A Surprise Visit Ch. 01

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My girlfriend and I wrote this one together, me writing this first part, and her finishing with the second.


Part One:

I’m finally sort of feeling settled here at the new house, it had so many spare rooms that hubby said it would be ok for you to rent the basement from us in return for helping me with the yard work and getting everything all settled while we both look for work. You were tired of Olympia and not finding steady work there and there was an offer down here for part time stuff, as well as it being closer to the other ‘for-hire’ stuff you were doing at The Gorge. You’re not around too much, because of your part-time work, and when you are you mostly keep to yourself anyway, coming upstairs sometimes to watch a movie with us or play games with The Kid. I have my bass stuff in a room upstairs but when you do leave it will probably end up in the basement so that when I find a band I can buy a drum set and have practices at my own place. The 2 acres makes that possible, but right now I’m glad to have you help with the mowing and the outside stuff that neither of us can really handle ourselves. I suppose that even after you do go you’ll be coming around to help with that, which is great because if you left for good I’d really miss the kisses and snuggles we sneak sometimes.

What he doesn’t know is how much you’ve been ‘helping’ with other things while the kids are at school. You get up right after they leave to do the chores while I sleep in just a bit more. After the yard work is done on the days when you’re here I get back up and take a shower and you usually come upstairs and help me with trying to figure out where stuff should go in a house that is so different to me. It’s been very helpful to have you here and have your love and support because leaving my job was so difficult for me. At least with you here settling in has been less stressful than it would have been if I was left to deal with all of this while he worked. I can steal kisses and snuggles and lots of caring hugs, and once in a while we’ll snuggle up on the couch and make out for hours on end. It’s always so hot, whether it’s me teasing you but you never press me for more than that, even though I know you really want to give me more.

So this morning I got up and showered a bit early because I heard you mowing earlier and I know you’ll be in your own shower soon. Standing in the shower, letting the hot water wash over my body, thinking about all your insistent kisses and nibbles and how much I’d really like to have them elsewhere, and delicious shivers keep coursing through my body. I slide the soap bubbles all over me and into every crevice just in case, but I do want this to be more about you than me. You’ve been so patient and loving and helped me so much. I know you don’t expect anything in return, you never have, but I’ve always told you that I don’t think that’s fair. I turn the water cooler so that I don’t end up looking like a lobster and begin rinsing the soap back off, starting with my hair and moving down my body. Smoothing my hands over my hips and onto my ass as I go. I’m loving my new body and I know you do too. You’re always telling me how good I look and how hot I am and I’m starting to believe you. I slip out of the shower and dry my body off with the big fluffy towel. Slowly, because I have the time, I just heard you turn your shower on. I wonder if you know, or care, why I showered early today. Maybe you just figure I have something to do out of the house today, maybe you are thinking of me in your own shower.

I shove my hair up into a high ponytail, up off my ears and neck and out of the way and slip on a lacy crotchless pair of panties that I’ve been saving forever for this. As I pad quietly across my bedroom floor towards the living room and the stairs, I can hear you singing softly in your shower downstairs. I smile, and continue my trek across the house, panties starting to get a little bit damp just from thinking about what I have planned. I slip quietly down the stairs, trying not to tremble as I go. I know you don’t like the way your own body looks, so I hope you’re not upset with me, but I have always been attracted to souls first and bodies really don’t matter that much to me. I step down off the last step and softly drift across your space to the bathroom. I’m hoping you didn’t lock the door, this isn’t going to be as much fun if I have to knock. Between my excitement and the fact that you keep your space cooler than the rest of casino oyna the house, my nipples are already hard and aching for your touch.

With trembling hands I reach out and turn the knob and sigh as the door opens right up. You’ve got your back to me as I slide into the room. I come on in and stand right in front of the shower, a evil grin on my face. You finish washing your hair and turn around, startled to see me there at first, your shock quickly turns to a smile, but I can see that you’re uncomfortable with me seeing you naked. Your hungry look turns me on so much that I just quickly step forward to the shower door and let myself in. You look simply shocked, and then a bit shy. I don’t care, you’re going to have to get over it. I step into your arms and lean in to kiss you lightly on the ear. You respond by wrapping your arms around my waist and lightly kissing up my exposed neck. I shiver, and press harder against your wet body, moving to nip your collarbone, one hand moving behind your head, the other reaching to cup your breast as I close the rest of the space between us.

In the brief moment of surprise when I touch you I shift your weight with my hips and push you back against the shower wall, leaning in again to nip at your throat this time. You make that sexy growling noise and I smile and continue. Nibbling slowly down your neck to your collarbone again, some light nibbles, some hard enough to make you growl. You try and twist your head to kiss me and I grab the hair on the back of your head and hold you still. Kisses slowly sliding further down, off your collarbone and across the top part of your shoulders. I’m sure you think I’m headed to the other collarbone, but I have other plans for you Darling.

