A New Friendship

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This story is rather long will be posted in a number of parts. If you find this story erotic, why not just save it to disc and enjoy the remaining story when it is posted. I have sincerely enjoyed writing this story and have gotten off a number of times while writing and editing it. Although the names are fictional, as is the setting, all the sexual experiences are true. I have been fortunate to have participated at least once in all of them.

I hope you enjoy and please vote. Don’t hesitate to send me an email with your thoughts and comments. If you provide a return email address I will gladly answer.

* * * * *

I had finished mowing the lawn and took a few minutes to chat with Jerry, my next door neighbor. He and his wife had bought the house last year and were still fixing it up. They were in there mid 40’s, kids off to college and enjoying life. Although there was 10 years between us, he and I had found a lot of things in common…football, do-it-yourself projects and just being outside enjoying the outdoors. None of us, wives included, were into the jogging or health club routine, but being active by fishing and hunting and different projects we weren’t fat couch potatoes either. Jerry was slightly graying, about 5’10”, maybe 170/175 and naturally tanned. Jan waved out the window as we talked…now there was a good looking lady!! She was petite, about 5’3″, 120#’s and short dark brown hair. I had seen her a couple times in a two piece bathing suit and you would never know she had ever had kids. Nice shaped body. She was probably 38C and in a bathing suit her mons venus stood out against the bottoms.

I had mentioned to my wife, Val, a number of times how sexy she looked, and we had used her in fantasies many times. Val and I had met and been married for about 3 years. Both of us coming from broken marriages, with her four years older than me and approaching the Big 40. Our sex life was great and we both enjoyed a good XXX movie and fantasies of all types. Val is 5’8″, a trim 140 (with all of it in the “right” places), breasts 38D with large nipples and large dark areoles. When her nipples were erect they would show through the most padded bra. I kept her light brown pubic hair trimmed along the edge of her thighs so when she was in her panties or bikini you would wonder what it was hiding. I’m Stan, 6’0″, 170, slightly balding at 35. I keep my beard closely trimmed but it is beginning to get that salt and pepper color. Val loves to take my flaccid cock and shave the hair from my shaft and balls, but by the time she is finished it seems I’m fully erect to my full uncircumcised 7 1/2″ and 5″ around.

I talked with Jerry, waved at Jan and decided it was time to get a shower. Jerry told me to stop back and have a couple beers after I was cleaned up. I got my shower and thought I’d play on the computer for a bit. I pulled on a pair of boxers and popped a top and entered my password. After a few minutes I was involved in a conversation with a female and she was wanting to “see” my cock and asked if it was out of my pants yet? I told her I only had boxer shorts on and I had my cock and balls out and stroking. I asked what she was doing and she told me she was naked and had a dildo vibrator working on the chair between her legs. As we talked it got more explicit and my cock began to grow and I typed a little and then stroked my cock. As she explained how the dildo was working into her pussy the precum was coating my cockhead and I was working the foreskin over and around. I heard a noise and looked to my left Jerry was standing there and just pulling a chair up. He had his cock out of his shorts staring at the words on the monitor and stroking his hard cock!

I have to explain something here. Jerry and I aren’t gay nor are we swingers or bisexual (that we know of). He happened to walk in one day when I was in the same “position” and after the initial shock we both got into what was transpiring onscreen and both of us shot our wads right there on the floor. Since that day we’ve both indulged our whims with cybersex when the wives weren’t around.

I looked back to the screen and read…I’ve got the dildo buried in my shaved pussy and wanting to lick the precum off your cock. Is your cock ready for me?” My cock began to throb and I answered “My balls are beginning to fill”. I glanced over and Jerry was hard as a rock, the precum had coated the entire length of his shaft and he was beginning to stroke faster and faster. It was the first time I noticed how purple the head of his cock was, and how different it looked being circumcised, although he was about the same size as my uncircumcised cock it looked bigger.

I typed, “my buddy is here can you do both of us?”

“Oh my God! YES! He can stuff his rod in my pussy”. There was a pause and then “Is he beside you jacking off too?”

