A Teacher Is Tempted

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I am—or at least I was—a good and simple man.

I am a professor at a university in Virginia. My specialty is American literature. I love teaching and reading and watching movies with my fiancée. My life, otherwise, is, by most people’s standards, very uneventful.

The story I am about to tell you is true. It is the story of shameful physical passion. It is the story of a woman who has destroyed me, my job, and my life. My downfall was one female student, who tempted me to sin and who brought me into a world of infernal, unchecked lust.

Amanda is a student in my Monday night seminar, which is held in the music building. She is a devil, and I hate her for her temptations. The first time I saw her, that first day of class, she was wearing a low-cut blouse. She was wearing a smile and blue eyes. She was wearing goose bumps on her chest. She was wearing an expression that said to me: “I want to bring you into my den of iniquity. I want to corrupt you. And we’ll both love it.”

How could have I have read that expression on her face? I am a mild mannered man, 34 years old. A hard-working man who is faithful to my fiancée, Suzanne, who has been my sweetheart since we both joined the band in tenth grade. I am faithful to her and her body, her hefty, overweight, physically unattractive body.

At least I used to be faithful.

Amanda tempted me. There is no other way to put it: Amanda was sent to me by a dark force from deep under the earth.

After the first class of the semester, after everyone had left, Amanda approached me in the classroom and asked me a stunning question.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Professor, I found your lecture fascinating. And I find you very handsome. Would you like to get a drink?”

These were her first words to me.

Scoundrel! Temptress! Blue-eyed devil! I should have refused. I should have walked—no, run!—from that classroom. But the debauched quarter of my soul bound my feet to the ground.

A demon inside me urged me—No, forced me! — to chuckle and say “Well, I suppose. Sure!”

We chatted, walking toward the local watering hole. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. What would Suzanne say? My sweet, good-hearted, solid, morally solid and incredibly dull fiancée, Suzanne?

I asked her what she enjoyed doing. Amanda told me brightly: “Oh, I love needlepoint, shopping, hanging out with friends, watching ‘Glee, sucking the teacher’s cock, and cooking.”

Oh, the scourge of my existence! Who was this vile creature from the darkest reaches of Hell?

At that moment I should have publicly denounced her! Screamed from the top of my lungs for her to be struck dead by a lightning bolt from the heavens!

Instead, I grabbed her hand, stopped walking, and turned around in a flash. I headed toward my office at all due speed. I practically pulled her, practically dragged her to the site of the foul acts awaiting me on the horizon, my cramped office on Lawrence Green in the Literature Department. Room 312, to be exact.

What would my fiancée say? What would she do? How would I tell her that I had brought a beautiful young woman to my office after class?

Amanda just laughed, squeezed my hand, and said,

“What’s your hurry, Professor? Never had your cock sucked by a student before?” She looked me right in the eyes and laughed, as we scampered ever more quickly to my office.

She even took my hand and placed it on her rear end, telling me to squeeze it, even forcing me to rub her firm ass through her skimpy denim skirt.

“How does that feel, Professor?” tuzla bayan escortlar she laughed.

When we reached my office, I was in such a state that I practically pushed her through the door. She was still laughing, but she immediately got on her knees and lifted up her skirt. She looked at me and slid her pink thong down to her thighs.

Her hand lingered between her legs. I must have looked shocked. “It’s OK, Professor; I like to touch myself while I taste my man.”

Evil child of the darkness! She spoke not to me, but to the darkest corner of my foul nature.

She watched me as she unzipped my pants. This was all moving so….so very fast.

Amanda licked her full red lips. “Professor, you have to know that I will enjoy this very much. I can see you are afraid, but you don’t have to be. I won’t tell anyone!” she said in her sweetest voice.

She looked up at me and squeezed her breasts, pulling on her nipples hard through her t-shirt.

She giggled again. Was she taunting me? “Don’t be afraid, Professor, this won’t hurt!”

Her hands sent shivers up and down my body. She squeezed my shaft through my khakis. I had betrayed myself. I was swollen like the River Jordan after a hard rain. I had never felt anything like this.

She opened my belt and pulled me out of my pants. I stood quickly at attention, engorged with sinful, insane lust.

