A Surprise for Daddy

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Well, it’s just going to have to be a surprise,” I thought after my up-teenth attempt to contact my daughter. Ever since the kids reached puberty, I never came home without some sort of warning. The last thing I wanted was to find them smoking pot, drinking, or having sex with their boy or girlfriends.

I knew Pat was a party boy since he was in high school. As for Leigh, she was always a bit more sophisticated and proper. Still, there was something about her that told me she wasn’t as proper as she made out to be. For the good of the family, giving them a heads up when I was returning became a habit.


That was years ago. Leigh has been out of the house for over ten years, longer if you count college. Pat’s been out for 7 years, having stayed in Nashville after graduating from Vandy. Leigh lives here in Chicago, on the North side, with her best friend from college, Nicole.

I get to see her about once a month as business travel keeps me pretty busy.

You are probably asking, “If she lives on the North side with her bestie, why are you calling her?”

In short, “The COVID Quarantine.”

When the “WFH” order hit Chicago, Leigh asked if she AND Nicole could stay with me for a couple of weeks. Naturally I agreed, but was worried they may be asymptomatic carriers. Along the same lines, I didn’t know if I was also a carrier since as I was on business when the order came.

We worked out a plan where they would move into my place and I’d stay away for two weeks as my company was picking up the tab. However, after 10 days the company made arrangements for me to get tested. If I was cleared, then I could return home; thus saving them a bundle of cash. Fortunately, I was clean and was heading home.

This brings me back to the start of the story…


As I said above, giving Leigh a heads up when I was on my way home was a long-standing habit.

A bit of an intro is in order. My name is Donald Carson, but I simply go by Don. I am in my mid-fifties; maintain a fitness level without trying to be Mr. America. I stand 6 feet tall; have graying hair; two eyes—still blue; an easy smile and laugh; a successful career; and deep need for kink.

Leigh and Pat’s mother, my ex, despite being a puritan religious zealot, is nowhere in the picture. She left us two weeks after Pat was born. There is a long story behind it all, one which would leave you with a multitude of questions, starting with. “How did I get into such a situation?”

Twenty-five years ago, I would have ranted endlessly about the how’s and why’s. At this point, the easier explanation is “She is serving God somewhere in South America.” That pretty much tells the story.

Raising the kids solo wasn’t a chore; in fact, it was enjoyable. My family was around so it wasn’t as if there were only three of us. We were very close with my sister, Karen, and her husband, Bill, and their three children. We did a lot together, and with the extended family it was a good time.

Overall, I think the kids are normal, well-adjusted people; although I am not sure what normal and well-adjusted truly means, since I am also considered normal and well-adjusted—my interest in kink kept safely tucked away from Pat and Leigh.

As they were growing up, I always put them first. This was tough on relationships, although there were a few I had serious thoughts about; however, two major items got in the way. The first was jealousy over Pat and Leigh being my priority.

The second was the need for kink in my life. I turned to adult ads and social media; taking my time to weed out the fakes and time wasters. I looked for couples interested in adding another man to their relationship. This fit my life style perfectly since being with a couple took the edge off of things. No one was looking to use intimacy as a trap into marriage.

Being with a couple also allowed me to explore my bi side without going to bars and looking for a one-night stand. First of all, one-night stands are a potential disaster waiting to happen regardless if it’s a man or a woman. I’ve always said, I’m not interested in any woman (or man) I meet a bar who would have sex with me that evening.

Think about: 1) What special ‘gifts’ could they be harboring? 2) They probably aren’t into kink, as a hotel bar isn’t the typical locale for that scene. The same holds true for men.

Another aspect to couples lies in the fact that I am a Lesbian. It’s sounds strange, but I adore women in the way women adore each other. When I see an attractive woman, I don’t think about fucking her, my mind goes into this space where I worship and adore every inch of her…from her mind to her toes. It is through her pleasure that I find mine… Yes, I am submissive.

Many women want to see their man with another guy. I have no problem with this as I find cocks to be very erotic. There is something about their shape, their güvenilir bahis smoothness, their hardness, and their secretions which turn me on.

Sucking a cock alongside a woman is the best of all worlds. Having our mouths, tongues, and lips dancing together while floating over a cockhead is so hot. If you’ve never experienced this before, you’re missing out on one of the most erotic pleasures.