I do nibble in that direction, but twist my fingers in your hair again to distract you while I swiftly lift that fluffy breast to my lips. I’ve been waiting so long to get my hands on them, their tempting plumpness has always been a lure, and always just out of reach, but this time I’m going to get what I want. I can hear you suck in a breath of shock as my lips touch your nipple, but I’ve got a firm grip on your hair and a simple sharp tug there should keep you in line if you decide to try and move away. Or at least I’m hoping it will.

I slowly run my tongue across your nipple and giggle with delight as it stiffens against your will. A couple more slow licks across it, and then the lightest little nip makes you jump again, and lean down ever so slightly to kiss the top of my head. I let loose my hold on your hair now and pick the other one up to show it equal loving. Flicking my tongue back and forth from nipple to nipple, stopping occasionally to nip one lightly or the side of your full breast just a bit harder. I love the growling noises you make every time I do and it’s getting me hot as hell.

Letting loose of both breasts I slide back up your wet body to kiss you and you jump at the chance to lather me with the fiercest kisses yet. The ferocity of your kisses and how you grab me by the back of my own neck, pulling me tighter against you tells me you’ve been wanting me for as long as I’ve been wanting you and that maybe, just maybe I’m close to pushing you over your silly little line, and into my bed. You’re frantically kissing and nipping at my neck and haven’t even slid your hand from my waist to notice that I’m in the shower in the cute panties. Ill have to fix that soon enough, yes I will.

I pull my lips away from yours and hold your face in my hands and then lean in and take another nip at your throat and listen to you suck in your breath hard as I do so, while I slide your hand down over the round fullness of my ass. You suck in your breath again as you feel the lacy panties underneath your hands and pull me in against you. Hands roaming all over my ass, kisses hot and fierce. I simply love the ferocity with which you want me. One hand moves to pull my face tighter against yours, the other slowly cupping the curve of my ass, just exploring enough to be teasing, but not enough to feel my heat yet. I slowly slide one hand down your body, brushing my fingertips across your hard nipple and down to your hip and you bite my lip hard. I know you want me, but you’re too much of a gentleman to do anything about it.

I move away from you just a bit, reaching again to grab the hair at the back of your neck with one hand and giggle as a growl rises from the back of your throat. Your eyes are half open and you have slot oyna glazed look on your face as you gaze at me with lust on your face. I lean back in to kiss you again and slip my hand from your hip to your bush. You try and move away, but I still have your hair and you want me too badly to do anything about it anyway. I kiss you fiercely and as you respond with the same ferocity I slowly slide my fingertips across your clit. You shudder, and moan into my kisses. It’s so hot, knowing you want me so badly that you’ll let me touch you, let me finally give you a little taste of what your kisses and caresses do to me.

You shudder again as I lightly stroke you and feel your wetness and you move just enough to be able to slide your fingers from under my ass onto my wetness and discover that my cute little panties are totally crotchless. You gasp and slip your trembling fingers inside of me just as the hot water starts to run low. I know you want more, I want more, but it’s going to get cold in here quickly.

Slowly you push me out of the shower and wrap me in a nice warm towel, all the while still kissing and caressing my shivering body. You kneel on the floor in front of my as you dry me off and I know you can smell my need for you from there, but you’ve regained your composure for the moment and are just gazing up at me with love and lust in your eyes as you dry me off and peel the wet panties off of my hips.

As you stand back up I wrap my towel around you and pull you in for more of those amazing kisses. You slowly start pushing me out of the bathroom, towards your bed and even though my legs are shaking I manage to make it there. Ass against the edge of your bed, hot kisses all up and down my body, but never exactly where I really, really want them. Your fingers start to reach for my wetness again and just as they’re about to slip inside of me you suddenly push me gently onto the bed and then lift my legs to lay me fully on your bed in all my willing nakedness. As you step away from me I can hear you growl softly to yourself and then start looking for something in the drawers near the bed. Shivers of pleasure race though my body as I remember your kisses and your touch, craving more, but not getting it yet. You seem to have found what you were looking for, and I can hear you smiling to yourself, but my eyes are so glazed with need that I really can’t see what you’re doing, just that I hear you moving around the bed quietly and I wonder what you have in store for me.

Part 2:

Finally. Finally I have you naked, wet, and so damn beautiful in my bed wanting my touch. I can’t stop the growl that slipped past my lips. I must be dreaming, it has to be. I’m warm from the work, the shower, but most of all your lips and hands. I can only gaze at you for what seems like eternity, but then I recall the little present I had bought on a whim. I kneel down at the foot of the bed, nuzzle your inner thigh slowly, just the once, then concentrate on looking in the secret panel I had installed in my bottom drawer. I pull out the handcuffs that I had gotten to give you to replace the ones that your ex that hurt you had kept, only these ones aren’t just your regular cuffs. They are more like shackles, so that you can touch me while I pleasure you. I let the metal clink together to get your attention. At the sound, your eyes clear, sharpen, and darken with lust. The smile on my face is not the friendly kind. As I slowly swing the shackles back and forth, your breathing get harsher and harder as desire courses through you.

