A Valentine Birthday with Daddy

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Cute Emo

“So Kelly, do you have any plans for your birthday?” Dad asked me as he sat down in his chair going through today’s mail.

“Well, a few of my single friends thought about hitting up that new club 916 J in down town Sac,” I said to my dad, as I kept swiping through this hookup app on my phone.

“Don’t you think it will be a bit crowded being a Friday and Valentine’s day?” Dad wondered.

“Yeah, but I am not sure. It’s Monday and anything can happen,” I said back to my Daddy looking up at him from my phone.

“If you do go out, I want you to use my car. It’s safer and I don’t trust those phone app car services. I see the news stories,” dad stated in a firm voice that I knew too well. With that tone if I did decide to have a girl’s night on the town, we would have to use his car. Not that it was a bad car, it just was not a college girl’s car. One look and one would see that it was obviously a well off business man’s car.

“Don’t worry Dad. Most likely I’m staying in anyway. I am not feeling the whole club dating thing right now,” I said back as I laid my phone down. Too tired of and disgusted by the choices of men on the app.

“You should do something, it’s your special day,” Dad replied back as he finished opening the last bit of mail.

“I know, but you should not be alone either. I am not blind. I know you still think about mom. We both miss her, but you need to move forward. I don’t want to have to worry about you daddy, ” I said with a concerned look on my face.

“Eventually maybe. It is hard to get back into the dating scene. Let alone find someone like your…” Dad stopping mid-sentence.

“Kelly, every day you remind me of her, because you look and act so much like her. I want to make sure you have a home until you graduate college and find a career. For now, that makes me happy. Maybe sometime after, I guess, I can start thinking of me,” Dad said to me with watery eyes. “Dad,” I said as I got up and sat in his lap, “Don’t worry about me. I am going to be fine. My grades are great, classes are amazing, and I have the best dad in the world.”

My dad smiled as I gave him a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“How about pizza for dinner?” Dad asked.

“Sure, I will order delivery, and you go change,” as I opened the pizza app on my phone and placed a delivery order.

Dad headed up stairs to change out of his work suit and tie.

My parents were always so kind to me when I was young. Every time my dad went away on business he would go out of his way to make up for the time he missed with me and mom after he returned. Even more so after mom’s sudden death years back in that car accident. Dad has always tried to make sure he is there for me and that I am safe.

Dad must have decided to freshen up besides change clothes as heard the upstairs shower running. He has always presented himself well. No matter the occasion, dad would been properly groomed and dressed. It makes sense, dad takes great pride in maintaining his physique and health with mostly healthy meals and gym work outs almost every day. With his desire for pizza, I knew he was feeling sad since pizza is his go to comfort food when feeling down.

While I waited for the pizza delivery to arrive, I decided to spruce up the living room. A solid week had passed since the room was last cleaned. By dad’s chair there was a stack of old papers, photos, and his class of 1994 yearbook.

When I picked up the yearbook several photos had fallen out of the yearbook. I quickly scooped them off the ground and was blown away by hot the people in the pictures were. The female had an almost identical build and look as me. She looked a lot like mom with her raven black at shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes, olive skin, and cute dimples with her smile. This woman could have been my twin if she was five foot nine inches tall. In another photo the female was playing volleyball. There were several college dorm photo shots and beach party scenes. The next picture was a nude photo of the girl who had a small landing strip of pubic hair and roughly similar to my size 32C boobs. On the back was written “Michael, Happy Valentine’s Day! –Kimmy” and I thought holy shit, mom was really hot in college.

The next several photos were of dad. First was him in his football uniform, then another at some prep rally. A few more at house party, but the last photo caught my eye. Dad was topless at the beach wearing tight shorts. For how hot mom was, dad was even hotter. His sandy blonde hair was wet from being in the water and his eyes were just as blue as mom’s eyes were. He had a near perfect six-pack and defined muscles on his arms and legs on his tall body. If this guy wasn’t my dad I would not hesitate to jump his bones.

A set of rapid fire knocks banged on the door. “Pizza’s here!” yelled the delivery boy.

