A New Beginning Ch. 2

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Bev, the mature teacher and widow.

Part 5

Next day morning, I woke up to the smell of coffee, scrambled eggs, and fried bacon. I brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen. Bev was in a red tank top and silk panties. My cock stirred. I said, “Good morning, love.” I grabbed her from behind and nuzzled her neck. She did not wear a bra! She smelled of fresh perfume and her natural pheromones.

Bev saw my stiff cock. She greeted me, “Good morning. You’re horny again? Didn’t you get enough last night?”

I mumbled, “You turn me on. Red tank top, no bra, and red panties. You put them on for me!” I continued kissing her. Bev giggled, but did not try to escape. Eventually, she turned towards me. Kissed me on my mouth passionately. I lifted her tank top and kissed her boobs. She helped me remove her panties.

Bev mumbled, “I wore the tank top and panties to get you excited. The breakfast will get cold. I don’t think you care. You are making up for a month of poor loving.” Suddenly she squealed as I started licking her pussy, especially her clit. Soon she was moaning. I felt with my finger that her pussy was wet. I lifted her up on the kitchen counter and pushed my rigid cock slowly in to her vagina.

Bev started whimpering incoherently, closed her eyes, threw her head back, and, “Ohhhhhh, Jackk. This is heavenly. Cummmming. Cummming.”

I waited, with my stiff cock in her, for her orgasmic convulsions to subside. With Bev impaled on my pole, I lifted her up and carried her around, stopping a minute or two to set her down, fondle her boobs, kiss her armpits and neck, and fuck her: we fucked on the back of the couch, on the dining table, and finally back on the kitchen counter. I finally shoved myself as far as my cock could go in to Bev’s cunt and released spurt after spurt of cum, “Fuckkkkk. Cummmming. Fuckkkkkkkk.”

We were both hungry after our exertions, and ate the cold eggs and bacon. Bev said, “We both need showers. You go first. I will clean up the kitchen.”

After taking my shower, I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. Some time later, Bev joined me in the bedroom. She had on light make up, and smelled of scented bath oil and perfume. She was applying bright red lipstick. She had on a black see-through teddy.

My cock began to twitch. I really wanted to fuck Bev. I wanted to surprise her, so I leaped out of bed and hugged her from behind. I pushed my stiff cock in to her behind while groping her magnificent tits.

Bev squealed happily in surprise. I kissed her nape and ears, while still caressing her boobs. I reached for her crotch and inserted my middle finger in her pussy. It was wet, more than wet. It was well lubricated.

I whispered to her, “I missed you a lot for the past month. You look very ravishing. I got to have you now.” Bev just nodded. I lead her to the bed. She scooted on her back to the middle of the bed. She was on her back with legs bent and thighs wide open, and arms spread wide. I kissed her toes, legs, and thighs. I crawled on her body as I kept kissing it. I inserted my cock in Bev’s well-lubricated pussy. I pounded it as if I was possessed. Somehow, Bev held on to me with her arms and legs. To my great surprise she was also whimpering with pleasure. Bev had her cum first, “Ohhhh. Cummming. Cummmmming.”

My cum began to boil deep in my crotch. I placed my hands underneath Bev’s ass and grabbed both cheeks. I kept pounding. My heart was beating like that of a sprinter. I pushed my cock as deep in to Bev’s cunt as I could, my cock was at her cervix. I released numerous spurts of cum, “Fuckkkkk. Goddddddd. Oh, mannnn.”

I held on to Bev’s ass for a long time, while she held on to me and kissed my sweaty face.

Bev broke the silence and said in awe, “Wow. I had not seen that side of you. You just pounded me. My pussy is overflowing with your cum.”

We both rested for a while. Bev got up first, and fixed sandwiches and ice tea for lunch.

That evening, I was in my robe watching a baseball game on TV, when Bev said, “I need to get back to exercising.” I nodded to her. The baseball game was not that interesting as the home team scored 10 runs in the sixth inning. I decided to go see Bev.

She was using the Stairmaster. She was in pink Spandex shorts and a black sports bra. Her contoured legs, ass, bare arms, and chest gave me a hard on.

I said, “You look nice.” She saw me watching her, caught a glimpse of the outline of my rigid cock, and laughed.

“It does not take much for me to turn you on! I’m full of sweat. Why don’t you put on your shorts and exercise with me?”

I changed clothes and joined Bev. After warming up, I used the treadmill. Bev smiled at me, a few times when our eyes met.

I was just done lifting weights lying on the bench. Before I could get up, Bev came to me and straddled me. She took off her sports bra, and said: “You have been a good boy. Here, play with these.” Gladly, I fondled her undulating boobs and kissed her nipples; they tasted slightly salty and felt cool.

