A Four-Way for Panty Husband

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2013 was an unusual year for Jessie and me. Jessie allowed me to wear her panties and that flamed both of our sexual desires beyond anything before. That caused Jessie to encourage me to wear her panties. She got so into it that she asked me to wear lace top stockings and a garter belt under my pants.

She used a strapon on me for the first time and asked me to fuck her in the ass. We had a female-male-female (FMF) threesome and I gave Jessie a male-female-male gift of a threesome. Not a bad year for an older conservative couple a year ago. Amazing things happen when you focus on your partner’s sexual satisfaction before your own and openly communicate about your sexual interests.

When Zoey called to ask me to fulfill a fantasy by joining her and her husband in a threesome, I said I would ask Jessie. I told Jessie I was happy to accommodate her friend, but Zoey was not sexually attractive to me. She was nowhere near Jessie. She was a little over weight. Her threesome with Jessie and me led me to believe Zoey lacked Jessie’s skills as a lover.

Jessie said, “What can it hurt? It’s still pussy and lots of it with a friend. I think we owe her the use of your cock for the weekend, but not the use of your heart.”

Jessie and I agreed. Jessie went with me and planned to visit family and friends while I serviced Zoey.

MFM threesomes are all about giving the lady involved as much cock as possible in as many ways as possible. I knew my job for sure. My apprehension was Zoey’s husband Harold was older and out of shape. He was not likely to be hard all night and definitely was not going to have more than one hard on a night. In fact, he may struggle to get hard on the second night unless he used Viagra. I asked Jessie to call Zoey before I flew to Ohio and suggest to Zoey that Harold use Viagra both nights. She went to the pharmacy for a refill of the prescription.

When we arrived in Ohio on a Friday we rented a car. Jessie drove me to Zoey’s house. We both went to say hi. Jessie and I knocked on the door. Harold and Zoey answered the door together. Zoey was in panties, matching bra, garter belt and lace top stockings. Harold was in panties that matched Zoey. Zoey handed me my own pair of matching panties and said, “Get changed into these. We’ve already started and can’t wait for you to join us.”

Harold was obviously hard in his panties. I said, “It definitely looks like Harold enjoys his panties and he looks nice and hard. Jessie talked with Harold and Zoey about the two days of sex to come. I went to the guest room, dropped off my luggage and slipped into the panties. As I walked back to join everyone Jessie suggested that Zoey be sure that she gets fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. Zoey said, “OK, but I’ve never been fucked in the ass at all before.”

I told Zoey, “Relax and enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Jessie and I do it all the time. She fucks my ass and I fuck hers, sometimes both on the same night. I’ll be very gentle on you to get you ready. After I’m done you will be begging for a cock in your ass.”

I had some adult toys in my hand. I added, “I brought this butt plug. It will help you ease into taking a cock in your ass. I also brought Jessie’s strapon and my cock extender. I have plenty of our favorite lube, nipple lotion and massage oil.”

The cock extender has a natural skin feel. It has three inches of realistic stiff cock with stretchy flesh that rolls up over your cock and slightly on your balls. Jessie loves it when I run warm water over it before I put I on to get it nice and warm like my own cock. I said, “Since this is your weekend Zoey. I plan to turn my cock into a porno cock for you. Before the weekend is over this cock extender is going to make you feel like I’m giving you nine inches of cock and the way if fits I will be even thicker. You are going to enjoy my monster cock stretching your pussy.”

Jessie said, “I’m jealous. You guys are going to be enjoying great sex and I’m visiting friends and relatives.”

Zoey said, “Stay here this weekend. You can still visit friends, but enjoy yourself, too. I was hoping you might stay. Here’s your pair of panties to match the three of us.”

Jessie said, “Wow, I have a couple hours before I have to meet to dinner. Let’s get busy and make good use of the time.”

Zoey said, “I love it. Just let me get all of the boys cum later tonight and Harold is not allowed to fuck you. Only Jason fucks you. Tongues, fingers and toys can go anywhere, but my hubby’s cock is just for me.”

Jessie said, “As long as I can orgasm I’ll agree to that.”

Jessie was in her panties and back with us in seconds. She said, “Let’s not waste any time. I want a cock in my mouth. Can Harold fuck my mouth?”

I looked over at Harold and that comment had his cock stretching his panties real tight. He was ready.

