A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 01

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This is a story of mother and son incest.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


The year was 1949. Things were different then. Sexual mores were stricter, far stricter. There were no birth control pills. A woman’s thoughts, when it came to sex, were always affected by the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Virginity was close to being the norm among high school girls. Maybe, in fact, most girls that age were virgins.

Oral sex was almost unheard of. Probably it was more common than most people thought, but women, and most men too, considered it dirty. A common epithet among men and teenaged boys was ‘you eat it’, meaning pussy. Men considered a blow job something only a prostitute would perform. Many men could not conceive of kissing a woman after she had sucked his cock. Women also thought of oral sex as dirty. When they thought of it at all.

Masturbation, too, was considered shameful. Boys were advised against it by doctors and the clergy. Religions took the view that women should not touch their private parts except for washing them.

Women, though, did talk between themselves, especially close friends. Men and, as always has been, teenaged boys talked too.

Divorce was rare. Couples stayed married and worked through their problems, or learned to live with them. To be sure, this often resulted in unhappy households; but not as often as you would expect.

Edna’s husband had passed away a few years previously leaving her with a young son fourteen years old. Her husband had been twenty years older than Edna. She had married him during the depression when men who could support a wife, and probably a family, were hard to find. Her husband had been a farmer. Admittedly not every year was good, but overall he was able to provide for Edna and their son quite well. The farm had thrived during the war years. At the end of the war, the same year her husband died, they were quite prosperous.

After his death Edna leased out the farm land and moved into the small city not far away. She didn’t want to sell the farm. She hoped that her son would someday take it over. Her husband had left her sufficiently well off that she and her son had enough to live on if they didn’t spend too wildly.

Her son, Rick, had just turned eighteen when this story begins. He was a senior in high school. He was a little less than average height and quite slim. Skinny might describe him better. He had few athletic abilities, but he was quite intelligent.

He had no girlfriend and very few dates. The girls in his school had no interest in someone like him. Like most teenage boys, though, he was interested in them. He had the normal range of fantasies to spice up his jerk off sessions. Sessions he kept carefully secret, he thought. Edna knew, however, she was his mother. They always know. She never mentioned it to him, so he continued in blithe ignorance.

Rick tried to help his mother as much as he could. He was not demanding and took on a part time job at a local grocery. He worked every Saturday and three evenings a week until seven o’clock. He contributed a large part of his pay to household expenses and another equal amount to savings for college. Edna saved as much as she could from the money he gave her for household expenses. She didn’t tell him about it, though. That money, too, was for his college.

Rick was friendly enough with the other boys in his class. He was easy to get along with. They talked like boys their age have talked since time began; braggadocio and lies. Wondering about what girl they could fuck and suppositions about who would ‘put out’. The fact was that almost none of them had ever fucked anything more feminine than their fist.

Edna was thirty-eight. She was slim with very small breasts, almost flat chested. Her legs were nice and she had a pretty face. She was a friendly woman active in community affairs.

It was mid-winter when Rick dressed up and Edna let him take the car to attend a dance at school. She thought about him after he had left. She was concerned that he couldn’t seem to make any headway with girls. Those thoughts led to memories of her own younger days. She thought fondly of her deceased husband. Despite the difference in their ages he had been able to satisfy her sexually until just before he had passed away. He had been a good lover and well hung. She missed sex, but she was still able to get pregnant and was not willing to risk it.

As her husband aged he could not always perform in the bedroom. He offered to go down on her, but she refused. She had trouble envisioning kissing him after he had kissed her private parts. Eventually she allowed it. It was a night when she was so horny she was willing to try anything. She experienced a wild, intense orgasm. Better than any she had ever experienced.

Afterward she covered her husband with kisses, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. On his face too as she delighted in licking it clean. Her repugnance was forgotten, even to the point that she was soon sucking bedava bahis his dick to give him satisfaction. It was only a few days before she let him cum in her mouth. The natural next step was swallowing his seed, but she often delighted in kissing him as she rolled it around in her mouth savoring it.

A thought came to her. She pushed it out of her mind, but it returned every time. It was not the first time this thought had come to her. This time, though, it invaded her mind with far more force. It was a way to help Rick. Far in the back of her mind there was a whisper. And me too.

