A Summer Afternoon

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I wasn’t quite sure why I decided to come and visit Alec after all this time. Although we used to be friends, we hadn’t spoken in three years. It all changed the night of the party. We had just finished high school, turned eighteen, and it was a Summer of celebration. We were looking forward to new horizons, and the world seemed to be at our fingertips. This party was at his house, since his parents were away for the weekend. In the early hours of the morning I was a little bit drunk, very tired, and needed somewhere to crash. He said I could sleep in his parent’s bed, so after being shown where their room was, I kicked off my shoes and climbed into bed fully clothed. It didn’t take long for me to pass out.

The next thing I remember I was gradually coming to, with the realisation that there was a hand stroking my crotch. Still half asleep, and groggy from the beer I had drunk, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to say anything. It would be so awkward, and I didn’t even know who it was that was touching me. So I just lay there and hoped that whoever it was would stop so I could go back to sleep and forget it ever happened.

I realised that it must be Alec. Who else would climb into his parents bed with me in it? I had no idea what to say. I wanted to tell him to stop, but to say something would be to admit that I was awake. Far better to pretend I was asleep and that I didn’t notice. That way there would be no need to talk about it or deal with it in the morning.

But it didn’t stop. He kept rubbing my penis through my pants, and I could feel myself getting hard. I wasn’t aroused at the situation at all. I was completely straight, and had never been remotely attracted to another guy, let alone considered doing anything sexual. But it didn’t matter. The physical stimulation alone was slowly bringing me to erection.

In shock I realised that he was undoing the button on my waistband and unzipping my fly. I was paralysed with fear. If I moved he would know I was awake, so I just lay perfectly still, as though I was sleeping. Ever so carefully, he pulled the top of my trousers aside and slowly slid the hem of my briefs down, to expose my semi-erect penis. I still made no move to say anything or stop him, and then I felt his hand wrap around the shaft of my penis as he slowly began to masturbate me. At this point it was too late to do or say anything anyway. I felt myself drifting into a sort of trance, as I distanced myself from what was going on. Maybe if I pretended that it wasn’t happening, then it wouldn’t happen.

I felt the bed rock as he shifted his his body weight, moving down the bed, and under the covers. In a panic, I realised what he was doing, and then I felt it. His warm mouth slowly enveloped my now fully-erect penis, and he began to lick and suck on the head. I wish I could say that it didn’t feel good, but it did. It felt just like receiving oral sex from a girl. Why would it feel any different? Slowly he lowered his mouth further and further down, sliding my dick right down into the back of his throat. It felt amazing, but so wrong. I clenched my eyes shut and hoped for it to be over. In my mind I willed him to stop, but he just continued sucking my penis down into his throat. In and out, in and out. After an indeterminate period of time, I felt the pressure rising uninvited from my testicles. At first I tried to hold it back, but then I realised that if I just let it happen, it would all be over, and so I gave in. My hips jerked involuntarily and my penis spasmed as wave after wave of semen flooded into his mouth. He drank it all, licking the spills from around my penis and balls.

Once I had finished coming, he moved back up the bed. I felt his hands on my hips, trying to turn me over. I had no idea what he wanted to do, but fortunately I could resist by simply being a dead weight. I didn’t have to let on that I was awake. Perhaps in the morning he would think that I had been passed out from alcohol the whole time. Eventually he gave up trying to turn me over, and as I drifted off to sleep I could hear the rhythm of his hand under the covers as he masturbated himself to finish.

We actually did talk soon after that night, and I didn’t pretend that I didn’t know what happened. I was angry of course, but we decided that we could still be friends. I couldn’t do it though. It was too weird, and pretty soon I was avoiding parties that he would be at. Not long after that I went overseas for a year, and I hadn’t seen him since.

So here I was, three years later, standing outside his front door on a Saturday afternoon. It was a hot summer, and the cicadas were starting up their monotonous hum. I didn’t even know if he still lived here, but I was back in town and thought it might be worth seeing if we could let bygones be bygones, and be friends again. Or at least let him know that I wasn’t angry anymore.

My hand shook a little as I reached out to knock. It’s not surprising that I was nervous. It had been a long time, and it had been very awkward the agrı escort last time we had met. I had no idea what his reaction would be to seeing me again. The sound of my knocking faded down the hallway behind the door and was drowned out by the cicadas. I waited. Just when I had decided that there was nobody home, there was the faint sound of footfalls in the hall. The door opened, and there he was.

