A Friend in Need Ch. 03

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My Best Friend Sondra moved away and ended up falling in love with a doctor in the Midwest. I ended up married in our hometown.

For years we were both happy for each others happiness. Though she was my best friend, we did not speak to each other very much. Her life was busy and my life was equally busy. So we literally would go a year or two without speaking.

One day, I was at my desk and found her work number under a pile of papers. So I called her. It was just going to be an obligatory check in call but I sensed something was wrong, so I probed a little deeper.

To my surprise, I found out she wasn’t happy. Not at work, not at home, no place in her life at that moment was she happy. So I did the only thing I knew how to do, I made her laugh…alot. I talked about how snotty she was and how she needed to take that stick out of her ass and have some fun. But most of all I told her how much I cared about her and made it a point to call her everyday just to see how she was doing.

So now I speak to my best friend, Sondra on the phone everyday and we talk about every thing and nothing. She tells me her problems and I tell her my mine. Now anyone looking at this situation would ask what is going on between these two. We are like two kids when we get on the phone, we are laughing and carrying on like we were back in college, though we are many years removed. But we have fun, always did and still do.

Now I have not seen her in some time, she lives in the Midwest and I live on the east coast, but when some business took me into her neck of the woods, I immediately called her up and told her I would be in town. She was ecstatic. So I told her when I would be flying in and she waited for me at the airport. We met and she gave me a big hug and then a punch. I smiled because I was now with my Best Friend and I couldn’t be happier. She dropped me off at the hotel and we made plans to meet the next day.

She met me at one of her favorite restaurants and ordered me one of her favorite meals. Funny, but the conversation was a bit awkward and bit toned down. I asked her, “What’s the problem?”

“Well”, she said her eyes moving from side to side, “I know a lot of people here and I have to keep up a certain persona here but you know the real me. That is why I like being with you because I can be myself.”

“So”, I said, “let’s get out of here, we can just walk and talk.”

But as we walked down the street she kept bumping into co-workers and subordinates that kept interrupting our conversation.

Finally, I said, “I will let you get back to work and I will talk to you later.”

As we parted she looked at me and in a quick move, she gave me a kiss, “I will speak to you later”, she said, “I promise.”

I was on cloud nine.

I was in my hotel room when she called me on my cell.

“What are you doing now?” she asked.

“Thinking about you and that kiss”, I said.

“It was a bit forward wasn’t it but I was thinking ataşehir escort about kissing you the entire time we were at lunch. So I just had to do it before you left. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind, but I really want to see you tomorrow but you’re such a busy little bee.”

“Well, I cleared my entire calendar for tomorrow, so you have me the whole afternoon.”

I laughed, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“What do you mean, I my calendar is cleared, and my secretary knows that at the risk of death, I am not to disturb me. So I am completely, utterly free.”

“That not what I meant, I was talking about having you for the entire afternoon, sounds like a great plan to me.”

Silence…”Is that what you want?” she asked.

“If the question is do I want you, yes, more than you can imagine. But what about you, do you want to come here to my room and spend the afternoon with me?”

More silence…”more than you can ever imagine,” she said.

“Well good, you come by tomorrow and we will order room service and have fun. Are you game?”

“Yes,” she said quickly and without hesitation.

“Good, now you go home and get your rest in because trust me tomorrow you will need it.”

The next day about noon there was a knock at my door, it was Sondra. She had on her business suit and she look every bit the professional financier she was. She just looked damn good.

“I almost didn’t come you know, I was feeling guilty.”

“About what”, I said playing innocent but knowing full well what she was talking about.

“About coming here, I am married and so are you and…” I stopped her in mid sentence.

“You are up here to eat lunch with me, nothing more”, I said.

“Yes I want you, I have been thinking about you nonstop for months but if we are to remain just platonic friends then so be it”, I said.

So I order room service and we ate, talked, laughed and was transported back in time to our carefree days.

Then as we sat on the bed, she looked at me and said, “You know I did not just come up here for lunch.”

I looked her in the eyes and said in a mischievous, “so what did you come up her for?”

Then before she had a chance to answer I began to kiss her. The memories rushed back and I remember how much I loved kissing her. She was such a passionate kisser. Just kissing got me hard.

She paused and said, “Let me take off my jacket and skirt before they get wrinkled.”

“Wrinkled”, I said, “you’re lucky I don’t rip the damn thing off.”

She took off her jacket, blouse, skirt and panty hose. She was just in a bra and a thong.

“You like?” she said, as she showed off her thong on her round rear end. She has always had one of the best asses I ever seen and she has maintained it over time to almost sheer perfection.

I walked over to her and pulled her to me and reached down and grabbed her sweet ass.

“What do you think?” I said, “of kadıköy escort course I like, you know I have always ‘sweated’ that ass of yours.”