Rick got home about eleven. Edna was still up. She was dressed in her best nightgown covered by a robe. A dab of her perfume made her feel extra feminine. She had a stiff drink just before she expected him, to give herself courage. He smiled at his mother, but she could tell he was dejected.

“Sit down, Rick, and talk to me,” she told him.

Edna had practiced, in her mind, what she would say to him. Even so she had trouble getting started.

“Rick, Can we talk about something?” She managed to get out.

“I guess so, Mom.”

“You never seem to have any dates, honey. I can’t help but wonder why.”

“Mom,” Rick replied, then hesitated. “I don’t think girls are attracted to me.”

“Oh, Rick, they don’t know you like I do.” She stopped talking to gather her thoughts. She could understand why girls weren’t attracted to Rick, but he was her son and that made the situation unacceptable. She rushed on before she lost her courage.

“Rick, I can tell you how to have all the women you want, if you want to know.”

Rick looked up, surprised. “You can?”

“Yes,” Edna continued. “If you do the things I tell you to do women will chase you.”

“How, Mom?”

“The first thing, and the most important, is to never tell anyone about women you were with. Not even to your best friend, or other women. I know young boys like to brag, but you cannot do that. Not even hints about what may have gone on.”

“I can do that, Mom,” Rick told her.

“Second, you must agree to follow my instructions. You may not want to, but the rewards will be great if you do. And, – you will come to enjoy it, even if you don’t at first.”

“Ok, Mom. I will.”

“Have you ever kissed a girl, Rick? I mean really kissed.”

“No,” Rick sounded embarrassed and a little meek.

“Then we’ll learn that first.” Edna put her hands on Rick’s shoulders and drew him toward herself.

“Don’t worry that I’m your mother. Pretend I’m your girlfriend. Start softly.”

Rick was a good learner and Edna had been a long time without male contact. She could soon feel her pussy getting wet and heard herself moan softly. Her original thoughts, nebulous though they were, envisioned taking several days to teach Rick what she thought he needed to know. Now it was becoming a matter of what she needed.

She let her robe fall open and brought one of Rick’s hands to her breast. He fondled it through her nightgown. Small breasted though she was it was a new thing for him, and exciting. Something that had only been in his fantasies before.

Edna knew she had to act. She pushed him back and stood. He looked up at her, questioning.

“Come with me,” she told him softly.

She led him upstairs to her bedroom. A small lamp on the bedside table provided just enough soft light to see.

“Get undressed and come to bed,” she told him still speaking softly.

Rick nervously, and with fumbling fingers, undressed down to his shorts.

“Leave them on if you feel more comfortable,” his mother told him.

She let her robe slip from her shoulders and sat on the side of the bed. She took Rick’s hand and told him to sit beside her.

“Many women want to be with men, Rick,” she began. “But they are afraid of a couple of things. As I told you earlier men talking about them is a big concern. Women do think about their reputation; but getting pregnant is probably the biggest reason women have to avoid sex.

“I will show you how to make women happy. Things will take care of themselves once you learn what to do. Are you still willing?”

“Oh yes, Mom.” Rick’s cock was hard. He had never been this close to sex with a woman before. The fact that she was his mother didn’t matter.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s private parts, Rick?” She was wet and horny. She didn’t want to push her son too fast but desire was taking control. Pheromones saturated the air of the room, male and female both. The scent lures took control of their libidos and led them to where they might not normally go. Edna was somewhat more in control than her son. But then she had a plan.

“No,” rick answered hesitantly.

“Let’s start there,” Edna said.

She pulled her nightgown up to her waist. She was not wearing panties and Rick could see her pubic hair.

“Kneel down between my legs,” she told her son. “You can get a good look there.”

Rick slid off the bed as bedava bonus his mother spread her thighs to give him access. In the dim light he gazed raptly at the puffy and slightly parted labia. Her clit peeked out at the top of her slit and her juices glistened on the lust swollen lips. A cap of dark hair crowned her pussy like a halo.

“Kiss it,” he heard. “Kiss it.”

