A Visit

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Cora and I had planned for weeks. I needed to go to Kansas City for a meeting. Cora could get away and meet me there. The anticipation was almost unbearable. We talked endless about how it might be and shared intimate secrets. However, nothing compared to the reality of the visit.

We were both arriving on Wednesday night. We had arranged to have adjoining rooms. I checked in, left an envelope for Cora and hurried off to my dinner appointment. I was worried that Cora would not find me to be a bit too far over the hill and not sexy enough but I needed to work. I struggled to focus on the task at hand.

About 9.30 pm, I returned from the meeting hotel. I stopped by the front desk. My envelope had been picked up. There was no message. Had Cora changed her mind?

I took the stairs to the second floor and entered my room. I set my brief case down and was about to toss myself on the bed when I saw the red light on the phone flashing. My heart was in my throat. Could it be?

I picked up the receiver and dialed 6. The machine voice indicated that I had one new message left at 8:30. There was Cora’s voice. She had read the story and hoped I would be back soon. She instructed me to open my side of the adjoining door if I was not too tired. Cora had always been giving and understanding. She understood my appetites and wants. She always was considerate of other constraints I might have in my life. She only took what I wanted to give.

This night, however, I was not ready to consider limitations. I was more than in the mood. I had a hunger that needed to be fed. I hastened to the door and opened it. The second door from the other side was also open. A light by the bed softly illuminated the room. It seemed to move the room out of time and place. I entered calling her name. Then I heard her soft purr as Cora said my name. She was in the bed. Her hair cascaded down over her chest, a veil over her bosom that rose and fell slightly with her breath. Her eyes were dark pools and were deeper in person than any picture could do justice too.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that Cora was naked. I could see the story I had left at the front desk by her side. Her laptop was there too. I could tell by the flush in her face that she was already aroused. I did not doubt that she had cum several times already. In her matter of fact way she told me that she had been rereading all my stories and reminding herself about why she was here.

I blew her a kiss and winked. Cora blushed. She asked me to get undressed. I was pleased that I was wearing the bright spandex that I had told her about instead of the usual white cotton. Slowly I took of my tie, undid the buttons at the cuffs, and began to undo the shirt. I made a little pile of my clothes taking more time than necessary to tease just a bit.

My hairy chest was exposed now. It was and is covered with a mat of dark black hair and tinted with a hint of silver gray like my beard. I undid my shoes and removed my socks slowly. I could feel Cora’s hungry gaze. She was already hot. Foreplay was the last thing on her mind. Then again, the stories, anticipation, and the weeks of planning were another form of fore play.

I undid my belt and unfastened my pants. As they dropped Cora could see the colored brief and surely noted that the brief was tented by my manhood. I was glad that I did not have any performance anxiety. This was not the night to be distracted. This was a night to be savored.

Standing before her in just my brief, Cora beckoned my closer. I willingly complied. I was close enough now that I could smell Cora’s scent. Clearly, she had cum several times. Her hands reached for and pulled the brief over my cock. In her subtle way, she had freed me to fill her. She had let me know that she was ready and hungry for me as I was hungry for her.

I moved her laptop aside. I slid into bed with her. Her boy was warm and wet, ready to explore. My hands moved to her breasts and she purred with pleasure signaling me to go on. I kissed her gently on the lips and her body trembled.

Cora urged me to take her before she lost her nerve. She had not been with many men and it had been a long time. She knew she would be very tight. I was happy to comply knowing that she was hot, wet, and ripe. Sliding between her legs and mounting her was easy. We cooperated like lovers who had been making love for years. Cora pulled her knees up to open her treasure wide as I slid home. I filled her pussy in one smooth push.

Cora gasped and I worried that I güvenilir bahis had caused her pain but the look in her eyes let me know that she was just aroused and responding to my manhood. In and out I pumped. I would not last long but Cora was already soaring. Her moans and sighs crashed against what little control I could muster. In and out I worked. Arching my back, lifting her legs to my shoulders, I fucked her treasure. When her release came it was awesome. A women only cums like that when she has given herself completely.

Cora orgasm sent me over the top and I filled her pussy with my seed. I do not remember the last time I came so big. My balls were so tight. I shot three tremendous blasts into her treasure. Our juice mingled there. No embarrassment. No remorse. Just the warm after glow that only those who have truly loved can know.

I could feel the fatigue of the day overtaking me. I had started in early and put in a full day’s work before traveling by plane to Kansas City. Of course Cora had driven a good ways too. I climbed off and snuggled behind her. We spooned. My soft cock nestled in the crack of her smooth ass. I dozed off dreaming of the other treasures that Cora had promised me.

At about one in the morning I woke with a start. Then I remembered where I was. Cora was sleeping soundly next to me, an amazing feat given that I snore loud enough to wake the dead. I had warned her but she told me she did not care. She loved my passion and everything that came with it.

