A Hard Day’s Night

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I was tired. Tired and thirsty. It was twenty past one in the morning and I had put in a long hard day at work, in fact a long hard week at work, and then wearily got in my car for the usual Friday night drive back home. My job is contract based, and at the moment it means that I spent my working week 230 miles from where I live and only go home at weekends. Normally the drive should have taken around 4 to 5 hours but thanks to atrocious weather and a motorway closed due to a nasty accident, I had now been underway for more than 7 hours, and still had 40 miles or so to go. Although the road was now almost empty I was taking it easy, keeping it at around the 50 mph mark. The rain had been lashing down since late morning, and now there were large puddles of surface water on the carriage-way making aqua-planning a likely and dangerous prospect if I wasn’t careful. Lack of sleep, darkness, and bad weather were not a great combination to be driving through, and I should really have stopped an hour or so ago and taken a break, but I had pressed on wanting to get home as soon as possible.

I needed something to keep me awake. Late night radio had been smooth and mellow, but it had the effect of a lullaby, lolling me ever nearer dreamland. What I needed was something to keep me awake and my mind focused on the road ahead. I flipped the stereo from ‘Radio’ to ‘CD’, and slipped a disc into the machine. The album was ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, one of The Beatles early albums, a great one to sing along to and stop me drifting off. The distinctive sound of the opening chord from George Harrison, and we were into the opening title track.

And then I saw what I had been somewhat anxiously looking out for ahead. The car was as thirsty as I was and the fuel gauge showed that I was well into the red, but up ahead was the welcoming sight of the yellow Shell sign the all-night petrol station. I slowed down and pulled into the forecourt and chose the middle of the 9 available pumps so that I would be protected from the rain as much as possible by the canopy.

As I filled the car, I looked around but there really wasn’t much to see. The Shell Shop was in darkness and obviously locked up, the only light shinning from within was over the ‘Night Pay’ window. I could see a girl sitting there who looked to be in her early twenties, with shoulder-length black hair and wearing a yellow T-shirt. Although she had looked up when I had first driven up to the pumps, she now seemed absorbed in whatever it was she reading.

The click of the pump handle told me that I had filled up as much as possible, and I tapped the nozzle against the side shaking the last of the drips into the tank, smiling as I did so. This action always reminded me of guys standing at urinals shaking the last of their droplets off their dicks. I went across to the Night Pay window to pay her. Unfortunately, although the pumps were covered by the station canopy, the pay window was right under the edge of it and the wind was lashing the rain against it. I just wanted to pay up as quickly as possible, grab a pint of milk and get back to the warmth of my car. I rapped on the window and the girl looked up from her magazine.

“Can I come in, I need a couple of things from the shop as well,” I said.

“No you can’t,” she replied, “It’s locked up. Just tell me what you want and I’ll go and get it.”

“Aw, come on, I’m getting soaked standing here.” I gave her a sorrowful look and pulled the collars of my jacket up around my neck to emphasise my predicament.

“No really, I’m sorry but I can’t. We’re not allowed to open the main door when there is only one female on duty.” She gave me an apologetic look and shrugged her shoulders.

I started fumbling in my pockets for me credit card, which was difficult with my leather-jacket zipped up, when she suddenly relented.

“Look O.K., I’ll let you in, but I can’t switch the lights on or anything, or I’ll get in trouble.”

With a grateful nod of the head I headed round to the main doors and waited for her to open up. Although the shop was not lit there was enough light in there for me to get a good look at her through the glass doors as she came round with a bunch of keys in her hand, She was about five and half foot tall, with braided black hair and green and yellow beads attached to the ends. Under this mop of hair was a lovely chocolate-brown face, with big brown eyes and a full-blooded red mouth. Not a beautiful girl in the classical sense, but certainly very pretty. I’m not good at guessing peoples ages, but I revised my previous estimate reckoning she was around 26 or 27. The yellow T-shirt I had noticed earlier was more of a cropped-top, it didn’t reach her waist and I could see a silver stud winking at me from her navel. Below the T-shirt was a pair of tight fitting blue jeans which she wore in the current fashion, i.e. worn low on the hips so that I could see the straps of her thong high on her hips. Hers had dark blue piping with a lighter coloured, virtually illegal bahis see-through, blue material.