He could do nothing else. His lust made him obey. The shame, instilled in him by his peers, of eating pussy was forgotten. Overcome with desire he leaned into his mother’s cunt and pressed his lips to it.

“Lick it with your tongue,” he heard.

Her hands were on his head, caressing him, urging him to do her will. His tongue licked at the sheen of her juices. The taste aroused him even further, his cock throbbed; almost painfully.

She sighed. She wanted more. She wanted him to lick and suck at her cunt; to bring her to a mind blowing climax such as she remembered from her marriage. This was not the time, though. That would come soon. He was caught now, there was much to teach him, but there would be no going back. It was time to show him his first reward. She gently pushed his head back. He looked up at her, a little confused, greatly excited. She pulled on his arm and he stood. She rolled back onto the bed bringing him with her. She kissed him, a hot wet kiss with open mouth and probing tongue. She had a purpose. She would show him that kissing her pussy was not dirty. That she wanted to be kissed after he had tasted her juices.

She grasped his cock as she kissed him and pulled it from his shorts. It only took a touch of her hand and a couple of strokes along his iron hard shaft before his cum erupted and he gasped in ecstasy. The thick, creamy cum coated her hand as she held the throbbing shaft. It had been, by far, the best orgasm he had ever experienced; and from his own mother too.

Edna pushed his shorts down his legs and he kicked them off. They laid together Edna caressing her son as he suckled at her tits. They held each other, and kissed. Soft loving kisses. Edna talked to her son, softly. She told him, again, how she would teach him to please women. How they would seek him out, he would not have to chase after them, hoping for an occasion kiss. She would reward him as he learned. She told him how the wonderful orgasm he had just experienced was only the beginning. As he learned the rewards would increase.

As she talked she surreptitiously licked his cum from her hand. She savored it, delighted to taste a man’s seed again after many years, she loved the scents and tastes of lovemaking.

Her words excited him. He was a virginal teenaged boy with all the wild hormonal urges that inflict young men of that age. He had never been with a naked woman before. He had never felt soft warm flesh against his own. He had never inhaled the scents of a hot woman. He had never thrilled at the moans he elicited as he sucked on her hard nipples.

“I’ll learn, Mom.” He told her. “I’ll learn everything you want me to. I love you.”

Edna smiled, secretly satisfied. It would be a pleasant adventure for both of them.

“Rest now, Rick, you’ll be ready for another lesson soon. I love you.”

As they laid together, stroking each other’s bodies and exchanging kisses, Edna thought about her next step. Should she teach him about foreplay? About how to suck her tits and kiss her body. About kisses on the neck and other things that aroused her. Or, should she teach him how to make her cum. How to lick her cunt and suck at her clit. Her horniness won out. She wanted to cum. She had to cum and more than once. She would teach him the finer points later.

Their touches and kisses soon turned hot. It didn’t take long. Rick was young and resilient; Edna was hot and had not yet cum.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. “Did you like kissing me down there, Rick?” she asked softly.

“I liked it because you did, Mom.”

“Many women like to be kissed there, but not many men will do it for them, Baby. Those that do often don’t know the right way and aren’t willing to learn. I’ll teach you what you need to know. Women will chase you then.”

Edna pushed her son down to lie between her splayed thighs. “Watch what I do with my finger,” she told him. “That is what you should do with your tongue.”

He watched as she slid her finger up the lips of her pussy. She talked to him as she showed him the way.

“When I get hot. When you make me hot, I get wet and juicy. That is to lubricate me if you enter me, but your father liked the taste.”

It was the first time Rick had ever thought about sex between his parents. He was a little shocked at first, but then he smiled and thought fondly of his father.

Edna’s finger rubbed her clit. “Women are so sensitive here,” she said. “You should take that little button between your lips and suck on it. You can lick it with your tongue too, and even nibble it, but gently.

Edna’s breath was coming faster, deneme bonusu soft gasps escaping her lips. “Do it now,” she cried on the verge of an orgasm. Her hands went to his head her pussy was left open for him, for his attention.

