A Sniffing Apprentice

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Here I am, chatting away to a total stranger in a van travelling half-way across the country, and it’s 3am. I’m tired, I’m content, and I’ve still got a faint whiff of man in my nose. I’ll catch you up to speed with this, one of the most interesting days of my life!

It started with me taking this apprentice work for a company I’m hoping to join. It’s a simple job; cart a load of building materials down to the south of England from here in Scotland, sign some papers, build something for them, then head back. Two man job, not particularly difficult. BUT, it does involve a 12 hour drive, both ways, overnight. I need the experience, I have no social life, it’s perfect!

My travelling buddy is an older guy from the building company. He looks to be in his late 40’s, stocky and handsome with dark brown hair and completely clean shaven; just how I like them. I, myself, am what I refer to as “Very Bi”. I love girls my age just as much as I love men far older than myself. I have a real thing for Daddies, but have yet to take this preference any further than fantasies in my bed, alone.

Okay so now that the background check is done, let me catch you up to the interesting part. We had traveled all the way down, chatting pleasantly with niceties and small-talk as we went. John was pretty fun to be around, he was a gruff but decent guy who didn’t really have any problems with chatting for long periods of time, even if it was about basically nothing. We did the work; a few hours of labour harder than I expected, ate, then jumped right back in the van and started the drive back through the night. John drove both ways, which I had apologised for several times (my lack of a driver’s license didn’t make me feel any less guilty), but he seemed happy just to have company.

Around midnight we both started getting pretty tired. You know that feeling when it’s super late and suddenly everything becomes super funny and your inhibitions start stripping away? Well I was feeling that washing over me. John, as the designated driver, was sturdy in the face of the moon. He must’ve done this trip a few times. I, on the other hand, started talking about some wacky shit. I felt pretty comfortable around John, so I found myself chatting about growing up in the 90’s/00’s.

“Yeah I was a teenager when the internet became readily available. We had it in our house by the time I was 15-ish. Which was PERFECT timing for puberty!” I chuckled, feeling a little bashful about the line I was unwillingly creeping up on. But John didn’t mind, it seemed.

“Haha! Back in my day the only way I could see naked boys it would be in the shower on in the magazines I kept hidden in my shed!” John replied.

“Oh so you’re gay… or bi?” I immediately knew I had probably overstepped the line, but John’s demeanour didn’t indicate this wouldn’t get a reasoned response. And I was genuinely curious!

“I used to be bi, still am I guess, but I’m pretty much openly gay. Have been for abouttttt… 20 years I think? Jesus that’s a long time. Man it’s so different from when I was in my 20’s like you.”

“Well I’m bi now, so hey maybe I’ll swing one way or another in the future, too. Haha” I felt the nervousness of güvenilir bahis that laugh in my soul. I was trying to match John’s self-assuredness but to be honest my heart was pounding. This was the first time I had talked about this kinda thing to anyone! Nevermind the fact that I essentially just came out to a gay Daddy in an enclosed space!

“Oh yeah? Well with Grindr and the internet I’m sure you’re able to find your pick of guy much easier than in my day.”

“Oh well I’ve never actually *met* with a guy before. It’s more of a, personal… thing…” There goes my confidence! Slipping away…

“You should try it soon. You’ve gotta be comfortable, sure, but the more you try at your age the less you’ll regret later on. I know a lot of guys who only came out in their 40’s and they really wish they had tried more at a younger age. Not pushing you into anything, just speaking for all the guys who wished someone told them.” We laughed. I relaxed so much at this. He went on to tell me about his life a bit more, now that we had reached into this territory. Not getting too explicit, he managed to give me a run-down of his sexual exploits.

“Wow so you’re pretty active these days, huh? More so now than ever, it sounds like” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, now that I know what I want it becomes much easier, and more fun.” He smiled.

“So what is it that you want? What do you look for?” I asked.

“Well I’m into all sorts of guys, I’m not picky. But I do have a thing for younger guys.”


“Yeah a little. I dunno, I’m not crazy about the smooth, hairless part that the word “Twink” implies, but having a younger guy can be fun as fuck.”

“Having? You top, then, yeah?”

“I’m up for whatever, versatile. But usually I top, yeah. What about you?”

“I’ve never-“

“-nah I mean what would you prefer? What are you into, even if it’s just in your head at this point?”

“I, uh, I prefer older guys. I’m not into guys my age. And usually, in my head, I’m bottom. Well, not usually, always.” I laugh, nervously.

“Nice.” John replied. My heart skipped a beat. “Anything else?”


“Fantasies, kinks, that sorta thing.”

“You sure that’s…?”

“Sorry is that going a bit far?” John asked.

“No, no! It’s fine with me! I just, wasn’t sure. Ummm, well… I like older guys, like I said. And I like the idea of sucking them off, being used by them, that sorta thing.” John silently let me continue down the rabbit hole. “So, yeah, I’m pretty submissive. I like the idea of being owned, or whatever. Doing what he says. And I’m into smells.”

“Smells?” He interrupted, cutting through my nervous babbling.

“Oh. Yeah. I love strong body smells. Like, even, like dirty cocks and asses and stuff. Drives me crazy” I laughed nervously, attempting confidence at this point.

“Oh right, haha, yeah I know what you’re getting at. Anything els- oh wait, hold on I need to turn off here I’m choking for a piss…”

We pulled off the road into a little side-street that must have led to a farm or something. It was very dark with lots of trees around, and nobody in sight. It was about 1am at this point. John opened türkçe bahis the door and climbed out.