I said, “I want to lick and suck Zoey’s clit. She needs a couple orgasms right now to start the weekend right.” I sat Zoey on their recliner. I kneeled in front kemalpaşa escort of her, pulled her panties to the side and started worshiping her pussy with my tongue and lips. She was shaved clean and was easy to eat. I liked and sucked her pussy lips real slow. She started to moan. That was my signal to tongue fuck her. The moans got a little louder so I moved to her clit. I sucked her clit between my lips and moved it back and forth between my lips. She was on fire.

She started screaming, “Oh my god, oh my god. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I’m cumming.”

I kept sucking her clit through her orgasm. I said, “Relax, there is another orgasm for you real quickly.”

She relaxed and I started rubbing her pussy just inside the opening. She was squirming around and moving her ass back and forth. I went back down on her staying at the edges of her clit not right on it. It was less than a minute and she was screaming, “That’s it. That’s it. I love it. Suck me baby, Suck my pussy. Oh, Oh, Oh.”

She slumped down into the recliner. I said, “Rest here for a minute.” I looked over and Jessie was deep throating Harold. He looked like he might cum and if he did he would be done at his age for the night, so I smacked Jessie on the ass and said, “How about my cock, baby. Let’s keep Harold’s cum for Zoey later tonight.”

She turned around and I stuck my cock in her mouth. I put my hands on the back of her head and slowly thrusted my cock in and out of her mouth. I only took a few seconds and pulled out. I said, “Jessie your mouth is fantastic, but I can’t cum yet either. Let me eat you. You need to cum right now.”

I went down on Jessie and she had a big orgasm quickly. As always I took good care of her and she had another just as quickly as Zoey. I had provided the ladies with four orgasms already. I was feeling like a hero.

Zoey said, “Wow what a start to the weekend. What’s next?”

Jessie usually is the leader of all of our sex, but I quickly said, “Zoey, you and I need to go into the bedroom. I’m going to massage you all over and when you are relaxed I’m going to tease your ass so I can insert the butt plug. You are really going to enjoy this.”

Jessie said, “Let Harold and I help you. Zoey can have six hands all over her, pleasuring ever inch of her body.”

I got our massage oil and we moved to the bedroom. I instructed Zoey to lay on her chest first. Harold massaged her back and Jessie took her legs. I took her hips and ass. We All took our time. I asked Zoey to roll over. I instructed Harold to take her thighs, Jessie her tits and I took her pussy.

It wasn’t long and Zoey was moaning again. I said, “Just relax and enjoy yourself. You have a couple more orgasms coming. I wiped my hands clean of oil and put lube all over Zoey’s pussy. I touched her ass hole, but only teased the outer edges. I massaged every part of the outside of her pussy. She said, “Please put something in my pussy, anything.”

I put my fingers in her and started working her G spot. As she got hotter I put one finger in her ass. All she said was, “Oh, that’s good. Give me more.”

I instructed Harold to lay down on the bed. I told Zoey to ride him Cowgirl style. Jessie moved in front of Zoey and kept working her nipples. I said to Zoey, “Let Haorld move your hips up and down on his cock.”

As this was happening I signaled to Harold that I was inserting the butt plug. The plug was well lubed and so was Zoey’s ass from my fingers. I slipped the first portion of the butt plug into Zoey and all she said was, “Yes”.

I wanted to be gentle and have the butt plug be all pleasure. Then Zoey said, “More give me more. Stretch my ass, please.”

I inserted the butt plug all the way. I motioned to Harold to put his hand over the butt plug and move Zoey’s hips up and down by pushing on the plug. Jessie was still on Zoey’s tits. I walked around to the front of Zoey and kissed her. I said, “You are ready for a cock in your ass any time. Enjoy yourself.”

The next thing I knew she was screaming, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming again.”

I said to everyone, “Let’s let Harold and me rest. His cock must be ready to explode just like mine and we have a lot more to enjoy this evening.”

Jessie said, “I agree, but can you give m one more orgasm with your tongue?”

I said, “Sure baby. Lay down right here.”

Jessie was so ready from watching Zoey get pleasured, she had two orgasms relatively quickly. She said, “I am so hot I intend to have a squirting orgasm before the weekend is over.”

We did a lot more fucking that night. Harold started to slow down after an hour. Jessie and I were just getting warned up. Jessie said, “I’m going to call my friends and reschedule for tomorrow. Jason and I can go visit for the afternoon and come back her for round two. After I make this call one of you boys needs to cum in Zoey’s ass.”

Harold quickly jumped up and said, “I’ve never fucked Zoey in the ass or anyone else before we got married escort kemalpaşa for that matter. I’m up for cumming in her ass.”