I gently disengaged myself from her and gathered my clothes. I slipped back into my room and closed only her side of the doubled door. I went and relieved myself. Standing there over the toilet, I felt somehow more masculine than the day before. My cock was stiff and I had to lean forward to hit the bowl. My mind wandered back to the gift that Cora had given me. I sighed thinking of the treats to come.

My wake up call came. I dressed and showered. I slipped another story and note under the doubled door leaving Cora to sleep. Back to work. I needed to fulfill the tasks that brought me here. Suffice it to say that the hours of the meeting dragged on and on. When the meeting had finally adjourned, I was more than ready to go back to the hotel and make more discoveries.

Arriving in my room I find my side of the doubled doors closed and a note for me. Cora asks me to join her down by the pool if I get back before 5:00. There is a small spa there that she wants to try. Complying, I hurried and stripped off my clothes and slid into my baggy suit. I had decided that my tighter nylon suits would not be a good choice for this trip.

Down by the pool I found Cora wearing a trikini. Her hair was piled on her head in a big bun. Not the way I like but then I realized that it was the only way to keep it dry. The little wrap-around skirt covered the bottom that covered the treasure I had explored last night. She was sitting in the soft afternoon sun of a warm fall day. Her laptop was sitting next to her idle. I figured she had done some work and then decided to relax.

I came up behind her and placed a finger on her lips. She opened her eyes with a smile. I realized that this smile could inspire me to do many things. Cora swimming suit revealed and yet didn’t. It was sexy but not vulgar. The woman before me enchanted me. I had thought I knew her before I arrived and then last night I had known her. However, I realized there were still mysteries to be revealed.

Being a week day afternoon we were alone by the pool that was off in a corner of the hotel property. It seemed like an after thought. My thoughts wandered a little but I realized that this was too public a place for those kinds of activities. Nevertheless, my cock twitched when Cora stood up and began to remove the skirt and reveal the bottom of her suit. I pulled off my t-shirt and we entered the spa.

The spa was a delicious 100 degrees F. It was not too hot and yet warm enough to stay as long as we wanted. I was in paradise when Cora slipped into my lap. Snuggling was wonderful. We talked about anything and everything, the comfortable chitchat of intimates. Cora’s hand slid down and caressed my semi-hard cock and teased me about dessert not being until after dinner.

Not to be outdone I reached over and turned on the bubbles and the jets effectively giving us another layer of privacy. Later I realized that the noise probably worked to our benefit too. I turned Cora so she faced away from me leaning against my back, one of those positions I love to have a türkçe bahis women in. My hands fondled her breasts under the foam and bubbles of the spa.

Cora purred her pleasure so I figured that she was enjoying the attention in spite of the somewhat public location. Her reaction was even more pronounced when I moved her tender parts in line with one of the jets. Pulling her legs up and back I pushed up close to the jet. Her feet slipped up on to the edge of the pool. I reached down and slipped the fabric aside exposing her nether lips to the full force of the jet. Several sweet little orgasms soon washed over her body. Cora blushed sweetly when suggested that these were just appetizers as I rubbed her ass gently.

The sun was beginning to set now and the air was getting a little cool so it was time to go in. I gallantly held out Cora’s towel for her to wrap in and dried her body enjoying another opportunity to explore and get to know this woman of passion. We scurried off to our rooms to dress.

I had opened my side of the doubled doors before I left so our rooms were as one. Being a guy, it was a simple matter to put the clothes I was wearing back on. I was ready in minutes. I went to the open doorway and asked if I could watch, a little appetizer for me. Cora teasingly told me I was awful as she came out of the bathroom wearing some silky black panties and a matching bra. I teased back that I had warned her holding my arms wide to embrace her.

I plopped down on the bed where not quite twenty-four hours ago I had enjoyed my first real taste of Cora and watched her dress. Cora made a little show of it by asking my opinion about two dresses by holding them in front of her. Her smile had me trapped in a delightful enchantment. The soft curves of her ass where wonderful when she bent down to select some shoes. I am not quite sure but I think she did that just for show. In any event, it got me thinking about the main course. We had plans for a barbarian feast but that would not be until after dinner. Cora was soon dressed. In spite of making it a little show, she was surprisingly fast.

Dinner was pleasant. We went to a local Italian restaurant and had a variety platter for two. Somehow it just seemed right to be sharing our food and feeding each other choice tidbits. We played footsie under the table. Cora really surprised me when she slipped off her shoe and used her foot to goose my cock just a little bit. Thinking back on the whole visit, I can clearly see that a woman gets hotter and hotter with more attention.

After we decided that we had a better dessert planned for ourselves than the restaurant could provide, Cora asked me about the story I had left that morning. I had left her a new story, “Out of the Storm” about a young woman’s first time. She told me she had enjoyed it immensely when she had found it in the morning. She was flattered that I had planned so far ahead to please her. She asked me why guys think virgins are so special. In reply, I explained that it is the thrill of being first, going where no man has gone before is a big part of it. There was also the pleasure of sending a woman’s passion soaring to new unexplored heights. And finally I admitted there might be a little bit of control and power involved. The popping of a cherry is a once in a lifetime gift that must be taken with the force of passion.

