A Night of Surprises

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The mechanical clink of the lock sounds as the key turns in lock of the front door. He is the first to arrive home, even after making a couple stops to prepare for the evening. Pushing the door open, he carries in a small black plastic bag. They have been planning a night out for over a week, and that night has finally come. He closes the front door behind him and heads towards the kitchen. Reaching into the refridgerator, he grabs a soda to cool his throat. He leans against the counter, drinking his soda.

As the black plastic bag laying next to him on the counter, he reaches in and pulls out the decorated box. The blue ribbon streaking across the white wrapping paper catches his eye. Slightly out of place, he straightens the ribbon before setting it back down on the counter. He grabs the plastic bag and disposes of it in the trash can. Leaving the box on the counter, he ambles to the bedroom to get ready for the night.

The front door opens easily, as she slips in from a hard day at the office. Excited about the prospect of a night out on the town, she quickly thinks of what she needs to do to get ready. A change of cloths, something cool to drink, and a quick shower are on the agenda of her mind. She decides to get the drink first, and heads into the kitchen. Her attention is immediately grabbed by the blue ribbon wrapped box. A smile crosses her lips as she makes her way towards the counter to gaze upon the box. He is always surprising her with little gifts here and there. She thinks to herself how nice he treats her.

Her attention is suddenly taken from the box by the sound of his footsteps into the kitchen. “Good evening, dear.” he says.

“Ohh… Hello.” she replies, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I haven’t been home long. Just long enough to shower quickly and change cloths.” he says. “I see you found my gift for you.” He grins and says, “Go ahead. Open it.”

Her fingers eagerly seach for the seam of the wrapping paper. She slips the ribbon off of the box with a single finger and finds the seam of the wrapping paper. Her finger slips just under the wrapping paper, seperating the taped edge. The paper unfolds to reveal a box containing a pair of remote controlled vibrating panties. She grins at the thought and possiblilities flood her mind. Her thoughts are interupted by his words.

“I want you to wear those while we are out tonight.” he says, “I already have the remote tucked away safely in my pocket.” A devilish grin slips over his face. “Go get ready to go.”

His command rings in her ears as she slips out of the kitchen. She gathers her cloths for the evening before heading to the bathroom for her shower.

He waits patiently for her to finish her shower. He sneaks quietly to the bathroom door, not making a sound. He anxiously waits to hit the switch on the remote. He listens quietly at the door as the water is turned off. Guess the amount of time it would take for her to slip the panties on, he flips the switch. Instantly a soft moan escapes from the bathroom, giving proof that his timing was good. He flips the switch off after another second or two. His impish grin growing wider with the prospects of the evening.

He quickly steps back to the kitchen to wait for her. Hiding his grin, she enters the kitchen. She is prepared for the evening. “Thanks for making me quiver while trying to put my bra on.” she states.

“What?!”, he replies “I didn’t do anything.” The gleam in his eyes giving away his secrets.

“Are you ready to get going?”, he asks.

“Yes, let’s get this night started.”, she replies.

He takes her hand and leads her to the front door. bursa escort Opening the door and guiding her out onto the porch. He smiles as he locks the house before taking her hand again. He leads her down the steps and to the passanger’s side of the car. He reachs down and opens the door for her. A sudden wave of pleasure washes over her, the stimulation catching her off guard. His grin gives him away again as he leads her to sit in the car. He quickly closes her door and walks around the back of the car before turning off the remote.

With a grin, he slips into the car and begins driving towards thier first destination of the evening. They make small talk about each other’s day. How the day went and how happy they are that the weekend has finally arrived. He asks, “So… are you excited about tonight?” and before she can answer, the sudden sensation eminates from her panties. She regains control of her words quickly and says, “Yes… very excited.” He grins and allows the panties to run for a few more seconds, before turning off the panties.

