A Game of Chance

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Half time and the score was 2-0.If things continued like this Jujou’s team was set to take this year’s league championship. The other team was tough but, thus far had proved to me no match for the home team’s well oiled offensive machine.

“15 minutes to rest and re-hydrate” she thought “and then…”

“Hey, JJ?” It was that obnoxious jock Chad again.

“Chad,” she replied “I already told you I’m NOT going to go out with you…EVER! So, just knock it off already!”

“No, no, not that!” Chad protested waving his hands defensively before him. “Some old fogies from the stands want to talk to you.” He said turning to point out a handsome, mature couple standing a short distance away.

“Chad…” she said in an annoyed tone of voice, “It’s half time… in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. What part of that DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“Hey,” he replied lamely, “They said it was important that they talk to you now.”

“Fine!” Jujou replied stomping away from Chad toward the now smiling couple.

“This better be very important, I’m in the middle of a championship match.” she said, glaring up at them. “You got 5 minutes so, spit it out!”

The man grinned down at her but the woman looked affronted and with a flick of her head turned away muttering “How rude” under her breath.

“OK then,” said the man, “I’ll make this short and sweet. We, that is my wife and I would like to make you an offer you can’t refuse. We know through a mutual friend that you are currently unemployed and in dire need of cash. This same friend has also informed us that you have in the past, ah, rented yourself out, so to speak to dominant couples for fair compensation.

“Yeah,” Jujou replied “So, how ’bout you just cut to the chase and tell me what you actually want? You got 3 minutes left.”

The grin on the man’s face grew wider at her insult. “OK miss, here’s the deal, $10,000.00 for 6 month’s FULL service, all expenses paid. Sound good to you?

“Not interested.” she replied. “You got more 2 minutes.”

“OK then, I’ll sweeten the pot…$30,000.00” he said “I KNOW for a fact you need the money.”

“Yes, I do” she retorted, “but, not THAT badly…1 minute.”

“You drive a very hard bargain young lady but, so do I and I’m used to getting what I want.”

“Thirty seconds” she answered blandly.

“How about a little wager then?” he replied. “I hear you really love a challenge.”

He had her. There was nothing that got Jujou’s juices flowing faster than a bet.”What you got in mind.” she asked.

“Your team wins this game and I’ll write you a check for $60,000.00. You lose…and you’re OURS, body and soul, to do with as we see fit for 6 months BUT, you only get $30,000.00. Tax free, of course.

“Of course…You do realize that the game is half over and we’re leading 2- nil don’t you?” she inquired, suddenly forgetting all about the time limit to the conversation.

“I have confidence in your opponents’ ability to come back. 45 minutes is a long time.”

“Your serious about this, aren’t you?” she answered. “But, why me? There are plenty of women out there who would do this for half the price. What makes me so special?”

“You have certain…attributes.” he replied as he reached up and gently rolled a red curl between his fingers. “Attributes which I find, enticing.”

As he allowed the curl to fall from his fingers Jujou took a quick look at his wife over his shoulder. Though the look on her face was not very reassuring Jujou thought to herself “Fuck her, I need the money.”

“Mr,” she said holding out her hand, “you got yourself a wager.”

His grin grew impossibly wide at her words and he firmly took her hand in his and shook it. “Best of luck to you.” he said just as Chad jogged up to tell her it was time to get back to the game.

She turned to glance back at him as they returned to the sidelines and for a moment his grin reminded her of the joyless smile on a great white shark as its teeth are bared in preparation for a devastating bite. Then…it was back to the game.

The first twenty minutes of the second period were totally uneventful. Jujou and her team went into the final half with only one thing in mind: Guard your lead. Every time their opponents crossed the pitch Jujou’s team met the challenge at mid field and held them there and the match soon devolved into a rather boring affair.

“Only 25 minutes to go and I’m set for a whole year” thought Jujou as the ball was put in play. Then, suddenly and without warning one of the opposing players broke through the lines! Jujou’s goalie was out of position and the kick from the right side stayed true to course…2-1.

“No problem.” she thought stopping to catch her breath, “We’re still up by one point and there’s only 15 minutes left in the period. We just have to play good defense and we’re golden.”

