A New Place, A New Time, A New Life

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The relief washed over me as I spotted the top of my house through the trees as I pulled into the cul-de-sac. I had just endured another brutal day at work, filled with my boss’ and my co-workers’ sexual innuendos and veiled advances. I work as a secretary in an attorney’s office, ironic, huh? My husband died a little over five years ago, and I was his personal secretary in his own private practice for several years. He died suddenly, and my son and I were devastated. My husband of two decades was gone, I had never been on my own, and even though he had insurance that paid the mortgage off, left me with a huge sum of cash and a trust fund set up for my son, I felt that I needed to continue working in order to keep my sanity.

I was nearing 46 years of age, and I really didn’t look it. My husband used to refer to me as his “Trophy Wife”, and would treat me as so, thoughtfully lavishing me with little gifts and trinkets, and I kept my body up for him. I was the tallest in my family at 5’11” (even my Dad was shorter!), and I sported a natural 38DD with fair Nordic features and long, straight blonde hair. My husband used to describe me as his “Living Pin-Up Doll” due to my womanly, soft curves. Even after his death, I kept up my workouts and stayed in shape. Since I had moved on to his best friends practice as his assistant, I endured major harassment. He always told me that I should find someone to fuck, that I didn’t want to forget how! I finally had enough of the office, and him, and I told him to fuck off and that I quit, and don’t be surprised if a harassment suit wouldn’t follow.

I pulled into the drive about three hours earlier than normal, and my son Ian’s friend’s car was there. I instantly fumed because the grass wasn’t cut, edged, or trimmed. I stomped into the house to find my son and his pal playing video games and sucking down beers.

“Hey, Janie!” Rob, Ian’s friend smiled.

“Hey Ma, why are you so early?”

“Why is nothing done around this place, huh? Do you think that I run a goddamn rent free boarding house?” I nearly screamed.

“Relax, Mom! Its a thousand degrees outside! I usually get things done right before you get home; I was just waiting for the sun to go down a little, Cripes!”

I stood there, hands on my hips, leg cocked out at an angle glaring at them, then, I burst into tears.

“I am so sorry, boys! I quit my job today.”

Both boys were silent as I sobbed quietly, I am sure that they were both embarrassed by my dual outbursts, which I could completely understand.

“What happened, mom?”

“I’ve just had too much, what with all of their little innuendos and sexual jokes, I am just going to enjoy what your father left for me to enjoy from now on.”

“Good for you, Janie!” Rob soothed me.

“I am sorry. I’ll make it up to y’all; let me cook dinner for you both…please.” I rubbed the tears from my eyes, mortified from my outburst.

“Sure, Ma, that would be great!”

I turned and headed to my room but not before I saw them exchange a perplexed glance in the hall mirror.


My Dad, my best friend, died abruptly when I was 19 and a sophomore in college, his dream was for the both of us to practice law together in his office in Dallas, and he was a little disappointed when I had decided to go towards another field, but, I had decided at the last minute to become a lawyer to honor my father. Now here I was, a top TCU grad, and SMU School of Law alumnus, just like him. Now, all that I had to do was pass the bar and I was off to Miami to a cushy law firm that had offered me a damn good career opportunity.

I had moved back in with my mother after I graduated college so that I could concentrate on passing the bar, at her behest. She went to work for my dad’s best friend about six months after his death, and I really resented it. I could remember the way that this guy would openly ogle my mom, disrespecting her and my father, some best friend, huh? I knew that some shit was going on with her just because of the way that she would come home, seemingly beaten down and in a bad mood, which was quite the contrast from the time that my dad was still with us. I could honestly say that I had never heard them argue, or say cross words to each other. Most of the time they would chase each other around like school kids, giggling and always touching each other. At night, there were many times that I would be awoken by the sound of my mom’s epic orgasms.

I begged her to quit her job, I knew that dad left her in the money, but she always said that she would go nuts being home all of the time.

My best friend from high school, Rob, was in town on leave from the military, and he and I were playing video games on our downstairs big screen.

“I think that I heard a car in the drive.” Rob said. “I suuuure hope that it’s your mom!”

