A Synopsis of a Housewife

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Breathing. Deep hot ragged intense.

That was all she could hear from beneath the shield she had been forced to wear. It all started so simple. A party, a costume one at that. Sort of a way to be welcomed to the new neighborhood.

After a few hours of drinking and dancing she now finds herself in stocks with some stranger behind her. His hands forcefully rubbing her bare ass, occasionally brushing strands of pubic hair causing them to extended from her sex as if it were drawn by some electrical charge.

For whatever reason fear was not gripping her being. Common sense would say she should be worried however Laura was not. Something told her this unknown assailant was of no physical or emotional harm. So far all there had been were those hands. Hard, yet soft and gentle. She was now accustomed to each callous and ridge. Which was left and right she also began to understand. One hand had a longer nail on the index finger. One pinkie felt a little crooked. It was all transe like nearly putting her in such a relaxed state she badly wanted to sleep.

Lower past the thighs, backs of her knees, calves, ankles. Sensually kneading each singular skin cell it seemed. On the return trip her captor took the time to place hot wet kisses wherever his hands roamed, including when he returned to her ass.

Laura, while not used to such treament, withered in pleasure as much as the binds would allow. Small of her back received treatment never known to her. Slowly lapping the little hairs then an alternation to nibbles. The further he traveled, the poker oyna more her body was exposed. The darkness served to highten her senses. She was now becoming aware of every minor shift in his balance.

She could hear his footsteps as he walked around the side of her. Feeling his presence in front of her, hearing that same drone to his breath. Waiting for his next move. The anticipation was killing her. She felt something brush against her cheek that was not his hand. In an instant she knew it was his cock.

He just stood there dragging the tip across her face. She could smell his scent, feel the trail of precum he was leaking on her. She came to the conclusion that while not overly large it was a very nice size, especially the bulbous mushroom head. He drug it across her lips, moistening the tip. She obliged by offering an open mouth yet he ignored this invitation, content with merely drawing a pattern across her facial skin.

Laura sensed him stoop and while she could not see his face she could feel his stare. No words, just a stare that would perhaps bore a hole into her soul if she could see. Closer he leaned in, breathing directly into her. For a moment and for the first time she felt somewhat afraid. Nearly as if her reaction had sent some sort of telepathic wave from beneah her shield, he kissed her full on the lips.

Laura instantly melted against his mouth. Technique, pressure, just the right amount of saliva. Never had she experienced a kiss as perfect as this one. His tongue rolled over hers. His teeth sinfully tugged at her bottom canlı poker oyna lip. It was as passionate as she had ever experienced. She could feel his power, his lust. She could also feel her pussy becoming incredibly saturated. If Laura was turned on before, she was now an inferno.

He made no slurping sounds as he continued to kiss her. She also wondered if he was even taking a breath for it was one motion, none of the rocking of a head back and forth Hollywood uses to show passion or sexuality. Nor was there a breaking of contact, not a speck of distance between their lips. Simply two mouths fully connected.

It was over far to fast for her pleasure. At no point in her past could she remember a kiss doing so much damage to her state of mind. Devestated by his stoppage her mind raced with thoughts of inadequacies wondering if he had changed his mind, or was her return kiss was not sufficient.

Then there came the hands again, roaming feeling ever present. Shoulders, nape of her neck, breasts, stomach, so on. While impossible to be fully naked she was close enough.

Being jerked back into reality his tongue made another appearance, save for positioning. He kissed her pussy with the same intensity he’d shown in kissing her mouth. Same motions of a rolling tongue which he used to draw across her clitoris. It was nearly as if he was creating a cup, allowing her clit to rest in the fold and caressing it with both the tip and fleshy middle part of his tongue. Moaning uncontrollably while feeling his nose brush against her opening, she could hear internet casino the suction noises as his assault continued.

Laura was not a fan of receiving oral for she found most guys really had no clue on how and what a woman needed. However this un-named unseen man was doing to her what she thought was not possible. Placing both hands on her ass he pushed his face futher into her slit. Searing heat radiated though ever fiber of her body. She could feel her stomach tense up, her personal sign of a approaching incredible orgasm.

Oh God was all she could allow to escape her gaped mouth as her passion built to a frenzied fiery explosion. It was coming but much to damned slowly. He never stopped the rolling nor breathing into her now all to sensitive pussy. Building pressure with each passing moment, insistent that his face be inside her cunt as she exploded. His hands were insanely tight on her waist, pulling her backwards against him. His hissing was more pronounced. The sensory assault became to much for her to handle. Fuck she wanted to cum for this man, to feed him her precious fluid, to hear herself moan aloud in pleasure announcing to anyone in shouting distance she was cumming. Building slowly, painfully she was approaching her climatic moment at a pace that was agonizing…

Rolling over she looked at her lump of a husband. His snoring had disturbed her delicious dream. She used to be the girl she was dreaming of. She used to be made to feel like a slut by him. She missed those days badly, now being forced to enter an unseen realm of REM fantasy. At the very moment before she entered her twisted mind again in a sinfully decadent dream she mused while still glaring at him “Continue to ignore me you son of a bitch. Continue to fucking ignore me.”

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