A Visit from Zoe

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I was out on Business in Poland, staying in the hotel just by the airport.

Bored one evening, I emailed one of my exes, just to see if she was still talking.

The following evening, I got the distinct impression that she was still talking to me.

She’d replied almost immediately, and her mail started telling me about what she was currently up to, and she then proceeded to tell me that she had just bought a new toy that reminded her of me.

She went into great detail about what she’d been doing to herself with the toy, and that she was using it as she wrote the mail.

Talk about getting turned on!

I didn’t hesitate to try and break the boredom by mailing her straight back.

Admittedly I got a little carried away, reminiscing about some of the more kinky things that we once got up to together.

Once I’d finished, I decided that I had to go and have a cold shower, before the tension got too much to bear. But, just as I stood up, there was a knock at the door.

Seconds later, as the door opened, I got the shock of my life, to see Zoe standing there, with a HUGE grin on her face!!

We just stood looking at each other, before falling into a big hug, and an even bigger kiss.

I took her bag, and let her into the room, and she sat down on the end of the bed, still grinning.

“What the hell are you doing here!” I asked, still in shock.

“It sounded like you needed some bedtime company, and I got the impression that there was something needing my full attention.” She said, so matter-of-factly. With that, she ran her hands up my legs, and stroked my still hard cock through my jeans.

She then stood up, and lifted her flimsy summer dress over her head, revealing her incredible body, in all it’s glory.

“You’re gonna tell me that you’ve travelled all the way from the UK wearing nothing under that dress?!” I joked

“Oh yeah; and I’ve got myself SO turned on doing it.” She replied with a twinkle in her eyes “If you don’t get tuzla eve gelen escort that cock of yours inside me now, I’m going to scream!!”

I pulled my shirt off, and as I was doing so, Zoe undid my jeans and slid them down.

She then slid up the bed as I climbed onto it, between her spread legs.

There had been a few changes over the years, not least of which was that Zoe was now very well trimmed down below, with just a few delicate wispy pubes. But, she was just as turned on as I remember she used to get, and her engorged clitoris was prominently looking out from her soaking pussy.

She pulled me on top of her, and I guided my cock to her entrance. Zoe closed her eyes and slowly raked her fingernails down my back.

“You have no idea how often I’ve dreamed of feeling you inside me again” she whispered.

I gently pushed, and she still felt incredibly tight. As the head of my glans penetrated her, she bit her bottom lip. I then pushed, and my cock slid slowly inside her. Once I was fully penetrating her, I couldn’t believe how tightly her gorgeous pussy was squeezing me.

I looked at her, and her eyes were gazing at me, her mouth open, but no sound coming out.

“You okay?” I whispered.

“Way better than okay” she whispered through tense breaths “I remember you big too big for me, but I’d forgotten just how much!”

I very slowly started edging in and out of her, and Zoe just quivered silently beneath me.

I kept up a very slow pace, just feeling every fold of skin on my cock slip in and out of her. Every time I slid back into her, she gasped, and was getting very worked up.

I lifted off her, and sat upright. I took her ankles in my hands, and spread her legs wide, so that she was almost doing the splits. I then carried on sliding slowly in and out of her, and Zoe looked down to watch my solid mass stretching and penetrating her each time.

She started to rub her nipples frantically and tuzla yeni escort then she arched her back. She let out a long, deep groan as her body went rigid, and then shuddered beneath me. I didn’t miss a beat, and continued to screw her very slowly.

She finally opened her eyes, and looked at me for a moment, before arching her back and closing her eyes again. She let out a louder groan this time as her body tensed wildly, and a huge climax washed over her.

“Please” she whispered “no more for the moment!”

I stopped, and using her legs, guided her, so that she rolled onto her side with me still skewering her. I then pushed a little more, and felt the tip of my cock slide deeper into her, rubbing forcefully past her cervix.

She gasped sharply and put a hand on my stomach to stop me pushing any further.

With wide eyes, she looked up at me “Too much Jim; that’s too deep”.

I did nothing, and just held my cock inside her, not moving.

Very slowly I could feel her pussy relax a little, as it accepted my invading cock.

I started again, very slowly rocking in and out of her, and Zoe grimaced.

She wanted to roll onto her front, and I helped her. With my cock still hard inside her Zoe moved very slowly, until she was lying on her front.

The view I had was magnificent; I’d always liked her backside, and I had a very good view of it now.

I started screwing her again, and she bit down on one of the pillows, as I drilled deep inside her soaking pussy. It did not take long for me to feel a welling down below, and just as my cock started to swell yet more, Zoe screamed into the pillow as another climax swept through her.

That was too much for me! My body took control, and jolted. As I shuddered to my peak, I thrust deep inside her. Zoe reached back and grabbed my thighs, her fingernails digging in, as I injected my thick cum deep inside her.

We stayed rigid for some time, before I slid out of her, tuzla genç escort and we lay down side by side, gasping for breath.

We both dozed for a while, until I awoke, feeling frisky again.

Zoe was sound asleep on her back, and her legs were slightly parted. I moved gently down the bed, and she didn’t flinch, so I very carefully moved one of her legs to allow me more access. She still didn’t flinch, so I licked two of my fingers, and very gently started to touch her. Slowly I slipped both my fingers into her pussy, which was still very wet. Zoe sighed softly, but didn’t’ move or wake, so I carried on.

It wasn’t long before both my fingers were buried inside her, and I started to finger her. I curled my fingers upwards inside her, until I found the soft, spongy area I was looking for. Firmly I started stroking away at her G spot, but still no response from her.

I kept going for some time, feeling her pussy get wetter by the minute as my fingers continually rubbed at her tender spot. I could feel the skin getting firmer, and suddenly I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. Zoe gasped loudly and her body went crazy around me, as she awoke to another climax. I didn’t let up on the motion one bit, and Zoe lifted her head, her eyes half asleep but full of surprise. As she carried on shaking wildly, she arched her back, and started gasping expletives. Her pussy filled with fluid, which ran freely from her pussy onto the bed, and she cried out my name.

I stopped fingering her, and moved up above her. Just as she opened her eyes again I slid my solid cock back inside her. I thrust quite vigorously in and out of her, her pussy still incredibly tight around me, and she raked her fingernails down my back as her climax carried on endlessly. She just quivered and shook as I screwed her, and it was not long until I was nearing my peak. Suddenly I jolted, and yet again I thrust deep inside her as my cock injected my seed deep into her belly.

Zoe cried out again as my cock was forced deep into her, and I finally relaxed, letting Zoe catch her breath.

“That’s a new trick you’ve learnt!” she gasped finally.

We both had a laugh, and dozed off yet again.

The rest of the night was spent screwing sporadically, exploring new positions. But, that’s another whole other story!

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