slut. It was their daughter.

Stephanie struggled in horror, not knowing what to do. She turned back from the doorway, picking up her skirt and again tip-toed back down the stairs. She quickly got re-dressed and snuck out the door and into her car.

And that is where she sat for what felt like an eternity. Finally, she decided to leave and go for coffee – “fuck that, I’m getting a drink!” – to figure out what to do.

Sitting at the bar at a local hotel, she raced through the possibilities. Revenge, confrontation, and acquiescence all made an appearance. She finally settled on counsel; she would seek out advice. The implications were huge, if not shattering, and she didn’t want to do anything rash.

She arrived home again, at the expected time, this time making a commotion as she entered the door. Cassie came out of her bedroom to greet her mom from the top of the stairs as Derek rounded the corner from the kitchen. He greeted her with a warm hug and a kiss, which she returned tentatively. She didn’t want to play her hand yet. Damn, she didn’t even precisely know what her hand was.

Over the next couple of days, she struggled with her next steps. Counsel sounded great in concept but who could she talk to? How would she frame it? At this point, even though she was devastated, she wasn’t interested in destroying anything or anyone. Talking about a “friend” was too risky; people always saw through that. God, this was driving her nuts!

Derek and Cassie noticed her turmoil and they both lovingly tried to help her. Derek sat her down with a glass of wine, but she evaded the truth, mumbling about a work issue. After sending her dad away, Cassie snuggled up to her one evening, trying to talk her mom through it. Stephanie was still evasive but appreciated the concern.

Steph was suddenly taken aback at the solace she gained from Cassie’s gentle but sensual presence. It was a massive paradox for her. The girl/woman who was fucking her husband – that was certainly no rape – was also the source of her comfort. She held her daughter just a little more tightly, relishing the embrace and caresses.

“What do you think is going on with her?” Derek asked Cassie one day when Stephanie was late getting home from work.

“All she says is that it is something at work,” Cassie replied.

“Same here,” Derek agreed.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“You’re still, ummm, satisfying mom, aren’t you?”


“Daddy, it’s important.”

Derek recovered from his initial shock at Cassie’s bluntness. “Yes, I know. I have been but not since the weekend. She’s been turning me away,” he continued.

“Do you think she suspects anything?” Cassie pointed to the elephant in the room.

“I would think she’d have gone ballistic if she did.”

“I don’t think so either.” Cassie continued, “When I’ve talked to her, she has been evasive but not mad at me.”

“That’s good. Let’s give her a bit more time and maybe she’ll open up. In the meantime, let’s you and I hold back just a little. Okay, pumpkin?”

“Daddy,” Cassie pressed in close to her father. “I am worried about mom, but that doesn’t change the fact that I miss you too.” She gently rubbed her breasts against güvenilir bahis his chest as her hand moved to his ass.

Then she mock-pouted, “I guess so. But you better be prepared for me when the time comes. My hand is getting sore!”

Derek squeezed his daughter then the two of them set about making dinner.

As Stephanie drove home, she continued to think about her evolving plan for confrontation. She was coming down from the initial shock, partly spurred by the soothing of Cassie’s presence with her. It was so bizarre that she could not be angry with the “other woman”. She toyed with the idea of dealing with the situation through her daughter. That might work, maybe force a confession. But then what? And damn, she was angry with herself that she wasn’t as angry as she should be. It seemed that the front she was putting on to avoid the betrayal was giving way to a facade of continuing to be melancholy.

Dinner that night was quite good. Her husband and daughter had prepared a nice meal and both were genuinely concerned for her, trying to draw her out and give her some joy.

Stephanie laughed at a couple of stories Cassie told about college. She beamed with pride when her daughter described her professor’s kudos on an essay she wrote, plainly taking her husband’s hand on top of the table.

As the three of them cleaned up, Stephanie declared that she wanted Derek to find something to do so she and Cassie could have some girl time. Based on the quality of their meal time, Derek was more than happy to comply and decided to go to his workshop to fiddle with some projects he had been putting off.