“Eat shit!” I snarled. Rob was the only person that I would let get away with remarks about my mother. She was to be 46 in a couple of months and I swear that she doesn’t even güvenilir bahis look like she could be thirty. The best way to describe her would be to imagine a Swedish supermodel, tall, platinum blonde hair (natural, mind you), fair skin, blue eyes, and a monster rack. O.K, don’t think that I am weird for just saying that, but it is really hard not to notice an incredibly beautiful, sexy woman, even if she is your mother. I will admit to you too that late at night, I have masturbated thinking of her.

She came to the landing on the stair and I knew that she was pissed. She had he leg cocked out, hands on her hips and nostrils flaring.

“What the Hell is going on? Are you too lazy to do any housework or cut the grass?” She bellowed.

“Whoa, mother!” I retorted, “Rob came in from out of town and besides, it IS damn hot outside, I was going to finish it up when the sun went down!”

“I am sorry,” Mom’s shoulders slumped, “Rob, it is good to see you again, sweetheart!

Mom gave Rob a hug and when he turned about he made his eyes go wide and smiled from ear to ear.

“I quit at work today, I was tired of all of the bullshit, so, I am a permanent house lady!”

“And the most beautiful, I might add!” Rob sucked up so well sometimes.

Mom kissed him on his cheek and he turned beet red.

“You were always so sweet, darling!” Mom cooed. “I will make dinner for y’all tonight, steak and shrimp.”

She turned and fled upstairs, in a much better mood than when she came in the house.

“Dude, your mom gets hotter every time I see her!” Rob prattled.

“Shut the fuck up!”

“C’mon, Ian, really, we have been best friends for 20 years, and I could never figure out how you can do it!”

“Do what, dude?”

“Like, not spy on her when she is changing, or…other…things.”

“AHHHHH! She’s my mom!”

“I think that the Hotness Factor would override that aspect. Ian, do you ever, uh, see her naked?” Rob leaned in toward Ian, eyes wide.

“Hell no! She might walk around here in a short robe or skimpy clothes, but I never thought of it in that way.” I lied to him. “Let’s go, bro. Help me with the lawn and mom will cook for us.”

I was glad to have that conversation over.


Dinner went well, I cooked up some steaks and grilled shrimp kabobs, and it does a woman well to have two strapping young men devour a meal that you prepared.

Things were kind of strange while we ate dinner, it seems like the two of them were exchanging little jokes between themselves all night, and I could swear that I caught Rob and Ian glancing at me. I offered to watch a movie with them after they helped me with the dishes, and Rob was all for it, but Ian said that they were going out on the town and had to get going, so, I soaked in a bubble bath and headed for bed.

The next day was gorgeous, and I had the house to myself so I decided to take a quick dip in the pool and catch up on my tan. I chose a two piece thong bikini that I would never wear around my son, it had two small triangles that barely covered my nipples and if I wasn’t completely shaved down there, even the tiniest bit of pubic thatch would peek out. I knew that when Ian and Rob got together, they partied hard, so I didn’t expect him back before dinner, so, I tied my hair back, took off my top and began to soak up the rays.

I didn’t even feel myself drift off to sleep.


“Uhhh, did someone see that cat?” I asked groggily.

A muffled sound came from the bed next to me.

“What cat?” Rob answered.

“The one that shit in my mouth!”

We broke off into a giggle fit, the kind that you have no idea what is so funny, you just can’t stop laughing.

“Hey, darling…” I shook the girl sleeping next to me into a semi-awake state. “I gotta get going!”

She offered up her tightly puckered lips to me, which I brushed with mine absently.

“Call me.” She hoarsely whispered before turning away, the blanket falling off of her, exposing her naked back.

The bright sun made me wince as I stepped from the hotel room. Rob and I partied like rock stars last night, and man! That guy could pull the women! The last place that we hit was a club called Insomnia, and we both got lucky and met two hot chicks that were more than willing to shack up with us. That was a wild night of crazy sex, we swapped women back and forth and fucked into we all four just passed out. I waved to him as I walked out the door while his girl was polishing his lollipop.

My thoughts ranged as I drove home, Rob had started me thinking about my mother, and that made me feel weird. She looked great at dinner last night and Rob constantly lavished her with praise. I knew that she thought that we were up to something.

I parked at the curb and trudged up the lawn. The blast of icy air from the A/C felt great against my body. Thirsty, I grabbed water from the fridge and popped the top, downing it all in seconds. Turning, I went to throw the empty bottle away and froze in türkçe bahis my tracks.