The car gently glides into the parking lot of the Dave and Buster’s, and into a parking space. He slips out the driver’s door and heads around towards the passanger’s side. Opening the door and hitting the switch on the remote again, she slowly stands up from her car seat. He grins at her and takes her hand. He pulls the remote from his pocket and turns off the vibration. Checking the remote, he changes a switch setting and slips the remote back into his pocket as they head towards the front door.

The doorman greets the couple and opens the enterance for them. The couple thank him as they step inside of the darkened rooms. The sounds of the games, people’s banter, and the noise of the bar fills the air as they stride into the gaming area. He takes his wallet out of his pocket and pulls out the Dave and Buster’s Powercard and a $20 bill. He hands over the card and bill to the female clerk at the Powerstation. He thanks her as she hands the card back to him and wishes them both good luck and a good time. A grin slips over his lips at the thought of a good time.

He asks, “Well, what would you like to play first?” “Hmmm, how about a coin drop game?”, she asks.

“sure, lead the way.” he replies. He hands her the Powercard and follows behind her. With a couple swipes of the card, coins begin to fall into the metal cup on the underside of the machines. The clinking of each coin hitting the cup sounds louder than the buzzing of the vibrating panties as they click on, a little stronger than the last time. She begins to moan a little as the pulsating waves assault her clitoris. She realizes that he was adjusting the settings earlier. In an instant, the vibrations cease.

They continue to play games. She plays the coin drop games, while he variously presses the switch on the remote control. His interest seems to drift between each game, dropping a few coins into the slots and pressing the switch on and off. His attention never really on the tickets that is accumulating at his feet, he continues to play. Alternating between drops of coins and the sounds of the machines, the switch is pressed at various times. Each time, a wave of pleasure washes over her body.

After some time, he decides that it is now time to go to thier next stop. He grabs her attention by pressing the switch again, in a short burst. He grins and says, “Let’s get going. The club should be pretty packed by now.” She quietly replies, “Yes, it should.” He leads her out the door, towards the car. Tapping the switch any time she tries to say anything to any of the staff that sends them out the door with wishes bursa escort bayan of a good evening and an eventual return to thier establishment. He guides her to the passanger side of the car, letting her take her place in the car before getting into his seat.

With a turn of a key, the motor comes to life with a roar and quickly they are pulling out of the parking lot. Night shrouding everything in it’s dark, silky embrace. The car enters the highway, traveling down the road towards the Church of Seven Candles. Within moments, she begins to moan as the car screams down the road. He grins to himself and glances over at her. She writhes in her seat a bit as the panties send her body waves of orgasmic pleasure.

After a few minutes drive, they arrive at the parking lot for the Church of Seven Candles. A downtown nightclub hot spot that was once an old Catholic church. It now serves as a dance club with an interesting decor. As they walk towards the front door, techno dance music spills out onto the street. A loud beat helps conceal a moan that escapes her lips as he suddenly hits the switch to the remote. Not releasing his power to her panties, he escorts her to the doorman. They pay the cover charge and slip into the club before he turns off the orgasmic vibrations. He looks her in the eye and a grin forms on his face.

“Would you care to dance, my lady?” he questions, already knowing the answer. He takes a hold of her hand and leads her out onto the crowded dance floor. The rythm soon over takes her ears and begins influencing her body to dance. The strobe and colored lights hitting in time with the beat of the music is almost orgasmic in of it self. She is snapped back to attention by a quick flick of a switch. All her attention now focused on the vibrations resonating from her panties. He grins and turns off the switch.

They dance to each song that is played during the next hour. Off and on, he flicks on the switch to see her reactions. Sometimes to the beat of the music, sometimes not. After some time, he leans close to her ear and gently kisses it. The couple lost in a sea of dance, he begins to pull her closer to him. He softly kisses her neck as both thier bodies still undulate with the music. His lips drift closer to her ear and he whispers, “Are you feeling pleased yet?” With a grin, he pulls his head back to look her deep into her eyes. With a half grin, she leans towards his ear and says, “Almost.”

