A Higher Education Ch. 04

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Life had a way of constantly intruding on my extracurricular “studies” with my beautiful landlady so that it was nearly a week before we were both free on the same night.

That’s not to say that we didn’t see each other, but it was limited to a few words at the breakfast table most mornings. One thing I’d been told was that if her study door was shut, I was not to bother her, and that week it was shut a lot, whenever she was home, actually. The weekend had seen guest in the house and me making myself scarce, as requested. I had a huge project that had to be done before the Christmas break, so I was in the library most nights until they booted me out.

Regardless, I was getting incredibly horny by the time the seventh day with no Laurel had passed. Part of my problem was my own youthful male libido, but part of it was a burning curiosity to find out what was next in her special syllabus.

Wednesday morning, Laurel was about to leave the house when I wondered down to breakfast. I had a 10 o’clock class and slept in. Coming downstairs, I still had my bathrobe on, partly out of laziness, but also to see how Laurel would respond.

She paused with her hand on the doorknob. “Derek, good morning!”

I mumbled something about it being not all that great.

“I’m finally finished with what I’ve been locked up working on over the past few days. Do you have much work to do this evening?”

“Nothing earth-shatteringly important that can’t wait,” I lied.

“Well make sure the unimportant work is completed by 6:00. I’d like to have a quick dinner and then a special time with you.” She put down her briefcase and walked over to me. Pulling my head down, she said into my ear, “I’ve had such an itch for you the best three days, you can’t imagine.”

Her hand snaked into my robe and gave my stiffening cock a healthy squeeze and a tug. “I’m going to be thinking of this all day long in my meetings. It will keep me from falling asleep.” She went to the door again and smiled back at me. “Dinner at 6:00 then. Don’t be late.”

“Should I dress for dinner?” I said, joking.

Laurel thought for a moment. “No. I’d like you to be naked.”

With that, she was gone, and I spent the whole day of classes, struggling to keep dirty thoughts out of my mind.

The biggest question in my mind was what she’d meant the previous week with her comment about her “little sanctum”. I’d been down to the basement to do laundry twice since then and there was a locked door, but where it was located could only mean it was a closet of some kind. The door looked very strong and very old, but the lock on it was new.


The call for dinner came promptly at 6:00, and as requested, I hustled down in just my birthday suit. In order to up the ante, I made sure I had a raging boner which Laurel greeted with a huge smile as I entered the dining room. She was still in her work clothes.

“I’m glad to see you’ve missed me,” she said with a grin.

I went over to her in an attempt to embrace her, but she turned her face so my kiss landed on her cheek. Her hands lay on my chest so that I couldn’t pull her close.

“Whoa, there, Tiger! We still have supper to get through.”

Slightly disappointed, I sat down at the table. It was a beautiful thing made of thick glass and my cock was so rampant and longed it pushed against the underside. Tonight, there was no tablecloth or placemat. The empty plate was also glass.

Laurel emerged from the kitchen with a tray with two covered dishes. Standing to my left she lifted the cover from the first dish. It had two filet mignons with a mushroom sauce. The smell was heavenly. As she served me, her free hand went under the table and stroked my erection sort of offhandedly. The second dish had asparagus with almonds. Again there was a bit of stroking.

She then quickly served herself and sat.

Handing me a lighter, she asked, “Would you light the candles, Derek?”

I had to slide my chair back a bit to stand because of the width of the table.

“Careful of your willy, dear,” Laurel said wryly, “you wouldn’t want to get him in your dinner.”

I looked at her as I sat down again. “How come I have to be naked and you’re not?”

Seated to my left at the end of the table, I saw Laurel’s gaze drift downwards. “I think it’s rather nice to look at my dessert while I’m eating dinner. Can you imagine being the only naked person in a room full of women?”

The thought of something that nasty made my cock throb.

“I thought so,” she said, then looked up. “Now eat your meal. I’m afraid it’s already a bit cold.”

As always, Laurel’s cooking was a revelation. I wondered how she could whip up something so delicious in less than an hour.