I sat the yearbook and photos on the kitchen table and the opened the front door, signed for the pizza, and tipped the delivery boy from the app. Rossi’s klasbahis güvenilirmi Pizza was always fast on their delivery and this night was not an exception.

By the time I got the plates, drinks, and pizza set up at the kitchen table dad had finished with his shower and changed clothes. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tight white shirt. The shirt clung to him and showed off his still well defined muscle tone. His hair was wet, no longer the sandy blonde, but a peppered sandy blonde with his gray hair.

“Where did you find these?” asked Dad pointing to the yearbooks and photos.

“I found them while cleaning up the living room,” I replied.

“Oh, I thought I had put them back up,” said Dad as he sat down grabbing a plate with some pizza.

“I never saw these pictures before. You and mom were really hot when you were in high school,” I said as I grabbed a slice of pizza.

“That is something a daughter should not be saying about her parents,” said dad right before he took a bite of his pizza.

“I don’t care. I am proud to say that my parents were hot in high school and college,” I replied with big smirk.

“And that is all there is to it.”

Dad looked at me with a smile while he chewed his food and slightly shook his head. We continued to with dinner and afterwards dad went his room. I cleaned up the table and watched some TV for a few hours before heading to bed myself.

It was now just before midnight, and I was having a hard time falling asleep. I grabbed my phone off the night stand and started swiping through all the men on the hook up app. Most profiles were the same common photo style shots with the similar unfunny and lame tag lines. None of it impressed me and I found them all to be wanting.

What I wanted was someone like dad. Or like what dad looked like in college with his personality he has right now. Someone who is there for me when I need them, but smart enough to get me the space when I would need it. I still couldn’t believe how hot dad was. And mom with that nude photo. If I didn’t know better I would swear that nude of mom was me, but unlike her, I don’t have that 1990s landing strip shave. In fact I hadn’t been shaving since there was no guy in my life at the time. My attitude was like why waste time doing the hair maintenance when no man was going to be seeing it.

I tried to think of other things, but by mind kept coming back to my dad’s pictures. What made the situation even worse was I started to feel really horny and couldn’t believe how wet I was becoming.

After several minutes more minutes of trying to get my dad out of my head, I realized it was not going to happen. Nor was sleep a possibility until I dealt with my situation. I decided to say fuck it and roll with the idea, in my head of what it would be like have sex with the younger version of my dad.

As I laid in my bed, I started to massage my breasts with my left hand. I closed my eyes and in my mind I pictured the hot young stud in the photo on the beach that day. I added myself. We both went swimming in the ocean and after laid there on the beach watching the sunset. He starts kissing me before he scooped me up and carried me back to the beach bungalow. Inside he laid me down on the bed and gently caressed my body before removing my top setting my breasts free. Each breast and nipple was delicately assaulted with several precision kisses as he worked his way down my torso.

Both hands gave a gentle tug to the strings on my bikini bottom revealing my fresh shaved pubic area with a small landing strip. His kisses resumed their attack down to my woman hood when he slowly kissed a complete circumnavigation of the entrance. Then at that moment his tongue unleashed a barrage of penetration attacks with each one sending a jolt of pleasure that built upon each previous jolt.

Back in reality my other hand was rubbing my mound as I had two fingers buried deep. I was fighting back the desire to moan both here and in my mind. As I continued to picture his tongue work on my vagina, I could not hold back and with a low yet loud sound I moaned with body shaking orgasm.

A solid minute or two after the orgasm had passed, I laid there still with both fingers inside of me, and drenched bed sheets underneath. In my fog of my mind I was stunned. I had never had such an intense orgasm in all my life. All I could think about was if this orgasm was from just thinking about having sex with my younger dad, what it would be like to have actual sex with my dad. And in that very moment, I knew what I needed to do.

The next day I sat in motion my plan. First I needed to find out more about younger mom since it was evident there were some stories I had never heard such as the college beach party, and the clearly the nude photo. I knew dad would be home late for dinner and decided to cook his favorite, an artichoke and sun-dried tomato chicken dish.

After the food was done, I rushed upstairs klasbahis yeni giriş to clean up and change clothes. I decided to put on a somewhat sexy and mildly revealing outfit I would wear to tease guys when out shopping.