He looked much the same as I remembered him from high school. A couple of inches taller than me, but somehow more imposing than I remembered. Wearing a short-sleeved, button-down shirt, I realised that he must have started working out. He looked surprised to see me, which I suppose I should have expected.

He greeted me with a surprised ‘Hey’.

‘Hey’ I said back. ‘I guess you didn’t expect to see me?’ I offered a nervous smile. I honestly didn’t know what I was even doing there.

‘Nope.’ There was a pause. ‘Do you want to come in?

‘Ah.. sure.’ I suppose that was why I had knocked after all.

He held open the door with his arm, and leaned back against the hallway wall, so that I could pass. I walked inside and heard the door close. I could feel his eyes on me as he followed me down the hall. What was he thinking? Was he looking at my body with desire? I had no idea if he was still attracted to me, or if perhaps that was just a phase that he had grown out of. I didn’t want to know, but then again, I sort of did. There was something arousing about being the object of someone’s desire, but I wasn’t attracted to him at all, or even interested in men, so I pushed it out of my mind.

I walked into the dining room at the end of the hall and stood awkwardly as he brushed past me and into the kitchen.

‘Do you want a drink?’ he asked.

‘Sure’, I said.

‘Beer? Soft drink?’

‘Beer would be nice’ I replied. My stomach was churning nervously, some alcohol would help calm me down. He opened two beers and we sat on a couple of stools next to the kitchen counter.

Since I had been the one to come to his house, I supposed I should strike up the conversation.

‘So how have you been?’ I asked.

‘Good’ he replied. Still sounding surprised, and clearly unsure what I was doing there.

‘What do you do these days?’

‘I work as a masseuse. Doing house calls, that sort of thing.’

‘Oh.’ I replied lamely. ‘Does it pay well?’

‘Well enough. How about you? What are you doing these days?’ I could sense that he had gotten over the initial shock of seeing me, and was more relaxed. I told him about my studies and we continued to make small talk over the beer.

As we neared the end of our beers, I started to relax. He must have relaxed too, because he asked me if I had a girlfriend.

‘No’ I replied truthfully. Actually I hadn’t had much success with girls at all. I was way too shy to ever make a move, and didn’t really think that girls found me attractive. I wasn’t a particularly ‘masculine’ type of guy.

Trying to shift the topic away from myself, I turned he question back to him. ‘How about you?’ I asked. ‘Do you have a…’ I paused as I tried to work out what to say. ‘Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?’

‘Boyfriend?’ He looked slightly amused. ‘No.’

‘So you’re…you know…gay?’

‘Yep’ he said as his smile broadened. I guess I should have known this, but I thought that maybe he was bisexual, or had just been experimenting those years ago. ‘Hmmm’ I said, as I thought about this. ‘Makes sense’.

The elephant was clearly in the room, but I thought he’d be embarrassed to talk about what happened at the end of high school, so I didn’t say anything. I started to feel bolder. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe I felt like he owed me something, so I could get away with asking awkward questions, but I was actually quite curious, and feeling a bit micheivous.

‘You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to’ I began, ‘but I don’t really know any other gay guys, and I’m curious about how it all works. So can I ask you an awkward question?’


I really was curious to know this, but I’m not sure why.

‘When gay guys have, you know, anal sex, do some of them just give and others just receive? Or do they do both?’

‘Well it depends. Some just do one or the other, but others do both.’

‘Oh’ was all I said. There was an awkward pause, before I asked, ‘How about you?’

‘Me?’ he asked, looking surprised.

‘Yeah. What do you do? Do you like to give or receive?’ I had no idea what made me ask this question, but I had told him he didn’t have to answer if he didn’t want to.

‘I do both’ he said. Clearly he didn’t mind talking about his sex life.

Emboldened, I went on. ‘Can I ask you something else?’

‘Sure’, he said.

‘What does it feel like, you know, to have a guy inside you?’ I blushed a little as I asked this. It felt really wrong even talking about it.

There was another pause, as he smiled.

‘It feels escort ağrı good. Really good.’

‘Huh. Does it hurt?’

