A Sensual Spanking

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This story follows on from another, It Turned on a Tango, which you can find in my profile.

It was the time when Eli had been coming to stay with me over weekends for several months. Her marriage had become more or less dysfunctional and, since it had quickly become too stressful for her to maintain the deception over her relationship with me, she’d decided to tell her husband about it. He was taken aback at her having a lesbian affair but he told her that he was also having an affair with another woman. He was somewhat older than Eli, as am I, so she had assumed his lack of interest in her was due to a declining libido and age-related impotence. That he was seeing another woman had never crossed her mind.

Shortly thereafter, with no children to worry about, Eli left him and found herself a temporary apartment to rent while she searched for her own property to buy. It meant that she was a free agent and there were no obstacles to us spending time together. No obstacles, that was, except that it was only practical for both of us to be close to our offices which were a one-hour drive apart at best, but that could readily become two hours with traffic congestion.

I found it quite amazing that, with a wife like Eli, he would go for another woman. To my eye and in my experience, she is one of the loveliest women you could ever meet. There is a natural warmth that she projects, at least with me, and she is also a very capable business woman. I have never doubted her caring for me and it is a rare kind of pleasure to spend time with her, including in the bedroom. As for her appearance, I will just say that she turns heads.

On that particular Friday afternoon, she arrived at my apartment late-afternoon, with her weekend case in hand, looking as immaculate as ever. After a long hug and many kisses, we took our usual seats at the breakfast island with the usual glasses of wine. We chatted for a while on the week that had passed and I gradually got the sense that something was on Eli’s mind that she was holding back.

“Is there something on your mind that you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Well,” she responded with a rather sheepish smile, “you are very perceptive. Do you remember that first weekend we spent together and I asked you about spanking?”

“Yes,” I answered, then, thinking that it might put her at ease, I decided to elaborate. “I used to spank my girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro, Luciana. I’ve mentioned her before and it was something she felt she needed, and it would be every three or four weeks. It just became a normal part of our relationship. It was a long time ago, 25 years or so by now I guess.”

“Well, will you do it to me as well?” she asked, with a deep sigh as if she was relieved to get it out and ask me.

“Yes, I will, I would love to,” I answered, standing up and walking around the island to hug her in re-assurance.

“That took some courage, didn’t it?” I continued. “Because it’s supposed to be a bit kinky and kind of taboo to actually want to be spanked. But I don’t think it is anything at all uncommon and anyway this is just between you and me, and that’s a very safe place to be. Have you ever been spanked before?”

“No, never, not even as a child. I can’t explain it but it’s been in and out of my mind for years,” she said. “I never thought I’d actually get to this kind of stage with anyone but you made it so easy, just as you do with so many things. I don’t want anything as brutal as you can see on porn sites and yes, I know there’s pain involved but I’ve always imagined that as just one part of what could be a very intimate experience. Am I making any sense?”

With that she pressed her face into my breasts and there was a little sob from her as the pent-up tension she must have felt released itself.

The fact of the matter is that I had anticipated that I would somehow spank her at some point in time from the odd, passing hint she gave of her interest. And I had often looked at her bum and thought it looked so very spankable. If she wanted to try it, I was more than happy to oblige and I would do all I could to make it sensual and special for her.

“You’re making enough sense for me to think I understand,” I said. “I think you’ve had enough anticipation, so how do you feel about having your first spanking experience this afternoon?”

“Yes,” she responded, “I think that would be just perfect.”

“Good,” I said. “How about we sit down with another glass of wine and talk a little?”

“You must be feeling very apprehensive,” I continued after re-filling our glasses.

“Yes, very,” she responded. “It’s a big step into the unknown but I have to take it.”

“You will be fine,” I said, “I promise.”

“I don’t see myself as submissive, in fact just the opposite, but somehow this is different,” she said.

“We all have parts to us,” I responded. “Mostly you need to control the bad parts but what you are talking about isn’t a bad part. If you have a submissive part that wants to emerge now and again then you aren’t illegal bahis harming anyone else so let it have its time if it’s safe to do so and make friends with it. I’m certainly not going to make any negative judgements about you for that.”