As I walked down the stairs dad had just came through the door and plopped down in his chair. He looked really tired. This was a perfect opportunity to get some more information. I quickly rushed down the stairs and jumped into his lap where I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big hug making sure the whole time my top gave him a perfect peak if he desired.

“Daddy, I wanted to say thanks for being you and made your favorite,” I said while looking into his eyes.

“That is great, and it smells great. Just give me a minute to relax here. Work was really long and I am just physically drained,” Dad said as he closed both eyes.

“No problem. While you rest for a second maybe you can tell me more about mom. I saw the photos and I know there are stories I have never heard. Like for example what was your favorite place to hang out?” I asked hoping to get my dad talking.

“Easy. The beach. Your mother loved to play volleyball and I loved to watch. We would swim, relax, and take in the fresh ocean air,” he replied back while still resting his eyes.

“What about the beach parties?” I replied.

“What about it?”

“Well in the photos there were lots of people. With several pictures of mom dancing. I never knew she danced,” I said to my dad trying to pry more information about mom from him.

“Your mother was an excellent dancer. I guess she just stopped doing it after we settled down. On occasion she did still dance. She was a master of the gown and glove dance,” Daddy said.

“What type of dance is that?” I asked.

Dad had now opened his eyes and was looking at me like he said something he shouldn’t have said.

“It was just a fun private dance your mother would do for me,” he said.

I felt my dad growing uncomfortable underneath me.

“Ok, I think it is time for that meal.”

As I got up I brushed his crotch with my arm and understood why he was becoming uncomfortable. He was getting a hard on.

As we ate dinner dad stayed mostly silent. This was not going how I wanted. I also couldn’t stop thinking about his arousal. Was it because of me being in his lap, or his memories of mom?

“Sorry daddy if I made you feel uncomfortable tonight by bringing up mom,” I said in a soft voice.

“No honey, it is not your fault. The food is excellent and I am just tired, and you look so much like her. In fact you are almost identical to your mother when she was your age. The photos and questions brought back a lot of memories and things I had not thought about for many years,” dad said as he finished off his food.

“I am tired. Thank you so much for the food, but I am going to call it a night.”

Dad quickly went upstairs and closed his door.

I quickly cleaned up the table and sat down to watch a few minutes of TV. Again the thoughts of my dad filled my mind and I became horny once more. I figured since dad had went to bed I would be able to go upstairs and relieve some of my stress.

While passing by my dad’s door, I heard a soft moan. I stopped dead in my tracks as I never heard this sound before from my dad’s room. Again a soft moan was heard. Then in a faint voice I heard my dad speak.

“Oh Kelly, you are so much like your mother.”

Oh shit, I thought. My dad was jerking off to me. I couldn’t believe he was doing such a pervy thing in his bed. My dad seemed like the type of guy who would not be into the idea of fucking his own daughter. But there he was on the other side of the hallway door rubbing one out to me, his daughter.

Next I heard my dad orgasm and wondered where in his mind did his cum go. Was he having me blow him with his seed going down my throat? Was he jerking off onto my tits, or was he buried deep inside his daughter dropping off a full load. As I stood there I realized how wet I had become. My panties were completely soaked and there was a faint bit of dampness coming through the front of my jean shorts. I could not help but to smile as I headed to my room for my own self masturbation session.

By then It was only now Wednesday and I knew I had to act fast if I was to give myself to dad for Valentine’s Day on Friday and it would be my best birthday present ever. After having heard him the night before, I knew it wouldn’t take much for him to take me.

Classes were difficult all day. I found it impossible to concentrate as I kept thinking about daddy. When I finished my last class at college I rushed home so I could do some digging for ideas.

I first went through moms stuff as we still had all her clothes and things boxed up in the garage. I found some pictures of mom in some lingerie with some writing that said your favorite. It was a simple all blue halter lace teddy with a matching klasbahis giriş g-string. In the photo mom was wearing a simple blue lace choker. I found the choker, but no lingerie. That would not be a problem as I knew the mall had several stores that carried outfits like what I saw in the photo. I sat the choker and photo off to the side as I packed everything back up as it was when I found it.