I poker oyna wanted to suck Bev’s cunt. Also, I thought the weight lifting bench was well suited for oral sex.

I said, “Honey, do you want to try a 69: I will suck your pussy, while you suck my cock.”

Bev grinned, nodded, and said, “I never did a 69 with either of my two husbands. Sounds like fun.”

She moved around so that her pussy was positioned perfectly for me to suck and lick. I could smell and taste Bev’s pussy honey mixed with my semen and her sweat. I also got a chance to examine Bev’s anus: it was dark pink and wrinkled. While I licked Bev’s clit and pussy lips, gently I scratched around her anus. In turn, Bev examined my cock for several minutes. Then, she licked and sucked my cock head.

Despite getting excited neither Bev nor I was close to an orgasm. But, it felt good to explore another love making position with Bev.

Bev sat up, kissed me, and got out of my grasp, “We both need showers.”

After showering, we swam, and ate dinner in the Lanai: salad, and hamburgers and hot dogs I had grilled. We each had a glass of wine, and were on the second glass.

Bev said, “Jack, I am so happy being with you. I know you love me. I wondered why I was not completely happy with Earl. He gave me a good home and cared for me.”

I replied, “I guess love is a combination of factors. Betty, my ex-wife, certainly cared for me. I cared for her too. I am not sure that I loved anyone as much as I love you. I am very happy around you. I want to be near you as much as possible. It is more than the physical attraction. Although that’s a very exciting part for me.”

Bev giggled and said, “I know, I know! You show your love in many ways, especially by depositing large loads of cum in me. I am lucky to have found in you a man mature emotionally, but young and virile physically. I need to make up for all the fucking I missed.”

Then she gently grabbed my crotch, “I will see you inside the house.”

I cleaned the table, rinsed the dishes, and loaded the dishwasher, when Bev called, “Jack, I’m in the bedroom.”

Bev was in the black lingerie I gave as a birthday present: lacy push-up bra, crotch-less panties, fishnet stockings, and garters. She also wore red lipstick, gold earrings, necklace, and black 4-inch heels. I was staring at her with my mouth open, drinking her beauty. With a huge grin, she handed me the glass of wine she had been sipping, “Take a sip. Your mouth must be dry! Sit on the bed.”

I sat on the bed and watched Bev in awe of her beauty and sexiness, as she did a sensual dance, swaying sideways, with her arms above her head.

She gave me a small bottle of perfume and purred, “You put it on me, where ever you want!”

I sprayed the perfume on my palm and applied it behind her ears, nape of her neck, cleavage, and pubic mound. I also ‘cheated’ by sticking my middle finger in her vagina, scooped her juices, and sucked them.

She then purred, “Bring up the mirror. Let’s fuck right here.”

I gladly obliged her. I hugged her, and groped her boobs, pussy, underarms, and ass. Bev raised the right leg and placed her foot on the bed. I kneeled in front of her and sucked her pussy and clit, and brought Bev to several orgasms by sucking her clit and vagina, “Goddddddd. I’m cummmming. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. “

I sat on the side of the bed and pulled Bev to sit in my lap facing the mirror. Bev watched our reflections in fascination as she held my cock in her hand, raised her crotch softly, aimed my rigid member at her pussy, and sat on it. I also found it highly arousing to see us coupled and my hands serving as supplements to Bev’s push-up bra covered large boobs. Bev also raised her arms above her head allowing me access to her slim underarms and shaved armpits. We fucked for a long time with Bev riding me first to another orgasm and later to my climax; I deposited a large load of cum in Bev’s pussy.

I said to Bev, “It’s great we don’t have to worry about you becoming pregnant.”

Bev giggled, turned her head, kissed my cheek, and said, “I’m glad to cooperate.”

We uncoupled and fell asleep. Sometime during the night, I woke up; saw Bev’s lingerie in disarray. One boob was in the bra; the other completely out. Her pubes were coated with my cum and her juices were. Her pussy looked too inviting. I started kissing Bev: on her neck, lips, and the unfettered boob. I massaged her clit and slit.

Bev opened her eyes and murmured, “Jack, love. Go ahead, fuck me.”

I took Bev in the missionary position. I fucked her for a few minutes and rested. Fucked her some more and rested again. I did this three or four times, when Bev started cumming, “Cummming. Ohhhhhhhh. Wonderrrrful.”

Her spasming cunt on my cock triggered my climax. I released another large load of cum deep in Bev’s cunt. “Fuckkkk. Goddddddd. Fuckkkkkkk.”