“Cassie, be a dear and get us some wine, please,” Steph asked.

Cassie too, was happy to oblige and the two of them went to the family room, conveniently at the opposite end of the house from the man cave. They sat on the sofa together, Stephanie still not sure what to do or how to do it.

She opted for continuing her own lie. “I know I’ve been out of the scene for awhile. There’s a situation at work. It’s legal and I am not supposed to talk about it. I don’t know if the company will survive it. But you both have been very sweet to me and have made it a bit easier. Especially you, Cassie.”

Her daughter was perplexed. “What have I done?”

“I don’t know exactly, but you have made me feel a lot better.”

Cassie was inwardly pleased and she cuddled in close to her mom. Her breasts pressed against the side of Stephanie’s torso and her calf brushed her mom’s nylon covered legs. What was it with her that she always wore that stuff?

Stephanie was shocked at her awareness of her daughter’s body against hers. She felt herself slump ever so slightly against the pressure of Cassie’s supple form, even as her mind raced with all the thoughts of confrontation.

Cassie sensed her mom’s relaxation and embraced more closely, thinking that her touch and caress was soothing to her mother.

Stephanie’s turmoil was overridden by the surprise pleasure. It was true that she missed her husband over the last week; rarely did they go more than two days without some sort of romp. But this! Was this how her husband was deceived or seduced or…? She slid more deeply into the comfort and wickedness of her thoughts as the two of them just held each other.

Shaking off the delirium, Stephanie was struck with a totally new plan. If it worked as she hoped, it would be vengeance, renewal and wicked satisfaction all at once.


Both Cassie and Derek were amazed at the turnaround of their mother and wife in the last few days. They all seemed in such harmony in everything they did. Derek and Stephanie were fucking like young lovers, though Cassie and her dad still avoided their own entanglements. Really, they had no opportunity because they were all together when they were home.

Stephanie had resolved to not allow her family to continue to betray her and kept close to the nest, enjoying both her husband and daughter.

Cassie was happy that everything was going so smoothly, but she was getting very horny. She was a little extra playful with her dad when mom wasn’t in the room, but kept it cool.

Derek was missing his daughter but pouring all his love on his wife. He knew Cassie understood.

On a Saturday morning, almost two weeks after “the event”, the three of them were grazing breakfast in the kitchen together.

“Cassie? Do you have any plans for tonight?” Stephanie asked.

“I was just going to go watch a movie at Chelsea’s,” Cassie replied as she munched toast.

“Would it be too much to ask you to stay in with me? I really enjoy our time together,” Stephanie tried to put just the right amount of plea into her request without sounding needy.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll call Chelsea and cancel.”

“Derek, honey,” Stephanie now addressed her husband. “Would you be a dear tonight and find something to do? I really want alone time with our daughter.”

“Umm, okay. Steve has been wanting to get together for beers. I’ll call him up.”

“I heard Chelsea is going to be free,” Stephanie türkçe bahis deliberately teased. “Oh, was that my outside voice? Shame on me. She’s as young as your daughter!” Stephanie was pleased with herself for grasping that opportunity to plant a seed and doubt.

Derek nervously laughed at his wife. “I think I’ll stick with Steve.”

The three of them got to household chores. While Cassie was in the backyard, Stephanie stopped Derek in the hall.

“You know, lover. I don’t want to interrupt you male bonding time tonight, but I’m in some serious need of bonding myself,” she purred as she pressed Derek against the wall, stroking his cock to rock hard. “I want you to make me scream. Can you come home early, maybe 10:00?”

“But what about Cassie? She’s canceled her plans and will be home.”

“I’ll talk to her. I am sure she can still do a movie and sleepover at Chelsea’s.”

Derek cupped her ass cheek and closed the gap between them. “If you can arrange that, I am sure I can do my part.” He then met her open mouth and their tongues tangled with both of them grinding for pleasure.