Throughout the meal, we chitchatted about school, the weather, politics, anything but sex, but somehow my erection would not subside completely. Perhaps it had something to do with the way Laurel kept staring at it, or the fact that she had undone a few buttons on her blouse and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing illegal bahis a bra. No matter what the topic, I was keenly aware that less than five feet away the most desirable woman I’d ever seen was sitting, and that soon I would once again get to see her naked and enjoy her body .

“Have you been exercising at all?” Laurel asked as she pushed her empty plate away and picked up her wine.

“The gym is always so darned crowded. It makes it easier to lose interest when you have to wait to use anything. And then all the jocks are around and I’m not the most muscular person.”

“And the coeds, I suppose they’re around, too?”

I shrugged. “They don’t notice me.”

Laurel’s expression was thoughtful. “Oh I doubt that very much.” She drained her glass and stood. “I have an exercise machine in my bedroom. Perhaps we could stick it in one of the spare bedrooms. Then you could use it whenever you want.”

“I would be very grateful. I think it’s time I got myself in shape.”

“I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more muscle definition. As long as a man doesn’t go overboard with it, muscles can be a real turn-on.”

“I’ll remember that,” I answered and my cock was once again completely hard as I thought of Laurel on her knees in front of me, turned on by my body — and worshipping my cock.

She got to her feet. “I’m going to go down to the basement and get things ready while you clear the table. Wait until I call before you come down, please.”

Even though I worked slowly, it still took only ten minutes to clean things up. No sound came up the basement stairs and I had to cool my jets for another five minutes or so before I heard a distant, “Okay, come on down!”

The heavy door in the corner of the basement was open and I could see that it led to a narrow corridor moving to the right which would have meant whatever was down there was under the patio between the two wings of the house.

The room I entered was the size of the patio above and must have been built at the same time. That would make the space large, maybe 30×30. Except for the door, no one would know anything was there. At the far end was a small curtain. I wondered fleetingly what lay behind it.

My attention had been fleeting because there was so much else to look at in that large area. First, everything was lit by candlelight. They were everywhere: on the walls, on several tables spread around the room. In one corner were several comfortable-looking chairs and sofas with a small bar against the wall. Another corner had a wooden floor. There was a carpeted raised area with what looked like a huge mattress on it. This was enclosed by diaphanous curtains in multiple colors. The fourth corner had no candles and was cloaked in shadow. I hoped the mattress corner was where we were going to spend our evening.

The walls of the room were stone as was the floor, but even though it was the middle of December, it wasn’t the slightest bit chilly. As a matter of fact, the stones under my feet felt slightly warm. I looked down at them.

“Radiant heating under the floor, so it’s warm in winter, and when it’s off, my special room is deliciously cool in the summer,” Laurel said from behind me.

She came up and pressed herself against me from the back. She was naked and I could feel her hard nipples pressing into me. Her hand came around and gripped my cock.

“Are you ready to be taught some more?”

I groaned as her other hand also came around and began massaging my balls. “Oh yes.”

“You’re going to have to put yourself in my hands tonight. There must be complete trust between us, Derek. Do you trust me?”

Her hands were working their magic and I could feel that I was rapidly getting close to an orgasm. I would have agreed to anything at that point.

“Yes. I trust you.”

“Stand still and close your eyes.”

I did as I was told and felt a blindfold being put over my eyes.

“Don’t touch,” Laurel warned, “just trust me. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you don’t fall.”

She grabbed my cock and I could do nothing but follow.

We crossed the room I thought towards the darkened corner. For some reason, I felt a bit apprehensive.

“Stand here a moment and put your hands in front of you.”

I did as I was told and I felt cold metal closing around my wrists and the sound of two soft clicks.

“What the…?”

“Relax, Derek, tonight is going to be very special.” She pulled me another few feet. “Turn around and lie down.”

She guided me back to what felt like a long, low table with a thick mat on it, and got me onto it quickly.

It was only the matter of a few moments before my hands were fastened to something over my head and straps were put around my ankles, forcing my legs open. I was completely helplessin Laurel’s hands, restrained in a secret room in her house. Anything might happen.

I sensed her standing next to me. Her hand lightly grazed my wilted cock. “Relax, Derek, I’m not going to hurt you. In fact, I think I can guarantee you’re going to love what happens illegal bahis siteleri this evening.”

“Do I have any choice?”