Back inside I went upstairs and online. I searched local lingerie shops and sure enough the local mall had an almost identical lingerie outfit. Next I looked up gown and glove dances. I saw that it was an erotic strip tease dance and knew exactly what dress and glove I would use from a photo I had seen of mom. I knew where the dress was at in the garage as well. I had the outfit, I just needed to make dinner and drink arrangements for the house for Friday and for the most I would be set.

Wednesday evening went with any new developments. I was too excited with my plans that I wasn’t too talkative and daddy was tired once more.

Thursday I took off like I was heading to college, but that was the last place on my mind. I went straight to the mall where I saw online they had the matching lingerie my mother had. It was a bit pricey, $79, but it was worth it if I got to have daddy. I went into an upper scale clothing retailer and found a sexy pair of gloves that I knew would match mom’s gown I planned to use.

After purchasing the items I rushed home to dig out the dress and make sure it fit me with the lingerie on. It was a perfect fit. I stood in front of my mirror and began to choreograph the dance moves I would make from several videos I had watched online the night before. I had a whole routine down when I heard the front door down stairs close.

I had lost track of time. It was late and daddy was home. I peeked my head out my door.

“I will be down in a minute,” I yelled.

The gown and gloves were flung off into the corner of my room. I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt to cover up the lingerie. I threw them on as fast as I could, when I was about to head out the door and remembered the choker. I undid it and tossed it into the corner know that later tomorrow I would need it.

Down stairs dad didn’t notice anything. We ate some left over in the house and chatted about random stuff until the topic of my birthday came up.

“So about your birthday plans. Still going out?” asked dad.

“I was at first, but have decided to take it easy and stay in,” I said as I played with the food on my plate.

“Well that is a shame. I was going to be home by 5 so you could use the car if you wanted,” said dad.

“Don’t worry. I am glad. We can spend some time together. Maybe watch a movie and just relax. You have been working hard. That can be your gift to me. I will take care of dinner too,” I said with an eager tone.

“Are you sure honey?” asked dad.

“Totally,” I said with a big smile on my face.

The rest of the evening continued with little fanfare. Even if something did happen I wouldn’t have noticed as I was too busy thinking of Friday night plans for me and daddy.

By the time I had woke up on Friday dad was already gone for work. I got dressed and went to town. I needed to get my hair cut to a shoulder length and needed visit the salon for some private waxing of my pubic area. I wanted to give daddy a little landing strip just like mother had for him.

The salon was crowed. It was Valentine’s Day and all the ladies were getting cleaned up for the evening. Since I needed to have my pubic area waxed, I was taken to one of the back rooms. An hour must have passed before someone came to wax my pubic area. It was so hard waiting, because I kept wanting to think about daddy, and I knew it would make me wet. Luckily for me, I was able to distract myself by counting all the circles in the ceiling tiles above me as I laid waiting.

When the waxing was done, and was it painful because I had a full bush of hair the aesthetician did a slight trim to the remaining hair giving it the perfect landing strip look. I was pleased and I hoped that daddy would be pleased too.

On the way home I stopped by a fancy take out restaurant and picked up dinner. I also stopped for some classy wine. Upon arriving at home I stripped and took a shower. I dried off then carefully put the lingerie on, followed by the gown and gloves. It was nearly 4pm and daddy would be home soon. I went down stairs and set up the table and food.

I went back upstairs and did up my hair and put on my mother’s perfume brand. I left the choker on my desk and went down stairs and waited.

Dad arrived a little late as it was nearly 6pm. When he came through the door he apologized and I said it was ok. He then looked up and saw me.

“What is this?” asked dad confused by the sight before him.

“It is your Valentine’ Day gift. And my birthday present for me,” I said with a big smile.

“Well this is a bit unexpected,” said my dad obviously in shock.

I grabbed his hand and lead him to the table and sat him down in the chair with me in his lap. I gave daddy a big hug.

“I wanted to give you something special for everything you have done for me,” I whispered in daddy’s ear as I gave it a quick nibble.

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