A Summer Hike

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My name is Bobby, back when I was about 13 I had the best sexual summer of my life, my friends name was Tommy, he was also 13, and boy did we discover new and exciting things to do that summer.
We used to go for long walks in the woods and explore the countryside, my parents were very well off and owned a large summer house and we would spend the summers out there . We would walk for hours into the woods and forest happily enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, we would always talk about which girls we liked and who we wanted to date and get to know, Tommy was a very good looking boy who all the girls loved and I always thought to myself if I was a girl I would be all over him , I thought he had an incredible body and was always kinda attracted to him, I always fantasized about Tommy sexually and wondered to myself what it would be like to be with him.

As usual in the summer Tommy and I loved to go on hikes, this afternoon was a little different as we smoked a rather large joint before setting out, It was a warm day and we had been walking for hours when Tommy said, “ we should stop and rest up ahead on some rocks,” We had both taken off our shirts long ago and I mentioned to him that we had better put them back on to avoid getting sun burned, We both agreed that it was just too hot to put anything back on, in fact we should take things off if it got any hotter.. Tommy said that he had some sun block in his back pack so we should take time out and apply to each other,

We took off our back packs , Tommy first smothered lotion on my back and shoulders and caringly rubbed it in, That is when I first started feeling that bulge in my shorts starting to tingle. I am not into guys per say, but I was always into Tommy’s gorgeous body, so this had me very sexually excited, I returned the favor all the while admiring his smooth tan güvenilir bahis skin and his hard erect nipples,, I was about to lose it , Tommy I could tell, was also very into me that day with the looks he kept sending me. I then said boldly “ hey, why don’t we take off our shorts and hike awhile naked with just our shoes and backpacks on, Tommy of course said what a great idea, it is just too hot to be wearing clothes today, As we took off our shorts , I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear and had no hair down there at all, even I had a couple of hairs by now, I commented how I shouldn’t have worn underwear either because of the hot day.

We continued walking with both of our erections standing straight out, pointing the way, the excitement of bare skin mixing with the breeze and the sun caressing our naked bodies, and the anticipation of what might happen next was so incredibly erotic that to this day I’ve never experienced something more sexually exciting. With every step I took my aching cock was getting so excited as I followed Tommy and his beautifully developed ass and legs that were on the trail in front of me, I thought his ass and legs were even more beautiful than the hottest girl I had ever seen, hotter than the hottest girl I’d seen in porn magazines, just perfectly shaped and formed. Tommy kept looking back seeing me watch him with bold desire on my face, he could tell he was teasing the hell out of me, so he played it like a pro, at one point he stopped on the trail about 25 yards in front of me and bent over to pick something up, I froze and watched him, he slowly bent over revealing the most beautiful asshole I have ever seen, it was so small and hairless with a shiny glistening covering it, I assumed it was sweat and imagined myself putting my tongue deep up into it, to lick it off.

I could take it no longer türkçe bahis and thought to myself , I’m not gay ,but today I’m gonna be, ahead he stopped and said “ I think my ass and legs are gonna need some lotion or I will fry like a lobster “ I told him to turn around I would be more than happy to apply some, I got on my knees and started rubbing lotion to his legs and thighs carefully moving up to his beautiful ass, I started applying all around and caressing his butt cheeks, my mostly hairless rock hard cock just hard as a brick pointing straight into the heavens, when I could take it no longer, I stopped and spread apart his beautifully round cheeks and planted a kiss right on his perfect asshole, Tommy moaned in sweet anticipation.

I pulled a blanket out of a backpack, spread it on the trail right there and pulled him down on it and our lips and tongues met in a furious firestorm of pure passion , I pushed him on his back and grabbed his feet and rolled him back throwing his knees over his shoulders, Tommy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he was pinching both his nipples, screaming at me not to stop .I thought I would explode any minute. I dove my tongue into his sweet asshole with relentless passion and vigor, it tasted so sweet and beautifull, it tasted just like pure honey. Was that the glistening I had seen ? had he smeared honey on his ass at the start of the day in anticipation of this wonderful encounter ?? I kept tongue fuking his asshole deeper and deeper while he was furiously stroking his beautiful hairless cock until he screamed and shot a ton of creamy white hot cum all over his face, I was so turned by his screams of pleasure that at the same time I erupted a gallon of cum all over my stomach and chest, a lot hitting me in the face as well, the rest of the cum shot all over toms exposed asshole,, Tommy grabbed me güvenilir bahis siteleri to him and I licked and lapped his face for all I was worth, going tongue to tongue with him so we could both enjoy our cum bath in one huge wet kiss , My own cum , all over my cock and balls was draining down to my ass when Tommy returned the favor of cleanup, he pushup my legs back and started finger fucking my asshole with my sweet cum as lubricant, I begged for him to go slow as it was the most pleasure I had ever felt ,instantly my erection returned as he masterfully fucked my ass with his 2 fingers, it wasn’t but 2 minutes when I said “ im gonna cum again “ he kept pumping my ass and then leaned down and took my cock in his mouth and swallowed my next gallon of beautiful creamy whiteness, then came up to me where we both kissed and slurped up the cum draining from our mouths and chins.

We collapsed back onto the grass holding one another and continuing to lick all the cum off our bodies, We eventually got dressed and started back in, right before we got back, right were the trail ends and our house’s backyard starts, actually in plain view from the house’s kitchen windows. When I grabbed him , turned him around, pulled down his shorts got on my knees and re burried my tongue back into his ass, remembering that I had not licked off my own cum that had exploded onto his wonderfully tasting asshole, fully cleaning and tasting the sweetness one last time. Tommy moaned with pleasure as I then took a finger and pumped it in and out of his ass, he was writhing in pleasure once again but begged me to stop as my mother or anybody could be watching us.. I got back up and we kissed, he sucked my finger enjoying the taste of cum and honey sweetness, our tongues enter twined once again, then we went home. At dinner we had the most mischievous looks on our face,,, strangely enough, Missy our maid, shot Tommy and I looks of shocking amazement during dinner… Had she seen us ? I was mortified,,,,.. to be continued ?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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