“Certainly. You want to stop, we’ll stop. Just say the word.” Suddenly her lips were on my mouth and her tongue snaked in. At the same time, she was stroking and pulling on my cock, which responded quickly to her expert touch.

She stepped away, but her voice came from nearby. I heard what sounded like a cupboard being opened.

“Tonight is all about how losing one sense, in this case your most important one, sight, can heighten the sensations felt by your remaining senses.”

“But why do you have me fastened to this table?”

“It’s not a table. It’s a specially designed stand. It can do a lot of things, but tonight it will be pretty basic. Just something I can use as a means of riding you until I come. Think you can handle that?” There was a smile in her voice with the last comment.


She patted my head. “Good boy. But that’s far in the future. I’m not going to let that happen until we both can’t stand the tension.”

“I’m ready right now,” I joked.

“No, you’re not. Not even close.”

It all started off very slowly. Just feathery little sensations. As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure that’s exactly what they were: feathers. First it would be on my face, my ears, my neck. It sort of tickled but not in an uncomfortable way. Laurel was certainly not torturing me. As I relaxed and more got into it, I found my sense of touch was heightened.

Laurel must have had two feathers. One continued its dance on my face, the other was down near my legs. How she managed to do two things at once was beyond me. The lower feather trailing up the inside of my thighs felt exquisite and I suddenly got some insight into why this was such a successful seduction technique for females.

Then we were back to a single feather and it was working on my nipples. First one and then the other. A warm zephyr of air made me aware that Laurel was using her breath, too. I’m sure it wasn’t the same as what a woman would feel, but it was surprisingly pleasant nonetheless.

“I can tell you like that,” Laurel breathed near my ear. “Most people don’t know that there’s some erotic juice to be gained playing with her lover’s nipples. Men never know.”

I strained at my bonds. It was a bit frustrating not be able to participate.

“Do you see how much being restrained adds to the erotic tension?”

Laurel moved and I suddenly felt something touching my hands. Exploring with my fingers I found it was the folds of her pussy. It was very wet, but I couldn’t do her much good with my hands pulled up as they were. I did manage to get a few rubs on her very hard clit before she moved away.

She began licking me, starting near my right ear, then moving to my face. At first, it was the thought of it that sort of turned me off, but with no vision, I began concentrating on just the feel of it, and again it was pretty erotic. It got really electrifying when her tongue passed across my lips. I immediately got ready for a kiss, I was craving the feel of Laurel’s lips on mine. She didn’t oblige.

By the time she worked her way down to my nipples, she had me squirming with desire. We both knew what was coming, what the outcome of this would be, but the denial of expected satisfaction made me increasingly frantic.

I’d touched my nipples experimentally a few times, just to see what it felt like in an attempt to find what it might feel like to a woman. There hadn’t been much sensation. But now because of the situation, I found them to be very sensitive. Was it my state of mind or what Laurel was doing to me? Or both? Whatever, it was amazing.

When Laurel sucked one of my nipples into her mouth, I gasped and my cock twitched, it was that intense. She spent the next few minutes switching from one to the other. I was near begging for her to touch my cock.

Just as quickly, her mouth disappeared and the dual feathers reappeared, this time fluttering around on my stomach. Now that did tickle and she had me squirming to get away from them.

“If you tense up, it will only make it worse. The secret to avoid being ticklish is to relax into it. Then it will just feel good. Stay tense, I can drive you crazy and not in a good way.”

“I’ll try to remember that.”

“Good. It’s very important if you want to please your lover.”

It took several more minutes to get the hang of what Laurel was talking about. The worse was when she ran the feathers up both sides of my torso at the same time. If I hadn’t had a bit of insight she would have driven me crazy in short order.

Just when I thought the stimulation could get no more intense, she started an assault on my inner thighs. Having gained some control of my ticklishness, I could tolerate it, but there seemed to be some direct connection between the nerve endings where she was touching and the nerve endings in my cock. Laurel had me absolutely aching for her tender touch and I told finally her so.

“Oh, canlı bahis siteleri so you want me to touch your cock?”

“Yes, please,” I gasped. “I can’t stand much more.”

“Okay. You asked for it.”