“You always seem able to that,” she smiled, “rationalising my thoughts and putting them so neatly into words. And I do feel safe with you or we wouldn’t be talking like this.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” I responded. “It will be yet another first time for you. Over the last few months there was having a woman, me, make love to you, watching me masturbate in close-up, you making love to me and then masturbating just as I did, the threesome with Jonathon. The list can go on and on.”

“I know,” she said, “and I finally feel like a sexual woman. It wasn’t so long ago that I was just another frustrated housewife. It feels wonderful.”

“It shows,” I said. “You were always a beautiful and desirable woman to me but I’ve seen a fresh radiance in you that wasn’t there before.”

“I can’t see it but I can feel exactly that,” she responded, “and it’s all because of you.”

“And now we are on the verge of another new experience,” I said. “I think it will be best for you to leave things with me. But, and this is important, if it goes too far for you, then you have the final say and you must tell me to stop. It’s not about punishment, it’s about sharing with you the very intimate experience that you mentioned. I’ll build it up slowly and it will start to sting so we’ll see how it goes for you. I’ll be aiming to give you a warm glow and leave you with a pink flush on your lovely bum. And I will be close to you all the time. How does that sound?”

“I trust you,” she answered.

“So how about undressing but keep those lovely sandals on. I’ll be back in a moment or two,” I said.

I left her to it and went to my bedroom where I retrieved a soft leather strap and a thin cane with an ornately carved handle from the back of the wardrobe. They were items that I had used on Luciana and she gave them to me when I left Rio. I remembered her saying that I would very probably need them again in the future. I doubted it very much at the time but little did I know. I also took a pillow and a comforter from the bed.

When I returned from the living area, Eli was standing in a matching bra and panty set.

“As good as they look on you, I want you to take those off as well,” I told her.

I had seen her naked many, many times and she’d always seemed at ease but at that particular time, being a very different context, I presumed she was feeling vulnerable and well out of her comfort zone.

I cleared the breakfast island, moved one of the stools away and laid out the pillow and the comforter, the strap and the cane. When I turned around Eli was standing totally naked, her slender body with her olive skin already showing the tone that she had developed since we first met. I went to her, wrapped her in my arms and sensed her anticipation.

“You look good enough to eat,” I said.

“One day I will look as good as you,” she responded.

I led her to the island and pointed out the cane and the strap.

“These used to belong to Luciana and she passed them on to me. Perhaps she wanted them to remind me of her. I used to use them on her and she instructed me very specifically on how to use them.” I explained. “It depends on how forcefully you hit as to how much they hurt but I’ll only use them lightly on you if the time comes. I think they will give a different sensation to a hand and Luciana liked them a lot.”

I wrapped her in my arms again and kissed her face, then told her to bend across the island on to the pillow and get comfortable. When she got herself into position, I tucked the comforter around her upper body leaving her rather lewdly exposed below.

“Spread your legs a little more,” I told her and she complied.

“I feel like a ceremonial sacrifice,” she said, which was something like what I intended.

I stepped back to look at her and instantly my pussy twitched then moistened. Her bottom, which jutted out naturally at the back, was perfectly presented, the curve of her hips flowed in a smooth curve down along her lovely thighs and in the middle of it all was a view of her smooth, outer pussy lips with a hint of a slit between them. Lewd maybe, but to my eyes she looked seriously erotic and desirable.

“You look incredible,” I said, moving closer to her and placing a hand firmly on her lower back.

I stroked her softly and lovingly from the back of her knees almost to her waist then bent to place a kiss on each side of her bum.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes, go on,” she responded.

I began with little smacks at a slow pace with just my fingers over all of her bottom. When I got to the little crease where her cheeks met her thighs, I stretched the skin with my other hand and gave her the same treatment but just a little more firmly. I wanted to awaken the nerve endings and prepare illegal bahis siteleri her for what was to come.

