A first time for Everything Pt. 03

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It would be fair to say that during this entire experience, I had not entertained any second thoughts. And yet, it would be less than honest if I did not report that there had been a few instances during the shower when my body flinched when my new friend touched me unexpectedly. I passed this off as only natural for a guy my age who had grown up in a society and a time where it was perfectly acceptable for women to interact with one another through touch, sometimes walking arm in arm, often hugging, but anything more than a brief handshake between men was suspect.

Pushing that thought to the back of my mind, I stepped into the panties and pulled them up, delighting in the feel of the sexy material as well as in the comfort of knowing that, at least in this house, it was perfectly acceptable. It seemed as though the panties were actually caressing my balls, holding them snug. I looked at my friend and clearly saw that he approved.

The whistle on the kettle began to sing, and I followed him out of the bathroom. He was still completely naked. I sat at the table and watched him prepare our tea. Before sitting down, he walked over to his chest of drawers and opened the top drawer from which he selected a sexy black thong. He was facing away from me as he stepped into it, drawing it up to his waist. I was particularly observant as the thin strap disappeared between the cheeks of his ass.

When he turned around, it was apparent that he had begun to feel aroused. His hardening cock more than filled the dainty pouch provided by the thong. The tip was already peeking out. I told him that I gathered that the thong felt especially good. He agreed in response.

We sat in our panties, enjoying the tea and taking great care not to spill any in our laps! He told me that he usually shops for lingerie on line as he was particularly discreet about this aspect of his life. But, when he was off the Cape, he would occasionally visit a lingerie boutique and browse before selecting an item or two.

I finished the last sip of me tea and then pointed out that I had seen everything that there was to see on the first floor of his house, but had yet to bedava bahis see the loft. Of course, I was communicating much more than the simple fact that I would like the tour to resume. I was telling him that I wanted to see where he slept, that I wanted to lay on his bed and feel his warm sheets and, even more than that, I wanted to feel his body close to mine again. He carried our cups to the sink and then asked me to follow him.

Stepping on the first rung of the ladder to the loft, he turned to caution me to be careful. I followed closely, very closely, so closely that we touched cheeks – the cheek of his ass against my face. He did not flinch. In fact, he paused, just long enough to savor the feeling briefly before climbing the last few steps. The loft was small. There was little room for much beyond the mattress that was on the floor. There was a book shelf at the head of the bed and a few built in drawers, but it was clear that the activity in this space centered on the bed.

I took the liberty of crawling to the top of the mattress and then lying down on my back, my head on his pillow. He crawled up next to me his body partly on top of mine, his thigh between my legs, gently pressing against my growing cock. And then he asked me if this is what I was expecting. I told him that it may sound like I was splitting hairs, but that I was not so much expecting as I was hoping. He then began to caress my chest, softly, not missing a single square inch. It was as if he were mapping my body with his hand. His hand made steady progress down my stomach, my abdomen, and then it connected with the tip of my cock which, by this point, was straining to be released by the sexy panties that I was wearing.

“I think these panties have served their purpose, ” he said as he began tugging at the waistband.

I agreed , and I lifted my hips to enable him to pull them down. As he did so, he scooted down and slid between my legs, resting against my thigh, his face just inches from my cock. He pointed out that I was already dripping pre cum and then he licked the tip. He then crawled up and knelt over me, sticking his tongue out. bedava bonus I could see the pre cum on the tip. He grazed his tongue against my lips, sharing the taste, and then asked if I liked it. I told him that I had never experienced anything so erotic before.

He returned to his position between my legs. I felt comfortable and yet, completely vulnerable. Here I was on a soft, warm bed, naked, with a guy fondling my cock and preparing to take it in his mouth. Up to this point, I had completely trusted my instincts , and, as far as my instincts were concerned, there was no reason not to proceed.

“Are you going to suck on my cock,” I asked?

He simply nodded, and then he slipped it into his mouth. He was not in a hurry. There was no great urgency, no race to the finish. Instead, it turned out to be a long, slow, delightful blow job. He truly appeared to be enjoying it as much as I did. I watched him hold and lick my cock as though it were an ice cream cone. The difference, of course, being that there would be no cream until the very end. I felt his tongue putting pressure against the underside of my shaft, running the entire length.

I felt the urge to talk to him, to be very explicit. I asked him if he wanted to taste my cum. He nodded that he did. I asked him if he liked my cock, and again, he nodded, affirming my belief that he was deriving sexual pleasure from the act of giving me pleasure. I asked him if he was horny. He smiled with my cock filling his mouth. I told him that I was about to cum and that it would be perfectly all right if he did not want to feel it in his mouth. He sucked harder. The look on his face grew earnest as he gave me his complete attention.

I put my hands on his head, not to take control, but simply to touch him. I wanted to touch the friend who was so intently engrossed in pleasuring me. At the same time, I lifted my hips. For the second time that day, the cum boiled in my balls and then streamed forward, through my cock and into his mouth. My body jerked with spasms, but he steadfastly kept his mouth on my cock, swallowing, but savoring, the taste.

I collapsed, totally deneme bonusu spent, after shocks still coursing through my body. I was only semi aware of my surroundings and only vaguely understood that my friend had crawled back up, his arm across my chest and his head on my shoulder. As I drifted back to reality, I put my arm around him. I wanted to express my appreciation in a far more personal way than simply thanking him.

I reached down to touch his cock, wondering what he might enjoy in return. He then told me that he was expected at a clients home where he was giving piano lessons. He explained that he was a musician and that he gave lessons on the side. I was more than disappointed when I realized that the afternoon was coming to an end way sooner than I had imagined. Somehow, I simply thought that we would continue, with no particular end in sight. But reality shattered the moment.

My friend reached to the bottom of the bed and retrieved the panties that he had taken from me. He told me that he wanted me to wear them home, to sleep in them, and to wear them the next day with an invitation to return for dinner. My answer was to reach for them and pull them on, distracted momentarily by the damp spot in the front, but then looking into his eyes and asking what time he had in mind. We agreed that 4 pm would suit both of our schedules.

We climbed down from the loft and I pulled my cycling shorts over my panties. It took only a minute to pull the rest of my clothes on. I thanked my friend for a wonderful experience and tried to express how I was feeling inside. The thought of leaving and going home to an empty house was causing me to experience a level of sorrow that had not visited me for many years. It was an emotion that played out as a feeling of emptiness. It struck me that in a very short time frame, we had sowed the seeds for a significant emotional bond. I paused at the door, my hand on the knob and then watched as he took two steps toward me and put his arm around me. It was not a sexual gesture. Sure , he was still dressed in his thong, and I felt his naked skin as I returned the hug, but it was different. It was a gesture of reassurance. He was communicating that he felt the same way, that already he was looking forward to dinner the following day with great anticipation. As I turned to close the door behind me, he said “Enjoy the panties. They look so good on you!” And then he smiled.

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