A Sissy Shopping Trip Ch. 03

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We were quickly through the checkout and on our way again. Cindy dragging me by the hand toward the mall entrance. “C’mon, lets go. We have some more stops to make and we haven’t got much time.”

Our next stop was a high-end shoe store just outside the department store. I had lingered outside that same store many a time, admiring the sexy heels on display in the window and imagining myself prancing around in them. As we approached, my wife paused suddenly. Feeling a surge of disappointment, I had to ask, “What’s up? Isn’t this where we’re going?”

“This is it all right. You just go on in. I’ll be right there.” She grinned and, as I surveyed the store, with the handsome salesman with his perfect, chiseled face, broad shoulders and sparking blue eyes hovering in the men’s shoe section and watching me, her intention became clear. “Go now. Over to the mens side,” she whispered.

Nervously, I wandered in and started looking at the assortment of mens’ loafers, sensing the salesman approaching and feeling a growing tension in my gut. Then he was beside me. With a scowl he greeted me, “Yes…” a pause follower by, “Sir,” in the most skeptical of tones. “Can I help you?”

And then, from behind us, in her sweetest voice, Cindy piped up, “She’d like a nice pair of heels. Can you help us?” She smiled her most winning smile. As he eyed her gorgeous body with its short skirt and low-cut top, I could see his expression change as his interest in Cindy won out over his distaste at having to deal with me. As she bent over in front of him, supposedly to look at some shoes low on the display case, he could see her stocking tops and, I’m sure, got a glimpse of her smoothly shaven pussy, I could see that the decision was made and a flush of shame overwhelmed me.

“Well, I’m not supposed to sell shoes to women, but this might kind of be an exception, wouldn’t it,” giving me a big smirk.

“She’d like something in cream to match her top. And, I think, at least a five inch heel.”

As he looked skeptically at her on the latter, she assured him, “Don’t worry, she thinks its her big secret but she’s been practicing to be a little sissy for a while now. ” I was stunned. She knew. How much did she know? Did she know about my whole secret stash. The little ballerina shoes, the six inch heels and everything in between? “You should see her in the six inch heels. She’s pretty wobbly but she can get around OK. She can do just fine in the five inchers.”

Well, after ten more minutes of her flirting and him leering we finally settled on a gorgeous pair of cream colored stiletto’s. I was quietly thrilled at how they showed off my brightly colored toenails. As he prepared the box for our new purchase I started to pull on my loafers Cindy asked, “What are you doing? Put them on. We didn’t go through all of this just so you could carry them around in a box.” To him, “You can keep the old ones. Throw them out. She won’t be needing them again today.” Then, with a wink, “Probably never.”

As we left the store, me tottering on the unfamiliar heels, he followed, clearly not wanting to let Cindy get away. She grinned and, looking over her shoulder, winked broadly, stage-whispering so that all could hear, “I’ll be back. Next time she can wait at home for us.” A surge of jealousy washed over me but, as I turned to complain she pulled me forward roughly. “Come on sissy. Look at you. Do you think you’re in a position to complain? Just consider yourself lucky if I let you clean us up afterward.” As my anger turned to humiliation I turned my glowing face away, wishing I could run and hide but knowing that, despite Cindy’s observations, the best I could do would be to wobble away on my new shoes.

The next stop, a fashionable store filled, it seemed, to capacity with teenage girls, was at the other end of the mall. The hike there was filled with, the now familiar, stares and whispered comments, but was otherwise uneventful. Inside, Cindy was all business. After selecting a couple of short skirts in pink, pale blue and black she led me to the changing rooms. In response to the attendant’s questioning look she asked, “She’s got to try these on,” showing the skirts. The attendant laughed a bit but shrugged and opened a room.

Cindy had me try each skirt on and come out to show her. Then, when none fit to here satisfaction, had me stand in the last one outside the changing room while she went to get some more. It seemed like she was gone for hours and the embarrassment of being stared at by a steady stream of teenagers and their mothers was almost more than I could bear. I felt eyes boring into me from all directions and it was all I could do not to run and hide back in the changing room. I knew I couldn’t, though. Cindy, I was sure, would find a greater punishment if I did.