Jessie quickly made the phone call and we all had a glass of wine sitting in the living room. Jessie said to Zoey, “You should take two cocks in you when we finish our wine. Taking two cock s is the whole reason for a threesome.”

Zoey said, “That butt plug felt pretty good. I’m ready for more.”

Jessie said, “Jason, put the butt plug back in her right now so she is stretched a little before Harold fucks her ass.”

Jason got the butt plug and inserted it as we all finished our wine. It went in Zoey easily.

Jessie explained the best position for Zoey. She was ready. My challenge was to not cum. After Harold dropped his load in Zoey I was going to have the only hard cock in the house. I decided to wear a condom to reduce the feelings a little and a cock ring to help keep me hard. I lay on the edge bed with my legs hanging over the side. Zoey rode me cowgirl style. Once she was comfortable on my cock Harold approached her from behind. Jessie made sure both Zoey and Harold were well lubricated.

Jessie stood right next to Harold as he inserted his cock in Zoey’s ass. He went slowly, but Jessie could see he was real eager. She tried to calm him a little. Since it was Zoey’s first ass fucking and she was in for more the next night it was OK if he exploded in her quickly.

Jessie said, “Come on Harold. Stroke your wife’s virgin ass real slow and then give her a quick thrust.”

He did and on the quick thrust both Zoey and Harold let out a moan at the same time. Harold did his best to last, but when Jessie leaned over to suck his right nipple he just couldn’t handle it anymore. He blew a load into Zoey as he screamed her name. His knees went weak and he fell out of Zoey quickly. He was kneeling on the floor right at Zoey’s ass as his cum dripped out of Zoey’s ass.

Harold said, “What a beautiful sight. I never saw cum look so good.”

The Harold added, “My part in this night is over, but I want to watch and learn. Jessie, you and Jason take over from here.”

I said, “Sit back and enjoy your real life porn movie.”

Jessie laid down on the bed with her head near the edge. I positioned Zoey on the side of the bed leaning over Jessie. I fucked her from behind leaving her ass for tomorrow. I was very calm and slow to start. Jessie was sucking Zoey’s nipples. Then I got more aggressive. I was spanking her ass and letting her hear some dirty talk.

I said, “You invited me up here for this cock now take every inch of it. Tomorrow night I get your ass, but right now your pussy gets all of the cock I can give you.”

Then I instructed Jessie to get the vibrator and work Zoey while I fucked her. She did and Zoey was screaming. She had two more orgasms. Then I said, “Since this is your porn movie Zoey I’m going to cum on your face. Roll onto your back.”

She did and I increased the pace. I pounded her pussy like an animal and worked up a real big cum load. I felt it coming so I said, “Sit you Zoey, right now. Open your mouth.”

She did sit up and I exploded a massive load of cum into her mouth and on her face. Then I said, “Help me lick her clean Jessie.” Jessie and I both licked my cum off of Zoey and gave her kisses with cum on our tongues.

Zoey stood up and hugged Jessie and me. She reached for my cock and said, “You are dripping. Let me clean that up.” She sucked the last drops of cum out of me and went over and kissed Harold with my cum in her mouth. That was definitely new for him.

Jessie said, “Let’s have another glass of wine.”

We talked, planned the next day and went to bed. Zoey seemed very happy and fulfilled. The weekend was only half over. Before we walked to the bedroom, Jessie walked over to Harold gave him a kiss and said, “Zoey and I are both going to fuck your virgin ass tomorrow. I get to pop your cherry and she gets to fuck you real good.”

Harold looked stunned. We were off to our guest room.

We woke up the next morning feeling rested. Jessie said, “Jason, let’s go all out on this trip. Neither of us should wear anything but panties in this house.”

I said, “Fine with me.”

We walked out to Harold and Zoey in casual clothes. As soon as we arrived Zoey and Harold looked at each other. Zoey said, “I think we’re over dressed, Harold. Give me your clothes.” They both undressed right there. Harold was wearing a red satin string bikini and Zoey was wear black lace tanga panties. Jessie had on a leopard thong. As they undressed Harold started to get hard.

I commented that I also like satin string bikini panties. I also said, “It looks like you are recovered from last night Harold.”

He said, “I am, but I have so many questions for you and Jessie.”

He went on to explain how much he appreciated Zoey asking him to wear panties after her visit to see us. He loved the sex he was having. He finally said, kemalpaşa escort bayan “I’m a little surprised that Zoey and Jessie were kissing and I’m not sure about getting fucked in the ass tonight.”