I glanced over at Jer and winked then typed, “yes he’s got his circumcised 7” cock in his right hand and pumping. Precum has coated his hand and I can see güvenilir bahis his balls contracting. His left hand is stroking my cock in time with his other hand”. He’s going to make me cum so I can type…” I clicked on SEND…That’s when I jumped!! He grabbed my cock and began stroking me! Ohhhhhh damn!!!!! I watched the screen and his hand on my cock…he was watching the screen and his cock and my cock…his hand moving faster and faster…

“He’s stroking my cock, I can feel my cum building” ENTER

“Is he stroking his cock too? What’s it look like?”…

“Yes he is doing himself too…he is circumcised, cock head is purple, about 7″ long, 5″ around…his balls are getting full, dark hair on his balls and shaft base…ohhhhh godddddd, I’m getting ready to cummmm…” ENTER

“Tell me about your cock again!! I want to read it!! Hurry”…

“I’m 7 1/2″, 5” around, uncircumcised, shaft and balls shaved… balls full …getting ready… he’s going to make me cum…ENTER

On the screen came “ohhhhhh…arrrrrggggghhhhhh …I’m cummmmingggggg”..

I typed “shove the dildo in, rub your clit…open your legs and let the cum run out”. As I typed I could feel the cum building in my shaft knowing I was close. About that time Jerry groaned and he began cumming and his cum shot over my cock and his hand and as I watched my first load hit my chest and then started running down over Jerry’s hand and my cock…he kept stroking our cocks draining the cum completely from both of us…

“ohhhhhahhhhhh…” ENTER

“His cum covered my cock and his hand, and I shot my load up my belly…” …ENTER

Across the screen came “Oh my God you guys, I’ve never cum so hard thinking about the two of you sitting there with your buddy taking care of you. Thanks so much…” …and she disappeared from the screen…

I sat back and Jerry let my flaccid cock slip from his hand and finished milking the last drops from his cock. “Sorry,” he said, “but I couldn’t just sit there with you trying to type and jack off, hope I didn’t upset you”

“No, it just surprised me, and actually felt pretty damn good” I told him as I sat and pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head enjoying the feeling of the last of my cum drip from the tip of my cock.

Suddenly from the doorway I heard Val say,”Jerry, I didn’t know you played with cocks, I love to have Stan tell me stories about stroking or sucking another cock while I jack off my clit. I never thought I would see it! It was erotic!”

We both jumped and looked towards her. She was leaning against the doorway with her skirt pulled up and her hand in her panties. From the wet spot on them you knew she was not upset but had filled them with her cum…Val began to walk towards us, her eyes glazed…she reached down and took both our cocks in her hands and bending over began licking the cum from our cocks. “Now Stan scroll back and read me the entire log of the afternoon while you watch me clean Jerry up then he can read when I get to your beautiful cock. Then we’re going to have a talk.”

I began reading as her mouth enclosed over Jerry’s cock…

Val finished cleaning the cum off Jerry’s cock and turning towards me cupped my balls and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock. With her eyes never leaving mine I watched as my cock disappeared in her mouth and she began to clean my cum and Jerry’s off me. Jerry sat beside us mesmerized watching and then slowly began reading the script out loud. By this time he and I both had willing spirits but the flesh was weak. Our cocks could only get half hard, but it sure was some sight!

She sat up and slipping my cock back in my boxer’s and then putting Jerry’s cock away. She said, “Stan I hope you aren’t upset but when I stepped around the corner and saw Jerry stroking you my pussy began dripping and I got so horny. Then when he shot cum on your cock I just had to taste you both.”

“No, it just really surprised me”, I said and continued, “At first I was but then the feeling of Jerry’s hand stroking me was so fantastic I figured if you weren’t upset then I shouldn’t be. I just hope you don’t fall in love with Jerry’s cock and not mine!”, and then chuckled nervously.

Jerry said, “I’m really sorry that I did that Stan, I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry about it Jerry, I’m ok with it” I said.

“I’m not going to steal Val from you, but I sure don’t know how I’m going to tell Jan about what happened here, especially with Val sucking me clean like that.”

That’s when Val spoke up. “The game is about to start on TV so before you miss kickoff why don’t you get a beer and watch it. Besides I’m sure with the rumbling I felt in your balls Jan and I will get laid real good later this evening!” Looking at Jerry she continued, “As for Jan, let me talk to her and see if I can keep you from getting into trouble.”

As Jerry and I walked out Val was sitting down at the computer and scrolling back to the beginning of the log.