“Can I ask? Don’t drink beer, do tequila. It smells a little better,” Stephanie winked at him.

Since his girls decided to make a stay-at-home dinner date, Derek planned with Steve to get together for pub grub at a sports bar to watch the hockey game. Steve was picking him up at 5:30.

Cassie and her mother decided on a menu but that was all that Stephanie revealed about the evening. At 4:45, Stephanie went to the master bedroom and showered, did her makeup and put on a tight cocktail dress over her lingerie. Looking at herself with satisfaction in the mirror, she slid her feet into black patent pumps and walked downstairs. She wanted to make sure that Derek was back when he was supposed to be and this was the enticement he would need.

Derek’s jaw dropped when he saw his sexy, voluptuous wife make her entrance. “Wow, Cassie. I don’t know what mojo you have to get her dolled up like this, but you’re going to have to give me lessons.” He didn’t talk about Cassie’s plans to go to her friend’s; he felt like that would rub salt in her wounds of missing her daddy.

“Oh, looks like Steve is here,” Stephanie chimed. “Go. Leave us girls.”

Derek gave his daughter hug and peck on the cheek before taking his wife in lewd embrace.

Cassie smiled at her parents with a bittersweet longing. Why couldn’t that be her?


As dinner progressed at the Adams’ house, both women were pleased with how much they were getting on together. There was talk of work, school, their family, and boys. Stephanie deliberately sat at the head of the table and placed Cassie beside her on the adjacent side.

Mother encouraged her daughter’s involvement with a touch on the hand, arm, or hair. Cassie responded with bright-eyed openness.

“So, tell me about your sex life,” Stephanie dramatically changed the subject.

Cassie blushed with the hidden knowledge of just what her sex life involved and with a sudden pang of longing at what she had been missing.

“Well, umm, I haven’t really been into many boys lately. You’ve seen; I’m always home.”

“Baby,” Stephanie purred. “You really should be experiencing the world right now.”

“But mom, I have a lot to be grateful for right here. You and dad are very important to me. Besides, I don’t seem to attract the right kind of man,” Cassie white-lied. There were plenty of opportunities she could take if she desired.

“Darling, can I make a personal observation?” Stephanie sought to direct the conversation and evening.

“Maybe,” Cassie hesitated.

“You dress so, I don’t know, casual. How you appear reflects something inside you and a good man will notice that. It isn’t just up to him to see who you are, you need to show it sometimes. And you’re a beautiful girl. I know for a fact that your father was taken with how I presented myself and that gave him the inspiration and courage to approach me.

“Would you like a man like your father?” Stephanie high-fived herself again with her ability to play the game.

Cassie blushed fully, which was fully noticed by her mother. “Mom! That’s dad! Eewww!” she attempted to hide the direction of her affection.

Stephanie smiled sweetly, with a wicked intent. She was cornering her daughter.

Cassie sought to take the attention off of herself. “But mom, what you wear seems so elaborate. This is the ‘current year’; why be a slave to that old-fashioned stuff?”

“For me, it kind of evens out the power dynamic. I signal to him that I want him, and that represents an ongoing marker. As it plays out, he’s maybe puffed up a bit and empowered by his hot woman and it raises his passion to a whole new level. On one hand, I am submitting to his desires. On the other, I am coercing them. And when he wants me like that, he fucks me like a monster!” Stephanie giggled at the thought.

“Mom!” Cassie protested weakly. She thought back to the first time she herself experienced “the monster” and squirmed just a bit more. güvenilir bahis siteleri She was opening to her mom’s guidance, if only because of the arousal it was bringing. But she couldn’t very well tell her that her experience with the monster was the very same one that her mother enjoyed.

“That’s why I regularly dress like this,” Stephanie continued as she dragged her fingertips over her nylon clad leg, pulling her skirt up over the black top of her two-tone stockings revealing a garter strap. “As far as I am concerned, this is battle gear! I keep him enthralled; he keeps me enthralled.”

