A Mountain Escape

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Hello Literotica! This is my first submission ever and I’m excited to see if anyone likes it. These stories are based on my experiences; names of course have been changed. Leave me some feedback and stay tuned for more installments on the story.


It was a crisp December day in West Virginia on the top of Snowshoe Mountain. A bluebird day and as much visibility as one could ask for.

“Jesus, there’s nothing out here.” Finn said with a smile. He was right, due to a massive radio wave telescope located about 30 miles away from the mountain, no cell towers were allowed to be installed in the area because of the wave interruption. People tend not to live where they can’t have their phones. That was fine with Finn though, because it made for a beautifully remote wilderness, relatively untouched by the machine of industrialism.

Finn had had an amazing last year and a half. It had been a kind of rebirth for him. The day after high school he moved from Nashville, TN to Colorado Springs with his oldest sister Rachel and her newborn son Heath. However, Rachel’s husband had been deployed to Afghanistan right after the birth so Finn had become surrogate “daddy” for the first 8 months of Heath’s life.

After changing diapers, rocking him back to sleep in the middle of the night, and being woken up at the crack of dawn Rachel told Finn she had the swing of being a momma now and encouraged him to move on. After much deliberation, he took her advice and soon started teaching adult snowboard lessons at Copper Mountain in the high Rockies of Colorado.

Once winter had drawn to a close though, Finn finally got his chance to go on a hike he had been planning for five years. After four and a half months he successfully hiked from Georgia to Maine covering 2,185.3 miles on the Appalachian Trail. The experience had made him confident, insightful, and just really likable. People love people who do things they wish they could. He had changed for the better. He found a new perspective on life; if he could carry everything he needed on his back to not just survive, but to thrive and be happier than he ever could than everyday “problems” seemed insignificant now. That confidence was desirable to everyone around him, and he had a way with making whomever he was talking to feel like the most important human being on earth. It’s nice to feel important. He never let any of it go to his head though, there was a bigger picture than just himself.

As a transition back into the “real world” at the completion of his Appalachian Trail thru hike, Finn and his other older sister (middle child) Kat had plans to backpack around Europe for about five weeks.

They explored the crystal clear Aegean Sea around Greece, watched sunsets on the island of Santorini, marveled at the gothic architecture in Budapest, Hungary, and rode bicycles on the streets of Austria. Cheap wine welcomed them to Italy and they ventured across as much countryside as historic cities. Vineyards and sunflower fields stretched as far as the eye could see and he fell in love with the beauty of nature all over again for the millionth time.

Then Barcelona beckoned for them to spend the late hours of the night in the countless salsa clubs, passionately intertwining with a partner while their sweaty bodies pressed hard against each, short of breath. Salsa is a dance for lovers, the dance floor is their bed and the music reverberates their rapid heartbeats.

The journey ended in London, where it began. Despite feeling extremely thankful to be able to live a life like this, Finn never shook the feeling that there was a huge hole in his life.

“I’m tired of being alone.” Finn finally said to Kat while on their layover in the London airport. “I’m the kind of person that needs to take care of someone. I can’t wait to have a girl in my life that I can treat like the princess she is,” he said dreamily with a hint of sadness.

“I have a feeling that’ll happen sooner than you think. As soon as you stop looking, your dream girl is gonna bump right into you. I’ve always thought you were gonna be the kinda guy that never slept around or had meaningless relationships. There would be like one, maybe two, girls before the perfect one finds you.” She assured him.

“Thanks,” he said. “That means a lot. Really.” Because it was true, so true in fact that he was still a virgin. It never bothered him much like it did some of his buddies in high school though. Sex was a good thing. And used in the right context could be a great thing. He knew that whenever he found that girl he genuinely wanted to share it with, amazing things would happen. Not because of the actual act of sex, but because the girl must be something really special. He’d always had a list in his head of what he knew he wanted. It was a pretty strict list and so far, no girl had made the cut. Finn knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to wait for it.