Will I put them on your ankles or your wrists? I walk over to the side of the bed, kneeling on it, I attach one cuff to your right wrist. I run my hand over your trembling belly, flick your little belly ring and cuff your other hand. You hadn’t yet noticed that I had installed a mountain climbing clip to the wooden headboard for this bed. I clip you to it. Then, shifting, I place my hand gently on your cheek, and smile down at you. I lean down to softly rub my lips across yours, slowly seducing you again. Your eyes close with pleasure, trying to intensify the kiss, but I’m in charge on this, not you.

Running my tongue along your bottom lip, suddenly delving deep in between your lips, stroking across your own tongue. My hand strokes down to your lovely neck, over your collarbone and back. I run my thumb across your beating pulse point, then slowly run my knuckles down to your breast. I stop just before your nipple, gently teasing canlı casino siteleri you until you cannot control the way your body arches, begging for my hand to play with your perked at attention arch. After you moan in frustration, my knuckles brush over that begging arch. Your gasp excites me, getting me to growl deep into your mouth. My hand stretches, my fingertips running across your nipple, gently pinching and rolling. I’m trying to take you slowly, taking my time to play and teasing that is so marvelous, but the need to finally touch you is too strong. With a deep growl, I race my hand down to your bush, running my strong fingers over your clit, making you gasp and arch.

Your heat, God that sweet heat nearly undoes me. Your wetness soaks my hand, as I stroke you over and over again. The little gasps, groans, and moans you’re making are driving me wild. I run my mouth down your your neck, licking and nipping your glistening skin. The taste of your skin, so delicious, my appetite grows for another wetness, but it’s not yet time for that bounty.

As my fingers continue to stroke and pet you, my mouth travels down to your neglected peak. I barely rub my lips across the very tip, smirking at the moan that you couldn’t quite control. As your hands grip the chains of the shackles, I flick my tongue slowly across your nipple, struggling not to dive down and ravish you. I flick you again, then slowly suck you into the wetness of my mouth, pulling gently and suckling hard at the same time. Then after that delicious adventure, I move to your other breast, giving it the same much needed attention. Finally, unable to take it anymore, I move down from your breasts to your stomach, playing a little with your belly button, delving my tongue inside. Then moving my lips down your hip nipping and licking, just missing your bush, chuckling to myself as you try to reach down to grab my hair to put me where you want me. I continue down your thigh, past your knee, to the top of your foot, pausing to look up at you. Your head is arched back, while you try to arch your body to my searching mouth. So absolutely beautiful. So sexy, I can’t breathe.

Because I had paused in my quest, you open your glazed eyes, your breathing ragged. And even with your hands bound, I could feel the caress of your hand on my cheek. I move to the top of your other foot, and start the final climb. Nipping, kissing, licking my way up your calf. Running my tongue along the back of your knee. Kissing the top of your thigh, ever so close to my prize, your breathing coming out in harsh gasps interspersed with moans, and whispered begging. I move down to the inside of your thigh, spreading your legs wider to allow for my broad shoulders. Placing one last nipping kiss to your thigh, my hands spread you open for my tongue.

Your sweet wetness coats the fingers holding you open. The smell of your desire assaults my nose, making my mouth water. I wait until your eyes are on me, open and knowing what is about to come. I slowly lower my head, keeping the eye contact, and give you one long lick across your lips. Your head falls back, your hips arch, and my mouth and tongue delve deeper into you. My hands move from holding you open to the intoxicating curve of your ass and squeeze. I have found your trigger. Flicking my tongue back and forth across your clit, fighting to keep your hips down to continue my feasting. I growl, deep into your core, as my tongue laps you clean. Your legs wrapped tightly around my head, squeezing uncontrollably, unconsciously telling me that you approve of my worship.

As my mouth drives you higher and higher to your peak, tongue flicking and devouring your sweetness. After all the months of teasing, of playing, I feel the power of you tremble through your body. Time stops. You’re close, so close to exploding. I catch your clit in my teeth, gently flicking again and again. Giving it one final lick, I move even deeper to your cavern of mysterious wonder and joy. I dive in with my tongue, moving in you. Then I feel you tighten around my tongue, your legs wrapped so tightly around my head, I start to get dizzy with desire and restricted blood flow. I move my tongue faster and harder. Finally I feel you explode. Your scream rends the air.

My name. You screamed my name. I growl and come unexpectedly. Jeez. I didn’t realize your excitement would feed my own so much. As your climax starts to calm down, I reclaim my tongue, and rest my head on your thigh, trying to get my breath back. Once the fog passes I move up from between your glorious thighs and slide onto the bed next to you. I give you a gentle kiss, then release your hands from the shackles. Lastly I pull you into my arms, and hold you. Just hold you.

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