A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 02

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“Really, again?” CJ ran her fingers along the throbbing bulge in Magnus’s jeans.

“I can’t help it. Not with your sexiness so close to me.” This made CJ’s smile even wider. “It’ll only take a couple minutes.” He pleaded.

So right there, in our living room, with me in a wheelchair (I was now able to use my arms to move around) CJ unzipped and lowered Magnus’s jeans. The monstrous erection rocketed upward, and my girl squealed in delight like a child unwrapping her favorite present Christmas morning.

She rubbed her small pretty hands up and around the pole. Magnus basked in the pleasure.

“I haven’t forgotten you my true dear.” CJ came over to me and kissed me. Then returned to Magnus for a few long strokes. When she looked back at me, her eyes were slightly brighter.

“Sit on the couch, Magnus.” She invited. “Honey, wheel yourself over here real close.”

With a last stroke along the entire length, and a tickle of the head, CJ stepped up onto the sturdy coffee table. Her high heels clopped on the surface. She looked into my eyes and ran her tongue along her upper lip. Then she turned to Magnus and repeated the action. His cock quivered and trembled like a skyscraper in an earthquake. Mine did likewise, but was rewarded with sharp torture inside it’s cage. I gripped the hand rails on my chair to endure without calling out.

CJ swayed her hips in those short shorts, and slowly and seductively began to unbutton her blouse. Halfway down her chest, the cleavage of the delicious globes opening to view, she paused. She stepped down by Magnus who was sitting on our sofa and treated him to a few pulls. Then she moved to me and placed her shoe on my ball sac. Just resting the weight of her leg there hurt, hurt real bad. Then in time to her swaying hip dance, she pressed down on me, putting more of her weight.

I groaned, groaned in pain. She had a sorrowful look, for a few moments. Then my fiancé seemed to find a reserve of determination. A few more presses down on me, and then she climbed back on the table.

She danced as she finished off her shirt buttons. Then turned away from us as she shrugged the garment off and tossed it aside. Her naked back was sexy as she peeked back at us. When she turned she used her arm as an arm bra, but her chest mounds bulged at the sides.

The stripper came to me first this time, put her shoe on my balls, and pressed down like my gonads were the acceleration pedal and she was on the autobahn. She pursed her lips sexily at me, shook her bosom (but kept her arm bra in place), then turned to Magnus.

With her free hand she stroked his cock. His pleasure was immense, but my baby was being slow with her ministrations. It had been a long day for all of us, didn’t she want to finish up? Her back was turned to me, so she looked over her shoulder at me and swayed her sweet ass in my direction.

Taking her hand off his stiff rod, my sweetie raised both her hands, putting them in her blond hair. Her big tan tits were on display for Magnus, pendik escort but she was turned away from me. She shook her shoulders, letting her boobs dance right in front of his face. Again the look back at me over her shoulder.

He whispered something in her ear and she giggled. She replaced her arm bra and moved to the side so I had an unobstructed view as she rubbed his spear right in front of me.

“Hey guys, who am I?” She asked. Then she leaned forward and placed her face near the top of Magnus’s pre cum oozing cock head. CJ formed an “O” with her mouth and moved her head up and down, above the cock without touching it, simulating the act of fellatio. They both laughed but I didn’t understand. She repeated the joke, this time making slurping sounds much like I had done in the doctor’s office.

I said “Ha,ha” indicating that I got it, but also understanding the joke was at my expense. She continued her slow, deliberate cock jerking throughout. She was teasing the both of us.

Another whisper in her ear. She nearly stifled a chuckle.

“Hey honey.” She said to me. “Did you enjoy this cock in your mouth today?” They both laughed even harder. When it subsided, the quiet (except for the sound of her hand gliding wonderfully up and down) brought to my attention that she was actually waiting for an answer!

“Well, no!” I finally spat out. “It was awful!” It was one of the worst experiences of my life, and I’d most of them just today! I don’t know how girls do that, it’s really disgusting if you think of it.

It was my turn, and she came over to me. She gave me a beautiful smile, just before she outright kicked my balls. I gasped and clutched the hand rails to keep from falling out of my chair. Kick! Kick! I couldn’t breath.

She climbed back onto the table, dancing to music that wasn’t playing, unless you count the racing beat of the hearts of two men. We watched her every move.

Her clenched abs highlighted a pseudo belly dance movement, emphasizing the chest she was hiding from me.

“Baby, if you want me to show my boobs.” Looking deep in my eyes. For what? Forgiveness? Permission? “I want you to say ‘I like Magnus’s cock in my mouth’.”

Those were the last words I had ready on my tongue. A few moments passed, then more. She tilted her head expectantly.

“Come on, say it, loud too. Say you like Magnus’s cock in your mouth!” She indicated her chest, hidden, although somewhat inadequately, by her arm. I did want to see those tits! Cock cage be damned!

“Ok, yes, I like Magnus’s cock in my mouth!” She laughed and so did Magnus.

“Good, now you get your reward!” She stepped down and moved close to me. Her shapely leg moved like a flash. The toe of her heel buried itself in my nuts. Kick! Kick! Kick!

Although my ears were ringing like a cathedral, I heard her say to me that this was all for my good.