“If you need to stretch your legs or piss or whatever you should do it now, mate.”

We both did our business on either side of the road, looking in opposite directions I noted. Casually, we climbed back into the van and closed the doors at the same time. As I turned to face forward I saw John throw something in my direction. It landed right in my lap with a flop. I looked down, and it was his underwear!

“If you like smells, check these out. I worked up a major sweat earlier and didn’t change them.” He laughed a genuine chuckle as he pulled his seatbelt on. I was still frozen, aghast, staring at these things. John’s forwardness just reached a new level. But holy fuck was I turned on! My heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, and here I was sitting in a secluded area with a man who had literally handed me my fantasy. I looked at him, with a face that asked “Are you sure?”

“Go for it, man, you don’t have to like it I won’t be offended haha,” he said as he rooted around in the car door for something. I took the opportunity of him distracted and looking away. I picked up the pants from my lap. The area where his cock and balls and ass were was pointing straight up and open, staring me straight in the face. Slightly discoloured, I noticed. My cock twitched. I quickly lifted them up to my nose and give them a little sniff. Barely a test sniff, but enough to fill my head with erotic fire. My whole body was immediately turned on by the smell of his ass and balls. It was musky and dank from long wear, with a sweet smell of sweat rubbed in to the fibers. It was at this point that I noticed that I was actually basically huffing the crotch of these pants. Unknowingly, I had pushed my nose into the taint area and was deeply inhaling them, my cock rock hard and my mouth making satisfied noises that I was not in control of. I froze in the realisation, and slowly looked over at John, the pants still in my face.

He laughed at this sight, as I quickly dropped the pants in the seat between us.

“No it’s okay, man, sorry I didn’t mean to laugh! You really do like smells!” In my shame I lowered my eyes, but then I noticed he was rubbing his fucking dick through his cargo shorts!

“Here, want to try this?” He asked, as he reached in the fly and pulled out his cock. It stood bolt upright, hard as diamond, at a proud 8 or 9 inches!

I was beyond turned on at this point. I had just huffed this guy’s ass, and I wanted more. I wanted to get really fucking dirty, just like in my fantasies! I nodded, timidly, my body language not reflecting my horniness in the slightest.

There were 3 seats in the front of this van, enough space for me to lay over two and have my face right in John’s lap. As I crawled down, I picked up the pants and lay them on the dashboard above me, and took my position right in front of his dick. He was stroking it slowly, the foreskin pulling back ever so slightly on the way down. “You can smell it.” He said, the “You can” being the only thing between that being an invitation and a demand. I leaned in a little closer, closed my eyes, and pressed güvenilir bahis siteleri my nose against the tip of his moving foreskin. I inhaled, and my nose was filled with the sweet, intoxicating smell of pre-cum, a little bit of piss, and a whiff of cock smell that implied the shower I know he had missed. I was about ready to burst then and there. So I kissed the tip of his cock as John pulled his hand away.

I took him into my mouth and began licking the tip of his cock with my tongue. Pulling all of my knowledge of blowjobs together in my head, I made sure to keep my teeth out of the equation, my tongue flat and active, and my mouth as slippery as possible. I took more of his meat in to my mouth, my tongue now flat in my mouth, and began tentatively bobbing my head up and down. Both my hands rested on his leg as I began sucking him proper.

John began to moan in pleasure as I continued. He simply sat there, enjoying it with no hands necessary. I became more vigourous, my mouth filling with spit as slobber ran down his shaft to his balls. He placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Whoa whoa hold for a second.” I stopped and plopped his cock out of my mouth. I could feel the spit and pre-cum on my tongue and chin as I held there, hovering about his cock.

“You want to try being fucked?”

I nodded.

Cut to me, in the back of the van, on my knees with my asshole fully lubed up with my own spit! John pushed a finger into me from behind and began to loosen me up. I couldn’t even imagine how loose I’d have to be to fit that fucking cock in, but I loved the sensation so much I held my position in anticipation. 2 fingers. 3. I had to stop myself from cumming, which I told John out of fear of blowing too early.

“Not yet, I’m not far either and I reckon you’l want to feel me blow my load inside you, right?”

I nodded again, feeling like a dirty fucking slut as I did so.

I felt him push something bigger than a finger against my now open asshole. It pressed against my anus, and I felt it slip it’s soft head inside me with a wonderful sensation! He began slowly, but surely, fucking me into submission. It didn’t take long before he was more than half in, and I felt incredibly full! This was everything I imagined it would be and more!

He grabbed my hips and began fucking me proper, moaning loudly as he did so.

“Ugh! Ugh! This is amazing!” I yelled. “Mmm! Mmm! *pant* don’t stop!”

“I’m gonna cum soon” John said, “here, try these you little dirty slut.”

I felt John’s body press against my back as he leaned forward, his cock pushing deep inside me. His hand came around in front of my face, and I felt something cloth envelop my face. It was his dirty pants again! He must’ve grabbed them from the dashboard! I inhaled his dirty ass smell feverishly, and just as I did so I felt John continue pumping his cock in and out of me. I came instantly! My entire body shivered with the sensation, my asshole clamping around John’s cock. My arms crumbled and I lay, face-down, on the floor with my ass held up by my legs. It felt like minutes passed as I sprayed my cum all over the van below us. Meanwhile, John had shot bolt upright, grabbed my hips, and began fucking me like a demon possessed (probably to take advantage of my tight, twitching asshole). He filled me up with his cum as I wriggled and sprayed all over the floor.

I felt so completely used. So fucking dirty. I love my new Master.

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