I consider this act to be one of the ultimate bi-sexual experience. It also counts when two women are doing the same with me!

Social media also provides another avenue to explore my kinks. As I am submissive, I really get into women being in charge. Not in a humiliating or degrading way, rather through exploring their kinks and hidden desires.

For example, some people may consider piss play to be degrading, and it can be. But I love it when a woman gets so turned while releasing her bladder. One of the most salacious times was when my partner was straddling me as I sat on a straight back chair. We were both fully clothed as our mouths were locked together, our hands roaming one another.

Without warning, I felt a warmth in my loins and realized she was pissing herself and it was soaking through all of our clothes. Her body was shuddering as her release triggered her orgasm. It was so intense; I came as well.

Another positive to social media was how it worked well with all of my travel. People were very comfortable knowing I was not from their hometown. We could take our time corresponding and getting to know one another. And when we did meet, it always started with a meet and greet at a local eatery. Again, no one night stands.

All of this allowed me to keep my kinky side hidden from Pat and Leigh as they grew up. My activity was through private email, using a secure VPN, along with a second phone they were unaware of. Add another layer of security by password protecting everything.

Once they were both out of the house, I did loosen up a bit; building a library of kink and erotic imagery. I also started writing and publishing erotica. Still, I took the precaution storing everything on an external drive and maintaining password protection. The only thing a little chancy was my collection of kink wear and self-pleasuring devices.

I kept this stash in a locked suitcase in the spare bedroom closet. It was at the bottom of all the other luggage I used for travel. It was a large closet, so there was plenty of room for clothes when guests came to visit. Even my housecleaner never moved that stuff around, so I didn’t think much about it… unless of course, it was time to play.


Once I got through DeKalb, I gave Leigh one more call…no answer & mailbox full, so a final text.


Leigh’s Story

My building was one of the first to get hit with the virus, so I wasted no time in contacting Dad to see if Nicole and I could stay at his place when the ‘WFH’ order came down. He has plenty of room; WIFI, fast Internet FREE food a pool; and he lives in the ‘burbs away from the condensed masses of humanity. I knew he would say Yes, after all he’s my Dad. Add to that he loves to see me parading around the house in only panties and an oversized t-shirt.

He tries to act like it has no effect on him, but I can tell he gets pretty aroused around me. Truth be told, I always had a thing for him. When I was young, I always behaved as a proper daughter should because it made him happy.

Somewhere along the way, I changed from being “Daddy’s Good Little Girl,” to a “Lustful Woman.” My eyes were initially opened when his sister, Aunt Karen, and I got drunk together on my 18th birthday. Karen was only ten years older than me, so we were close; much like sisters.

“Karen, why doesn’t Dad have any girlfriends?”

Karen sort of laughed. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that? Don has plenty of people in his life. He just made the decision to keep his sex life away from his family life.”

My jaw nearly hit the floor! “WHAT?!! Dad has SEX?!!”

My response took Karen by surprise, and the look her face told me she knew she went too far. I tried to pry details from her, but it wasn’t going to happen. She just changed the subject, ignoring my pleas for info.

However, that one statement triggered something in me. The thought of my Dad having sex drove me wild with desire. When I masturbated, all I could think of was him… a good-looking cultured man, naked with a thick mature cock. I never thought about the ‘boys’ who simply wanted in my panties.

When I got to college and met Nicole, my horizons truly expanded.

No one would ever confuse us as sisters as Nicole is 5’7″, black hair, brown eyes, and is bustier, with a D+ physique; while I am 5’5″, blonde hair, green eyes, and a medium C. Having different majors and living in different dorms our Freshman year, we didn’t see one another much during the week; but we ran into each other quite often on the week-ends. Both of us loved to party and we hit it off güvenilir bahis siteleri instantly.

Nicole was more outgoing and showier, while I was outgoing but more reserved. Her antics were crazy. She made me laugh freely…so funny! It didn’t take long before we started planning where to meet on Friday afternoons.