We kissed some more and then I told her to get on the bed. She started to lie on her back but I told her to roll onto her stomach. She willingly complied. I began to kissed her back along her spine slowly licking each placed I kissed all the way to her neck, very slowly and very tenderly.

I reached her neck and I began to kiss her some more, then I worked my way back down her spine but this time I continued until I was kissing each of her soft round cheeks. Then I worked my way between her thighs and started to lick her sweet juicy pussy.

She arched her buttocks to meet my face and I held onto to her hips, my tongue working its way into her sweet cheeks, and then slowly licking downward until I reached her clit. My tongue played along her clit with a light touch. I heard her moaning and then I moved my tongue up to her wet pussy, sticking my tongue into her, moving it around and enjoying her juices. I moved my tongue back to her clit and began to suck on it. I couldn’t believe how hot she was.

I turned her over and spread her legs far apart so that I could finish enjoying her wet, juicy pussy. I moved my hands along her thighs and then I moved them down her legs and then back up her thighs again. I slowly licked on her clit and I tried to sense her pleasure points.

I took my finger and eased it inside her pussy. I slid it in her and moved it around inside her. She told me not to stop because it felt so good. I found her special spot and she asked me what was I doing?

“Why”, I say, “do you want me to stop, is it uncomfortable?” knowing full well the answer was no.

“You better not stop, It feel so good, I can’t believe how good it feels.”

I put a second finger in her tight pussy, and then I move them together in a small semicircle inside her. She moves her hips from side to side and moaned as I continue to play inside her.

“Oh, what are you doing to me?” she dreamily said, her eyes half closed obviously being taken away by the moment.

I moved my tongue back to her clit and gently licked it while I continued to finger her pussy. Then I pulled my fingers out and started to suck on her clit.

“Oh, god, you are going to get me to cum so soon. “Baby, I don’t wan’t to cum yet.” I want you to fuck me hard.”

I moved off her clit and licked my way to up to her tits and began to suck on her poor neglected nipples. But they looked so good that they were not neglected for long. I began to suck, bite and lick them. I gently pulled at them with my fingers. Then I move up to her face where I began to kiss her again, deep and long.

I was so hard that my dick found its way into her wet pussy with little problem.

For the first time in years, I was entering her and as my dick slid into her, I suddenly remembered how she felt. Memories started to rush through my bostancı escort bayan head as I remembered how I was always so turned on by her sheer passion, which was now on display in all its glory.

“Yeah, Baby, I love you inside me. I love your dick in my pussy.”

“I love fucking you, Sondra. I love your wet pussy.”

I held her arms outstretched on the bed as I continued to grind into her. I wanted to feel every inch of her tight, juicy pussy. She attempted to move her hands but I didn’t allow her to, holding them tight in my hands, restraining her movements.

“Ohm, it feels so good baby. Keep fucking me.” she said as she struggled under me.

I suddenly let go of her arms and pulled out of her. I stood over her and commanded her to suck my dick. She sat up and begins to suck just the head of my hardness.

“Put more of it in your mouth”, I said.

She tried to talk but I wouldn’t let her take my dick out of her mouth. She worked my dick over so well and I felt like I was about to cum. I quickly pulled my dick out of her mouth.

I pushed her on her back, dropped between her legs and started to suck on her clit again. I wanted her to cum now, so I began to increase the amount of pressure I applied to her clit. Next, I slid a finger into her pussy, working her g-spot until she was writhing under my mouth.

I moved my other hand to her nipple and caressed it as it hardened between my fingers. She moaned several times as I increased and decreased the amount of pressure on her clit.

“Oh, baby, I am about to cum,” she said.

But I could tell from her breathing and manner that she still wasn’t quite there. I took both of my hands and placed them under her and gripped her cheeks, lifting her pussy even closer to my mouth.

I, then moved my tongue over her clit in a circular manner that increased its sensitivity, then I sucked on it some more. Alternating back and forth sucking and licking until I saw she was ready to cum.

At that point, all my attention was giving her an earth shattering orgasm. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was near the point of cumming but I wanted this to be a very memorable one.

So I brought her to the verge several times only to pull her back. each time the intensity of her potential orgasm increased like a building whirlwind. Then just as she couldn’t take anymore, I released the whirlwind.

She came hard and she came long. I held her cheeks in my hands for a couple of minutes then I let her go as she experienced wave after wave of pleasure.

She finally spoke, “Oh Baby, what did you just do to me?”

“I just wanted you to feel good, that’s all”, I said.

“Was that one of you Tantra tricks?” she said breathlessly.

“No tricks, I was just am so into you, I just wanted you to experience the heights of pleasure, you deserve it”, I said as I moved closer to her.

She snuggled in my arms and said “I feel so relaxed now, I could sleep for hours.”

“Go ahead, I would love for you to just fall asleep in my arms”

She looked up at me and said, “You are so perfect for me. I am so glad I have a friend.”

“Yeah, Best Friends Forever,” I whispered as closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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