Amanda looked me again in the eyes, smiling. “Oooh, it is so beautiful.” I could feel her breath on my skin, causing my shaft to twitch.

“Professor, you just need to know that I absolutely love cock. Hard cock in my mouth, sliding across my tongue and along the roof of my mouth— that is my greatest pleasure, Professor.

Never forget that, Sir.” She giggled, the vile lizard!

She moved slightly forward and kissed and lightly licked the head of my member. I was stunned, still trying to gain control over myself. This aggressive devil-woman was tasting my most personal, most private, most sensitive skin.

For just a moment, the shock of feeling her warm mouth brought me to my senses. I caught control of myself. My better, truer, brighter nature recovered. I grabbed whatever was at hand and pulled. I had her by the hair. I pulled her face back and away from me. She gasped, smiling. My fist was full of her hair. “Stop!” I shouted.

“Stop, you wicked animal! You harlot! Back away!”

“I am an upright Professor, engaged to be married. You must cease with this cruel temptation!!”

But Amanda, rather than be chastened and humbly leave my office, simply moaned—with pleasure! “Yes, Professor, be rough with me! Pull my hair. Treat me bad, Sir. I am bad, Sir!”

“Please, Sir, teach me a lesson,” the temptress went on. “Please fuck my mouth. Please, I love it!” Her eyes were pleading. Her mascara was running. Her face was shiny with perspiration on this warm September night.

Amanda’s hand was under her dress, fingering herself in a most urgent and disgusting way. I could even hear the sound!

My hand still in her hair, she reached out and took my shaft in her hand. She started pumping her fist up and down. The harder I pulled her hair, the louder she moaned and the tighter she squeezed. I could tell she was getting pleasure from the pain I was giving her. The more I used my strength and power to resist this whore from the underworld, the more she enjoyed the struggle.

I pulled her hair harder, pulled her head back to look at the face of this infernal, beautiful demon. Her hand slid down to my balls, escort tuzla bayanlar and she squeezed and tickled them ever so lightly. It felt so good. I didn’t want it to, I resisted, but the feeling Amanda was bringing to my testicles was incredible.

“Stop!” I commanded. Actually, by this point, I was begging.

“Sir, I can’t help myself!”

“Stop touching me like that, you devilish bitch from hell!”

“Sir, I need your cock. And I know you want to give it to me! In your heart you want to treat me to your thick, hard cock. Sir, don’t deprive us of this dirty, foul pleasure!”

“No!” I screamed.

But the vision was too much for me. Amanda’s face, red and glistening. Her t-shirt was pulled up over the top of her breasts, exposing them as she squeezed them. With one hand, she pinched the nipples hard. My shaft became thicker at the sight of her caressing her white flesh, pulling hard on her fully erect nipples. This was the devil’s playground, this epochal, violent physical struggle of sinner vs. sinner, the

darkness in each of us overcoming the light.

And suddenly something came over me. The struggle in my soul ended. I know now that this was the moment when the darkness emerged victorious. I realized then that I had to use myself to rinse the sin out of her mouth. I convinced myself—or was it Lucifer who convinced me?—that I had to push into her mouth over and over again. It was for her own good

A new feeling washed over me as I gave in to this understanding. A kind of excited calm.

I pulled her face down toward me. She opened her mouth and licked the head, nuzzling and sucking lightly.

With a new feeling of strength, I put both hands on the back of her head. I pushed myself into Amanda’s pretty mouth. Her tongue swirled, lashing me mercilessly. I imagined that I was a warrior, fighting demons with my thrusts, saving her through this mouth-fucking from a terrible fate in the next life.

I pushed harder, deeper. Amanda’s sounds of pleasure were incredible!

Gasping, she pulled back and looked at me, stroking me now with her hand. She spit on my shaft’s bright red head and rubbed it into my skin. She spit again, and slowly licked the spittle off my cockhead.

Her face was red and beautiful. Her eyes were on fire. My fiancée had never had this look in her eyes.

Amanda spoke slowly as she bent over to lick my testicles. “Fuck….my …. Mouth…..Professor….after I kiss and clean your balls.”

I moaned as my lust took me over completely. The darkness in my soul could not resist her!