Three more to try on followed by two of them for a second time before she chose a cute little hot pink one with a frilly band of lace around the bottom. I knew what was to come and, on my final return to the changing room, removed the tags but put the skirt kaçak iddaa on. I bundled up my slacks and returned to where Cindy was waiting. As we headed toward the checkout Cindy dragged me aside, to a rack of tiny party style purses. Grabbing a bright pink one, “To match your pretty skirt,” she proceeded to empty the pockets of my slacks into it.

Then, after paying for my purchases, it was back into the mall and again, Cindy was dragging me along, almost pulling my off my heels as I stumbled along. “Come on, Baby. Last stop now but we’re already late. Come on!”

A few minutes later, after what seemed like a hundred miles in my new heels, we arrived at the day spa the had just recently added in the mall. It was decorated beautifully, mostly in pastels and honey colored wood and featured a two story waterfall. The hostess was gorgeous, with long legs I would die to have and the shortest skirt I had ever seen.

We hurried in, Cindy apologizing for our lateness as we approached the reception counter. “No problem,” the hostess replied. “Matt told me about you and told me to call him when you arrived. He said he wanted to help you personally.” She winked, and scanned Cindy from head to toe, lingering briefly on her low-cut top and micro skirt. “I think I see why.”

She transferred her attention to me, all business. “So this is the one we have the appointment for? Lets get you registered while we wait for Matt. Les’ll be your esthetician. He, uh … has his own way of doing things but I think you’ll enjoy it,” she said, with an emphasis on the “you,ll”, and a broad wink. “I see that we have you down for a full wax with a Hollywood, a pedicure and manicure.” I must have looked confused and she looked at me questioningly.

“Uh, Hollywood?”

“Yea, Hollywood.” Then, whispering so that the other women in the waiting room wouldn’t hear, “Your cock and balls.”

“Wha …”

Cindy broke in, “You’ll love it. Its a bit painful at first but its the price of being a sexy girl.” Seeing a hint of rebellion she made it clear that there would be no discussion, “You’ll do it! I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

“Ah, here’s Matt now,” from the hostess. I watched as he swaggered over to us. He was over six feet tall, perfectly proportioned, with a face from a roman statue, slightly curly black hair and intense blue eyes. He wore dove gray suit that fit his broad shoulders and tight body perfectly. There was a substantial bulge at his crotch. He didn’t even glance my way, though. His attention was completely on Cindy, looking her up and down, obviously taking in her long legs, great breasts and gorgeous face.

“Hi gorgeous,” he said, and finally sparing me a glance, “So this is her, eh. I’m sure Les can do something to make her presentable. Lets get her in and you and I can go somewhere and get to know each other better.” With that, he put his arm around Cindy’s waist and guided toward one of the rooms in the back, leaving me to follow in their wake.

They paused in front of one of the rooms and Matt ushered me forward telling me to get undressed and take a seat on the huge chair in the middle of the room. It reminded me of a dentist chair except for the towel across it and the big basin built in under the footrest. The only other furniture was a small stool and a massage table on the other side of the room.

I waited for them to leave but they just remained, watching me. As I started to say something Cindy fixed me with her best glare. I gave in and, hanging my head in embarrassment, removed my clothing until I was standing there naked under their watchful eyes. Matt chuckled, “OK he really does need help, doesn’t he.”

Just then, the door opened and a short pudgy man who must have been in his forties walked in. “Ah, Les,” Matt said, “We have one of your favorites for you.”

He gave a brief smile that didn’t reach his eyes and looked me over. “It’ll be a while,” was all he said.

“Take your time. Cindy, here, and I’ll get to know each other better,” Matt said with a wink in my direction. “Call me in my office when you’re done.”

“Much better,” Cindy smiled broadly up at Matt, pulling him tighter and running her free hand over his growing bulge. To me, with a smug grin, “Do as Les tells you, sweetheart. If not, I’ll hear about it and you’ll regret it.” With that they left, closing the door behind them, ignoring my embarrassment.

Les turned to me, “Lets start with getting all that ugly hair off you, darling. Get up on the table there. Face down, please. We’ll start with your back”

I climbed up and lay face-down with my forehead resting on the the built-in support and facing the floor through an oval head-sized opening. “I feel so exposed,” I said, trying to ease my embarrassment and hoping for a bit of sympathy.

He chuckled harshly, “Don’t they all. Just do as you’re told and we’ll both enjoy this. Stay there while I get ready.”

I heard a rustling and assumed that he was putting something like a smock over his clothing.