‘A little bit at first, but then it just feels amazing.’

I must have looked embarrassed, because he grinned a little bit. ‘Why? Do you want to try it?’

‘Oh no’ I replied quickly. ‘I’m not interested in that. Just curious I guess.’

‘Huh’ was all he said.

‘What about oral sex?’ I asked. ‘What does it feel like to have a penis in your mouth? What does it taste like?’

‘It feels good. It’s kind of hard and soft at the same time. And it tastes amazing. Kind of salty and creamy. Just good. You should try it sometime.’ I could tell by his grin that he was enjoying teasing me. He was very bold. Was he coming onto me? But then again, I was the one that had got us onto this topic.

I wasn’t interested in trying it, at least not then and there, but my answer surprised me with its honesty.

‘Maybe one day’ I said. ‘It would have to be, you know, with the right person, and at the right time. I’d have to feel comfortable.’ Was I teasing him now? I wasn’t really sure. It was true that I had occasionally thought about sucking a guy’s penis. It wasn’t really a turn on, but I was curious. Maybe what happened with Alec those years ago had put the thought into my mind? Anyway as I said I would have to feel very comfortable with the person and the situation. Which right now I certainly did not.

‘Fair enough’ was all he said.

At this point I felt like I might have gone to far with my questions. I certainly didn’t want to engage in anything sexual with him, and I didn’t want to lead him on. I scanned the room for something to talk about, to change the subject, and I spied what looked like a massage table over in the lounge room behind the sofa.

‘Is that for your work?’ I asked, gesturing towards it.

‘Yeah, I had it set up for a client that came around this morning. My parents are away this weekend, so I did some work from home.’

‘Cool’ was all I said. I was a big fan of massages. Whenever I’d travel I would take advantage of cheap massages, although I generally couldn’t afford them here.

He broke my train of thought. ‘Do you want a massage? I could use the practice.’

Without really thinking, I said ‘sure’.

After I agreed, I realised that maybe that had been a mistake. What if he was attracted to me, and putting his hands on me got him aroused? I kind of liked the idea of being able to turn someone on, but again, I didn’t want to lead him on. I reasoned with myself that it would be fine. He was a professional, and I was sure he wouldn’t get aroused just doing his job.

I took off my shoes and socks, climbed onto the massage table, and placed my face through the hole. I could hear him place his empty beer bottle on the counter and walk over, and then the sound of his hands rubbing together as he warmed them up after holding a cold drink.

‘Take your shirt off’ he said calmly.

Still lying on my stomach, I awkwardly lifted my chest up and began unbuttoning my shirt. I had taken off clothing for some massages, but many times it wasn’t required. I hadn’t really anticipated this, and it felt a bit awkward, but whatever. He was a professional after all. I didn’t want to refuse and make it look like I was sexualising the whole situation.

I succeeded in getting my shirt off, lay down again, and tried to relax. I hoped he was good at what he did. His large, warm hands rested on my shoulders for what seemed like a minute. I could feel that I was a bit nervous. I felt a bit shy with shirt off. Unlike him, I didn’t work out. I was slim and soft and feminine, with more spots on my skin than I would like. His hands slowly started caressing my shoulders. It felt good. Strong, confident, reassuring. As his hands continued to push and knead my shoulders and back, I felt myself relax. I thought I heard a murmur of appreciation escape his lips, but that would be unlikely, I reasoned.

Then as he continued to work his way down to my lower back, I clearly heard him say ‘beautiful’. I suppose I should have been shocked. That certainly wasn’t very professional, but I didn’t mind. If he was gay, then he probably did think that my body was beautiful. There was something nice about being appreciated, and at least it stopped me feeling shy about my body. I relaxed even more. It wasn’t like I had anything to worry about. A massage is just a massage. Of all people, a professional masseuse would know that.

He was very good at what he did. As his hands continued to perform their confident, sensual motions against my body, I felt myself relax more and more, and I submitted to his touch. I’m not sure if it was the beer, but I felt slightly intoxicated, and then to my surprise, I found myself becoming somewhat aroused. It wasn’t an urgent sexual arousal, but more of was more of a dreamy, sensual arousal, as my body sank into deep, pleasured state. I had felt something like this before when ağrı escort bayan I had a massage, but this time I was definitely more aroused than usual. Maybe it was because I knew Alec was admiring my body, and that he was enjoying putting his hands on me. I was aware that my penis was fuller than its resting state, but not really hard, for which I was thankful. He would never know. I felt good. I felt confident.