I looked down and saw her hips moving. Amanda was riding her fingers, pushing them inside herself.

Like a mad woman, she was using her fingers to drive herself to a higher level of frenzy.

“Fuck my mouth, my sexy, hot Professor! God, I love it! Cum in my mouth, Professor! Give me all your cum! Use me like the dirty slut I am!”

I was shocked by her language, but I couldn’t resist. I balled my fists into her hair and placed my head on the lower lip of her open mouth.

Amanda, this sire of Lucifer, looked me in the eye. She let her devilish red tongue snake around the head of my penis as I watched. One hand cupped my testicles, while I could see fingers of the other moving inside her private regions.

Then this accursed apparition did the unthinkable. Amanda took her wet fingers, which had just been swimming inside her wet privates, and wiped them on my shaft, from head to base.

She did this several times, until it glistened with gebze escort her juice. This aroused her greatly. She was breathing harder and harder.

Amanda struggled to speak. In some far off place in my heart I supposed I hoped that she had gotten control of herself, that the demons that had possessed her had been cast out! That she was returned to her senses and would leave me now, after this incredibly perverse little incident.

We’d both pull ourselves together and leave now.

But I knew that was impossible.

Instead, this dark, dark animal looked at me, literally panting with pleasure, smiled wickedly and said “Professor, I want to taste my pussy on your big cock while you’re fucking my mouth.”

“Please, Sir, fuck my mouth.”

I hesitated… My penis head still resting on her lower lip, twitching as she spoke, a small drop of sticky liquid slowly dripping down toward her mouth. Her tongue came out to enjoy the drop. The taste of my precum sent this sex-crazed student devil-in-training over the edge.

“Please! Sir! Give me your fucking cock! Use my mouth for your pleasure! Use your dirty student slave!”

Dear Readers, I am incredibly ashamed to report to you that I could resist Amanda’s feverish pleadings no longer. I grabbed her pretty hair with both hands, and balled it up in my fists.

Using my leverage, I pushed myself deep into her mouth! She groaned. I remained there, my balls nearly resting on her chin. I looked down at her half opened eyes, crazy with lust. Her mouth was like a vice on my shaft as she sucked and teased with her tongue.

Her whole body strained as I pulled half way out, slowly, and then slammed myself back inside her hot, slippery mouth. She placed one hand on my ass, urging me even deeper, pulling and scratching my skin. My shaft was invisible. Her eyes were watering, her mascara ran.

I pushed as deeply as I could, watching her lips stretch to accommodate me.

I could feel her begin to shake. Her fingers were inside her. She screamed. The sound was muffled by my shaft inside her mouth. With my hands on the back of her head, her head moved up and down like a crazy woman. She opened her eyes and I saw the expression of one possessed as her body writhed out of control.

As she settled down, she continued to suck me.

After a minute, Amanda pulled me out of her mouth. “Cum in my mouth, Professor. Please? Please let your devoted student taste your warm cum?”

I could take it no longer.

Pulling her hair hard, with one final thrust I began to explode. I struggled to remain standing.

I felt like I was going to explode. And I did, throbbing as I discharged in her mouth.

I could see and hear Amanda swallow the warm liquid I’d filled her mouth with. She flicked out a seed-covered tongue to retrieve the last drop on her lower lip. She seemed to love having it in her mouth, letting it flow down the back of her throat.

Indeed, with her fingers back inside her, she started moaning and writhing again. Her thighs squeezed together hard on her hand as she reached her second orgasm, shaking and quivering as she lay on her back on the floor.

We collapsed on the floor of my office and lay there for a long time. I’m not sure how long.

When I woke up, Amanda was gone.

Of course, I never told my fiancée, Suzanne, what had happened. How could I possibly explain?

And, of course, every Monday night after class, Amanda—that evil woman from the hottest part of hell—gave me new reasons to feel shame for my sinning. The manipulative harlot! There, in my office, we writhed in pleasure, in many various underworld dances of lust. She taught me so many new ways to sin. She showed me so many vile ways that she wanted to be degraded. And we did them all, right there in my office, after every class.

And the worst part of all is:

I kinda liked it.

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