Val türkçe bahis scrolled back and clicked on the PRINT icon and as it printed she began to read and half-smiled to herself. Her fingers slipped into the edges of her waistband and she slipped her panties off. Spreading her pussy lips her finger worked through her pussy hair and found her button as it began to harden. As her finger circled her clit, she read and she remembered the sight as Jerry stroked Stan. “Yes”, she thought, “Stan is going to get fucked real good tonight”. As the last page came off the printer she slipped her finger in deep and licked her juices from it. Gathering the papers she turned the computer off and headed out the door. The guys were watching TV and talking (she bet she knew “what” they were talking about) as she passed the livingroom.

Val knocked on Jan’s door, walked in and called “Jan where you at?”

“I’m just getting out of the shower Val, I’ll be right down” Jan called down. “Where are the guys?”

“They’re watching the football game over at our house,” she answered.

Val sat down on the couch and began looking over the papers in her hands. She glanced up as Jan came bounding down the stairs, her hair wrapped in a towel and robe wrapped around her. “Let me grab a couple glasses and some wine,” Jan said, “the boys won’t be worth anything until the game is over”. She walked past and headed for the kitchen. “Why don’t we plan on doing supper here after the game” she called from the kitchen.

“Sounds like a plan”, Val said as she thought to herself and glancing at the log in her hand ‘I hope we have supper’.

Jan came in and looking quizzically at Val poured the wine and sat down on the couch and turned to face Val. As she took the towel off her head and began rubbing it dry asked, “What you got there?”

Val took a sip of her wine and began, “this is a log I printed off from this afternoon, and thought you would like to read it.” With that said she slid across the couch a little and handed it to Jan…

As Jan began reading the first few lines her eyes got wide and Val said “Yes Jan, your secret screenname has been having cybersex with my husband”… as she spoke her fingers worked under Jan’s robe and her middle finger slipped deep into her sex. Jan’s legs opened and as she leaned back “Oh damn!, she said. Looking over to Val she looked down and Val had her skirt up and Jan could see the juice glistening on her pussy hair and her lips swollen and red. “I guess you had a fun afternoon, huh?”

Val smiled, “Just keep reading, but I think you know how it ends”. With that Val pulled Jan’s legs towards her and as Jan leaned back Val’s tongue began to run the length of her naked slit…Val thought back to the first time she had tasted this delicious pussy, and they both had lost their virginity to lesbos…

…the two of them had been sunning in the backyard, chatting and covering each other with lotion. Stan and Jerry had gone on a fishing trip upstate, so the girls had decided a day in the sun and home alone they would get tanned and have themselves a steak dinner later. Jan had started it actually by taking her top off and putting sunscreen on her areoles and nipples. Val couldn’t understand the shiver that went through her as she saw Jan’s firm breasts and small nipples surrounded by the light colored areoles. As Jan coated them with sunscreen they stood rigid. Val not to be undone had taken her top and bottom off and sitting on the edge of the lounger began putting sunscreen on her nipples. She could feel Jan’s eyes on her, but didn’t dare look at her. She couldn’t understand the feelings from just seeing her breasts! Her pussy was getting that familiar tingle of excitement and she could feel the wetness begin. Val decided it best to lie on her tummy, and as she glanced over to Jan she saw the bottoms fall and was amazed to see that her pussy was completed shaved.

The mound at the top of her slit protruded and enhanced how Jan’s clit peeked out from her lips. She could feel Jan’s eyes on her as she stretched out face down on the towel. She know Jan had seen her nipples hardened and stand out that was when she felt the juice flow out of her and onto the towel. She couldn’t move now because Jan would definitely see it. There had been an uneasy silence and a feeling of electricity between them and surrounding them. Jan was the first to ask if she wanted her to put lotion on her back. Val was hesitant but agreed. Her hands were soft as she spread the lotion on Val’s back and as Val opened her eyes she was looking directly at Jan’s pussy. Her clit was hard and pushing out from between the lips, she could see the dampness and smell the sex. Jan covered her hands with lotion and as she began over Val’s ass cheeks Val’s legs opened. She closed her eyes and felt the hands slip along the inside of her thighs. She heard Jan’s breath catch and she thought for sure Jan could hear her heart pounding. Jan’s fingers lightly touched Vals’ pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri lips and before she knew what she was doing she rolled over and spread her legs wide. Jan’s fingers opened her slit and her lips pressed against her and found her small clit hidden inside and began sucking gently. Val had never felt anything like this and as a moan escaped her she experienced and orgasm from deep inside and her cum began flowing. She could hear Jan licking and sucking her cum. Without thinking she had reached out pulled Jan on top of her and licked the length of her slit and took the clit between her teeth. Jan’s body began spasming and as she pressed against her the cum ran down over her clit into Val’s mouth…