She bent down to unlock the glass door, and as she did so I got a quick flash of her breasts as I peeked down her top. They were smallish and encased in a bra that obviously matched the thong, but that same lovely chocolate brown colour.

“Thanks very much,” I said when she had unlocked and opened the door for me, “It’s pretty wet out there.”

“Yes, we don’t get many people stopping on a night like this,” she replied, “In fact we don’t get many customers during the night generally. I don’t know why the bother keeping it open, but I’m not going to complain. It’s a bit boring but the money is good because of the shift pattern.”

My eyes followed her as she walked back to her counter. She really did have a lovely arse, the jeans fitting tight around them, and I could see the top of the flimsy triangle of the back of her thong that covered her very shapely bum. In my mind I could picture those chocolate globes with the flimsy material wedged between them.

I shook the image out of mind and went to pick up a couple of things I was after. The shop was a typical petrol station one selling the usual odd collection of items: – basic groceries, barbeque coal, CDs, men’s magazines, oil and confectionary. I grabbed a pint of milk and a bar of chocolate and took them up to the counter. Placing the items on top op the counter I could now see what she had been so engrossed in whilst I had been filling up. It was one the men’s magazines the shop sold.

“Like the pictures?” I asked her.

“Actually not much,” she said “pictures of naked girls with their under-carriage hanging out don’t do much for me, but I do like reading the stories. Like I said we don’t get many drivers stopping during the night and it helps to pass the time.” She swiped my purchases over the bar-code reader and said “£32.78 please.”

“Stories?” I enquired with a raised eyebrow as I handed over my credit-card.

“You know those confession stories, where people write about doing it in strange places. There’s one in here about a man fucking a complete stranger in a lift, which had me creaming my jeans I can tell you.”

My eyebrow rose slightly further, and my cock also started to rise.

“In fact,” she went on, a sly smile on her face now, “I was watching you fill up out of the corner of my eye and I fantasised about you filling me up right there on the forecourt.”

My cock sprang to attention at the thought of this. I don’t know if she was just teasing me or was serious, but I wasn’t going to pass the opportunity up. I signed the credit-card slip and looked up “I’m game if you are,” I said.

“Bit cold and wet out there,” she said, “whereas it’s nice and warm in here. In fact,” she paused, that same sly smile on her face again “it’s wet in here as well, my pussy’s a bit sticky, why don’t you come round here and lick it clean?”

I rushed round before she had a chance to change her mind, and pulled her off her stool towards me ready to kiss those lovely full lips.

“No, none of that,” she said, “Someone might see us and I can’t afford to lose this job. Anyway I don’t want your tongue down my throat, I want it up my pussy.” Her hand was already unbuttoning the top of her jeans and easing the zipper down. I knelt in front of her and tried to ease the jeans down, but it wasn’t easy. She was wide-hipped and the pair she had on were skin-tight.

“Here, let me she,” she said, and in a slow teasing motion she eased them down until the jeans were around her ankles. The sight was gorgeous, the light blue triangle of her thong against her lovely flawless brown skin. Through the sheer cotton I could see that she was a girl that liked to use a razor; only a small line of black hair visible along the length of her slit. Further down a darkened patch of material bore evidence of her earlier confession. She certainly had been creaming her jeans.

Lovely though the sight was, I wanted to see those chocolate globes I had fantasised about, and that material wedged up the crack of her arse. “Turn around,” I asked, “I want see the back.”

“Sod that,” she said, “this is not a fucking fashion show. Get your tongue out, Buster, and get working,” and with that she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her.

I needed no second bidding, my tongue snaked out and started licking her slit through the thong, and she eased her legs apart and bent them slightly at the knee to accommodate me. First a few slow licks up and down and then concentrating on the source of the sticky stain of her thong, I pushed the material as far into the entrance of her cunt as I could with my tongue, and was rewarded with a slight moan from her. If she had been slightly wet before, she was certainly getting a lot wetter now. I could taste it and I could smell it, that lovely whiff of pussy juice. I withdrew briefly, brought my hand up and pulled the crotch of her thong illegal bahis siteleri to one side, and carried on as before. This was better still as her lovely juices coated my tongue.