Her hands guided his head into her valley. She did not need to urge him, he went willingly his tongue probing her wet and fragrant pussy. He licked her and sucked her. He lapped up her juices and nibbled at her clit. She came in a wild orgasm and quickly came again. Her cries of joy filled the room and he responded by increasing the fervor of his lovemaking.

It had been a long time since she had an orgasm as powerful as those tearing through her body. Her every cell sang out in ecstasy. Her thighs pressed close on his head. Her heels pressed on his back to hold him close to her. Her hands stroked his head with love and tenderness.

When she could take no more without fainting she pushed his head back from her pussy. He moved back, reluctantly, and looked up. He raised himself on his elbows to look at her.

Edna grasped his arms and pulled him up to face her; for hot kisses and an emotional thank you.

“That was wonderful, Rick.”

“Thank you, Mom. I want to please you.”

“You did, my baby, now another reward.”

She took his hard cock between her lips and gave Rick an experience he had never expected to happen to him. She brought him to the verge of a climax and lifted her head to watch his cum explode from his hard cock onto his belly.

She smiled to herself. He had so much still to experience. She and her husband had tried, and enjoyed, much. She would pass it on to her son.


Edna woke her son much earlier than usual. He seemed confused at first, but soon a smile came over his face as he remembered the night before. His mother was standing beside the bed in a silk slip. The shadows of her areolas and her full bush were visible through the fine fabric.

She sat on the edge of the bed and felt his hard cock through the sheet. “That’s probably mostly pee, Honey, why don’t you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. I’ll wait here for you.”

Rick dashed for the bathroom. He pissed away his morning hard on and his dick immediately started to stiffen again. He brushed his teeth and ran back to his mother’s bedroom still naked.

She was waiting for him and held her arms up to him. He joined her on the bed for a hot kiss.

“You have to go to work today,” she told him. “But we have a little time before breakfast.”

His hand was under her slip groping for the bare wet pussy he knew awaited him under its silky folds. She slipped the strap of the slip off her shoulder and pushed the top down to let him suck at her tit.

Rick started to slide down her body but she stopped him.

“I haven’t showered yet, Honey.”

“I don’t care, Mom, I want to do it anyway.”

Edna was not fastidiousness she saw nothing wrong, or dirty, about being eaten before showering. She was elated that Rick had the attitude that he did. She opened her legs for her son. Opened to let him lick and suck at her wet pussy. Her snatch flowed with the juices of heat and lust. He laid between her legs and her hands on his head guided him.

She came once, a beautiful, gratifying orgasm. She pushed him away then and brought him back to her face for a wet kiss.

“I want to do something special,” she told him. “Special for both of us.”

She rolled onto her back. “Get on top,” she urged him. “And eat me.”

It was the first time she had used such direct language and it had an immediate effect on him. He straddled her with his head poised above her pussy. Her legs were spread wide and the wild tangle of her pubic hair framed her glistening labia.

He felt her hand on his head gently pushing him to her hot, wet cunt. It was urging he didn’t need. He knew where this was going. She held him on top of herself one hand on his head holding him at her snatch. The other on his hip. She lifted her hips to her son as he ate her cunt and came with an explosive rush.

She took his cock then, deep into her mouth. Her lips and tongue and teeth all working to bring him the pleasure he was bringing to her. Even as she was rising to another orgasm she felt him ready to cum.

She didn’t pull away this time. Her body sang as he gave her his seed. He filled her mouth with his hot creamy cum and she milked his cock to get more.

She was ecstatic, full of joy for being able to teach her son; for being able to prepare him for a life of loving. From the orgasms he had given her.

They laid together afterwards, holding each other closely. They would have stayed like that for hours, but there were things to do. Edna kissed her son and rolled out of bed.

“I’ll make breakfast, Baby, you shower and get ready for work.”

Rick briefly considered skipping work for the day, but he knew what his mother’s reaction would be if he suggested it. He went to the bathroom to shower and then to his own room to dress. His mother had breakfast ready when he came downstairs and a sandwich packed for his lunch.

“We’ll have more fun tonight, Rick,” Edna told him as he ate. “And tomorrow too. We need to talk about a few things soon. Maybe tomorrow after church.”

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