A Very Good 18th Ch. 02

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He moved quickly of the bed reaching into a draw, and pulling out several pieces of black material. He walked back over “put your hands together” he ordered, quickly tying them together when Rose offered them up. He smirked leaning down to slowly kiss her on the lips, and then softly down her neck nibbling it slightly pulling away leaving her wanting more.

Still smirking he tied another piece of material around her head meaning she was completely unaware of his movement towards her. Grabbing her by the waist he flipped her over, without her hands to support her she was positioned with her face in the cushions. He groaned deeply as his hands ran over her bare perky ass, squeezing it, a cheek in each hand he slowly spread it apart.

She heard him groan again as he saw her tiny little asshole open slightly. Slowly he ran his thumb over her tiny hole pushing it in slightly till he could hear her gasp in pain. Leaning over her back he whispered in her ear “I think your a little anal Virgin” she heard him smirk as poker oyna she nodded in reply. “Mmm I think I’m going to have to change that” he whispered, biting her earlobe softly.

Quickly and swiftly he pushed his finger into her tight ass hole causing her to gasp in a mixture of surprise, pleasure and pain. Pushing his finger in and out of her ass faster and faster he felt his cock twitching in longing for a tight virgin hole. With his other hand he started slapping his cock against her ass cheeks, causing spots of pre cum to cover her ass. Rose was moaning lustfully, she knew that her lack of anal experience was soon to be rectified.

He started using two fingers, spreading her ass so he could spit down inside it as he slowly finger fucked it. Suddenly she felt him pull out his fingers and she felt his bare cock pressing against her ass hole. He grabbed hold of her hips slowly pulling her tight body and tight ass back onto his cock, they both let out loud moans as he entered her stealing her anal virginity.

Pushing canlı poker oyna till he was balls deep in her tiny hole he stopped enjoying the warmth and tightness of her asshole around his cock. Just as she was starting to get used to his cock being deep inside her, he pulled out again and slammed it back inside her. He continued to do this as Rose screamed in pain her ass completely at his mercy, as he picked up the pace of pounding her his hands grabbed and pulled at her ass cheeks.

Bringing his hand up he brought it quickly back down slapping her ass cheeks hard. He did this several times till Rose’s ass was glowing red. She could feel his hand prints covering her ass cheeks but had no chance to concentrate on this as he quickly pulled out leaving her ass empty, pushing just as swiftly into her dripping wet pussy.

She moaned in both relief and pleasure as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy feeling himself come closer and closer to cumming. She felt him speed up his hands reaching round to internet casino massage her tits, taking her nipples into his hands and pinching them till she squealed with pain. He placed his hands back on her hips and started fucking her with all his energy, pounding into her till he felt her pussy tighten and her hot juices cover his cock.

He groaned as he felt them dribble down his cock, he pulled out of her flipping her into her back. Leaning against her legs he slowly pushed back into her, slowly he started to thrust in and out of her warm pussy, as he looked down he saw her face contorted in pleasure. Her breathe was ragged, biting her lip and her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

She reached up pulling his head down to hers as he fucked her. “I want your cum now” she whispered. This set him off groaning him pulled out quickly moving so he was kneeling over her face. With one hand he pulled off the material giving her the view of him wanking his cock with his other hand.

He grinned down at her “open your mouth” he commanded placing his cock over her mouth groaning as he squirted his hot cum over her face and into her mouth. He stared down at the hot little 18 year old covered in his hot cum and smirked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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