Bev asked me to move in with her. We continued to love each other. After about a month, one morning, Bev said, “I think I have been canlı poker oyna gaining weight. I have not had a period in a while. It must be menopause.”

I said, “Honey, you better get yourself checked by your gynecologist. I’m sure that she will take care of you. Let me know what treatment she suggested.” Bev just nodded.

Part 6

My birthday was in the middle of the week. Bev and I went out for dinner. Bev looked radiant. She actually glowed. I ordered a bottle of wine with our dinner.

Bev said, “I will skip wine. You drink as much as you want. It’s your birthday. I will drive us home. Order tonic water with a twist of lime for me.”

We were half way through our dinner, when Bev said softly, “Jack honey, I’m pregnant.”

I dropped my fork. Bev was smiling and crying at the same time. “Yes. Tests have confirmed I’m pregnant. You knocked me up, lover boy!”

“Are you going to be ok? What did the doctor say?”

“She said that I will be fine. Many older women, a few older than me, are having children now. I should not have any problems.”

I said, “It all falls in place: you have gained a little weight; tonight, you did not drink wine.” I was in tears.

We went home. Sat in the Lanai with Bev lying in my arms. We kissed tenderly several times before Bev fell asleep.

Bev looked more voluptuous as her pregnancy progressed. Her boobs got bigger. Her face glowed all the time. She also became hornier.

But, Bev was not sure what I thought of her looks. “Do you think I am sexy?” she asked one morning.

“Honey, since your pregnancy, you look more beautiful and voluptuous to me. I think you will look beautiful throughout your pregnancy and after birth of our child.”

Bev smiled, said, “Ok, honey. Thanks. See you when you come home this evening.” She was referring to my work: maintenance and capital improvement projects at school, that went on during the summer, while she was off.

That evening, when I came home, Bev was waiting for me dressed in a pink silk robe with a glass of wine for me. It was a hot day. Bev suggested that we swim first and may be eat on the patio later.

I was in the swimming pool when Bev took off her robe revealing a new red two-piece swimsuit that barely covered either her tits or her crotch. She also put on matching-red lipstick. I thought I saw a stain at her crotch just before she entered water. I stood at the shallow end of the pool. I beckoned her towards me. Bev swam up to me, stood up, and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back.

Bev asked, “What do you think of my new swim suit?”

Her erect nipples were clearly outlined through the thin fabric of her swimsuit.

I said, “It looks nice on you. You look voluptuous. I want to kiss your boobs.” Bev nodded. I sucked her nipples through the fabric. Bev cooed, “It feels good. I’m glad you like my bigger boobs.”

I also kissed Bev’s neck, lips, and her belly. When I put one hand on her ass and another on her crotch, Bev said, “I have to check on the turkey breast in the oven. Let’s go inside.”

I said, “I will swim a few laps and join you in a few minutes.” Bev nodded, got out of the pool, and went in to the house in her robe. The brief glimpse of her wet-bikini covered ass as she walked gave me a hard on.

I got out of the pool, dried myself, put on a robe, and went in to the house. Bev was in the kitchen, her hair already blow-dried. She had on a pink tank top and panties. She did not have a bra and her large tits were bouncing sexily. She had just removed the cooked turkey breast from the oven and was making a tossed salad.

I hugged her, lifted her tank top and groped her tits, nuzzled her neck, and murmured in her ear, “Honey, you look ravishing. I would rather eat you first.”

Bev giggled happily, and said, “I guess we can wait until the turkey breast cools a little.” She turned towards me and kissed me passionately.

Bev reached in to my robe, grasped my cock, and said, “No underwear! How convenient! Your cock is stiff already.”

I said, “Bev honey, your boobs must have grown at least a cup size since your pregnancy. I will have lots of fun playing with your boobs, ass, and the rest of your body.”

“I’m glad you like my pregnant body.”

Bev giggled and continued, “Actually, you better love me. You knocked me up. You did what my two husbands could not do.”

“It’s my pleasure to love you.” I reached for her panty-covered crotch and cupped it. It was wet. My fingers got wet with her juices.

Bev giggled, “I became wet thinking about you all afternoon. My hornies seem to have increased since my pregnancy.”

I helped Bev remove her panties. I inhaled deeply Bev’s fragrances on them and let them float to the floor. I inserted my index finger in her vagina. Bev moaned. I inhaled her pussy-juice fragrance and tasted it off of my finger; still delicious after Bev’s pregnancy!

Without saying too many words, while kissing, I shuffled backwards to the bedroom pulling internet casino Bev along. I hugged Bev from behind, poking my cock into her back. I massaged her tits and pinched her nipples. I nudged Bev so that she sat on the side of the bed. I looked in to her passion-filled eyes.