Once stateside, winter was rolling güvenilir bahis around again and Finn had secured a job at Snowshoe Mountain ski resort in West Virginia on a whim. All he knew was that he had to go to West Virginia. Little did he know, his life was about to change all because of one girl, the perfect girl.


Orientation was today and Finn was getting excited to meet some new people. Running a little late, he ran into the conference building to find orientation had started a few minutes prior. “Shit…” he thought, and immediately started scanning for a seat.

“Next to fat, sweaty guy with sideburns… nope. A group of Venezuelan looking guys… maybe later. Wait, there’s a seat next to that girl. That adorable girl…”

She had dark curly hair that pulled up into a sporty ponytail and a fair complexion. No tanning beds or makeup for her, there was no need. She was beautiful, and confident enough to believe it herself. Oh shit, she just looked and saw me staring!” How long had I been looking? It had felt like years. We both shied our eyes away, but not before she threw me one of the most amazing smiles I had ever seen anywhere in the world.

“Out of my league.” I thought to myself after another second of deliberation and took a seat in the back near a younger looking guy.

Throughout the entire orientation Finn couldn’t keep his mind on anything but the girl 5 rows in front and 3 seats to the right of him. Not as if he had noticed… He loved the way she took studious notes and was genuinely interested in the presentation. Most everyone was about to fall asleep much less seem excited about when the company had been started.

Entirely too soon, the speaker was thanking everyone and hoped it would be an excellent year, and if anyone needed help finding employee housing to stay behind for a bit.

As everyone was getting up Finn panicked, “Oh god, what if I never see her again? Don’t’ be stupid Finn, you work on the same mountain, she can’t get very far.” Continuing a small battle in his own head while heading to his apartment, He didn’t notice the very same girl walking the same direction as him. And then he saw her.

His heart leaped into his throat and he felt as if he had swallowed a goldfish and it was swimming circles in his stomach. God she was cute. That hair he had stared at for the last hour, her milky skin that showed her youth but also the intelligence that she seemed to exude. And finally after what seemed a lifetime he muttered his old mantra to himself he had from when he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. “Ain’t no thang. Ain’t no thang. Ain’t no thang.” He had started saying it facetiously but soon found comfort in how simple and effective it was in cheering up his mood. You just gotta make fun of yourself from time to time, even hat means acting way more country than you actually are. “Ain’t no thang.” Finn let out a big breath and turned to the girl giving her the best smile he could muster.

“Hey, I uh, noticed you in orientation this morning. My name’s, uh, Finn. I’m Finn.”

She flashed that smile of hers at him again. That smile that could light up a room when it’s dreary and raining outside, everyone said his smile did that but he’d never seen it. Not like this anyways, hers was real. It immediately made him feel better.

“Hi Finn! That’s a really great name. Your parents Mark Twain fans huh? It’s lovely to meet you, my name’s Lyla! So what’re you gonna be doing up here in the middle of nowhere all winter?” She asked with an ever so slight West Virginian drawl accompanied by her smile again.

“Lyla. That’s a really nice name too. Yeah, I’m a full time youth snowboard and ski instructor, like the three to twelve year olds. I’m kinda nervous because I’ve only ever taught adults. I love kids, but it’s kind of a scary thing being responsible for six tiny kids on a big ass mountain with slippery sticks attached to their feet and giant boots on. ” Finn said with a nervous chuckle. Was he talking too much? He felt like it. He really felt like he’d become a puddle of the hot chocolate he smelled coming from a quaint café off to the side of Center Village. Then she laughed too and he couldn’t believe it but her laugh might have been better than her smile.

A person’s laugh tells a lot about them. Lyla’s laugh was the kind that exudes confidence and whimsicalness all at the same time. Like the perfect amount of woman mixed with just the right amount of little girl who still wants to be a princess. She didn’t care what people thought of her, she seemed to be ok with who she was. Finn’s items on his “list” were quickly being crossed off.

“Hey I’m a youth ski instructor too! I guess we’ll be a seeing a lot of each other. And I know what you mean, but I’ve never taught before! How do I think I feel?” She teased, “Where have you taught before?”