His hands moved down to just above my belt, and after a time of massaging my lower back, he said, ‘Take off your jeans’.

At this point I was really enjoying the massage, and the feeling of his hands on my body. Taking my jeans off should have felt awkward, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t like it was anything too unusual. As I said, I had sometimes had massages where I would strip down to my underwear. I lifted my hips off the table, unbuckled my belt and undid my button. I unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down over my hips, making sure that my light blue briefs didn’t come down too. I may have gotten myself into a near-naked massage, but I didn’t want to be naked in front of Alec. Even though I was feeling much more relaxed and comfortable than before, I didn’t trust him.

I sat up to get my pants over my feet, and then I tossed my jeans onto the floor. I lay down on my stomach again, feeling a little vulnerable in only my underpants, with his eyes on me. His warm hands began to massage my calves, and it was fantastic. My legs were sore from walking, and it felt so good to have the tension rubbed out of them. I murmured my appreciation.

His hands moved up to my thighs and he spent a long time rolling and kneading the muscles under my skin. I wondered if he would massage my buttocks. I had had massages where they did that, and I knew it didn’t mean anything, but still. The fact that he was gay, and seemingly attracted to me, meant I was unsure how I felt about it. I supposed that so long as I made no issue of it, we could keep it all professional. He would have to.

His work on my thighs was wonderful. He was a very skilled masseuse, and I was incredibly relaxed by the time his hands moved up onto my buttocks. The feeling of vulnerability returned, but I reassured myself that this was a normal part of a massage, and thankfully he just did his job professionally. I had to admit to myself that having his hands on my bottom felt a bit naughty, and it was arousing me even more, but I willed myself to relax, and my stiffening penis softened again against the massage table. As he continued to knead my buttocks, I finally relaxed completely. I felt a warm glow throughout my body, and slow waves of pleasure. My inhibitions must melted away under his touch, because I started having naughty thoughts about him looking at my body. I imagined his eyes on my bottom as he kneaded and caressed it with his hands.

And then the massage was done. I lay there for a minute, in a state of bliss, feeling my body sink into the massage table. After a minute or so, I sat up and put my jeans and shirt back on, and buckled up my belt. I was so relaxed, and still basking in an intoxicating warm glow. In fact, I was more than a bit horny, and in my inebriated state, a rather kinky thought came to me.

It was crazy, of course, and part of me didn’t believe I was actually going to suggest it, but my inhibitions were gone. I felt sensual, I felt adventurous, and I felt in control.

‘Hey Alec?’

‘Yeah?’ he had folded up the massage table and was resting it against the wall.

‘You know how I said before that one day, if the time was right, I might think about doing oral sex on a guy?

His eyes widened and I could have sworn that his pupils dilated. He must have known where I was going with this.


‘Well I’m actually feeling really comfortable right now, and… I guess a bit naughty…’ I gave a sheepish grin. I couldn’t look him in the eye, so I looked out the window to the backyard, where a large tree was gently swaying in the hot afternoon breeze. He didn’t say anything. I glanced up and he was looking at me hungrily.

I took the leap. I had set it up to the point where I couldn’t really go back anyway. ‘Ummm… so I was wondering if you would let me try oral sex on you?’

There. I had said it. No going back now.

‘Sure’ was all he said. His voice came out in a whisper.

As he agreed to my suggestion, I felt my insides constrict with a mixture of arousal, excitement and panic. Was I really going to do this? It’s one thing to have a massage, but to actually suck his penis? I had never done anything like this before, and I certainly didn’t consider myself to be gay. But I was curious, and I was definitely in the right mood for it after that massage. And I felt so sexy under his hungry gaze, knowing that he was attracted to me.

Anyway the genie was out of the bottle. There was no going back.

He took a step towards me and stood a little awkwardly for a second or two. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I hadn’t thought this through at all. He reached for his belt and pulled the strap out before I told him to stop.

‘Not here. It’s too exposed.’ I could see out the windows and across his backyard to the neighbour’s house, where the windows were open to let the breeze in. ‘Can we go somewhere more private?’

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