My mom was lying out. Topless.

I turned my head quickly, feeling myself blush furiously knowing that I shouldn’t look, but helpless not to.

She laid there, her giant mounds pointing up to the sky, nipples at full mast, her body coated with oil.

I quietly placed the bottle in the trash and bounded upstairs, my heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer on a city street. I went to my bedroom, which just happens to afford a great view of the deck of the pool and peeked out the window at her.

Luckily, she hadn’t moved, and I could make her body out perfectly. She had her pretty toes painted a nice clear gloss and her long legs were slightly apart, allowing me to see her barely covered mound. Geez, her bikini bottom, if that is what you would call it, hugged her sex like a second skin and left nothing to the imagination. Bald, I bet myself. There seemed to be a mile of skin from the top of her bikini bottom to her belly button. I watched, fascinated, while her flat belly showed the signs of shallow breathing. It was an image that would last me forever.

My eyes crawled up her glistening body, soaking up every detail. Her tits were big, capped by tiny, light pink areolas that led to small, erect nipples. I nearly felt ashamed by standing there watching her, but I was too far-gone to look away. My erection throbbed in my shorts, and even after abusing it for hours that morning with a helluva wild fuck, I released my member and began stroking it, transfixed.

A scant few seconds later, my buttocks seized and before I could grab a shirt to catch my spunk, I shot a copious stream of man chowder halfway across the room. I couldn’t stop myself, I furiously pounded my hard cock until I was drained, discharging volley after volley of liquid seed, the whole time I didn’t take my eyes off of my mother’s nearly nude form.

Embarrassed, I hurriedly cleaned up and stole a last glance at my mom. She hadn’t moved. Could she be asleep? Damn, she was going to burn like crazy; I raced downstairs, making sure that I made lots of noise, hoping to roust her.


My first thoughts were that I was very warm, although there was a light breeze blowing across the pool directly on to me. Then, I became very alarmed when I realized that my son was in the kitchen, banging pots and pans around. Shit! I was naked, or may as well have been! How long had he been there? I hurriedly put my top back on, shit! I had fallen asleep and I could feel my skin crisping up. I stood up and wrapped a towel around myself just as he walked out on the deck.

“Damn, Mom! You scared the Hell out of me!” Ian jumped back convincingly. “I didn’t know that you were here!”

“I must have fallen asleep, how long have you been here?” I asked, trying not to sound accusatory.

“Long enough to change into my trunks, it sure is hot out here, a swim would be great! Join me?”

“Uh, maybe in a minute, your old mom is not wearing an appropriate enough suit to be swimming with her son!”

“Old, Hell!” Ian smiled from ear to ear. “You would make any man’s eyes pop out of their heads, c’mon, race ya in?”

I noticed that when he said that, he initially acted like he didn’t mean to say it and worse yet, I got a chill from it.

I contemplated declining his invite, not only from feeling shy due to my skimpy suit, but, looking at him, swim trunks on; I felt a longing from deep within me that I hadn’t felt in five years. Since he had moved back in with me, I almost viewed him as just a man instead of my son. I lusted after him long into the night when my fingers would find their way to my burning sex spot. Ian was powerfully built and nearly six two, which he got from his dad. Tow head blonde and muscular, he had a deep; even tan that accentuated the cuts in his physique. His shorts hung low on his waist, the V in his obliques pointed toward…


I jumped slightly.

“You O.K? Too much sun?”

“No, not at all, you just look like your dad, that’s all.”

“We both miss him alot, Ma.” Ian whispered tenderly.

What the heck, I decided; I shucked my towel and raced the few steps to the pool.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” I shrieked.


The only things that weren’t covered by mom’s beach towel were from her her shins down, and I could see them turning a nice shade of pink already. She would be hurting later, but I didn’t think anything of that when she tossed the towel down and dove into the pool.

“Holy shit, where did you get that at?” I stood there, open-mouthed.

“Do you like it?” She stood up in thigh deep water, hands on her hips, posing.

“Wow.” Was all that I could muster. It was a blue ‘Slice Bikini’ (image search it, you’ll like it!) that left very little to the imagination.

Her giggle snapped me back to attention and I dove in, trying to clear my head of the thought of my mother, racing to the edge of the pool, her tiny, firm butt bouncing güvenilir bahis siteleri to and fro, the blue string thong just calling to me.


