A Visit to My San Antonio Rose

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I arrived in town full of apprehension. It had been a long trip and the anticipation had built over all the miles from Toronto to San Antonio. Would this be as good as I’d imagined a thousand times? Or would it be a disaster, an encounter destined to fail because of what we’d built up in our minds and talked through in our fantasies?

I checked into the hotel and had a quick but soothing shower. Freshened up, I checked my watch and made my phone call. My voice nearly broke from nervousness. She answered, in that soft Texan drawl, ” Hello.” And I simply said, “I’m here darlin’.” Both of us laughed and the ice was nicely broken.

I’d wanted to take her out for dinner so she told me how to get to a stylish Italian restaurant within a short walk of the hotel. We agreed to meet within half an hour. I paced the floor and thought of all I had to say as I waited.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw that it was sparsely inhabited and was steered to a table near the back. I ordered the house red wine and waited for Deb to show up. I didn’t have long to wait. In walked a dark haired woman who I immediately began to undress with my eyes. Great legs, big titties on a small frame and a pretty face that made me want to grab her with both hands and kiss her full on the lips. She smiled as she approached and I knew it was her. I stood up – almost weak from the excitement – and we hugged and gave each other pecks on the cheek. A long, passionate lip lock would have been somewhat showy and inappropriate. We took our seats staring into each other’s eyes.

We chatted and talked non-stop for the next two hours. Despite the tension, both sexual and nervous, we had so much to say with so much in common. It was like talking to an old friend and picking up from some long-ago conversation. As we talked there were moments where I got goose bumps. Once, to emphasize a point, Deb touched my arm and it gave me a thrill, just to feel her skin on mine.

The meal was quite good, the wine had relaxed us a bit and we were both so comfortable that we remarked on it a number of times during the chat. To think that we’d met on-line and now we were here together in person blew both of our minds. Little did we know how much better things were going to get.

I paid our waiter and took Deb’s hand as we left the restaurant. It felt wonderful just to hold her hand in mine. Almost like high school and a date with the beautiful girl I’d admired from afar. She led me to her car and we got in. As the door closed and she settled in, I moved closer and our lips met for the first time. The pent-up passion of the months on line and the hours spent talking about everything from sex to our love of the same music, was poured into that kiss. Our lips swirled and moved against each other and as I parted mine slightly, her tongue darted into my mouth to lick my front teeth. I held her face in both my hands and pushed my tongue deep into her mouth as well, tasting her and savouring the warmth of her breath. poker oyna My hands stroked her hair and her neck and she pulled me closer, our mouths devouring each other.

Finally coming up for air, she put the car in gear, gave me a wicked smile and pulled out of the parking lot, heading for my hotel.

I sat back speechless. Just kissing her was fabulous. What would anything more be like?

At the hotel, we both hurriedly got out of the car and, holding hands like a pair of children, dashed across the pavement into the lobby and directly onto a waiting elevator. Inside the car, with no one to see, I immediately pulled her to me and kissed her again. Long, wet and deep. My mouth fastened to hers and we flicked our tongues against each others for what seemed like ages. Pressing against her, I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest and she must have felt my excitement through my pants. The elevator dinged and the door opened.

It was difficult to unclench from each other but we managed to walk the few feet to my door without falling on the floor and making love on the carpet. As I slipped the key card into the door, I felt her hand run across my ass. I stiffened and smiled at her over my shoulder.

Inside, the moment the door closed, we were in each other’s arms. I backed against the wall and pulled her to me. My hands went to her skirt and as I ran my hand along her ass I could feel no panty lines and remembered how she so rarely wore panties. My hand slid up her leg and under the skirt. I felt bare flesh wherever I touched. As Deb tore at my shirt, I lifted her skirt and ran my fingers between the naked globes of her ass. As I reached the bottom I felt the passion she was exuding. My fingers were dripping wet and I hadn’t even touched her pussy. By now she was yanking on my belt and I leaned back to watch as she tore at my pants. Unzipping my fly and pulling my pants wide open, she frantically reached for my cock. Releasing it from my underwear, she looked at it in her fist and then looked up at me and smiled. Her mouth opened in a heavy pant and then she bent forward. I gasped as her lips settled over my erect prick and she took it all into her mouth in one wet, fluid motion. I groaned and held a handful of her hair in my hands, letting it sift through. In an instant, her mouth was making a trail up my chest and back to my mouth. Fair’s, fair I thought. I kissed her deeply, our lips moving and exploring. Then I began to undress her.

Pushing her top over her shoulder, I kissed her ear and her neck as I traveled along her shoulder and to the top of her full breast. She reached around to unclasp her bra and with one motion pulled off her top and her bra, letting her milk white breasts free. With blinding excitement I bent to kiss each breast, sucking each nipple in turn. The rubbery tips came instantly erect in my mouth and I gently nibbled each with a scraping motion of my teeth. My hands were busy at the same time pushing her skirt to the floor.