“I lived in Colorado for a little over a year and was teaching at türkçe bahis Copper Mt. last winter. It was a lot of fun, didn’t make any money but I learned how to ride.” Finn responded, getting more and more comfortable the more he looked into Lyla’s eyes. Her demeanor was so welcoming; it was impossible to not be friendly to this girl.

“Ooo I lived in Durango, Colorado for a while a couple years ago. I’d love to live there again someday…” Lyla said.

Check, another item off the list. “Yeah I know what you mean! It’s amazing there, and everyone is so happy. So you live this way or are you just following me?” He teased her.

“Oh definitely not following you, just planning to rob you is all.” Lyla said with a sly grin.

“Great, I’ll make sure to lock up the silver. Oh wait I don’t have anything of value besides my snowboard. Please don’t take that.” Finn loved how easily their senses of humors were immediately interacting. This was the most comfortable he had felt around any girl besides his sisters or mom. Finn liked it, a lot.

“So you ski or snowboard Lyla?” He asked her. This was a common question around the mountain and had made for a slight rivalry between skiers and snowboarders as usual.

“I’ve skied since I was about 4, I actually grew up in the town closest to here and would come to Snowshoe a lot with my family. This place is like a second home to me.” He could tell the place really did mean a lot to her.

“So why did you just now decide to work here?” Finn asked inquisitively.

“Well I graduated last spring with an environmental science major and was working a summer job doing bat research in the area. I loved it and knew from then on I wanted to do something in life that made me happy. So when that job ended for the summer and the snow started falling I thought about here and how I wanted to be here all the time. Then I was like, oh! I can be there all the time. So I applied and here I am! And here’s my room! 236.”

Finn hadn’t realized they had already walked across the mountain to the employee housing. It was entirely too soon to leave. Lyla’s room was on the second floor on the backside of his building. He was on the 4th floor.

“Well it was really nice walking and talking with you Finn.” She said his name. He was hooked, he loved that she looked him in his eyes and wasn’t uncomfortable about it. Lyla’s eyes were a lot like his. In some light they would have a piercing green and in others deep brown that you could easily lose your way in. Hazel I guess is what people call it, but there can’t a word for that. They were far too complex for a single word to describe that kind of beauty. Or how she would bite her lower lip a little when she would listen, to him, it was her concentration face. It was so fucking adorable. He wondered if she was feeling some of the things he was feeling. Regardless, he didn’t want to leave her presence. He also didn’t want to freak her out either.

“Yeah, I honestly had a really great time too! I’d love to hang out with you again Megan.” He said it because he really meant it. “I’ll see you out on the hill.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you soon.” Lyla said with a beaming smile. Was it Finn’s imagination or did she seem really reluctant to close the door too? Whether she was or wasn’t they finally parted ways and Finn headed back up to his room.

He was glad for the brisk wind that was blowing because he felt extremely warm. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Lyla, she was perfect for him and every fiber in his body screamed it. One body part in particular was certainly responding. It had been a while since Finn had even kissed a girl, much less had anything close to sex. Needless to say by the time he got back in his room, Finn had a raging hard on. Thoughts swimming through his mind of that smile, and those full lips. God, if she would lick her lips and get them nice and wet. Then slowly, ever so slowly, wrap them around the head of his cock.

Back in his room, Finn packed up a bowl of Colorado green and inhaled deeply, reveling in the familiar sensation wash over him. He started to rub himself through his pants and quickly discarded them completely wanting nothing to distract him from his thoughts about Lyla. Taking another deep hit of the herb losing himself to the pleasure of it and the sensations of masturbating to the thought of Lyla.

He thought about that tight shirt she had on reading “D again that was her confidence showing.

Her body in general was exactly his type too. Not strangely skinny, but enough to show her natural womanly curves. They were in just the right places. Her jeans stretched across her hips and hugged a pair of incredibly sexy legs. Those legs went on for days and he longed to run a finger up and down them. Light enough to send ripples of pleasure through her and leave goose bumps trailing after his finger. Obviously she had to be a runner with legs like that.