She hadn’t made a murmur and, after stroking all of the area where I had hit her, I began with the palm of my hand. They were light smacks, evenly spread and not in rapid succession, perhaps ten or twelve, followed by more stroking. Again, she neither murmured nor flinched.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“It’s feeling a little tingly already,” she said “but please don’t stop.”

With the next ten or twelve smacks, I increased the weight of them and concentrated just on the crowns of her bum cheeks. By the time I got to the last few I heard soft groans and she began to clench a little. As I stroked her, I could feel a little warmth and there was a slight pink tone emerging. I ran my fingertips between her legs and found a very definite moisture there.

“How is it now?” I asked.

“Stingy,” she said. “It was good when you touched me. I’m feeling tingles down there as well.”

I again ran my fingers through her pussy and she groaned in response. She was getting really wet.

“I’m going to smack you again and I think you will feel it a bit more this time,” I told her.

I repeated what I had done before but struck her over a wider area with short pauses in between each strike. It was not as hard as I could have been but it was far from soft. She clenched with each impact and, by the time I had finished, her murmuring had become louder and she was wriggling from side to side. I stroked her more firmly over the taught skin and felt her with the back of my hand. There was a definite warmth there and the colour was rising as well.

I leaned forward over her back to get a clear view of her face and saw that her eyes were closed and she was taking deeper, steady breaths. I kissed her face lightly and put my hand under the comforter to stroke her back.

“You’re feeling it more now aren’t you?” I asked in a very soft voice to which she merely nodded.

“A few more and let’s see,” I said.

I again concentrated on those jutting crowns, smacking her much harder than before but gradually, five or six more times on each side, and she squirmed with each one. When I stroked her and felt the warmth, which would likely feel like heat to her, I thought it might well be enough for her first time.

“Do you want to go on?” I asked.

“Give me a moment,” she answered quietly, then, “will you give my pussy a stroke?”

I put my hand between her legs and found her even wetter than before. She moaned at my touch and pushed back at my hand and then she spoke.

“To finish off, you can use that cane on me but not too hard please,” she said.

“Just a flick of my wrist then,” I told her, “but be prepared because even that will bite.”

I took the cane, tapped it several times against her bottom, drew it back a short way, cocked my wrist and gave her the stroke. It took perhaps a second before she shot upright and grabbed her rear.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed.

I noticed the hint of a tear in her eyes and the flush on her face as I put my arms around her and held her close. She wasn’t sobbing, just breathing heavily and clinging to me. We stayed like that for a while until her breathing normalized then I eased away.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said and led the way holding her hand.

When we came alongside the full-length mirror, I told her to turn and take a look at her bottom.

“I thought it would be much redder,” she said, “because it feels like it should be. I can see where that cane hit me though. That’s the bit that feels most sore.

“It’s looking just lovely to my eye,” I told her, “but it will soon fade. Would you like me to soothe it with some body lotion?”

“I would love it,” she responded.

As she climbed under the duvet, I quickly stripped and after a quick diversion to collect the lotion, I joined her.

She was lying on her tummy, waiting, with her head to one side so I could softly kiss her face and the back of her neck. I told her she was beautiful then got to work with the lotion.

“I don’t really want the glow to go away,” she said, “because I like it, but what you are doing feels wonderful.”

“My pleasure, I can assure you,” I responded.

“Would you give me a rub as well?” she asked. “My pussy is almost as hot as my bum.”

‘Give me a rub’ was her way of saying ‘finger my clit’, and I was well aware that she especially liked me to do it from the back. I alternated my attentions between her bum and her pussy for a short while then concentrated on her outer lips and gradually moved to her clit. She was very slick and the residual lotion on my finger added to the lubrication.

“You don’t need to be gentle,” she said. “If you go hard and fast, I’ll get there very quickly.”

Sure enough, as I increased the intensity, she tensed and then began to quiver. She groaned loudly and shook for longer than usual as her orgasm took her so it seemed to have been canlı bahis siteleri particularly deep.

We lay side by side and I could see that her eyes were drooping but she reached out and stroked my face.

“I feel closer to you than ever,” she said, then her eyes closed and she drifted away.