Then I could sense him kaçak bahis beside me and saw bare feet and hairless calves come into view through my little head opening. I started to lift my head but a push on the back of it changed my mind. Remembering Cindy’s warning I decided not to resist.

“Just lay there. There’ll be a bit of pain but nothing you can’t stand.” With that, I felt him roll something warm behind my shoulder. That was followed by a patting sensation followed quickly by a rip and smarting pain. I jumped and moaned a bit but stayed where I was.

“Ah, the price of beauty,”he crowed, applying the next strip. And so it went, as he covered my whole back and down the backs of my legs, leaving my butt, “for later.”

Next he had me flip over and that’s when I saw, as I already half expected, he was completely naked. He was sporting a small but very hard cock with a dribble of precum down to his balls and a drip just about to fall from his sac. He looked at me checking him out and grinned broadly. “Later, baby. We’ve got work to do right now.”

With that, he started applying wax to my chest. The process continued down my chest, my legs and my arms until I was completely hairless except, that is, for my pubic area and top of my head. “OK,” he said, giving me a smug smile. “Now for the fun part.”

He reached under the table and I felt it slowly dropping. When it was about thigh high it stopped and he pulled his hand away. “OK, off.”

As I clambered down he threw a pillow across the bottom and told me to bend over it, positioning me so that my upper half was laying on the table, my feet were on the floor and my butt, supported by the pillow, was high in the air. His help consisted mainly of standing behind me, pushing and pulling me, with his crotch buried in my ass. Several times I felt his penis pushing at my opening. Almost involuntarily, I found myself pushing back and doing my best to open myself up to him. He was teasing me and each time, just as he started to enter he would pull back. I felt like a complete slut and knew I would do anything to have that cock inside me.

Finally, he pulled back and I felt the now-familiar sensation of wax being applied as he started on the cheeks of my ass. I was beginning to get used to the pain and relaxed until I felt the warm wax being applied inside the crack of my ass and over the opening itself. I tried to stand but was pushed roughly back into place.

I tensed up and, as I felt the usual patting I felt fear. I knew the pain was going to be intense

He giggled. “Ah, its OK. Wait until we get to to your balls. Besides, just think how much sexier you’ll be for the next guy you want to give your little pussy to.” With that, he gave a violent tug. I saw stars, the pain was so intense. He laughed again and proceeded to apply more wax on either side then strip my crack completely clean.

He let me rest for a few minutes but while I did he came over in front of my face, blatantly standing up against the table with his cock almost touching my lips. I couldn’t help myself and opened my mouth, hoping that he would give me a taste but not having the courage to lick the precum up and take him into my mouth as I so dearly wanted to do. “Ah,” he chuckled, “Does the little girlie want a taste of cock?” With that he pushed forward a bit more, allowing his penis to just brush against my painted lips. I pushed my tongue out to taste him but got only the sweet saltiness of the precum left on my lips as he quickly drew back.

“Alright, flip over and get up into the middle,” he demanded. I did as instructed and there was no disguising the rock hardness of my cock. He smirked, “Ohhh, our little girlie is really enjoying this, isn’t she? Is she into the pain do you suppose?” He smacked my ass hard. “Or, is it the thought of being my little playtoy that has her all hot?” he asked as he climbed up and on the table and ran the head of his cock from my forehead down to my chin, leaving a trail of precum. I was desperate to taste him and when his cock came over my mouth I opened up wide and pushed my tongue out to capture it as it went by. That obviously pleased him and he smiled wickedly as he lifted it up to just graze the tip of my tongue.

As he climbed back off and prepared to work on my pubic area I contemplated my own responses. Why was I so turned on by this pudgy, unattractive man? Why did I ache to taste his semen? Why did I so love it when he teased and tormented me? Finally, the questions gave way to a simple and overwhelming desire to be his. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to be Les’ slut, to be used by him in any way he wanted. I lay half dreaming, only vaguely aware, as he trimmed and ripped off the bush above my cock.

Then, suddenly he was holding and lightly caressing my cock and it felt like a jolt of electricity went through me. I spasmed and almost came but a harsh pinch to the head brought me back to reality with a jolt. “No, no, no! Not yet my sweet,” he laughed.