Often, we would crash at one another’s room depending on the location of the bars or parties we ended up at. Saturday mornings were typically ‘hazy’ and ‘zombie-like’ as we made our way for a late morning breakfast off campus. We chuckled about the previous evening. Our talk was either about Nicole telling some ‘wanna-be’ stud to go fuck himself, or me leaving some poor dude with a raging hard-on at the bar.

By the end of our sophomore year, we decided to be roomies. Both of us were turning 21 that summer, so we wanted a place where we could kick back without the restrictions of the university hanging over us. Before we left, we found a great apartment near campus, and put down the required security deposit along with two months’ rent.

Although we were both from the Chicago area, we were a solid hour from one another. Summer jobs kept us busy as well. Nicole worked for a downtown hotel as a front desk clerk and I worked as a waitress. Our priority was earning money; however, we did get together a number of times.

It was that summer when Dad first met Nicole as she usually stayed at our place after a night of partying.

Seeing us, the morning after the night before, made him smile. He’d pour us coffee and listen as we rehashed the evening while he made us breakfast. He and Nicole hit it off from the start.

Nicole was flirty with Dad, trying to act older and seductive. She would call him Don instead of Mr. Carson; asking him leading questions about his personal life. I could tell Dad liked it. Still, his response was a little smirk, reminding us he was twice our age, as well as being a grown man, not a boy. It turned me on that he told ‘us,’ when in reality it was Nicole with all the come-ons.

We made sure he always saw a bit more skin than what was prudent, especially when we skinny dipped late at night. Although I never caught him looking, I knew… actually I hoped he was. Back in my room, Nicole would tell me she thought he was hot. “I’d fuck him. I’d fuck him in a heartbeat. I’d suck his cock like it never was sucked before. I love older men. I bet he would make me cum over and over.”

Mentally, I agreed. What I wanted to say was “I’d fuck him too. I wanted him for a long time.” But all I could do was smile, saying “Nicole, that’s my Dad.”

We returned to school a week ahead of time to set up our apartment. It was so much fun to be on our own. We worked like dogs during the day: scrubbing, painting, hanging pictures, lining the shelves, getting pots and pans, dishes, glasses, and stemware in order, buying shower curtains, bath mats… the list went on and on. But @ 5pm sharp, regardless of our progress, we stopped for the day.

Time for vino! The first evening it was wine with cheese and crackers. By the end of that week we were making superb dinners. Each night we listened to music and chatted away while relaxing on the sofa.

We confided in each about everything, including sex. Both of us were sexually active, but learning. Each time we talked about sex, it became more apparent our tastes were different, yet extremely compatible. As outgoing as Nicole was, she yearned for a powerful partner; and as reserved as I was, I had cravings for control.

“Leigh, I don’t know what it is. When guys hit on me at the bars, I tell ’em to fuck off. On the other, older men turn me into putty. Like this summer at your house; I got so wet just being around your Dad. I would have done anything he wanted.”

“I know.” I decided to share all with Nicole. “I’ve been fantasizing about him for years. He is my number vison when I get myself off. But my thoughts are different. I am seducing him; making him please me. I want him so bad; to control him; to make his cock mine. I want him to worship me.”

I was getting a bit worked up, and looking over at Nicole, I could see she was as well. For some reason I continued.

“I would have loved nothing better than for the three of us to have hooked up this past summer. I could envision us seducing him. We’d be sitting out on the deck having a cocktail. I’d move behind him and begin to caress his shoulders and chest; working his nipples through his shirt. I’d tell you to stand up and strip before us.”

Nicole’s eyes were becoming a little glassy. Her one hand moved instinctively onto the crotch of her cut-off sweat pants, while her other hand found her nipple. “Keep going,” was all she murmured in a husky tone.

“As you took off your clothes, I’d be putting into words what Daddy was seeing for himself.

‘Look at her Daddy, look at her wanton body. Her beautiful legs; her full hips; those luscious breasts; all for you Daddy. Do you know what iddaa siteleri Nicole told me last night after we skinny dipped? She said she wanted to suck your cock Daddy. She said she wanted to fuck you, too.'”

“I’d let my hands move to his loins and gently caress his hardening shaft.” Nicole had no inhibitions and I was loving it. She was working her body; her eyelids fluttering; allowing her mind to visualize my words.

