A Long Night of Summer

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She planted her bare heel firmly on his matted chest hair and pushed him backwards onto the bed.

“I bet you’re usually the one who likes to be in charge, to hold a woman down and fuck her senseless. That will not happen here. Not now, not ever. You’re MY fucktoy and I intend on keeping it that way.”

Summer stood 5″8 and was a well proportioned Redhead with a healthy body that told any who looked her way that she worked hard to look how she did. Long sessions of squats and leg raises in the gym had given her the type of ass that turned heads. This delicious backside was matched by her long, milky thighs which many men (and some women) had glimpsed and found themselves wanting to kiss them, caress them, worship them. Her upper body displayed her average breasts with dime-sized nipples that begged for lips to be placed around them. One partner had remarked that she was the only woman to have taken her clothes off and nothing moved. The most prominent feature of her was her eyes. Her piercing blue eyes seemed to look through and see the darkest, most depraved acts a man would want to do, and she wanted to do them too.

Her partner for the evening, one of the countless idiots who tried so hard to ‘put the moves on her’ whimpered as he felt a weight press down on him and a shadow pass over as her pussy appeared above his face.

Summer knew that he couldn’t see much through the blindfold. This pleased her. This made her wet. She knew this type of guy would never brag to his douchebag friends how he was tied up and dominated by the redhead from the gym. Judging from the things she had done to him, he would be too embarrassed.

“Open your fucking mouth and stick your tongue out,” she snapped, as she felt warm breath on her clit. She began to grind into his face, making sure to make as much of a mess as she could. Summer enjoyed licking her own juice off her partner’s face afterwards, claiming them.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw his thick cock bobbing as he became more and more aroused from being dominated. Smiling wickedly, Summer manoeuvred around so that they were in the more traditional 69 position.

“We’re going to play a game now- no! don’t you fucking dare talk. I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you. Now, as I was saying, we’re going to play a game. You’re going to take your tongue away from my pussy and move it towards my asshole. Once there, I want you to rim me. The better you bursa escort do, the better-”

She took a long lick of his cock from base to tip “I do.” Her captive groaned as her tongue massaged the top of his member, this was driving him insane.

Summer felt hands pulling apart her ass cheeks as she pushed backwards onto his tongue. The feeling of a tongue slowly pushing its way inside her asshole was unmatched in her eyes. Nothing compared, to be wanted by a person so badly they wanted to shove their tongue into your ass and lick. It was the highest form of worship.

They continued for what seemed like an age, or was it only a few minutes? No matter, Summer was getting close. Her grunts stirred something primal in her captive, his hips bucked higher and with more force into her mouth, gagging her. Summer forced her asshole and pussy more forcefully onto his face as her orgasm built, her thighs were shaking as she fought to keep his dick in her mouth.

A dam burst somewhere inside her and fireworks exploded inside her head. Every fibre of Summer’s being was on fire.

Spinning around, she grabbed her captive by the hair and forced his mouth back onto her pussy as juice sprayed out, soaking them both.

“Clean- oh- clean me you filthy cunt, lick my pussy, suck my clit, that’s it.” Her arms were trembling as her orgasm began to subside.

Summer slumped over her captive as she caught her breath. This was what she wanted, what she needed.

As she stood, she realised that her legs had cramped from being in the same position for so long. Shaking them off, she smirked as she realised that if her captive could see, this would be a rather strange sight of her dancing with her naked pussy just a few inches away from his soaked face.

Summer turned and, bending from the waist, grasped his cock in her hand. She was amazed at the hardness of it. The only comparison she could think of was holding a steel bar wrapped in warm silk. Jacking his cock almost experimentally, Summer lay on her back and pulled him on top of her. It was time to see if this self-proclaimed ‘stud’ had what it took to back up his claims.

Running her hands down his sides as he supported himself on his hands above her, Summer had to admit that he may not be an Adonis, but fuck, he was a man.