All of this was topped off güvenilir bahis siteleri by one of the best asses Finn had ever seen. Running mixed with skiing since you were four apparently will do that for you. But the why it swayed when she walked and bounced with each step. He had to have her sit on his lap and squeeze that ass while she grinded on his member.

Finn kept stroking himself, taking his time. Not wanting to rush anything or lose the moment. He was drunk with love, and he had only talked to her once! Never had a girl had any kind of affect on him like this.

Precum started to leak out the tip of his cock freely and he swirled it around the head and shaft for some lubrication. After about fifteen minutes of self-control and taking his time he decided it was time to release his seed for Lyla. He imagined he had Lyla bent over the armrest of the couch and she had that perfect ass sticking up towards him while she looked back over her shoulder with strands of hair plastered to her face with sweat. She too was drunk with love and lust. He drove his cock deep into her, over and over again. Soliciting moans of pleasure from his lover.

His fingers could just barely touch wrapped around his cock and he continued to pump it slowly approaching the edge of climax. His eyes sealed tightly shut and wrinkled at the corners. His toes bent almost to the point of pain, but he loved it. He took his other hand and started to massage his balls as he felt them start to tighten, preparing for a massive orgasm. Faster and faster he stroked himself until a sea of ecstasy sent him to the shores of bliss. His eyes practically rolling back in his head as stream after stream of cum flew from his cock. He thought it would never end, as wave after wave pounded him of what felt like some heavy drug. He begged it would never end. Finn imagined Lyla on her knees with her tongue out and begging for more of his cum while being covered in it. She would lick her lips and suck on a finger coated in his cum.

Slowly he came down from his mind numbing orgasm and remained there, still thinking about the girl he had never even thought to look for.


As Lyla reluctantly closed the door when Finn left her heart was beating so fast she thought she was going to pass out. Who was she kidding; her heartbeat had been fast ever since she first spotted him when he stumbled into the conference room at orientation.

He had looked so frazzled and disoriented is was adorable. She had tried to remain focused on the slideshow but her thoughts were wandering towards that boy. She desperately hoped he would talk to her but knew she was way too shy to ever make the first move. “Besides, he’s way out of my league anyways” she thought.

So when she noticed they were walking the same way and Finn started talking to her she was pleasantly surprised and impressed with him. There was a something in the way he carried himself, like he knew he was capable of anything. That was irresistible to her. And now, as she peeked at him through her window drapes walking away she let out a squeal and did her signature victory dance. Moving here was a definitely the right choice.

“But I can’t get involved with a guy! Remember Lyla, you’re going away with the Peace Corps for two years come the end of summer and no matter how great he may seem you can’t do that to him! It’s selfish…” That’s what Lyla told herself, but that’s not at all what she believed or felt.

She tried to watch a Netflix movie, but her thoughts always came back to Finn. The way the actor would smile, or how he made the actress laugh. It all came back to him. A passionate sex scene started in the movie and slowly, she started to give into her desire the more she imagined making love to Finn.

Lyla started remembering his rugged looks, the stubble on his chin. She had always loved a man with some facial hair. And how his eyes would lock into hers and offer her 110% attention and care. He made her feel like the only person in the world and it made her feel so safe.

Lyla’s hands were softly trailing all over her tight, athletic body. She had been a late bloomer and not until recently had she started to get what she thought of as a woman’s body. Now, she was very confident and comfortable with herself and her sexuality. But right now, she was horny. And she wanted, no, needed release.

The exploration of her body continued and the stirring between her legs had grown into an animalistic desire. The scent of lust filled the room and Lyla’s mind became clouded as her body took over and she let go completely, giving into the pleasure.

She slipped off her shirt and laid back on her bed, spreading her legs open to give her the best access. Next she slowly slid her jeans over her round ass and down the smooth curve of her hips until she lay there in just a pair of black panties. She could already see the moisture leaking through from her pussy into the material. Lyla ran her fingers through it and brought it to her lips, tasting herself. “Hmm, delicious…” she thought and continued teasing her pussy. She hated to rush masturbating or sex. It seemed like the worst thing imaginable to rush,

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