The music continues to pound down on all the surroundings of the club, as they dance close together. His hands search over her entire body, as his lips place soft kisses on various spots of her body. Her mind begins to be taken over with the thoughts of the actions that will take place later that night. A sudden wave of pleasure hits her. Catching her off guard, a moan begins to escape her lips. She quickly bites down onto his neck to stiffle the moan. Her bite causes him to let out a primal growl. He leans back and kisses her lips with a fiery passion that has taken over his senses for the moment.

He regains his composure, reminded of the public setting by the elbows of others jabbing at his ribs and back as the music carries everyone further on. He scans the dimly lit, strobe-lighted room for a moment. He spies a wallflower of a man, leaning just off the dance floor. He leans back towards her ear and says, “Do you see that boy over there?” She nods her response after following where his eyes lead her. “I want you to go over there and dance for him.” She leans back, almost disapproving. His eyes reassures her that she should listen to him.

She deftly traverses the dance floor towards the other escort bursa young man. Without saying a word, she grabs his hand and drags him to the dance floor. The young man is stunned at this action, but quickly starts to dance. Awkwardly, his movements are not timed well with hers. She continues to dance with him, placing her hands on his hips to help guide him in his timing. A flash of pleasure rushes over her body. She knows her man has rewarded her for a moment.

The music thunders throughout the dance floor as she continues to dance with the young man. The young man’s timing corrected by her hands, she begins to dance closer to him. Another wave flushes over her body, taking her by storm. She is overwhelmed in the moment. The thought that she is dancing with another man, while her man gives her pleasure is almost too much to handle. The waves of pleasure keep coming and almost send her over the edge. The song ends on a steady beat and the regains her composure. She leaves the young man standing on the dance floor and makes her way back across to him.

His grin shinning as a beacon for her, she zeros in on him. Striding right up to him and kissing him passionately, almost knocking him off of his feet. He breaks the kiss and flicks on the switch again. “Seems to me, that it’s time to call it a night and head home.”, he says. she replies, “Yes… it is.” He quickly leads her out of the club. The cool night air hitting them after the rigorious dancing, cooling thier warm bodies.

He leads her to the car and opens the door for her. He quickly walks to the driver’s side while she slips off the vibrating panties from under her skirt. He takes his seat and looks over at her, seeing the panties sliding down her legs. He starts the motor and begins the drive home, with one eye on the road and one eye on her. The night’s excitement overtakes her. She begins to ache for his touch. As he drives down the highway, she reaches over and grabs his hand. She kisses each of his fingers and then places his hand on her inner thigh.

Signaling him with her placement of his hand, he slowly begins to bring his hand up her thigh towards her waiting labias. The warmth of her juices flooding down her thighs acting as a path for his hand to travel. His fingers begin to crawl closer to her. She shifts in her seat, eagerly awaiting his touch. His fingers graze the tenderest of flesh that is her labia. A moan escapes her body as it shudders from his touch. Her eyes search for his and scream to him for more.

His fingers glide closer towards her vagina, dancing playfully on her skin. Her aching begins to get worse, until his fingers finally probe into her vagina. Her juices flow onto his fingers, giving them a delicate reflection in the light of the street lamps. His fingers begin to gently flick in and out of her vagina. Her moans become louder as the car travels faster over the highway pavement. He pulls his fingers from her vagina and gently search up her labia towards her clitoris.

Upon finding her clitoris, he begins to gently play with it. Squeezing it between his fingers lightly and gently stroking across the tip. Her moans become deeper and more primal. He has seem to find a powerful spot. His fingers continue the gentle assault on her anatomy. Circling, swirling, gently flicking, and delicately playing with her clitoris. Her moans become more steady as she begins to feel the waves of her orgasm flood her entire vagina. Her juices flowing out of her as a loud scream of pleasure escapes her lips. His fingers continue to glide across her clitoris until she can not stand it any longer and pushes his hand away.

With a grin, he looks at her and says, “Do you think you will be ready again when we get home?” An impish flash twinkles in his eyes. She wonders for the moment if she will be ready or not, but continues the ride home with a content grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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