I canlı poker oyna stopped to look at her and to drink in her figure. Gorgeous. The kind of body women more than half her age would envy. Deb moved backward and sat at the edge of the king sized bed. She crooked a finger at me and motioned for me to take off the rest of my clothes. I shucked my pants and stepped out of my socks then stood before her. My cock never felt so big or so hard. Standing erect, it nearly touched my navel as it stood so upright and excited. She reached for it and once again put her mouth to my groin. This time she licked the entire length of my cock with her pointy tongue and traced the head of my penis with her tip. Letting a small drool of spit descend on my knob, she slid her lips onto my cock and started to move up and down with her head. The intensity of her sucking and licking was more than just thrilling. It felt electric!

I stepped back and wordlessly motioned for her to lie back on the bed. I bent over her and kissed each nipple softly. As I did so, I put one finger to her mouth and let her suck on my index finger of my left hand while my right hand traced the line between her titties , down her stomach to her small bush of hair. I kissed her navel, poking my finger and then my tongue into it. Then along her lower belly I drew crazy designs with my tongue. I traced the edge of her pubic hair and the space where her legs met her pussy. With soft kisses, I edged down her thighs to her knee and then back up the other leg. Teasing, I touched the same areas with my fingers, never going near her vagina.

Deb began to writhe and move her ass on the bed. Time to taste this beautiful woman I thought to myself. Making my tongue wide, I started at the bottom of her slit and slowly, ever so slowly, dragged my tongue from bottom to top. She tasted incredible. Wet as a spring stream but warm and slick. Again and again I licked from bottom to top of her gash, every once in a while stopping at the swollen button near the top of her pussy. Each time I licked her clit, I felt her quiver with excitement. “Oh Mike,” she moaned. “Oh god! Yes!” As I continued to lick and then suck her clit, I inserted a finger into her hot pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight her cunt felt. One finger felt tight. How will my thick cock feel, I wondered?

With each lick and kiss and suck, I sensed that she was nearing climax and that was what I wanted. “I want to make you cum baby,” I whispered.

Her answer was to grab my head and force my face down to her pussy again. Her legs were bent and flailing in the air and her ass was grinding and pushing off the bed to put her twat closer to my face. My tongue darted into her wet hole and keeping it long and stiff, I fucked her with my tongue. Her answering thrusts told me that it felt as good for her as it tasted to me. Suddenly her back seemed to arch and she thrust her hips in the air. I managed to keep my face against her pussy as she orgasmed….writhing internet casino like a snake…trying to push my head away….clenching her legs together….groaning and squealing and moaning.

I wiped my face on the bedspread and lay down beside her. Holding her in my arms I kissed her mouth, her eyes, her cheeks, her hair…. A million kisses as she regained control and began to breath normally again.

I whispered in her ear, ” I want you Deb. I want to fuck you…. I want to feel my cock inside your pussy….”

Her answer was to turn onto her stomach and lift her ass in the air. “Fuck me Mike. Fuck my tight pussy!”

I moved behind her and put my stiff cock against her wet opening. Slowly…painfully slowly but deliberately so…I pushed my cock into her beautiful, tight cunt. She pushed back against me slightly in answer to my thrust and I felt my cock slide in like a hot knife into butter. Glorious. I stopped for an instant to savour the feeling of my cock being inside the tight, wetness of this gorgeous and wonderful woman. Excitement drove me on. I began to push and then pull, thrust and then retreat as I fucked her. Her groans, moans and little cries spurred me on. The feeling in my cock, in my entire body seemed focused on this action and reaction.

I needed to stop before I lost control and blew my load into her pussy. Withdrawing my prick, I moved to the bed beside her and lay on my back. “Ride me baby.” I ordered her.

Without saying a word, she rolled over and in one quick motion reared up over my hard cock and sank down on it to the hilt. I felt her wetness dripping out of her and covering not just my cock but my pubic hair, my balls and even dripping onto my stomach and legs. As she began to ride my boner, Deb leaned forward and I held her big tits in my hands. I reached up to lick and suck each nipple. I pulled her nipples. I pinched them. I tugged them out as far as they would stretch. She leaned her head back and grunted. Moaned. Made small crying sounds. I felt a sudden surge of wetness again as her pussy let go a fountain of girl-cum. I reached down onto my stomach, touched it with my forefinger and put it to my mouth. Then I did the same to her. She smiled, licked my finger and then put her finger to my mouth. I sucked her nail and the soft pad of her finger as well.

Despite her orgasm and her up and down motion, she maintained a clamp on my engorged cock. To feel her squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles was ecstasy. I bucked against her, lifting her high above me…the two of us joined as if we were stuck together.

I began to feel the approach of my climax and the need to cum. Sensing my orgasm was near, Deb suddenly pulled herself off my cock and immediately put my cock into her mouth. Pumping my prick with her hand and sucking my knob with her mouth, she brought me to the brink. My cock stiffened like a rod of cast iron and began to spurt. The fantastic release! My cum shot into her mouth as she grabbed my balls and sucked me deep into her throat. A little stream of white cream dripped from the corner of her mouth but she managed to get her tongue on it and slurp it back inside. I felt as if my head had exploded.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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