Again, the ball was put in play and when it was passed to Jujou she decided to go for broke. After all, wasn’t that what the game was all about? Her eyes güvenilir bahis locked on the target and she was determined that nothing was going to get in her way. The goal was open, her foot cocked back, ready to extend their lead when suddenly a defending player slipped in and deftly poked the ball from in front of her! Jujou’s foot flew forward and encountered…nothing! Off balance she crashed to the ground and by the time she got up the play was half way down the field.

As Jujou sprinted down the field she watched in horror as her goal keeper rushed forward to defend the net only to have the ball lobbed over his head in a perfect parabola. A parabola that ended with a score.

“Oh FUCK!” she thought with only 5 minutes left to play. “Shit just got serious!” 2-2.

The ball was put back into play and the team that had seemed to be asleep at the wheel in the first half was suddenly an offensive MONSTER! Again and again Jujou and her team mates were forced on the defensive. Suddenly it was their goal that was the scene of havoc. She and her teammates were exhausted and their foes who had pretty much cruised through the first period were on fire! Again and again the enemy attacked and each time Jujou and her teammates were able to muster enough energy to stave them off. One minute to go and the opposing team attacked once more. Jujou glanced around her and saw that her teammates were every bit as played out as she was. “Only one thing to do” she thought as yet another attack came up the center of the field. As the attacker fired a viscous shot at the goal Jujou jumped up in front of it and kicked it over the heads of the others. Her eyes followed the ball as it flew back the way it had come. As her feet returned to the turf she saw another attacker intercept the ball with her head and return it…straight into the net. Time ran out. The game was over. They had lost. Jujou…had lost.

They congratulated the winning team and headed off to their cars, heads hung low in defeat.

Just as Jujou was heading to her teammate’s car for that long silent ride home she felt a light hand upon her shoulder. Turning, she saw the handsome couple from half time standing there, expectant looks on their faces.

“Oh, oh yeah, I almost forgot.” she said dejectedly. She turned to her friend and said to her, “You go on ahead to the car; I’ll catch up in a minute.”

She nodded in the affirmative and continued on her way.

“OK” Jujou said with an exhausted sigh. “I suppose you want to collect on our little wager, don’t you? When do you want me to start?”

“Right away” answered the man.

“OK,” answered Jujou. “Let me go home and shower and pack. You can come and pick me up this evening.”

“NO, you don’t understand.” said the man as his wife stared on angrily. “The penalty phase of our wager began the moment the game ended. You have been our chattel since then and we are here to take you to your place of service…NOW.

“Whoa man! Hold on there. I still have to go home and get my stuff, you know, toothbrush, cell phone…CLOTHES.”

“No, you don’t.” said the woman in an unpleasant tone of voice. “Where you’re going, you won’t need clothes.”

Jujou, mouth open at the wife’s venomous tone as she turned to the man with a questioning look on her face.

“Ah, what my wife is saying” interrupted the man, “is that WE will provide you with everything you will need to service us for the next six months. You won’t be needing those things”

“NO!” added the wife, now clearly angry, “What I’m saying is get the fuck out of those clothes and get the fuck into the car!”

“Wha…? began Jujou shaking her head in disbelief.

“I said STRIP!…NOW!”

Jujou glanced around the parking lot still crowded with players and their families. She caught sight of her friend, car idling as she waited on her, Chad watching from the back seat.

“Any day slave!” said the wife as her husband grinned his Cheshire Cat grin and looked on with obvious anticipation.

“Better learn to do as she says or it’ll be a really tough six months” he said, rubbing his chin.

Jujou bowed her head in defeat and kicked off her shoes. The shin guards and socks went next followed by her shorts. By now a number of folks were staring and mothers were shielding the eyes of their young children as it became all too obvious what she was doing.

She shimmied out of her panties next and then, reaching up, under her long jersey, unhooked her bra and as modestly as possible, removed it. Her friend, a disgusted look on her face screeched out of the parking lot as Chad craned his neck out the window to catch one last glimpse of what he had lusted for so long.

Jujou hesitated, unwilling to remove the jersey, her last piece of clothing and be stark naked in front of so many people…people she knew!

I’m sorry,” said the angry wife, “did I tell you to stop? You do EXACTLY what we tell you to do or else…NO MONEY! Got it?

“Yeah, I got it.” she softly replied.