Bev said, “Eat my pussy Jack.”

She laid down on the bed, and lewdly raised her legs and spread them exposing her pussy for me. I looked at her pussy as I kept rubbing her smooth thighs, and said, “Your pussy looks succulent. The lips are glistening. Not much has changed. The wonder of nature!”

Bev giggled, “I think you are having fun doing gynecological examination. When you are done inspecting, eat it!”

That’s exactly what I did. I licked Bev’s pussy lips and clit, and sucked her juices. Bev’s pussy seemed to be juicier after pregnancy. Bev was already excited. I reached for her nipples and pinched them gently. It did not take long for her to moan and whimper, shudder, and cum. “Cummmming. Godddd. Cummmmmming,”

Bev held my head in her soft thighs, with my mouth and nose still in her crotch, until her orgasm subsided.

A few minutes later, Bev scooted up on the bed, turned on her side, and said, “Jack, please rub my lower back. It seems to have been strained.”

I applied moisturizing lotion on my palm and gently rubbed Bev’s back while she moaned, “That feels good. I will need lot of TLC until the baby is born. By the way, do you want to know if it’s a boy or a girl.”

“Bev, I don’t care. I hope the baby is healthy without any complications. I will love either a son or a daughter.”

“Good. I feel the same way. I gotta pee, be back in a sec.”

Part 7

Bev returned from the bathroom; she was naked except for her red thigh highs.

“Jack, you sucked my clit and pussy juices to a roaring orgasm. It’s your turn now.” Bev continued, “I have not yet seen your cock erupt during your climax. Can I play with it and watch it erupt? I am already pregnant. We are not wasting your cum. So to speak!”

Bev looked ravishing. Her words made my cock grow harder. I said, “Bev honey. That’s so sweet. What do you have in mind?”

Bev giggled and said, “You will see. Get naked; remove your robe. Come sit in this chair. Get comfortable. You can also watch what I’m doing in the mirror.”

I did as Bev told me. First, Bev kissed my mouth savoring her pussy juices in it. Then she knelt in front of me. She held my hard cock in her delicate right hand and looked at it, admiring its smooth hardness. She gently pumped it and licked the precum. She swirled her tongue around my sensitive cock head. She stuck the tip of her tongue in the piss slit. I was moaning with pleasure.

Bev said in awe, “Your cock is continuously oozing cum.” Bev sucked my cock expertly for a minute and stopped.

She pushed her boobs together around my cock and said, “I will jack it with my swollen tits.” It was heavenly feeling with Bev’s warm, sweat-covered, tits around my cock. On top of that, she would periodically lick my cock head.

I felt my cum boiling deep inside me. I mumbled, “I am cumming!. Watch out!”

Bev increased pumping speed and soon forced my cum to spurt out. “Fuckkkkkkk. Keep suckkkkkkkking. Mannnnnnn.”

She was taken aback with the force of the first spurts that hit my chest, but soon recovered to put her mouth on my still spurting cock. She swallowed the last spurts of my cum and licked her lips. After a while, Bev released my softened cock from her boobs.

Bev giggled and said, “That was another large load of cum out of your cock. No wonder I got knocked up by one of those.”

We were some thing to see: me with my cum on my chest, and Bev with my cum on her hand, boobs, and mouth. Bev brought couple of washcloths and a towel, and cleaned both of us. I noticed she spent a lot of time on my cock head and balls with a sly grin on her face.

We were both tired and fell asleep for an hour or so. We were hungry. I fixed a turkey sandwich for another and myself for Bev who was still in her red panties and bra-less. Her jiggling boobs and stained panties hardened my cock.

Bev said, “I will throw a load of wash in the dryer and start a load of laundry.”

I said, “I will help you and watch you. I would like to help you with the laundry after our baby is born.”

We went downstairs. Bev bent down to put washed clothes in the drier. Her panties were stretched sexily on her voluptuous ass. I just could not help it; I grabbed her waist and started rubbing myself on Bev’s ass.

Bev squealed in surprise and said, “You are insatiable.” She finished loading the drier, stood up, took off her soiled panties, put them under my nose for a moment, and threw them in the washer. I began rubbing myself on Bev’s naked ass and groped her large tits while she loaded the washer and started it.

Bev turned around. We kissed for a long time. Bev held my hardening cock. I felt her wet cunt with my fingers.

I said, “I want you here. Bend over.”

Bev bent over and held on to the drier. I kissed her voluptuous ass cheeks and licked her pussy and anus. My cock was sufficiently hard. I penetrated Bev’s cunt gently and fucked her for several minutes. I played with Bev’s swinging tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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