Cora looked at me with a serious look. She thought she understood and had been thinking along those lines when we planned this adventure. She reminded me that I was to fuck her virgin ass tonight. She wanted to give me those special pleasures. The look of caring in her eyes was wonderful. I began to wish I had another week with Cora. I know I would never know all of her secrets and passions. There were just too many unexplored depths to consider.

We walked back to our rooms arm in arm. Cora’s soft presence was intoxicating. The sky was clear and the stars twinkled overhead. The feeling of contentment that I felt was almost strong enough to make me want to go for a walk but I was getting hard just thinking about dessert. I had designs on Cora’s body that would not be denied.

When we arrived back at our rooms Cora asked me to give her a moment alone. She went into the bathroom shut the door. I heard various water noises and the toilet flush. She came out with three things in her hands. She had a six-inch vibrator, a tube of lubrication and a bottle of body oil. She blushed as she set them on the nightstand next to her bed. It was time for me to make love serious love.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri took Cora into my arms. We kissed and kissed again. These kisses were filled with promise, passion and trust. Ours was a complex and a simple relationship. My hands caressed her body as I unzipped her dress. She stepped back letting it drop to the floor. The silky bra was still there but the panties were gone. Left in the bathroom I presumed. Cora told me they were too wet to put back on and we both laughed.

The bra soon fell to the floor. Cora hands had not been idle. I was down to my briefs and socks. She pushed me back on the bed and took my socks off. I could not help but notice the dampness and scent of her wet pussy. Her nipples were already hard. Cora was definitely ripe. Anal sex would be a mutually enjoyed experience, not just a one-way gift.

Once naked, we climbed onto the bed. We arranged ourselves like in the spa with Cora leaning against my chest. Without a word, my hands began to caress her breasts. She began stroking her sweet treasure. I licked and nibbled on her neck. Kissing and licking where every my tongue and mouth could reach. Cora anticipation did not let her down. Her first orgasm came in a rush. I was tempted to lay her on her back and just fuck her pussy hard but we had other plans.

I moved her to her stomach and using the body oil, I rubbed and touched her everywhere. I gave her a massage that almost made me explode then and there. When I rolled her to her back and did the front side, Cora gave me a sweet trusting smile. I was pleasing her. When I slid a knee between her legs and humped her with my knee she just purred in that special way. Slipping my fingers into her treasure I soon gave her that bigger second release. Her passions were soaring now. Soon orgasms would just be special highs co-mingled with a general state of ecstasy.

Reaching over to the nightstand, I grabbed the toy. Cora’s eye went wide for this was another first. I turned it on and gently ran the tip around her nipples. I ran it down her tummy. This teasing had the desired effect as she gasped when I finally touched her clit. Cora’s pussy was so wet at this point that no other lubrication was needed. The soft hum of the toy mingled with Cora’s gasps of delight. Her passions were at full tide when I placed her hand on the vibrator so she could hold it in place. Cora started what I would describe as a series of small orgasms at this point. Some were bigger than others but Cora’s just was not coming down.

Collecting the lubrication, I now used my free hands to apply a generous amount to Cora’s dark passage. Cora’s eyes were glazed with passion but she moaned when my finger started to rub her rosebud. Sliding fingers in and out of her pussy and working them into her tight ass, I began to feel that familiar tightness in my loins. Cora passions were going to send me over the top without ever sliding my cock into her. I thought about feeding her my cock but decide to stick to the plan. Her ass was getting very relaxed now. I applied more lubrication and Cora shivered.

I rolled Cora to all fours, shoulders down, vibrator still firmly on her clit and I kneeled behind her. Her eyes were a blaze with determination. She was going to give me this gift. I believed she had been prepared. My cock was lined up so I began feeding my hard dick into her ass.

Cora gasped and cried out. I started to withdraw and she cried out for me to fuck her ass. The idea had sent her passions to a new plateau. Her pussy was dripping juice now. The vibrator hummed. Her moans were deeper and huskier now. I began to seriously fuck her ass. I was so far gone that I hardly lasted at all. All this foreplay at fired my passions and aroused me. If felt like an even bigger load than the night before.

I collapsed next to Cora. I was well spent for the moment. Cora snuggled back spooning against me. The vibrator was off. Cora was whimpering softly rousing me to great concern. I would never forgive myself if I had hurt her seeking my own pleasure. It was a great relief to learn that these sounds were good sounds. The sounds of her body coming down from unimagined heights.

As we lay there snuggling, the room was filled with the smells and scents of our passions. The after glow was perfect. I felt so young and masculine. In this happy state, Cora made me promise to fuck her ass again. This was a promise I freely made but I reminded her there is only one first time.

There is more to tell as we had another 30 hours together but that is another story for another time. And for those of you really into the truth, this is the story I wrote to leave in the envelope at the desk for when the visit began.

Someday soon, I might share the actual visit if people want to know.

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