I’d slipped away from a peacefully sleeping Eli and dressed in fresh panties, a t-shirt and a pair of sandals before she awakened, but she’d know where to find me: sitting on a stool at the breakfast island with a glass of wine. I’d cleared away the spanking implements, the comforter and the pillow and then reflected a little on the afternoon.

Eli’s spanking had been relatively mild, compared to what Luciana had needed, which was to feel enough pain to cry and cry, and I was very glad that it wasn’t the case with Eli. What was most important to me, though, was that she’d actually asked me to do it. That gratified and delighted me. Hopefully I’d met her expectations and there would be no negative after effects.

Then there was the immense sensuality of everything that had gone on from seeing her naked and vulnerable to her eventual orgasm. With those things swirling freshly in my mind I could readily have got myself off but I put it on hold knowing that Eli would most likely find a way to pleasure me later.

I pictured her face, those lovely full lips, the high cheek bones, her lustrous dark hair and her smooth olive skin, and I thought that I’d never get tired of looking at that beautiful face. Was I in love with her? I’d pondered the thought before and couldn’t or didn’t want to decide. That word ‘love’, it seemed to me, had many connotations but I finally decided at that moment that it probably summed up all the different feelings I had for her.

What concerned me most were the consequences of a longer-term relationship with someone I actually loved, the main one being what I saw as my loss of freedom. On the other hand, she gave me everything I needed and more, so perhaps my desire for freedom was more conceptual than actually needed. All I could conclude was that I should take it step by step and enjoy what was happening between us.

Eventually I heard a stirring coming from the bedroom, then the sound of a running shower. Shortly after, Eli appeared, freshly groomed, barefoot and wearing a mid-thigh, silky, black robe.

“You look amazing in that,” I said. “It suits you perfectly, nicely sexy but very stylish too.”

“Thank you,” she responded.

She then did a twirl and when her back was towards me, she flipped up the back of the robe to display her bum. She seemed in a very lighthearted state of mind.

“I had to do that because I’m so happy about everything that happened this afternoon,” she said. “But thank you will never be enough for what you did. If I said it a thousand times, it would still never be enough. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

She came up close whilst I remained seated at the island, hugged me and covered my face with kisses.

“And I have to apologise as well, because yet again I left you high and dry. I’m sorry but I was drained,” she said.

“You don’t have to apologise,” I responded. “I fully understand.”

“I’ll try my best to make it up to you later, I promise. And I’ll enjoy that too,” she went on.

“I know you will,” I said. “Can I take a closer look?”.

She turned around, flipped up the robe again and bent forward a little. That exquisitely shaped rear-end was in front of my face again, seemingly asking to be touched and stroked.

“It doesn’t feel any warmer than normal,” I said. “It’s still a little pink on those places that I smacked you the most and the cane line is still there. Does it feel sore?”

“Unfortunately, the glow has almost gone. I liked that,” she responded, “but it’s still a little tenderish in the places you mentioned.”

“Why don’t you get yourself a glass of wine and come and sit down, if it’s not too uncomfortable” I said.

She returned with her wine and I watched how she sat. It was a little gingerly but she didn’t show any real signs of discomfort.

“I know you are watching me,” she said, “but really, I’m OK.”

“It’s good to know,” I responded.

“It wasn’t what I expected at all,” she said. “I thought I’d be over your knee with my skirt around my waist and my panties pulled down and you would just spank until I asked you to stop. But what you created was something else entirely. I know you wanted to re-assure me and make me feel safe and to comfort me but I didn’t know what to expect. In the end it was an amazing, unbelievable experience for me. And the cum that I had was one of the best ever. If there’s a next time, and I really hope there will be, I think I might be able to go a just little further”

“You just have to ask,” I responded, “but it might be best to leave it for a while. How do you feel in yourself?”

“Light,” she said. “It’s the best word I can find but perhaps also relieved that I actually discovered what it was like. It’s that it’s no longer a fantasy but now it’s real. And, just as I told you, I feel closer to you than ever.”

“I’m so glad you’re feeling that way” I said as I took hold of her forearm, “and it’s a relief for me as well.”

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