A Tantric Massage

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Time had moved on since Rob’s super erotic encounter with July, he even remembered her name. The memory of hearing the two people next door having sex, just the other side of the flimsy partition, had stayed with him as well as the lingering picture of July straddling him, her naked bum sliding up and down on his thighs as she held his cock hard against her naval and rubbed her clit on his shaft. His orgasm had been explosive but he had, so far, been unable to repeat the eroticism of listening to two people actually having sex.

However, he knew what he liked and the birth of the internet had reduced all that tedious searching through the small ads. Through his many encounters with commercial ‘satisfaction’ he had come to the conclusion that a quick bang was really bad value. Prostitutes seldom seemed to care about client satisfaction, with the exception of Jocelyn, but she was something else and, sadly now, somewhere else.

So the massage parlour was still his venue of choice. Unfortunately, as he discovered, the massages nowadays usually consisted of a quick, not very expert, shoulder rub followed by either a very quick blow job or an even quicker shag. Not particularly satisfying.

His new home was in an unexplored area so he dived into the internet to check out the possibilities. After trolling through all the usual rubbish he thought he might click on the tag “Specials”, expecting it to be a bit weird or even kinky.

The sub heading Massage didn’t really excite him as all the other adds proclaimed ‘massage by expert hands’ and were simply a euphemism for sex.

However, on page two one ad caught his eye. Then another.

“Full body Tantric massage, no oral or full house available.” So, if there was no actual sex on offer she must be a proper masseuse. He scrolled down and saw several more with same sort of tag, “No oral or full house offered”.

He began to get quite interested and set about choosing who he might call. ‘Tantric’ was intriguing, and ‘full body massage’ was a must. He started scanning down through the pictures when one caused him to stop and take particular notice.

It was from a red head, wearing only a bright red silky nighty with very fine shoulder straps. She was kneeling on a bed, facing the camera with a big smile on her face and a glorious view down the valley between her generous breasts.

He started to read her script. “Try my Full Body Tantric Massage for the ultimate in relaxation. You’ve never had a massage until you have tried Tantra. No oral or full house on offer.”

Phew! That sounds plain enough! The photograph was clearly intimating that something short of the full house was definitely on the cards, and what magnificent breasts. He imagined his hands running over their fulsome curves. And Tantra? The only thing he knew about Tantra was that it was super slow and the old joke. Tantric sex is like waiting for a plumber, you stay in all night and nobody comes! Not exactly what he was looking for, he definitely wanted to come, but very slowly.

The next day, not too early, he picked up the courage to call her number. A slightly husky voice answered.

“Hi, it’s Sam.”

“I’ve just read your advert for a tantric massage and would like to make an appointment.”

“Have you had a tantric massage before? Sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“Er, it’s Rob and no I haven’t.”

“OK, that’s fine. You know that there’s no full house or oral on offer, don’t you?”

“Yes certainly, in fact that’s why I chose you.”

“Great, that’s a good start. So, Rob, would you like to know more.”


“Well a tantric massage is all about eroticism but not actually about sex. We will casino şirketleri both be naked from the start, no towels or clothes to get in the way of the sensual experience. There will be some body to body contact, particularly on your back and every inch of your body will be massaged and I guarantee you will leave totally relaxed from all the stresses of modern life.”

“Sounds perfect but what happens if I get a bit, you know, excited?”

“That will almost certainly happen. It nearly always does, in fact I’d be a little surprised if it doesn’t and I take care of that too. So are you still interested?”

“Yes very much so. When can you fit me in?”

“That depends. Do you want a half an hour or a one hour?”

“From what you’ve just said, I’m not sure I could last an hour.”

“I will make quite sure you do. Remember I am something of an expert.”

“OK, I’ll go for the hour and Thursdays are best for me.”

“As it happens, I have a slot on Thursday at 3pm.”

“Great, see you Thursday at 3.”

This all sounded very promising and he was really looking forward to Thursday, which seemed to take an unusually long time coming round. It eventually arrived and as soon as he had his lunch he headed for the shower. After a thorough soaping and primping he texted Sam for her address as arranged.

