A Loving Gran and Mum Ch. 05

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Helen stayed at gran’s on Wednesday and Thursday night as well. The three of them got on so well. Helen loved anal; it was now part of the foreplay with gran and Helen. The lovemaking was so varied and exciting. Gran and Helen worked well together, they gave Jack so much pleasure, but he was also giving them a lot of fun. On Wednesday, Helen asked Jack for his mobile number, that was before gran invited her back for Wednesday evening. On Friday morning, both gran and Helen were a little sad; they were both glowing as Jack had looked after them both well last night and this morning.

After breakfast Jack drove to the University, it was the first time he had used mum’s car all week, he used it this morning as he wanted to go straight to the Airport after his last lecture. Friday flew in for Jack; his lectures were excellent, he had also done well on an oral examination, he was good at orals as he and mum talked all the time about what he was studying.

As he drove to the Airport, he was a little nervous; he had been writing regularly to mum, he had told her Tuesday had been a great evening. He hadn’t told her that he had fucked Helen, but something told him that she knew that he had. He had only said to her that they had all flirted a lot. He also told her that gran had tongue kissed him, but mum didn’t respond to that.

He arrived at the Airport just as the plane was landing; the plane was ten minutes early. Jack waited outside the Arrival door; then mum walked through, she looked stunning, the mini-skirt of her suit looked terrific. She was also wearing three-inch heels which were unusual for mum. Jack took her in his arms; they hugged, they tongue kissed, mum’s tongue was buried in Jack’s mouth, she was also pushing her body hard against him. After a minute or so of heavy kissing, mum said, “Let’s get out of here.”

In the car, Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, I have got a couple of bottles of Champagne in the fridge chilling for when we get home. How was your Congress? I’ve missed you a lot.”

Mum was stroking Jack’s thigh as he drove, mum said, “I get points for attending, so that helps my salary. I learned a lot; many things were discussed which were informative and interesting. That’s nice with the Champagne. I’ve missed you too. I think of you every day; tonight is going to be special.”

Mum’s hand then found Jack’s erect cock; she felt the full length then said, “My god Jack, that’s enormous, it’s so long and thick. Have I made you so hard?”

“Mum, I get hard just thinking about you.”

“That’s good; I’ll make you so hard when we get home. I’ve been saving myself all week for you. A couple of times, I was tempted to play with myself, but I have saved myself for when we get home.”

Jack looked down; he could güvenilir bahis see the top of mum’s self-supporting stockings, the mini-skirt suited her. Jack put his hand on her thigh then moved his hand towards her pussy, mum smiled, spread her legs wide open for him and said, “I’m wearing crotchless panties just for you.”

Jack then felt the top of her long sex slit; he ran two fingers down the length of it; it was long. He slid a finger inside her; he found her hooded clit, it was big, he ran his finger around it then mum said, “That feels so good, you’ll make me cum, do you want mummy to cum for you?”

“Mum, you’re going to cum a lot, we’ll be home in a few minutes, thank god the traffic is light or I’d have made you cum this now.”

They arrived home; they went straight to mum’s bedroom. They were both naked within seconds, mum’s body was gorgeous, her flat stomach, massive tits, smooth and swollen vulva, her long sex slit was perfect. Jack laid her on the bed, then went down on her. Mum nimbly got herself into a position to allow them to 69.

Jack went down on her, but first, he admired her perfect sex slit, it was long, it looked better in reality than in the leggings pictures. Jack ran two fingers up and down the length of it. He found her big hooded clit; he teased it with his fingers as he finger fucked her with two fingers. He then started to suck it as he moved his fingers in and out of her tight cunt. Mum loved it, a couple of minutes later, Jack said, “Mum, spread your legs so my fingers can go deeper.”

Mum spread them wider as she pushed her pussy hard against Jack’s mouth. Mum was getting hotter, her moans with pleasure were getting louder, mum said as she came off sucking Jack’s cock, “Jack, your cock is massive, I wasn’t sure whether I could take all of him in my mouth, but I managed it, and it felt so good. Maybe it would be better if I went on top for the first time, that will let me get used to the size of him, is that OK with you?”

Jack replied, “No problem, we can do that. I will make you cum, that will make your pussy wet then you can go on top. I want you to cum in my mouth, mum; I want to taste you.”

“Jack, I would love that, when I cum, hold my cum in your mouth then we can cum kiss. I have never tasted my cum; you will be the first man that I have cum in their mouth. I want to do this with you. Hold my cum in your mouth then we’ll kiss.”

Jack kept going; he sensed mum was close, then mum said, “I’m cuming, it feels so good.”

Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth; mum was cuming a lot, Jack’s mouth was filling with it, he wanted to swallow some but didn’t, he kept it all in his mouth. When mum composed herself, they cum kissed, they were both using their tongues to transfer mum’s cum türkçe bahis into mum’s mouth. Mum then swallowed and said, “It tastes so sweet, we must do that again soon, I loved doing that. Jack, you now lie on your back, and I will go on top. Just relax, I will do all the work. I will start slowly, as I get used to him then I’ll speed up, he looks so big.”