I’m not naive, I knew the effect that my deed would have, and I had a momentary tinge of regret.

Ian seemed to shake it off and we swam for a long time together, culminating in a splash fest that had us both giggling like little kids, it was a nice time.


“C’mere, Ma!”

I had her lift her legs up into a squatting position and grabbed her feet, and then I exploded up, tossing her high into the air.

“HUMAN SPRINGBOARD!” I screamed. She splashed down into the water and came up, laughing.

“Again!” She whooped.

I tossed her about for several minutes before I got too tired, then she thought that it would be fun to swim straight at me, then, at the last moment, execute a turn and use my chest as a push board.

I noticed after a few times that when she would do the turn, she would get her ass close to my chest before she pushed off, and when she did, her cheeks parted slightly and I could see the faint wrinkles of her puckered little sphincter, and a little further ‘south’, the edges of what appeared to be her pussy lips that weren’t hidden by her tiny thong! Unconsciously, I was now sporting a huge erection!


It was time for me to get out of the pool and as a last bit; I ducked under the water and came up between Ian’s legs. I was going to lift him up and dunk him really good this time. He parted his legs and I planted my feet on the bottom and pushed up with my legs, my son sitting on my shoulders when I realized that it wasn’t such a good idea. I had been playing around with my boy, a red-blooded young man while wearing a skimpy, barely there bikini.

His hard cock pressed through his trunks and against the side of my face like a stone. I knew that he was embarrassed, and I didn’t want to add insult to injury, so I made no mention of it and told him that I was going to shower and pop in a movie.

I need to repent. In the shower, I masturbated like I hadn’t masturbated in years and all that I could think of was how big could my son’s cock be?


She took me by surprise when she lifted me up, and I was aghast because I knew my dick was right against her face. I don’t think that she felt it, because she acted like nothing was wrong, Thank God.


I had to pat myself dry after my shower due to my sunburn, and clothes irritated my skin. I grabbed a pair of silk jogging shorts and eased a tankini over my torso. Barefoot, I inched my way downstairs and lay on my back on the couch, feeling the heat from my baked skin.

I heard the front door open and Ian walked in, some rented DVD’s in hand and a small bag from the drugstore under his arm.

“Action, comedy or horror?” He asked me, spreading the movies in his hands like playing cards.

“Definitely horror. What else do you have?” I asked him.

“Pure aloe vera. The pharmacist said that it will cool you down and make you more comfortable.”

“How sweet! I just can’t bend down enough to get it on my legs. D’ya mind?”

“Nah, not at all, ma.”

Ian gathered some snacks and a couple of drinks for us and I lifted my legs up so that my thighs were on his and my butt rested inches from his thigh. The lights were off and the movie started.


My heart nearly leapt into my throat when mom asked me to rub the aloe on her. I think that my cock was still protesting how I abused it after we were playing in the pool, but I could feel the stirrings in my loins as my mother laid on the couch, tight tank top that hugged her round breasts and tiny little running shorts. I thought about dead puppies and world catastrophes. It wasn’t working.


I almost laughed out loud as Ian began to put the lotion on my legs, he was so nervous. He reminded me at that moment so much of his father.

The icy cool aloe felt so good on my skin as he rubbed it on my feet and up towards my calves. Unknowingly, I let out a soft moan and shifted my legs in his lap and my calf came into contact with a steel rod. Ian’s hand froze and he gasped slightly.

It was nearly three years after the death of my husband before I began to get sexual feelings again, and earlier today in the pool was the first time that I had been in contact with a hard cock in five years, and I liked it, damned as I may be, I liked it.


I couldn’t help myself as I rubbed my mothers’ legs with the healing lotion. I began to sport an enormous erection and I did what I could to not let her feel it.

“Am I heavy?” She had asked. “You are squirming around alot!”

“Uh, no Ma,” I lied to her, “You know how I am during horror movies!”

I felt myself flush as a grin crept over her face.

Just then, she let out a low moan and shifted her legs on my lap and my engorged cock jumped up and brushed her calf. I held my breath and tried not to bring attention to it, I would have to disappear off of the face of the earth if she mentioned it, I was so embarrassed.

My eyes snapped open wide when she pushed down with her leg right on my sensitive head.

“Ian, my legs feel so good now, will you do my thighs?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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