More feather, though and I groaned in disappointment. She had them just brushing my genitals lightly, enough to make me hard as a rock but not enough to bring me even one inch closer to the orgasm my whole body was craving. Occasionally, I’d also feel her hot breath very close to the head of my cock, but she never did so much as brush it with her tongue.

“Okay, Laurel, I get the idea of how this works. Can we move on? I really need to get some relief here!”

“Yes, I know. The crown of your cock is turning purple, you’re so excited.” Her lips touched my ear as she whispered, “But you’re nowhere near as excited as I want you to be.”

“Laurel, please!”

She didn’t answer, but she stopped teasing me with those infernal feathers. Now it was her hands, lightly rubbing me.

Starting on my face, her fingers delicately traced every feature on my body. Sometimes the pressure was heavy, sometimes a mere single fingertip, but everywhere her touches left a trail of fire.

“Men aren’t naturally as sensitive to touch as women are. So it is that men sometimes neglect an important tool in foreplay. Sure you’ll stroke a woman to get her to open up a bit, but men get to women’s breasts, asses and genitals far too quickly. The slow build-up, the teasing, giving a little touch like this,” and here Laurel gave my cock three strokes with her hand while her mouth sucked in its head. Then, damnably, she was gone. “See? Didn’t that drive you crazy?”

“Yes, dammit!”

“You need to remember that. I was once seduced by someone who never touched me once in an erogenous zone, until I was begging for it, promising I would do anything he wanted as long as he brought me to an orgasm.

“So you must remember what I’m doing this evening and how I’m doing it. See how sensitive to my touch you’ve become? If you were doing this to me, I’d be screaming for release, believe me — and promising you anything. Part of it is not being able to see. You don’t know when something’s coming nor what it will be. The other part, probably more important, is not being able to move. Do you find being helpless erotic?”


“Most people do, but be careful to notice signs that your lovers don’t.”

“How will I know?”

“Grab her by the wrists and hold them behind her back while you suck on her nipples. You’ll know if it turns her on. Maybe tie her hands together with your necktie. She’ll tell you either by her words or actions if that’s not what she wants. But remember that there has to be trust between you. I certainly would never let anyone I didn’t know very well restrain me in any fashion.”

“Will you ever let me do it?”

Her lips found my mouth and our tongues danced together for a long erotic moment. With one hand she gripped the base of my cock, as her other arm wrapped around my head.

“I will demand, dear Derek, someday.”

She let me go and did something on both sides of the thing I was fastened to. There was some movement and suddenly I could feel Laurel straddling my legs.

“You wanted more contact?”

“Yes, please,” I answered thinking she might give me one of her exceptional blow jobs, or maybe even ride my cock.

She did neither. First I felt something cold on my aching erection. Her special lubricant again. Her hands worked magic, very slow and tantalizing magic, but ultimately even more frustrating than anything she’d done so far as she brought me again and again to within a whisker of my cock erupting.

“Frustrated?” Laurel asked as she’d yet again stopped me at the brink.

“Unbelievably! Have my balls turned blue yet?”

The cruel thing just laughed at me. “One more thing you should know, as long as you don’t overdo it and get a person too sensitive to continue, when you actually do let them cum, the intensity will be increased dramatically.” Laurel slid her naked body up mine and delivered another one of her incredible kisses, sucking on my lips, her tongue probing my mouth. “When I do let you cum,” and here she began lazily playing with my balls, “believe it or not, you’re going to thank me for all this frustration.”

By now, I was indeed tiring of her little game. Tantalizing a person is one thing, but this was bordering on torture. She had me keyed up to the point where my erection wasn’t subsiding when she stopped, and the time to get me close was diminishing. If this went on much longer, it would only take one touch to make me blast off.

“I am getting a bit sore,” I told her.

She laughed. “Oh no you’re not.”

Laurel slid back down to sit lightly on my legs and continued her interruption torture another few cycles. In between I received a lecture on how I should go about doing the same thing to a woman, but with specific notes on female anatomy and how to give a woman the maximum satisfaction. My attention was distracted about how to fool Laurel into making a mistake in timing. My cock was just aching to explode. She was right about one thing, though: being restrained while it kept me from taking things into my own hands, certainly added to the erotic thrill of her “torture”.

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