I said that Jessie and I have become very comfortable with ourselves. Jessie doesn’t see kissing Zoey as signs of being a lesbian or even bisexual. It’s just something that happens in group sex if you are comfortable with herself.

I then explained that Jessie first played with the rim of my ass in Key West. It almost sent me into a trance. I bought the butt plug and was very nervous to use it. It ended up feeling really good if I could relax. Then I asked Jessie to fuck me with a strapon and now she gets into it as much as I do. I ended with, “I really love it when Jessie fucks me. It feels so good. It’s hard to explain.”

Harold said, “I’m still not sure.”

I said, “Well its’ real easy. Jessie will take it real slow with you and make sure you are very sexually excited and ready. She will fuck you first just to be first in your ass. It will feel great. Then Zoey will put the strapon on herself and fuck you. By then you will be want everything she has. The key to you relaxing is all you have to say is NO MORE and all of us will stop and it’s over. You have complete control. What do you think?”

Harold said, “Well OK I’ll try it tonight.”

Jessie and Zoey both hollered at the same time, “YES”.

Jessie said, “We have to get going to visit our friends. We won’t be long. We’ll be back mid-afternoon. Before we go I want to suck Harold’s cock and Jason wants some of Zoey’s juice. Let’s go to the living room.”

We went to visit friends, but our minds were constantly on the fun back at Zoey’s.

On the way home, Jessie said, “Let’s stop and buy Harold a garter belt and lace top stockings.”

I said, “Great idea. I brought mine with me.”

We arrived to Zoey’s house. She had planned a romantic dinner out. We went to get dressed for dinner. Jessie said, “I want to pick out Harold’s panties for tonight.” She intentionally picked a satin string bikini pair. Harold had been wearing a red pair. She picked a leopard satin string bikini for the night. She knew that she could still fuck him wearing his panties if he wore that style. That was her plan.

We secretly asked Zoey to wear matching panties and bra plus lace top stockings with a garter belt. She agreed without any questions.

The restaurant was very romantic with low lighting, candles on the table. After we ordered a drink and then our food Jessie got out a small VS bag and put it on the table. She put her hand on top of Harold’s and said, “This is my gift to you for letting me pop your cherry tonight. Go to the rest room and put these on right now.”

He looked into the bag and said, “Are you kidding me?”

Jessie reached over and touched his cock. It was hard. She said, “Your mouth says no, but your cock says you love the idea. Go put them on. You will be very happy you did.”

Harold returned to the table with an obvious bulge in his pants. As he sat down he said, “I’m sure you want to know how they feel. They are amazing and I love them. Thank you. Please be gentle with my ass tonight.”

We talked about sex through the entire dinner. We went to the car. Jessie sat in the back and unzipped Harold’s pants. She played with him and sucked him the entire way home. I pulled up Zoey’s skirt and played with her pussy before I started the car. Zoey grabbed my cock at the same time and said, “I want this thick cock in my mouth.”

She sucked me almost the entire way home. When we arrived in the driveway she said, “I have to have your cock in my ass. Hurry up and get in the house.”

We went in the front door and clothes were flying everywhere like teenagers in heat. I immediately started fucking Zoey. I got her in missionary position and played with her clit with my cock in her. She had two strong orgasms. I then rolled her over on her hands and knees and fucked her pussy from behind while she worked her clit for two more orgasms.

Jessie was riding Harold’s cock and getting pretty wild. She had her finger in his ass. And he was moaning real loud. I said, “Let’s slow down a little and make sure we have two hard cocks for Jessie. Harold lay on the end of the bed and let Zoey ride you. I’ll lube my cock and fuck her pussy too so she gets two cocks in her pussy at the same time.”

Harold was fired up. He said. “I’ll do my part, but I want a cock in my ass as soon as we satisfy Zoey. In fact, can one of you girls put the butt plug in me right now before Zoey rides me?”

Zoey got a new pink butt plug out. She said, “While you and Jessie visited friends Harold and I got our own butt plug and strapon. My cock is pink and 8 inches. As soon as I get both of your cocks in me I want to put my strapon on and start my own fucking both of you guys.”

Zoey went crazy with two cocks in her. Not only did she have two cocks in her but Jessie was working her clit at the same time. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear her screaming, “Fuck me boys. Stretch that pussy. Oh my god I want all of this cock.”

Zoey got at least ten minutes of two cocks in her and had multiple orgasms. She was quiet when Harold said, “Sounds like it’s my turn. Who wants to fuck this ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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