…Jan’s hand grabbed Val’s hair, she was to the last two pages of the log, her hips pushed her pussy into Val’s working tongue and she unloaded her orgasm into Val’s open mouth…

Jan sat up a little and undid the sash of her robe and let it slip off as she put the log onto the coffee table. Val stood and taking off her skirt and halter-top sat down naked on the couch with her friend. “You’re not upset that it was Stan I was talking to?” Jan asked. “I didn’t know it was him, and I sure didn’t know it was Jerry with him!! Actually I didn’t really believe it was two guys, but it sure got me off!” she continued.

“Actually hon,” Val responded, “I didn’t know it was you until I got to read the script, but watching the two of them was a real turn on! My finger touched my clit and ‘bang’ I was cumming. Especially when Jerry grabbed Stan’s cock and began stroking and when he shot his load it went all over Stan’s cock!! My God!! I came a second time just watching.”

While they talked both of them had been running their fingers up and down their slits and they both could smell the sex. Jan hopped up off the couch and said “I’ll be right back”…she returned with their double ended dildo and the two vibrators. Sitting down next to Val she slipped the dildo first into her pussy and pushed towards Val. As it disappeared into Val their pussy’s touched and each taking a vibrator began working their clits.

“Val I do have one question” …”is Stan really about the same size as Jerry, uncircumcised and shaved like he said?”

Val smiled and nodded…Jan pushed against Val and sighed… their pussies pressed tightly together, the vibrators hummed, the dildo filled them. Slowly they began to rub against one another, each in their own thoughts of their men playing with their cocks…

“So how are we going to handle the guys in this matter,” Jan asked.

“I think we need to make a plan, cutie,” Val smiled.

Over at my house Jerry and I were talking but not about the football game as Val passed us on the way out. Jerry was still apologizing..

“Stan I’m really sorry, I’m not gay or like that…it’s just when you typed that on the screen I had to do it”

“Don’t think another thing about it,” I interjected, “It kind of brought back memories as a kid and playing doctor with the other kids. We used to look at Playboy magazines and have circle jerks. We didn’t play with each other much, maybe touch or feel but usually just got off together. When you grabbed my cock those memories came back! Besides as Val said it is one of her favorite fantasies and she really gets off when I tell her stories…

As he talked just the thoughts of a short time ago made his cock stir and begin to press against his boxers. Without thinking he began rubbing through the material.

It’s really rather funny,” Jerry began, “Jan loves to jack me off and tell one of her fantasies. Mine of course is to watch two women getting off…”

“hahaha”, I laughed, “mine too, but that’s every guys dream!… hahaha”.

“Yeh, for sure, but Jan loves to tell about watching me get it on with her and another guy. She loves to fantasize of a guy fucking her while he sucks me off right over her head and she licks my balls.” Jerry unconsciously during this time was rubbing his cock through his shorts and Stan could see the wet spot forming. “I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before, and have the opportunity to touch it.”

“Don’t worry Jerry I really enjoyed it!” I said. “To be honest Val and I have talked about Jan quite a bit in our fantasies, not that she would ever consider making it with another woman, but she likes to stroke me and talk about what Jan looks like naked and watching me do her. I hope that doesn’t upset you Jer.”

“No not at all! We’ve talked about what Val looks like naked especially with those luscious tits!! I would love to see her and Jan rub their nipples together and that hairy cunt rubbing down against Jan! I sure don’t have to wonder about her pussy anymore, that’s for sure! Wow, I love the way the hair covers it, Jan keeps her pussy shaved real clean.” Jerry added.

“Shaved?!…oh wow Jer! Then that mound that shows in her swim suit is her pubic bone pushing out then! How I would love to lick that pussy!” I exclaimed.

Jerry smiled and said, “You like the thought of a naked pussy, huh? Well you would go crazy when you saw her clit. It is really long and when she’s excited I would guess it stands a good half inch beyond her lips!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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