“‘You know what Daddy? I want to fuck and suck you as well. But it just isn’t that simple.’ I’d move my hands back to his nipples after giving his cock a controlling squeeze.”

I could feel my pussy becoming moist. The thought of controlling both of them was sending me to a place I had never been before. I wanted… No, I needed more.

“I’d unbutton his shirt while explaining why things weren’t so simple, ‘You see Daddy, we are women, and women control men.’ Then I would pull his shirt off of him; pull his hands behind his chair; and bind them together with his shirt.”

Shifting gears, I moved my focus to Nicole as her hands were now under her shirt and in her cut-offs. I could see her juices soaking through the material.

“Nicole, you are supposed to be naked before us. Why are your clothes still on?”

She gave me a startled look. Then I saw her want. Nicole slid out of her cut-offs and panties, and then stripped off her top and bra.

Although we had seen each other naked before; this was the first time I saw her pussy glistening with desire. Her lips were coated and her semi-bald mound shimmered. The groomed, black strip of hair on her Mons sparkled.

“You may touch yourself, Nicole.”

As I went back to the story, the sounds of Nicole’s fingers working her pussy had me on fire.

“With Daddy’s hands behind him, I’d move around and stand next to you. I’d begin to touch and caress you; telling Daddy what I was feeling, knowing it’s what he wanted as well. ‘Daddy look how responsive Nicole’s nipples are.’ I’d then take both of your nipples between my nails and pinch them until they hardened.”

Nicole was doing what I was narrating; soft moans emanating from her.

“‘And Daddy, she is so wet.’ I’d take two fingers and rub them over your pussy; collecting your creamy essence.”

Two of Nicole’s fingers were moving across her labia.

“Then I would bring my fingers to your lips and have you taste your lust as I told Daddy why you were so aroused. ‘The reason Nicole is so wet is because she knows, in just a few moments, I will give her permission to free your cock and suck it, Daddy.'”

No encouragement was needed; Nicole began savoring the thick balm on her talons.

“‘Nicole, suck Daddy’s cock while I remove my clothes in preparation for his adoration of us.’ You move between his legs, hungrily pulling Daddy’s cock from his shorts; taking it in your mouth.”

That was as much as Nicole could take. One hand moved wildly over her clit while the other began fucking her pussy. I watched while removing my clothes. It was mesmerizing. That was the first time I ever saw another woman have an orgasm.

Nicole’s body shook; her head thrown back against the sofa; her words spartan, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…” Her orgasm ripped completely through her. Naked I sat back down, waiting for ‘Nicole’ to return.

When she finally opened her eyes, we smiled at one another. Although Nicole had an orgasm, my needs had yet to be met. Still smiling, I broke the blissful silence.

“Nicole, I never gave you permission to cum. What I gave you, was permission to touch yourself. Daddy was going to worship both of us but you couldn’t wait.”

My mind was racing. Urges were overwhelming me; driving me deeper into this new world. Being in control was turning me on to no end. I reached for Nicole’s hands and gently pulled her towards me.

“You took liberties without permission; and you must learn from your mistakes.”

Nicole offered no resistance to my actions. Laying her across my lap, I continued speaking while my hands caressed her warm buttocks.

“One way to learn from one’s mistakes is to make a mental note not to do it again. But Lust and Desire aren’t little check boxes in our minds.” My hands roamed between her loins; my fingers stroking the wet folds of her womanhood.

“You see Nicole, Lust and Desire force us to do things out of the ordinary.” Lifting one hand from her soft flesh, I brought it down quickly upon her bareness. The sound of the slap was in unison with my words, “Such as this.”

Flinching slightly, Nicole reacted by pressing her mound harder into my thighs and opening her legs slightly.

Trying to sound apologetic, Nicole said, “I am so sorry, Leigh. The thoughts of sucking your Daddy’s cock was too much for me. You are correct, I should have controlled myself. I need to learn from my mistakes. Please help me.”

Nicole’s submission had my pussy creaming.

“And just how should I help you?” The hand which just slapped her ass was gently patting where it landed. My other hand was still rubbing her private areas.

“I think I need a spanking, Miss Leigh. Please Miss Leigh, help me learn from my mistake.” The flow from her vagina made it clear she was into this.

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