A Residential Surprise

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I am a resident advisor in a college dorm. One night during each week, I have to do room checks. Unfortunately though, I live in an all male dorm. But, on the plus side, I do get to check out all of their girlfriends as I am doing room checks. On one particular night, I knocked on one of the doors on my floor. No one answered and I was about to key-in when this amazingly hot, sexy girl opened the door. To put it lightly, I was aroused. I simply must tell you how gorgeous this girl was. She had beautiful brown hair that hung smooth and straight all the way down to the small of her back. Her facial features were nothing less than perfect. She had a set of lusciously full lips, some of the most intoxicating eyes I have ever stared into, and the way she wore her make-up made it seem as if she were wearing no make-up at all. Her clothes were tight in all the right places, and even though she didn’t have much skin showing, I could still tell that she had some of her summer tan left. She was about 5’8″ and I know 5′ of her was legs.

Well, anyway, when she opened the door, I was taken aback. She turned and walked back into the room and I quickly followed. After policing the room, I chatted with her. She maintained eye contact throughout the entire session of small bayan tuzla escort talk, and I could feel myself ever so slowly being seduced. Our talk got extremely intense as we both felt the connection. I covertly tapped the door to get it to close and it seemed as if she didn’t notice. I think she just didn’t care.

Finally we approached one another. I placed my hand on the back of her neck and she put both of her palms on my face as we pulled each other closer. Our tongues intensely danced with graceful passion, and I pulled her wonderful body against me with my other hand. She slid her fingers down my chest and stomach and hastily fingered my belt and jeans loose. Immediately my hand went under her sweater. Her skin was cool and as smooth as silk. Our kiss still hadn’t broke, and I continued to massage the back of her neck as she began to massage the base of my erection. With one hand she was gripping my member as far down as she could reach and with the other she was softly stroking it like it was a precious stone.

Our kiss finally broke, and I moved my lips to her neck where I could smell the mixing aroma of her shampoo and perfume. I lifted her sweater to get a look at her breasts. She paused from her stroking pendik escort to let me raise her shirt all the way off. I just had to leave her bra on though because of how erotic it looked on her. It was a golden-colored cotton bra made of solid material in the support and a see through design in the showcase. As I worked her right nipple out, I kissed firmly against her chest. She slipped her hands away from my shaft again only long enough to undo her own belt and pants. As I began sucking her nipple, she writhed out of her pants until they fell all the way to the floor. Immediately I caught the sweet smell of her pussy flowing from between her legs up over her flat stomach. She wasn’t shaved, but she had done a masterful job of trimming a small patch just above her slit. I was right about those legs of hers too- long, sleek, and slender!

She pushed my body away from her so she could go down on me. She tongued it all the way into the back of her throat, hummed just a second, and then slowly sucked back off of it. She repeated twice and on the last time left as much saliva as she could muster. I knew what was coming next. I grabbed her around her thighs and lifted her up onto the desk in the room. She accepted my member eagerly while tuzla kendi evi olan escort furiously clutching her finger nails into my back.

We again picked up our passionate kissing. Her legs were wrapped around my hips with her ankles locked and pressing against my lower back. I continued to thrust as deeply as I could into her. She was superb at picking up my rhythm and rocked accordingly. With her hands and arms, she embraced me and forced herself against me as close as possible. We had both fought our cries of passion and mustered them into yelps. She kissed, sucked, bit, or whatever you want to call it into my chest as her body tightened all over. She hunched her hips so as to lock me inside of her. Her clit was forced hard down on the base of my shaft and the bottom of her pussy was forcing my head deep inside of her. From that moment, I no longer controlled my body. She held me captive and forced me to pleasure her just how she wanted even though I was in the dominant position.

Finally, she rocked slightly, clawed my back and neck, rocked again, and forced my orgasm with one last jerk of her body. After I came, I laid in her arms and savored that moment in time. When we calmed down, we clothed, embraced, and kissed one of those deep kisses where your lips don’t move but it’s one of the best kisses of your life. I left the room and finished my room checks a very happy man. Throughout my young sexual life, I’ve considered myself to be only an adequate lover. One thing I do know though, is that this girl, this goddess was Aphrodite herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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