She lifted her feet and rubbed her calves along his body, getting a feel of him as his breathing deepened above her, bursa escort bayan anticipating what was to come next. She raised her head and teased him with the faintest of kisses on his lips, deciding in the spur of the moment that she wanted to look him in the eye as he fucked her. Or rather, she made him fuck her.

Lifting the blindfold from his eyes, she noted their deep brown colour. Funny, that had never really mattered to her before. She pushed the thought away as quickly as it came, they were here to fuck, not to stare.

Reaching ever so slowly down between their bodies, Summer grasped his member and closed her fingers around it. She wanted him, but wanted to tease him more. Summer pulled him closer to her, but at the last moment raised him above her opening and rubbed the tip of him against her clit, sending little bolts of pleasure shooting through her body. Her legs tightened around him as the smallest of moans escaped her lips. Drawing his head down into her chest, Summer commanded him to suck her nipples, using her free hand to pull at the hair on his head, she directed him around her breasts.

“Please.” It was the first word her captive had uttered since she had placed the blindfold on him and this pleased her. She knew what he wanted, and she was going to give him it.

Her heels dug into his ass as she directed his member downwards and felt her lips parting as he slid inside her.

“Yes!” she couldn’t help but scream. Her captive was grunting as he bottomed out inside her, they remained this way for a minute or so, him enjoying the wetness and heat that being inside her brought and her the feeling of being full. Every small movement caused a wave of pleasure to crash through Summer’s body.

They found their rhythm and settled into it. Flesh was grinding against flesh as the temperature increased and sweat began to pour from both bodies. This turned Summer on even more. She loved the feeling of sweaty bodies sliding against each other. This was fucking. Dirty, sweaty, nasty fucking. Her nails raked down his back as she thrust her hips up to meet his strokes. Her pussy clenched around his shaft as she pressed her feet harder into his ass cheeks as she came a second time.

“Faster! Harder! Fuck me you worthless piece of shit,” she screamed. In the throes of her orgasm Summer had no time, nor did she care, to consider his feelings. This was about her, not him.

The pace escort bursa of his thrusting increased until all Summer could do was hold on for dear life as she was fucked with a ferocity that only a man who was not permitted to come, but wanted to, could muster. the orgasm hit her so quickly she wasn’t entirely sure where she was. Her body tensed and a scream tore itself from her lips. She prayed to a god she didn’t believe in as the ecstasy washed through her. When she came down from the high, the pace had lessened and her captive was obviously holding himself back.

She could feel a mixture of sweat and pussy juice trickle down between her cheeks and soak her asshole, how she craved for another partner to join in and fill the lusty aching inside her.

Her captive was getting close and Summer could feel it. A half smile flickered at the corner of her mouth as she thought of a new cruelty to inflict on him.

“Come for me, fill me up. I want your come inside me.” As the words left her mouth, Summer heard a whimper so filled with gratitude she was almost touched. Her captive began to thrust hard inside her and pant heavily as his orgasm built and a stirring began in his balls. He was close and they both knew it.

Summer stroked his back, pushing further and further down until her fingers rested lightly at the top of his ass cheeks. His thrusting took on a new vigour as Summer deduced this was something he obviously liked. Her fingers crept closer and closer to his rosebud, feeling the heat of his body radiating outwards. The middle finger of her left hand began to rub around the rim of his asshole and press lightly against the centre when she felt him shudder as his orgasm took hold. His thrusting became erratic as he shot wave after wave of his thick, white come inside her pussy, where it mixed with the other juices they had created during their session.

Exhausted, her captive slumped on top of her and tried to catch his breath. For Summer this was not over. She pushed him sideways off the bed and forced him to his knees at the side of the bed. Her legs were spread either side of him as he looked up at her, then down slowly as he took in her body. Their juices were leaking slowly out of her and they both noticed. Licking her lips, Summer looked her captive in the eyes.

“Clean me.”

The command was short and sharp. She knew what she wanted, this final dominating act was hers.

If he was lucky, maybe she would let him jack himself off as he did it.

After all, she couldn’t be expected to control everything.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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