Mum then went on top, very slowly, she pushed down on Jack’s erect cock. She soon was taking the full length, mum said, “It feels amazing, it fills me, but it feels so comfortable. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix, I’ve never had that before, it’s a wonderful sensation when it hits.”

Mum soon had a powerful rhythm going; her face was glowing as she pounded on Jack’s cock, her tits were wobbling in every direction, mum took her left breast and held it close to her mouth then started to lick and suck her nipple. Jack was stroking mum’s big clit as she rode him, then mum started to ride him faster and deeper, two minutes later mum had a massive orgasm, her body was shaking with it. Jack didn’t cum, but he knew that he would after dinner. Mum leaned down, she was holding Jack’s cock inside her with her strong cunt muscles. Mum said, “That was magnificent, Jack, let’s shower now. I have got a super outfit for tonight. I want to surprise you. After we shower, let me get dressed alone. Open a bottle of Champagne, and I will meet you in the lounge. My outfit is special; I want you to be proud to be seen with me. I think now that we’ll eat out a lot.”

Jack waited for mum in the lounge; he had poured himself a glass and had a glass ready for mum. Jack was surprised that mum hadn’t asked about gran and Helen. He would be honest with her and tell her that he was fucking them. He had the feeling mum already knew but was keeping it to herself as he believed that mum was also sleeping with Helen though he wasn’t sure about gran.

Mum then came into the lounge; she looked striking, her mini-skirt outfit was so eye-catching, it showed her voluptuous figure to perfection. Jack stood up and took her in his arms and said, “Mum, you look gorgeous; you’re perfect in every detail.”

They kissed lovingly then Jack poured mum a glass of Champagne. They sat chatting for twenty minutes then walked to the restaurant. It was buzzing; Jack was happy he had booked the table. The meal was excellent. Jack and mum were acting like teenagers, holding hands and kissing at every opportunity. As they were about to leave, mum said, “This afternoon was amazing, my pussy is still tingling, I can still feel you inside me. Jack, when we get home, could you do me doggy style? If you do then you can go so much deeper, I love it when you go deep, are you OK with that?”

Jack squeezed mum’s hand and said, “Mum, whatever you güvenilir bahis siteleri want then I’ll do it for you. I want to give you pleasure, if doggy style gives you more pleasure then we’ll do that. Let’s get home so that we can get started.”

Mum said, “OK, I have something else for you. I’m wearing a crotchless bodysuit under this lovely outfit. Can I keep it on when you fuck me, I’ll pop my tits out of it, it will stop them from wobbling all over the place?”

Jack told her that he would love that. He paid the bill then they walked home arm in arm. They got into the house, Jack led mum into the kitchen, they kissed and touched for a couple of minutes then Jack said, “Mum, I’d like to do you over the kitchen table, that way you can keep your heels on, are you comfortable with that?”

“Jack, I’d love that, get naked and let me make your cock nice and hard.”

Jack stripped naked; mum stripped to her crotchless bodysuit, self-supporting stockings and heels. The bodysuit enhanced mum’s curves; for her age, her body was terrific. Jack sat on a kitchen chair, mum knelt in front of him, licking and sucking his now erect cock. Mum soon had his cock rock hard; she popped her tits out of her bodysuit, spread her legs and bent over the kitchen table.

Jack went behind her; he teased her clit with the bulbous head of his cock. Mum was wet; she was also hot. Jack centred his cock in the middle of her long sex slit, with a gentle push, he was home. Mum was wet but felt so tight as Jack started to up his rhythm, Jack said, “Mum, your pussy feels so tight, I love it when you grip my cock.”

“Jack, it feels so good for me, you can go deeper and harder if you want, I have never felt so filled before.”

Jack build up his rhythm, he was going harder and deeper, mum was purring. Jack was stroking mum’s clit then mum put her left hand down under Jack’s heavy balls, she then started to massage Jack’s balls as he rode her. Mum loved the doggy style position.

Jack sensed that mum was close, so was he, mum’s massaging of his balls was having an effect on Jack, mum said, “I’m close baby, I know that you didn’t cum this afternoon but cum for mummy now, I want to feel you fill me with your cum. Cum for mummy, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we both came at the same time. Cum for mummy.”

Jack was pounding mum’s pussy so hard now; he was impressed that mum was still massaging his balls, then mum cried out, “I’m cuming.”

Two seconds later, Jack was squirting his cum inside her; they had both cum together; it felt wonderful. Jack pulled out then turned mum around; they kissed lovingly and tenderly for several minutes then Jack said, “That was amazing money, we both wanted and needed that, I’m so happy that we’re doing this, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

As they walked to the bedroom, mum said, “You are right, we have a lot to catch up with, I think that we should spend a week or so together. After that, who will we invite over for dinner first, gran or Helen?”

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