A Small Town, A Perfect Girl

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She had finally come to me, after dancing around each other for close to a month. From the start every fiber of my being wanted her. She was deliciously cute, 18, with braces that made her smile even more enticing than I would have thought possible. But it was those big green eyes, framed by the most sensuous red hair I have ever seen, that was going to get me in trouble. In a few short weeks she had become the subject of so many sexual fantasies that I had a hard time concentrating on my work. At times I would look over at her and I could swear that she was reading my thoughts. She would then give me a look that told me she was shocked at what I was thinking, but coupled with a smile that seemed to tell me that she would love to make my carnal dreams come true. Needless to say I was confused and hard most of the time. However, I had finished my job and everything was wrapped up and I would be leaving town the following day.

The knock on the hotel room door came a surprise as I knew that most of the crew were already down at the bar, enjoying a well deserved final party. When I opened the door there she was, wearing white tennis shoes over short frilly white socks, an incredibly short skirt, and topped off by a white blouse that transparent enough to see the tiger print bra beneath. She had made up her eyes with dark mascara that made me feel like I could, and would, fall hopelessly into them. When she began to talk I noticed that she had applied a lethal dose of lip gloss.

“Can I come in?” she coyly asked.

“Sure c’mon in, I was just getting ready to go down to the party.” I tried to act as nonchalant as possible.

“I thought we might have our own little party.” She smiled and planted a wonderfully wet kiss on my lips.

I could taste cherry? Or was it strawberry? I really didn’t fucking matter at this point as I was enjoying the most tantalizing kiss of my life. I held her tight and kissed her right back. Her tongue and mine met, danced around each other and reluctantly parted.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” She looked up at me with such love.

“Well I’m so glad you did!” I smiled like an idiot. “So is all of this,” I gestured at her outfit, “for me?”

“Of course it is! You know for a smart guy you’re pretty stupid sometimes.” She walked past me into the room.

“Are you sure about this? I mean I’m older and, well quite a bit more-”

“You can do anything “, was her quick response.

“What?” I was caught off guard.

“Look I’ve known for some time that you’re the one.”

“The one?”

“You are dense! The one for me. The one I want. The one I would be stupid to let get away.” She stated all of this a simply a matter of fact.

I needed a moment to regain my composure in order to sort all of this out.

“Well let’s start by having a drink. I was just about to have a little smoke. ” I looked around for my lighter.

At least I would have some time to clear my head. The only problem was that she was right here, very close, looking like she’d been ripped from my dreams.

After pouring us a drink we both had a little smoke. I could not take my eyes off of her. She was so fucking sexy, so perfectly delightful that I began to imagine in detail, what I wanted to do with her.

“Penny for your thoughts,” she looked quite amused.

“I think you know what they are, free of charge”

“You seem a bit preoccupied.”

“Well you are one hell of a distraction.”

“Good.” She was obviously delighted.

I left it at that, thinking that if this was going to happen, and I knew it was, I was going to make this fucking perfect. escort ataşehir As I took another puff I knew I would take this nice and slow. I was going to make this beautiful young goddess all mine. I wanted to look into those eyes when she exploded. I wanted her to know that I possessed her, that I could bring her to ecstasy over and over again. I wanted her to call out my name, giving voice to the intoxicating delirium. She would know how much she was loved.

As I she and I drank, all sorts of wild and lustful thoughts careened around my brain like breaking balls on a pool table. Sometimes I could have sworn she blushed and at other times I believe she smiled at my unspoken thoughts.

As I couldn’t help myself I leaned over and kissed her again. As our tongues touched it felt like an electrical charge went through our bodies. We both responded with even more passionate kisses, the fruit flavor of her lips slowly diminished, replaced by the even more tempting sweetness of this sublime young woman.

“I want to taste you,” more demand than appeal.

As she stood I lowered myself in supplication to the goddess of my dreams. I lifted her short skirt and noticed she was wearing Hello Kitty panties.

“Fucking perfect,” I said.

“You like?” she smiled down at me.