“The türkçe bahis correct response is ‘Yes Mistress’, understand…slave?”

“Yes…Mistress” replied Jujou softly.

“What was that slave?” replied the woman. “You’ll have to speak up; I can’t hear a thing you’re saying.”

“Yes Mistress” repeated Jujou in a slightly louder voice, glancing around at the now obviously ogling crowd.

“I still can’t hear you slave.” said the wife in a loud voice. “Say it again…loudly and clearly!”

“YES MISTRESS,” answered the now clearly embarrassed Jujou. “I UNDERSTAND!”

“There now, that wasn’t so hard…was it?” answered the wife, her husband looking on with great enjoyment. “Now, remove that hideous garment.”

“Yes Mistress” she replied in a loud, clear voice as she peeled the sweaty jersey off and dropped it on the ground beside the rest of her clothes. By now the curious onlookers had gathered around for a closer look. Many of the men and no doubt some of the women in the crowd had become sexually aroused at the sight of this ball busting bitch being publicly humiliated at the hands of an older woman.

The angry wife slowly circled Jujou, an appraising look on her face. She poked, prodded, pinched and groped the younger woman at will, invading her most private areas with total disregard for the presence of the curious on lookers.

Not all of these onlookers were happy to see a naked woman in the park and the husband leaned in and whispered to his wife while gently gesturing at a woman who was angrily speaking into her cell phone. The wife nodded in response before turning aside to address Jujou.

“Well my little slave,” she began, “it would appear that some of your neighbors are a bit upset with the public spectacle you are making of yourself. I guess they’re just not used to seeing a slutty little woman like you exposed in public for what she really is. Turn around and face the car…now!”

Jujou did as she was told and the angry wife roughly pushed her body against the hot metal of the sun washed car. As she squirmed against the searing heat the wife pulled Jujou’s hands behind back and deftly secured them with a heavy duty zip-tie. She opened the door and placing her hand on top of Jujou’s lustrous head of red curls pushed down police style and said “Get in.” Seconds later as the big automobile sped through the parking lot Jujou gazed at the people through the window and asked her “What have I gotten myself into?”

The ride to her captor’s home was agonizing. The Wife sat in the back seat with Jujou as her Husband drove. Jujou did her level best slide down in the seat or lean over in order to avoid being seen by the other passengers on the road. Each time however, the Wife forced her to sit up straight in full sight of those in the passing vehicles. Eventually, the Wife had had enough and angrily pulled Jujou’s seat belt so tight that it became impossible for her to hide. She spent the following 45 minutes totally exposed to any who had the chance to look. Long haul truckers were the worst. Each time one passed, the driver would lay heavily on the air horn attracting the notice every auto in the vicinity to the naked and helpless woman in the back seat of the sleek sedan. The husband reached down and turned on the CB hidden under the dash and the air was filled with the radio chatter of truck drivers up and down the line, each passing the word about the hot, naked redhead bound in the back seat of the of the speeding car. Ten minutes later, there was a line of 30 or 40 semi trucks queued up, each waiting their turn for a look at the naked, young woman.

Eventually, the car left the highway and pulled into a quaint, rather exclusive looking neighborhood. The lawns were neat and manicured, the moderately large. A nice, upper-middle class place where the men compared golf scores and the women met for afternoon tea. Surely, they would let her hide as they drove around here!

No such luck! If anything it seemed to Jujou as though the car slowed down…as though they WANTED everybody in town to see their ‘new toy’ and in fact…that was exactly the case. After all, what was the point of having a slave if no one knew about it!

Finally, after what seemed to Jujou an eternity they reached her new ‘home’. As the homes in this suburb went, it was better than most. It was a huge pile of Neo-Tudor brick and trim. Under other circumstances she would have been delighted to move into this…this Mansion but, today its dark and brooding face filled her with foreboding.

The car drove up the long, brick driveway as the garage door opened Jujou thought, “at last, I’ll inside where no one can see me”. She could not have been more wrong! Instead of driving into the garage the Husband stopped at the corner of the house and got out. The Wife reached over and unlocked the seat belt as the husband opened the back door and reached in. He took her arm firmly in his hand and pulled her from the back seat. He walked her to the front of the house güvenilir bahis siteleri and pushed her backwards against an ornate wrought iron column. Reaching behind her he lifted a moderately heavy chain and placed it around her neck. The click of the padlock was like a gunshot in Jujou’s ears as the shank slammed home. The Husband reached up, caressed her red hair and grinned his evil grin. “See you soon” he said as he turned and walked back to the car.