The answer came back a moment or so later with directions to her house. Rob knew it was only about ten minutes away but he put it in the sat nav to be sure. 8 minutes. He sat clock watching until it was time to set off.

The entrance was discrete and parking simple. When the door opened he was instantly certain that he had made the right choice. She was wearing a revealing silky nighty, just like her picture on the internet. Medium height, long red hair, generous breasts, nipples obvious through the sheer fabric. Oh the anticipation.

“Hi Rob, and welcome to your tantric experience.” She held out her hand and smiled gently cocking her head slightly to one side. Her handshake was soft and gentle when he took it in his.

” Follow me.” He followed her into a warm, softly lit room containing masses of candles, plenty of mirrors and gentle background music.

“Why don’t you slip out f your clothes and I’ll be back in a moment.” And she turned and left. From the way the fabric clung to her body it was quite clear that it was all she wore and Rob, who had always been a bit of a bum man, couldn’t help but enjoy the view as the two gorgeous globes swayed towards the doorway.

He undressed and was just making his way to the table when she returned.

“OK Rob, just sit on the table and I’ll tell you a bit more about tantra. Firstly, as I said, the massage takes place with both of us totally naked so there is nothing to spoil the mood. I will massage every inch of your body in an effort to produce the ultimate sensual experience and at the end you will be totally spent, invigorated and relaxed. Sooo.” With that she let the straps of her nighty fall off her shoulders and then let the whole ensemble fall to the floor.

“Like so.” She said. Now standing splendidly naked in front of him he could see she was a natural red head. Her bush was neatly trimmed, very short, in a rather attractive heart shape. Her pussy lips were clearly in view and her generous breasts were clearly all the work of mother nature, with upward pointing nipples, just the way he liked them. She moved forwards towards the table. He only took his eyes of her magnificent body to check out her bum in one of the many mirrors and that confirmed the delights that he had imagined when she had briefly left the room.

“Tantra is all about eroticism, so we are not going to casino firmaları be embarrassed about our bodies in fact we are going to revel in the sensations they can bring us. Now you can either lay on the table face down for the start of the massage or, if you feel confident enough, stand up for my tantric introduction.”

He felt far from confident and he could feel the start of an erection already. But she had just said not to be embarrassed so he took the decision to try her tantric introduction, not knowing what it was. He stood up and she spoke in a soft low tone.

“That’s great Rob, not many first timers do this. I admire your confidence. I want you to do exactly as I do, only I do it to you and you do it to me. OK?”

“Yes.” He managed to croak.

She raised her arms sideways and her magnificent breasts lifted slightly, Rob followed. She put her hands on his shoulders and he followed her cue. His cock was definitely miss behaving now, it was nearly erect. She then slid her hands down over his chest. Rob couldn’t believe this but the soft music and equally soft lighting emboldened him so he followed suit. Those magnificent, up turned, nipples grazing the palms of his hands sending a message straight to his cock.

The next move was even more erotic, she slid her hands round to his shoulder blades then, very lightly, stroked all the way down his back over his buttocks. He followed suit. He was starting to be embarrassed about his erection which was now rock hard, when her soft voice said.

“Just relax and go with the sensations.” He tried but over the next few repeats of this stroking, found it increasingly difficult. She hadn’t even touched him sexually but he was already sporting an erection he would have been proud of as a teenager.

“Very, very good.” Almost a whisper now, “you have done so well. Now I want you to lie, face down on the table.” The soothing soft music played gently in his ears as she took some oil and very gently, started to massage first one hand then the other. The massage continued on each arm in turn then his feet, calf muscles and thighs. Her strokes were firmer there, almost kneading the muscles, and the sensation was bliss.

He had almost forgotten he was lying on one of the firmest erections he’d had for ages when she drizzled some oil on his buttocks. The kneading continued over his bum and his back. She gently opened his legs a little and occasionally her hands crossed over each other with one or other finding its way into the cleft of his buttocks.