CJ turned away, and kept her promise to show her tits. She showed them to Magnus, her back to me. She straddled him on the sofa, ran her escort pendik fingers into his hair, and rubbed her Asian tits into his face.

“I’m going to cum!” He announced.

With nearly unbelievable dexterity, CJ shot her hand to his cock, pulling furiously on the staff. She jammed her other hand down the front of her short shorts, and was twiddling her clit like lightning. The head of his cock bounced around rubbing against the bottom of her globes.

His hips started to shake. He reached up, wrapping his muscular arms around her and brought his mouth searching for hers. Their kiss was passionate, an extension of their mutually building volcanoes.

Through their kiss I heard her scream, and his exultations as well. They convulsed and convulsed, for a seeming eternity.

When they separated, their faces were soaked in sweat.

CJ rose falteringly to her feet. Something made Magnus chuckle, a tired, half hearted chuckle.

When she turned, I saw why. Well, there were my baby’s tits that she had been teasing me with. But her darkly tanned skin was splattered from neck to navel in thick, clumpy, steaming sperm.

“I don’t think we planned this out very well.” She said drunkenly, seeing the mess all over her front. She stepped toward me, tipsy from the rocking climax she had just had. I was a little relieved that she was in no condition to kick me. She’d likely fall over from the attempt.

She placed her hands on my arm rests and kissed me. When she rose from the kiss her cum coated tits were right before my eyes. I could smell the hot, virulent semen covering her. I also noticed the rivers of girl cum that had run down the inside of both her thighs.

My dear had walked over just to be with me, but as the situation sank in we both arrived at the same train of thought.

“Hmmm, what would my sister Alna say right now?”

That question is not exactly my favorite party game.

“Come on baby, this is for our future.” She said as she ran a hand around behind me and tilted my head toward her frosted melons. It took a good ten minutes to lick her clean, well mostly clean. She loved having her nipples licked, and often moved some semen I hadn’t seen with her finger to her nipple for my attentions.

Eating the sperm was gross, but kissing and licking my honey’s boobs was heavenly. Talk about mixed signals.

Then a strong arm was around her waist from behind.

“How about we grab a shower?” Magnus’s base tone. And he was right. Alna had said this guy explodes. There were probably gobs of his goo on the ceiling fan. There were flecks in CJ’s hair, splashes everywhere.

“Yes, we’re both going to be very sticky very soon.” I give my girl credit, she did look at me to check if it was ok. I nodded, I mean, his cum needed to be cleaned off her.

CJ could have been sexy about removing her shorts and heels, but after her orgasm, she just didn’t have the energy. Truth be told, watching her get naked was all it took to drive me to cock cage pain land.

Without pendik escort bayan heels, standing next to a now nude Magnus, the size differential was amazing. The unlikely pair walked hand in hand upstairs to the shower. He steadied her on the stair, that girl gasm had really drained her!

Alone, in the living room I was left. There were no backward glances toward me this time. What was I to do now? I had no idea.

I sat there, wishing I had a drink to wash the taste of Magnus out of my mouth. I heard the shower water start upstairs. Some giggles, some laughs. The glass sliding door open and close. Then quiet, except for the running water.

I could only imagine them soaping each other up. He was surely going to wash her back, maybe her front? Maybe linger on her wonderful balloons? And would she volunteer to soap up his balls and cock? They would be nearly at eye level for her.

Ten minutes crawled by, alone with my thoughts. Twenty minutes of running water. I might of heard a bump against the shower door, but that should be expected with two people moving about within. The water shut off after 30 minutes. The sliding glass door. Two voices, a low murmur to me all the way downstairs.

They came down wrapped in towels. I knew something was up the minute I saw them.

“He did it again baby! No sooner were we clean, than he was hard as steel once more. I think he is starting to enjoy hosing down my chest with his loads! We had to shower all over again!”

“Baby, I do love it, especially when you got my cock up between those slippery tits!” Did he just call my girl ‘baby’? “Sorry dude, that load got washed down the drain, unless you want to lick the shower stall dry!” He laughed.

A scared look had passed over CJ’s face when Magnus spilled the facts about him titty fucking her. I replied with a reassuring smile. Hey, it was no penetration, not really sex I reasoned. My girl was just rubbing him off, that’s all.

He plopped onto the sofa. “It is so late.” He observed. It was. Past 3 am. “I didn’t pop a dozen times today, but when your sweet Asian thing brings me off it’s like three of my normal shots. She is amazing.” He sagged exhaustingly into the sofa cushions.

“Hey if you are using that sofa bed, can I crash just for a couple hours upstairs?” The request made a lot of sense. I remember when I was a new adolescent, masturbating multiple times in a day wiped me out.

So arrangements were made for the night. She had showed him the place earlier, seemingly forever ago. Magnus made his way back upstairs, CJ had gotten me a glass of water finally, then helped me from the wheelchair.

The sofa bed was going to be a tight fit for the two of us, meant only for one. I think the original idea was for CJ to use the bed upstairs, once Magnus had left. But we weren’t exactly large people and it would be cozy. I was drifting away fast. Sometimes we chatted at the end of the day, but I was beat (and beaten) and let her know that I was going to slip away any moment. That’s ok honey, she said, kissing my forehead. I was falling down the spiral well, my eyes closing for the night, when she mentioned casually that she’d be right back.

Her night gown was in the closet upstairs.

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