“Lick my clit,” she said, “lick my clit!”

My tongue worked its way upwards between the now full pussy lips and found the little nub of her clit. I started slowly circling it and then switching to a minute figure of eight moments, stimulating her clit from different directions. My cock was, of course, straining against my boxers and jeans, desperate to join in the action, but the girl didn’t look like she was going to oblige; her head was thrown back and she was far too absorbed in her own pleasure. Her breathing had become deeper and the moans more frequent and louder. “Harder,” she commanded, “but slower,” and pulled my head even tighter against her.

Pleasurable though this was it was a little uncomfortable with my nose squashed against her pubic bone. I eased my head back. “Turn around and lean over the stool.”

This time she did turn as requested. Moving the stool into a more comfortable position, she leaned right over it with her lovely brown arse sticking out. The blue thong was still round wedged into the crack of the tops of her buttocks, although the gusset was now across one cheek where I had pulled it across earlier. I started to ease them down marvelling at the way the material had to be slightly tugged at to get it out of the crack. If I lived to be a hundred I could never get tired of watching a girls knickers being slowly tugged down her bum. I eased them down her thighs and past her knees where they joined her jeans round her ankles.

“You’ll have to bend forward further if you want me to nibble your clit more,” I told her and she did, bending at the waist and putting her head on the stool. I resumed my work, flicking her womanly nub with my tongue. This position was a lot more comfortable than the previous one for me. As I licked and flicked her nub with my tongue, the tip of my nose was pressed up against the entrance to her cunt. I could feel it getting its own coating of pussy-juice. Slowly I made little nodding movements with my head, pressing the tongue harder against her clit, and my nose a few centimetres inside her.

The heavy breathing and moans started up again. “That’s it,” she said “yeah, that’s it, keep doing that.” I pressed as hard as I could against her clit, and as deep as I could into her cunt. My nose, now slick with her juices, was fucking her like a tiny prick. With a sudden involuntary shudder of her hips and a load moan, she came and immediately clamped her thighs together to prevent me prolonging the ecstasy and the agony. I withdrew my head, the lower part of my face now saturated with her stickiness, and gasped for air.

Still bent over the stool she too was catching her breath, I could see her body expanding and contracting as she took in great gulps of air. “Phew,” I heard, “phew that was good.” Another large gulp of air and then she said “Right now it’s my turn to lick you.”

“No I haven’t finished yet,” I replied, “I want another taste.” With one arm round each thigh I pulled them apart dove my head back against her.

“No, no,” she yelled, “no more, my legs are going to give way,” but I paid no attention. Ignoring her clit which was now standing erect and angry like a tiny red nipple, I drove my tongue into her cunt. Her left arm reached around to push my face away, but I just grabbed her thighs tighter and pulled her as hard as I could against me. Her resistance slowly subsided and instead of trying to push my face away she grabbed a handful of my hair and clenched it as my head made darting movements against her, my tongue moving like a piston inside her.

“You bastard,” she said, “you fucking bastard, yeah, keep doing that.”

My head bobbing against her, and with my tongue now trying to reach as deep as I could inside her, the tip of my nose was now pressed right against her tight arse-hole. Although I couldn’t see it, with each forward motion of my head, my nose still slick with pussy-juice, was nudging past the wrinkled entrance and inside her. ‘Well this is a first for me,’ I thought ‘I’ve never fucked anyone in the arse with my nose before.’

She was obviously enjoying it too, her hand still clenching my brown hair, she now pulling me against her as hard as she could. My tongue now deep inside her, my mouth pressed up hard against her cunt, and with the tip of my nose inside her arse, I could scarcely breathe. I certainly couldn’t move my head, she held it tightly against her. I just did what I could with the tongue, small circular movements rotating it along the walls of cunt. I let go of her thigh with my right hand and brought it up underneath her. I pressed the ball of my thumb on her clit and gently made small circular movements imitating those of my tongue. Within seconds she climaxed again, an even more violent shudder of her body this time, and she relaxed the pressure canlı bahis siteleri of her hand on my head. I eased my head away from her and sat back on my ankles. My whole face seemed to be covered with her moisture, even my eyelids felt sticky.

