A Loan with Extras (Her POV)

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Wednesdays. I hate Wednesdays. Middle of the week, neither here nor there. I was looking forward to the weekend and going out with the girls. It was my best friend’s birthday and we were going to have a nice meal and a good piss up. Well that would be the idea.

I should think myself lucky really. I’m nearly 19 and got this nice job in the bank, but I know I’m capable of more. I want a challenge, not just a nine till five routine job. Anyway I’d had a reasonable day, apart from having to dodge the rain when I went for my Panini at lunch. One more client and I could go home and have a nice long soak in the bath. A bath, then a cosy night in with my chocolate and a DVD. I’m single for now. Stupid men; well some of them.

There was a knock on my door and he came in. “What’s this one going to be like.” I thought. There’d been the normal, drip, drip of customers. Mostly just the same old normal people. Couples, a few guys but only one woman today though. This one seemed OK. He was mid 30s maybe. Not bad looking. Not gorgeous but OK. He seemed slightly nervous. Hesitant. He hadn’t shaved for a day. A little bit grizzled. I quite like that. I asked him to sit down and explained about our products. He was looking at me all the time in this way – well not a scary, creepy way. Sort of a far off way. Then he would look at me intensely. Phew! I wasn’t sure if he was taking it all in. He was sort of distracted. I guess it might have been me. All the men have a good look. Well, I know I’m gorgeous. Well, I am, but…

Eventually, I explained the details and we agreed on his loan. I got up. I had to bend down to get the forms from the bottom drawer of the cabinet. He was bound to be looking at my bum. I couldn’t actually know, but I just thought he would be. It’s my best feature I know that. I don’t flaunt güvenilir bahis myself, but I’m confident and I’ve been told I look nice in my suit. When I turned round, he seemed to have gone a little red. I wondered what he was thinking. He was actually quite nice. He had a nice pleasant manner. He wasn’t cocky or smarmy, just sort of charming and polite. He signed the papers and I went to shake his hand, but he didn’t get up.

‘OK Mr Andrews, I’m glad we could sort you out.’

He looked a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden.

‘Is everything OK?’ I asked.

‘Yes, well – no, a bit of cramp.’

‘Oh dear, I’ve done a bit of first aid, maybe I can just…’

I went round to where he was sitting and looked down. I was just going to see if I could help and bloody hell, he’d got a huge hard on, poking through his trousers. It looked like his trousers were about to split. That has never happened before. I mean, it doesn’t.

The poor bloke was so embarrassed. I could see he was trying to hide it, but there was a fair bit to hide. He mumbled some excuse. I didn’t know what to think. I know I shouldn’t and It’s not exactly professional but I sort of liked it. My nine to five existence. It was suddenly different; exciting. It gave me a rush of adrenaline or something. Then I thought… maybe. No I couldn’t. Would he do it here? Could we? Gosh, how bad was I even to have thought that? Let’s face it, I had done this to him. He didn’t get in this way from signing a loan agreement.

I tried to be polite. Reassure him I suppose. What does a girl do? He was still apologetic.

‘I know, but I’m awful, I should be able to control myself, but you’re just so – you know… I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll go.’

‘No, you don’t have to go, not yet.’

I couldn’t believe I had said türkçe bahis that, but it just came out. I didn’t want him to go. I felt excited. I felt naughty. Maybe this could be good. Oh God, I was feeling horny. All of a sudden, this situation. Him. Me. Here. It felt wrong but just sort of right.

He was surprised when I asked him to stay.

‘What are you saying?’

‘Is there anything else you want me to do? I’m supposed to help the customers. I’m here all day, nine to five. Maybe I can help you?’

‘Well yes, but…’

Flipping eck, he was being too polite, why didn’t he do something? I would have to nudge things on a bit.

‘Hang on…’ I said.

I perched myself on the edge of the desk and leaned over to the phone. I called my colleague.

‘Oh yes, hi Peggy. I’m going to be a bit longer than I thought with this client, maybe 20 minutes OK?’ I was looking him in the eyes all the time as I spoke. I looked down. It was still there.

With that done. I paused and then went and locked the door. He wouldn’t be expecting that!

‘We’re OK for a bit Mr Andrews.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Fill your boots. I feel like being really naughty.’

“Fill your boots!!! What am I like?!”

‘Are you sure no one is going to disturb us?’

‘I’m sure.’

I could see he was like a rabbit in the headlights, bless him. I took the initiative. I slowly unzipped my trousers. I faced away from him and eased my trousers down and just allowed them to fall to the floor. There was a long pause, I thought maybe he had cum or something, but then I felt him pull my knickers down and then his tongue was in my bum. It tickled, but it was nice. His tongue and lips were everywhere. He really appreciated my bottom. I could tell by the little noises he was making, that he was güvenilir bahis siteleri enjoying it. Then I felt his hand between my legs. He was gentle. I felt him stroke my clit and his fingers went in a bit. Ooh this was naughty. I wanted to be a little naughtier though. I bent over, with my best bum in the air pose, so I knew he’d be able to see my foof. I was quite turned on already, but his tongue was wonderful! Fricking hell, he was good. He really knew what he was doing. This was one man who knew how to go down on a girl.

I was really getting worked up. I was panting. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. After a few minutes my little Lucy was aching for him. I looked round at him and he got the message. Within like two seconds he was in me. I yelped. I mean I sort of screamed. The whole bank must have heard.

He shushed me – cheeky beggar.

‘Sorry.’ I said.

Then he just started to bang my pussy. Not gently, but he really went for it. Oh frick it was good. I started to cum quicker than I could remember. I had to push the side of my hand in my mouth to drown out my moans. I’m quite loud to be honest. This man wasn’t taking any prisoners. I said fill your boots and give him his due, he was doing. It was amazing. Absolutely fantastic, raw sex. It was good!

He kept going for quite a bit. He had stamina, I’ll give him that. Ooh, the feelings were wonderful. Tingling and yummy sexy sensations inside me and I could feel myself build up again. He sort of repositioned himself and hit the spot. Then whoosh! I came again, but this time, I just went into these sort of spasms. Then a second or two afterwards I heard him groan and I could feel his hot stuff shoot onto my bottom. Nice!

We both got our breaths back and he gave me a little kiss. I didn’t expect that. We got dressed quietly. I think we both felt a bit embarrassed. Nothing like that has ever happened before and I expect it wont again. I went to work with an extra bounce in my step the next day and a great big smile on my face!

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