In response I buried my face between her legs. My tongue licked hard on her soaked panties. Soaked! Her panties were fucking soaked! My cock throbbed in response to this discovery. I slowly pulled them down, and guided her back on the bed, her wet pussy right in front of my face. My hands began to softly caress her inner thighs while my tongue teasingly flicked her clit. I intended to drive her crazy, just like she had done to me over the past month. I would bring her right to the edge. Right to the edge and then I would hold her there. Each soft movement of my tongue brought a response from her. She began to moan and talk to me under her breath. Begging, pleading to make her cum. Long, slow, ice cream licks of her pussy were followed by delicate swirls around her clit. Each time I would bring her closer and closer to the edge.

She tasted so fucking good I had all I could do just to keep from exploding just from licking her. I had an overwhelming urge to whip out my cock and just jack off all over her as she writhed beneath me. Instead I concentrated on the most delicious pussy I had ever tasted. After close to an hour I decided to release her from her heavenly torment. My tongue traced one final circle around her clit, followed by an agonizingly slow long lick of her hot pussy. She moaned as she came. As I tasted her first drops I couldn’t help but moan myself.

“Fuck,” I managed to say in between licks.

That must have sent her off because her body started to shudder and I was rewarded with a fucking gusher of a cum. My lips and chin were soaked with her and I was losing control. She continued to cum like she had never cum before in her life. There was so much it began to drip down between her cheeks.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to woman’s asses. I guess you could say I was an ass man. She had one of those asses that just begged for a good fuck. From the very moment I saw that perfect ass I wanted to pump my thick cock between those scrumptious cheeks. I began lowering my long ice cream licks, bit by bit, hungry for her juices. When I finally touched her ass with the tip of my tongue she tenderly shook. I carefully spiralled my tongue around her ass in ever decreasing circles. Now she was moaning in a much deeper tone. I was releasing the sexual animal within her and I was thoroughly enjoying every moment kadıköy escort bayan of it. For close to half an hour I played with that magnificent ass. I reveled in my lust for her. I luxuriated in the power of my tongue, softly caressing her ass, to make her cum over and over.

“Fuck yes, Fuck yes!” Those words sounded beautiful to me. “Baby, I need to suck your cock. Please! I need your cock!” she said in between moans.

I stood up and undid my pants. My cock stood to full attention. “I want you to do exactly as I say baby. I want you to tease the living fuck outta my cock.”

She nodded, never talking here eyes off of my throbbing shaft.

“Kiss it baby. Kiss the head and then I want you to get it all nice and wet.” She eagerly complied, kissing, and then slowly licking my shaft, getting it nice and wet.

“That’s fucking awesome baby. Now rub your clit while you blow me.” I watched as she began to play with herself while softly teasing my cock. It was almost too much for me to take.

“Spit on it. I want to feel your spit dripping off of my balls.” She spit on the head and then, with agonizing slowness, deep throated my cock. Spit and semen dripped out around her lips coating my balls. Like with everything else about her, it was fucking perfect. She was bringing herself to orgasm with her hand and was swallowing almost every inch of my shaft. Something had to blow. I could feel it building, imperceptibly and first but with growing intensity, inside her.

Gentle at first, as she came she tried to swallow more of my cock. I began to feel it too. It made me light headed as I watched her continue to explode for what seemed like several minutes. I had a hard time taking it all it. This red haired vixen was hungrily taking down my cock, all the while exploding with no end in sight. I so wanted to be between her thighs licking up every precious drop, but it was as if time had slowed down. It must have been about three minutes before her orgasm subsided. She leisurely pulled her mouth off of my cock.

“Oh my god,” she said quietly.

I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was. Throbbing non- stop, it glistened with her spit and several strands still connected my shaft to her lips. She looked simply gorgeous. She lay backwards on the bed.

“Fuck me,” she said.

As soon as the head of my cock pushed into her wet pussy she exploded again; a wonderful greeting for my adamantine pole. I began my teasing her with tender short strokes, increasing carefully, our eyes locked on each other.

“I knew it would be this good,” I said confidently. “I knew you were my perfect fuck.”

