A Night To Remember

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Last night as she got home from the theater, she changed into her long satin night gown and matching robe, and curled up in the warmth of the overstuffed chair. In the dark, with the exception of candlelight, she relaxed with her cup of hot chocolate. Watching the snow fall outside and listening to the wind as Natalie Cole played softly on the stereo, she let her imagination run wild.

He was there.

He walked up behind her, leaned over, and whispered… “shhhhhhhhhh trust me.” He took her cup and without letting her see him he tied a silk blindfold around her head.

He knelt beside her and asked her if she would do what he asked and she hesitantly agreed. He helped her to her feet and asked her to take off her robe. She did. He sat her back down again. She felt his hands on her legs and it sent a shiver up her back. Once again she felt the cool silk, around her ankles this time, as he tied her legs to the chair, spreading her open under her nightgown.

She was sure she was blushing, afraid he would find out just how wet she was at this intrusion. (but, at the same time wanting him so badly to know how excited this made her feel)

He asked her to “feel how hard your nipples are…” and she casually brushed her hands across her nipples. He spoke louder, more demanding, and barked… NO, PLAY WITH THEM and she jumped slightly but obliged. She massaged them and rolled the thick bud like tips in her fingers, through the fabric of her nightgown as one shoulder strap slid down her arm allowing him to see the soft round breast she was playing with. He told her to lick her fingers and then play with the nipples inside the gown.. and she did.

He watched her wet fingers glisten as she tugged on her breasts willingly. Then she felt his head as his hair tickled her hand, his lips touched her fingers and instinctively she offered her breast to him as if feeding an infant.

She wished she could close her legs, she was embarrassed to think she was close to a climax, this easily. He nibbled slowly at each breast until she thought she would burst and she moaned softly. He licked his way kurtköy escort up to her face and licked her lips gently as she tried hard to make him linger there, to taste his mouth, his lips, HIM… but in a second he had moved on to other things.

As her breathing quickened she whined softly, begging to be untied and he patiently kept repeating… “no angel, let me please you.” But in a whisper she could not recognize his voice.

The thrill of pleasure and disgrace and danger filled her soul and only added to her wetness. He moaned as if getting as much pleasure from this charade as she. His voice was distant almost, as she felt his tongue, just then, touch the inside of her ankle and she cried NOT MY FEET and he held them firmly and promised not to tickle her. Her strength surprised him once he touched her feet, her reaction tugged so hard at the straps around her legs they imposed welts on her delicately soft loins. Boy, she IS ticklish he thought in a laugh. He positioned his warm, wet lips, around her flesh sucking on her inner leg and licking slowly up the inside. He stopped at the knee and she instinctively parted her legs more as if offering an invitation for him to taste her. He licked behind her knee and felt her tremble, he turned to look up at her and caught that irresistible smell of her womanhood and he smiled mischievously. With one hand on either knee he held them apart as she blushed with embarrassment.

As he held her legs, exposed, she wondered if he knew, could he tell, how excited she was? How, him, tying her, taking control, and now, about to force himself on her, was actually her fantasy?

She wants him to know.

He teased her, taunting her to let herself go *he knew she wanted to cummmm, the thrill of being taken and not being in control was almost consuming her as she panted and thrashed almost in pain as he dove into her pulsing opening and she burst as he touched her with his tongue. Screaming she flowed and let loose as he fought o drink her passion.

Her knuckles were white, as her hands held tight to the arms of kartal escort the chair. His tongue snaked in and out of her pussy as she coated it with her warmth. He drank her offering like a hungry cat and gently brought her back to earth nibbling on her clit as she regained what was left of her self-respect. He brought one hand to his face and wiped her from his chin, smiling to himself, having taken what he wanted, but still not gotten his own relief.

He stood up, bent over and took one tie off her leg and gathered her hands together and tied them in front of her. Then he released the other leg and whispered in a low growl… “on your knees.” Still blindfolded, she sat on her knees, looking every bit the sub. With the straps to her night gown around her elbows and her ample breasts visible to her *master*. He took her hair in one hand and pulled his fly down with the other and offered her his hard cock. He pulled her to him with force and growled “suck it bitch.”

The excitement grew within her.

The ache to please him overcame her inhibitions and she took him. He tilted her head back by yanking her hair and watched the blindfolded wench. (The excitement of taking him in her mouth was only heightened by the knowledge that he could see her. There was no room for pretense about being forced as he saw her so eagerly open her mouth for his hardness. She was her own bitch, not only serving him but serving that dark desire to have that moment of surrender to her own fantasy of being seen on her knees with juices running down her thighs and a hard cock in her mouth. )

Oh she was good.

She took him deep as her cheeks hollowed out sucking him hard. His knees bent and his hips thrust forward meeting her hunger on every stroke. She started to moan. She brought her hands up and played with his balls as she wiggled them into his pants. He pulled her hair and demanded she put her hands down. She whimpered. I want to fill that pretty little mouth with cummmmm you tease” he growled through clenched teeth. She knew enough not to ask why he called her a tease, but to simply kurtköy bayan escort obey. (She was a tease, a tease to herself, and she had been since childhood. When she moved a boys hand away from her breast but later fantasized about exposing herself to him and offering her nipples to his eager mouth. When a hand sliding up her leg was redirected while fantasies of sliding her panties to the side and playing with herself for his pleasure danced in her head. Giving the obligatory hand job to deserving boyfriends, always silent and routine, while her true thoughts caught in her throat.

But tonight was the night to obey her heart.

She dragged her tongue up the throbbing vein in his cock and used her teeth carefully to pull just hard enough to make him crazy. He pulled her off him just by inches and he moaned and took his dick in his hand and held it as he came watching himself explode all over this vision’s face making sure to get enough in her mouth to satisfy her craving. He stroked himself and wiped his cock on her lips taunting her and calling her, which only made her want him more. He pulled her to her feet and sensuously licked his cumm from her cheeks and chin and kissed her hard, sharing it with her.

He moaned as he kissed her, the thought of his cumm from her mouth excited her and he knew it. She had shared her erotic thoughts and dreams with him before.

He sat her down again.

He moved around the room blowing out the candles leaving the room in total darkness. he put on his coat and his shoes is silence. She knew not to ask questions of a dom. He unlocked the door before returning to where she sat. The straps of the gown still around her elbows, her voluptuous breast still aching for his touch, but he dare not go there again for his hunger would spoil everything.

He knelt beside the chair and whispered “I will untie you my dear, but you must promise me NOT to remove your blindfold until you hear the door close.”

In a meek breathless whisper she licked her lips, tasting what was left of him and managed to mumble… *yes master*. And… he left.

She pulled off the blindfold, embarrassed at how she looked, still totally un a where as to who *her master* was. Silently not wanting to know for the mystery still had her wet. As she stood up, something fell from her lap… one deep red rose with a chain and two rings attached and a note… *for next time*

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