He proceeded to remove the hair from my cock efficiently illegal bahis and with surprisingly little pain. My testicles were another matter entirely. The pleasure of his touch on my balls followed by the erotic warmth of the wax was abruptly dispelled by the excruciating pain as he pulled the strip free. It felt like my balls were being pulled off and then like they were on fire. The cycle was repeated over an over until I thought it would never end. Finally, he stopped and held my balls in his hand, muttering almost to himself, “Ahh, so pretty now.”

Then he gave them a smack and commanded, “Up! Over to the chair. Time to finish making you beautiful.” As I convulsed and my stomach went into knots and I and I stared daggers at him. “The price of beauty, Baby.” was all he said, with a wicked grin.

I traipsed over and collapsed into the seat, feeling an odd combination of dread and anticipation at what might be in store for me next. But I was surprised and not a little disappointed when, as any other ethetician would, he simply pulled the stool to the bottom of the chair and started to fill the basin. Very matter of fact, he washed and massaged my feet, giving me only a brief thrill when, during the massage, he rested them one at a time on his small hard cock, obviously giving himself a thrill and, in the process, smearing precum all over my feet.

In every other respect it was all business, at least until he had finished working on the nails of my toes and finger. Cleaning up my toenails, filing them to nice smooth arcs, applying fresh, bright pink, nail polish, sticking long plastic nails on my fingers and painting them bright pink to match my toes. With a vague feeling of loss I resigned myself to the thought that this was it and there would be no more fun today. I was wrong.

As soon as he finished, he picked up a remote control unit and hit a button. I felt the top of the chair dropping as he ordered me not to move, “or you’ll smear your polish.” When it felt like my head must touch the floor and I was looking up at my cock standing proud above me it stopped. “You’ll love this feature,” he laughed as he came and stood over my head where it lay on the narrow headrest. I could see his balls with the trail of precum and felt a drip hit the side of my nose.

As he raised the chair again I didn’t need to be told and opened my mouth wide until his balls were completely enclosed in my mouth. “Go ahead, sweetie, suck them.” And, as I sucked them deep, “Lick them too.” “Gently now,” as I nipped them a bit. I savored the taste and smell of him. The slight smell of sweat, the slightly salty but sweet taste of the precum that formed a slippery coating on his hairless balls. I was in heaven.

He pulled forward then, commanding me to lick all the way back to his ass. Moaning as I did so, “Ahh, it feels so good. Keep it up, Baby.” “Now push in deep,” as I pushed my tongue deep into his opening. I couldn’t get enough and, as he slowly moved back and forth I licked and sucked his balls and back to his opening over and over. His balls and hole and everything in between were my world and I was aware of nothing else. When the chair dropped again I was shaken and, lifting my head, I tried to follow them as they hovered just out of reach.

“You really like that, don’t you sweetie,” I heard his voice come to me seemingly from a great distance. “You’ll really like what comes next.”

With that, he backed away and pulled at the headrest and I felt it drop away. My head dropped back to the lowered rest and I found myself, mouth wide open, looking at his thighs. Looking up I could see his cock hovering just above my open mouth.

He raised the chair again and as he did I felt his cock land first on my chin then slant up as the base came hard against my mouth. At that he stopped the chair and backed away.

“Time for us to talk, Baby,” he said as I lay staring at his cock. “First, what do you want most in the world right now?” He ran his cock lightly over my lips.

I moaned, “Your penis.”

“What do you want to do with my cock?”

“I want it in my mouth. I want to taste it and lick it.”


“And I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to push it into my throat.”

“Do you want my cum?”

“Oh yes, pleeease,” I hissed, desperately. “I want you to fill my mouth with cum!”

“What does that make you?”

“I don’t know. Please let me suck your cock.”

“How about a sissy cumslut? Tell me you’re a sissy cumslut and I’ll give you at taste.” I could hear the laugh filed with scorn in his voice.

“Yes, I’m a sissy cumslut,” I moaned. “Please.”

And then, Cindy’s voice, “That’s fantastic Les. Perfect!” She came into view behind Les, with a video camera in hand. As I struggled to get up, desperate to get the camera from her, she laughed evilly. “This should be great to put on the web. I bet you’ll get thousands of hits.” As Les moved forward, trapping my head in place, she continued, “Settle down. Just do as you’re told and I won’t send the link to all of your friends.” “Oh, and wouldn’t Steve love to see this,” referring to my older brother. “Well, maybe he’ll see it anyway. Sue tells me she’s caught him looking at sissy videos a few times now.”

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