“Christ,” she said straightening up slightly and looking over her shoulder at me, her hands still gripping the stool, “where the fuck did you learn to do that? I’ve never come so intensely before.”

I shrugged as I got up off my sore knees. “Sorry, but you tasted so good, I just had to go back for a second helping.”

“Don’t apologise it was…, well it was phew!” She straightened up completely and pulled her underwear and jeans back up over her knees and turned round to face me. “Better pull these up a bit in case someone pulls in.” I was glad she didn’t pull them up completely, the few black hairs there glistened with moisture, her nether lips as full-blooded as those on her face. It was a damn sexy sight but my knees were aching from sitting on them on the tiled floor. I stood up and looked through the plate glass window. The rain was still lashing down and there appeared to be nobody on the roads. She noticed the bulge at the front of my trousers and said slightly apologetically “Aw, I’ve had all the fun and forgotten all about you. Here, let me return the favour.”

She stepped towards me and begun unbuckling my belt. She got down on her knees and tantalisingly slowly pulled down my jeans until they were half-way down my legs. My boxers tented out in front on me right in front of her face. “Hmmm,” she said, “Looks like Percy wants to join in the action.”


She pulled the boxers down and my cock sprang free, and she immediately grabbed hold with her hand. Her fist wrapped around my shaft she momentarily examined it. “Mmm nice,” she said before sticking her tongue out and lightly flicking it over the tip. “You’re a little bit damp” she said.

“Not as wet as you are,” I replied, but she was in no position to respond to this now as those full lips were now wrapped round my shaft. I leant back as her lips slid along my cock. I didn’t want to close my eyes as I was almost mesmerised by those full luscious lips encircling me. From where I stood I could again see down her top as her T-shirt gaped open. I could just make out the tops of those lovely chocolate brown breasts still encased in the blue bra. I vowed to see and taste those lovely brown nipples before I left here. She continued to suck in a slow languid manner, much more sensual than most of the blow-jobs I’d seen in porno film where the girls suck so fast and hard they seemed intent on breaking world records for getting a guy to come. No she slowly stroked and licked like I was an ice-cream and she was enjoying the taste. Her lips occasionally parting and releasing me so that she could flick my end with her tongue. This was heaven.

My reverie was suddenly cut short as two bright lights came into view; a car was pulling up at one of the pumps. “Oh shit,” I said “there’s someone coming!”

“Yeah, baby, come right into my mouth,” she said.

“No, not me! Someone’s stopped to fill up.”

“Shit,” she said letting go of me and standing up in one motion. “Get down, you can’t be seen here, I could get fired.” I thought it highly unlikely that somebody would be checking up on her in the middle of the night but did as bidden. The motorists had evidently stopped and got out of his car, as I saw her lean over and press a square on the compute screen that started the flow from the pump. Whilst he refuelled she pulled her jeans and thong completely up and zipped herself up.

I remained sitting on the backs of my legs underneath the counter, feeling a little bit silly there with my trousers round my ankles and my still hard dick sticking out. I waited for the customer to finish, pay and get the hell out of here so that she could return her attentions to me. “He’s coming across,” she said, “keep still and don’t say anything.”

I had no intention of saying anything. ‘What did she thing I was going to do,’ I thought, ‘suddenly leap up, wave my meat in front of a stranger’s face and say ‘Shall I check your oil sir?’

The motorist must have got to the window because I heard her say “Good evening, sir, horrible night isn’t it? Pump 3? That’ll be £28.60 please.” I couldn’t hear what he said but heard the glass tray slide back and forth as she presented the credit-card slip and got him to sign it, before she again spoke. “Thank you, goodnight, and drive carefully.”

I presumed he was gone and slowly eased myself up.

“No, don’t get up yet, he hasn’t driven off yet,” she said.

I sat back and waited. From my position I was level with the stud in her naval and below that the top of her jeans. My hand snaked up and slowly tugged the zipper down again. Still standing up looking over the forecourt she helped ease the jeans down again. The light blue thong now had a large darker patch right at the crotch. Once again my tongue snaked out to taste her.

“No, enough of that,” she said, “I was taking care of you, but I don’t really like getting down again in case someone else comes. Look he’s driven off now, why don’t you come up and fill me up from behind?”

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