“That seems like a lot of work, mom,” Cassie played just a little coy. She knew full well the impact this had on her daddy. She saw how he looked at his wife. She noticed that tasks around the house weren’t left undone. She was struck by the strength he exuded, unlike some off her friends’ dads. It was barely two months ago that she had done her own coercing and submitting to the man who trumped them all. In a way though, getting “dressed for battle” seemed redundant.

“Cassie, I asked if you’d like to try it out,” Stephanie repeated to her momentarily far-away daughter.

“Oh, sorry mom. I was just thinking. What was that?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to try some things on, see what you think. I am sure I have some things that will work for you.”

Cassie was more slender than her mother which was mostly just a product of age and life experience. Stephanie had developed slightly thicker thighs, lending to shapely legs. Cassie’s mom definitely knew how to work her broader hips and had perfected a sway that emphasized her round ass, especially in one of those tight skirts she liked to wear. She accentuated her lovely, very fuckable breasts with low cut tops, at least around the house. When she turned her head over her shoulder to deliver a smoldering glance at her husband, her face framed by her long sleek auburn hair, it was no wonder she got what she wanted from Derek.

In contrast, Cassie retained the tightness of youth. The length of her legs was pronounced by slim calves and thighs. Genetics blessed her with the same high, round butt, however life had not yet blessed her with the voluptuous hips Stephanie shamelessly enjoyed. That feature was more than made up for by the taper she had from her own formidable tits to her waist. She had still not developed her sultry side, but she had perfected a kitten-like pleading and provocation with a flutter of her big eyes.

“Oh sure, why not,” Cassie acquiesced, deciding to play along. Maybe she could learn some new ways to coerce her daddy.

Stephanie took Cassie by the hand and the two women made their way up to the master bedroom.

“Actually, let’s see what we can craft here. Go to your bedroom and grab a couple pairs of your sexiest shoes and whatever lingerie you want to bring,” Stephanie directed her daughter.

Cassie bounced out of the bedroom to her own and Stephanie went to her walk-in closet to retrieve some of the items she had purchased for just this purpose. She had removed packaging and labels and tried to rumple and stretch to make them look not quite new. She quickly shed her dress, revealing a black lace-cupped bra to complement her garter belt, stockings and heels.

Waiting only a moment, she heard Cassie’s door close and she struck a pose against the corner of their four poster bed. Standing back not much more than a foot, she leaned at the waist into the post with one leg fully extended and the other bent at the knee and threw her patented smoldering visage toward the door.

“MOM, I’m not dad!” Cassie laughed as she entered the room. Despite the surprise, she admitted to herself that her mom was very sexy.

“Good, so you know what I was trying to accomplish,” Stephanie replied as she moved toward her daughter. “Put that stuff on the bed.”

Taking Cassie by the hand, she led her to the walk-in closet. “Let’s see what we have here. What would you pick?”

“Color matters, I guess and the sexiest panties I have are a purple lace thong. The bra matches too.”

Stephanie salivated at the color coordination they would present together. This would be good.

“And what shoes?” Stephanie prodded.

“Either these black, high-heeled sandals or I do have these purple pumps.”

Stephanie liked the idea of her daughter’s nylon covered toes peeking out but thought better of it. “Let’s go with the purple.”

She showed her daughter how to pull stockings on without causing runs. The intricacies of attaching garter straps was frustrating for Cassie, but the look was coming together.

“I like to wear my panties over top of the garters. It leaves more options, shall we say,” Stephanie’s voice dripped with sensuality and innuendo.

After fully dressing, Stephanie took her daughter to the full length mirror to have a look at what they created. Cassie was surprised at how the lingerie changed her look. She certainly looked more mature, despite retaining her youthful charm. The stockings and heels made her legs look longer and smoothed out the finish of her skin. Her butt stood just a bit taller and as she turned, looking over her shoulder, the flare of fabric that was her thong rising from her ass crack, gave her a new appreciation for this old-school femininity.

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