The car entered the garage and a horrified Jujou looked on as the door lowered and then stopped. A sudden silence filled the air and with a start Jujou came to the realization that she was chained in front of a stranger’s home, naked and exposed to any passerby. She tried to hide behind the column but its open construction offered almost no concealment from the street and the chain was so short that she could neither move away or squat down to hide. She had no choice but to stand there, on display like some grotesque lawn ornament.

Night fell and along with it, the temperature. She had no other choice but to stand there and shiver. Were they just going to let her stay here and freeze to death! Just when she thought she could stand no more the front door opened and light, warm light spilled out and flooded the area.

The Husband stepped out and standing before her hands on hips began to speak.

“Cold?” he asked, a sardonic smile upon his face.

“Yes!” she shivered

“Well, just a few things to sort out. Then, you can come in and warm up, maybe have a bite to eat. Sound good?”


“OK,” he said, “Here’s the deal. I want a new pet and you, are going to be it. From now on, you are no longer a human being. You are a dog. A bitch dog and NOTHING more. You will wear nothing; you will eat from a bowl on the floor. You will be groomed by the woman who grooms our other ‘real’ dogs. If I want to breed you…I will. When ever and where ever I please. For the next 6 months, as far as I’m concerned, this will be your life.”

“My wife however has other plans for you while I am not home. You will serve her in any capacity she wishes. No tack is too degrading. If she wants you to lick a dirty toilet clean you will do it and do it with a smile…understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she said shivering uncontrollably.

“Very well, you may enter.” he said unlocking the chin from around her neck.

The foyer was modest in size but, compared to Jujou’s cramped apartment it seemed positively cavernous. “Wow,” muttered Jujou, as her eyes darted around appraising the room, “I could get used to living like this!”

“Don’t” replied the husband as removed her cuffs and then fastened a leather collar around her neck from behind.

She reached up and as her fingers touched the collar in surprise Jujou heard the unmistakable sound of a padlock clicking shut.

In a panic she reached around and fumbled with the lock, tugging and twisting it as the true gravity of her situation finally struck home.

“You will wear this collar at all times for the duration of your stay in our home.” he said as he attached a light chin lead to it. “Come along now.” he ordered giving the leash a light tug. “Let’s familiarize you with the rest of the house as well as the house rules.”

The foyer opened onto the great room of the house. A sort of combination parlor/ living room of more than decent size. beyond that was a small sitting room where the husband explained his wife held teas. Other rooms opened off of the Great Room as well. Bedrooms, bathrooms, an office and the Master’s study. These she was told were strictly off limits to her. Beyond the sitting room was the kitchen area and a mud room with a door opening out onto a large yard.

At the far end of the yard were a series of kennels occupied by the largest dogs Jujou had EVER seen! They were absolutely enormous!

“Caucasian Ovcharkas” the husband said as they approached the kennels, “Used in the Russia to hunt bears.” They were only a couple of feet from the wire when one of the dogs reared up and put its massive front paws against the wire. Standing upon its hind legs the dog was almost two feet taller than Jujou! “Don’t worry.” said the husband, “Once they get to know you they’re like big teddy bears.” As if to demonstrate he reached up and scratched the shaggy dog’s enormous head through the wire. Tail wagging, it opened its gaping maw and as panted with delight. All Jujou could think at that moment was that her entire head would fit between those jaws and should they close…She shuddered at the thought.

He led her from the kennels and the tour continued. The rest of the yard was occupied by a barbecue area with tables and chairs (“Here’s where I do most of my entertaining” he said in passing.) and a huge swimming pool complete with an attached Jacuzzi. “All in all,” she thought “not a bad place to spend the next six months”.

They finished their circuit of the yard and returned to the house. The husband took out his keys and opened a rather small door she hadn’t even noticed before and led her down…into the basement. “This is not good” she thought as he led her into the darkness. She squinted as the blinding lights came to life and once her eyes adjusted, looked around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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