Normally he was very sensitive in this area but the pressure of a hand as it passed over his anus was a new sensation and highly erotic. Then the massage stopped for a few moments and he glanced in one of the many mirrors to see her smothering her body in oil. She languorously spread it over her breasts and stomach then made her way to the foot of the table.

First one knee made its way onto the table, between his legs, then her hands were placed either side of his chest. She brought her other knee up and slowly lowered herself into position a few inches above him. Her hair dangled on his already highly sensitised skin and she swept it back and forth: bliss.

Next she lowered the whole weight of her body onto his back and started to slide up and down rubbing the oil from her breasts onto his back. The slithering sensation was out of this world. Gradually he became aware of the coarser sensation of her neatly trimmed bush rubbing his bum. This was a whole new sensation and he wondered just how much of it he could take.

Her hair was stroking the back of his neck, her breasts sliding up and down his shoulder blades, her pubic hair pressing into his bum and güvenilir casino she was breathing deeply into his left ear. It was as though…well it was almost as if she were getting pleasure from it herself. Slowly he realised his suspicion was correct. The more the rubbing continued, the heavier her breathing became.

Just as he began to wonder if she was actually going to bring herself off, she slowly got off the table and asked him to turn over. She looked down at him and glanced at his cock. The end was glistening with his precum and she smiled.

The front of his body received as much care as the back with the exception of the body slide and she handled his penis with great care, from time to time pulling the foreskin back to reveal his glistening glans. She trailed her hair gently over the full length of his body starting at his chest, passing over his highly sensitised cock, finishing at his feet. Several times he felt himself heading for the point of no return but each time she skilfully clasped his shaft firmly at the base until the feeling subsided.

At this point he could not stop his arm coming up to stroke her bum. She made no attempt to object, in fact she smiled down at him and mewed.

“It’s OK.” As his hand slid over the well oiled, firm flesh. “Just not inside.”

She moved slightly further down the table and half turned towards him. Was this an invitation? His hand started to explore between her thighs, her slightly parted legs seeming to invite him further.

The outer lips of her vagina were moist and glistening as his fingers made their way up the outside of her well groomed pussy revelling in her slightly rough bush. Then his finger touched her clit. She let out a little gasp, smiled and started to massage the sensitive join between his cock and his foreskin with the ball of her thumb. He had never seen so much precome, the glans of his penis was positively glistening.

It was obvious she was enjoying this nearly as much as he was but then he felt himself about to go over the edge. A firm hand grasped the base of his cock. She knew; she’d sensed it. She was the expert she claimed to be.

“Not yet. Don’t rush.” He didn’t feel he’d been rushing. He’d been in a high state of sexual arousal for a very long time now but he continued to massage her clit with a circular motion. Her juices flowed, her vaginal lips parted and her breathing quickened. He started to rub faster when he heard her stat to pant.

“No, not faster. Slower and go even more gently. Take it ever so gently, a feather light touch.” He slowed his pace and lightened his touch. Meanwhile she had taken hold of the head of his cock and was sliding one hand after the other from the head to the root. It was as if his cock was penetrating and infinitely deep pussy.

This time there was no pause, no holding him back, and his cock felt as if it was sinking into that endless pussy. Then he experienced a long forgotten sensation in his toes that rose slowly up the inside of his thighs until it reached his balls: then he came. His orgasm was as electric as it was violent. Parts of his body even left the table as his pelvis convulsed, ejaculating with a power he remembered from his youth. Meanwhile he noticed her knees buckle slightly and she backed away from his hand.

“Wow!” He said, somewhat inadequately as the sensations subsided. “That was…”

“Tantra?” She volunteered. “Lie still for a while and enjoy the moment.” She reached for the tissues and started mopping up. She wiped the end of his highly sensitised cock with care and almost affection. Then she added.

“I thought you were going to miss it for a moment. When you speeded up on my clit. Why do men do that when they think you’re coming? It must be something to do with their own rush to orgasm. At that stage I just want it to be exquisitely slow and gentle. Thank goodness you follow instructions. It’s not every client that can make me come.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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