“Perfect,” she repeated back.

We developed a rhythm, never taking our eyes off of each other. She would languidly swell to orgasm, gradually calm down, and then unhurriedly build to another body shaking explosion. This occurred over and over again as we both became one.

“I love you,” she said with glazed eyes.

“And I love you, my goddess,” I responded. “Perfect?” I asked.

“Perfect,” she echoed.

At that moment nothing else in the universe existed but us two. I was fucking the woman of my dreams, lost in her eyes. Her eyes, in turn, reflected such love that I could see myself as she did; powerful, beautiful, apable of anything. She made me feel like a god on earth.

“I want your ass.”

“Everything is yours,” she answered.

I reached over a grabbed the lube, placing a drop on the tip of my cock. With great care and infinite slowness I began to push the head into her exquisite ass. Her eyes widened as the thick head popped in.

“Oh my. Oh my. Oh my escort bostancı fucking god!” she screamed as she came unexpectedly.

Her ass and pussy had both just exploded simultaneously. Feeling incredibly powerful, I carefully pushed my throbbing shaft deeper. I knew by the look in her eyes she could feel every inch of my shaft. Every pulse of my cock was reflected in her eyes.

“Well I fucking love this!” She managed to tell me.

“You have no idea how fucking happy I am right now!” I replied. “I may never leave.”

With a minimal of problems I was soon buried deep. She had cum so much that it was quite easy for me to begin to fuck that beautiful ass.

“Rub your clit baby, while I pump that perfect ass.”

As soon as she stared to rub her clit and pussy she started to cum again.

“Yeah baby, fuck that ass. I fucking love your cock in my ass!” she screamed.

We began to build a rhythm as before. It became so natural. My cock belonged in her ass, making her cum with every stroke. All the while I kept staring into those eyes. I wanted to burn the image of me fucking her ass, permanently on her brain. She looked back at me with eyes that told me how much she loved this. Eyes that said we could never be closer than we are right now. I was falling deep into those eyes as time began to slow down again. I was pumping her tight ass in a never ending dream world of just us two. With each stroke everything slowed and her eyes filled with love.

“I want you to blow all over my face.” she said softly.

“What?” I wasn’t sure I heard right. I must have thought about creaming that pretty face a thousand times over the past month. I thought about how sexy she would look with my cum in her braces, dripping all over her lips and hair.

“I do read your thoughts.” She said. “Why do you think this is all so perfect?”

I was aching for release and here she was telling me to blow all over her face. I reluctantly pulled out of her ass and she immediately began to lick and suck on my balls. Watching her tease my balls with such tenderness, smiling up at me, was an unforgettable vision. For someone so young she knew, instinctively, that to truly excite a man it was all about the show. The skirt, tennis shoes, and lip gloss were all part of her arsenal, that she used with expertise to assault my senses. On top of this he was as aware of the beautiful sight she presented to me as any professional actress, in front of the camera, could be. I realized how well it had worked. I had not taken my eyes off of her since I opened the door.

“My, they are full, aren’t they?” she teased as she licked.

At this point I don’t think I could form coherent words. I stood in amazement as she drove me to the edge. Her tongue on my balls felt so fucking good. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer.

“You’d like to cum all over my face wouldn’t you? It would be so hot. I want to feel that powerful cock blow all over my cute face. It’ll probably make me cum too.”

She hadn’t even touched my cock yet. She had been concentrating on my balls all the while she was talking.

“Ok baby. Time to cum.” She spoke as if she had planned this all along.

She grabbed my cock at the base and gently kiss the head.

My cock throbbed in response as I began to unleash the biggest load of jizz on that innocent face. Streams of white cum hit her lips and braces. Some landed in her hair. I moaned with pleasure as she nibbled the underside of my cock as it was blowing strand after strand of hot cum all over her face. I had never seen a woman look more beautiful and satisfied as she looked right then. This was her perfect moment. She had brought me to heights I never before had imagined. Time slowed as I watched this goddess empty my balls, smiling all the time as if she knew a secret. As if she could read my mind.

“I will always be your Jess,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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